Munda Majra To Gadhauli Road To Tejli ( Id 9750 ) ( 0 . 00 To 1 . 04 ) By Providing Strengthening In Yamuna Nagar District ( Under Head 5054 Scsp Scheme )

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Munda Majra To Gadhauli Road To Tejli ( Id 9750 ) ( 0 . 00 To 1 . 04 ) By Providing Strengthening In Yamuna Nagar District ( Under Head 5054 Scsp Scheme )

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Munda Majra To Gadhauli Road To Tejli ( Id 9750 ) ( 0 . 00 To 1 . 04 ) By Providing Strengthening In Yamuna Nagar District ( Under Head 5054 Scsp Scheme )

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Munda Majra to Gadhauli Road to Tejli (ID 9750) (0.00 to 1.04) by providing Strengthening in Yamuna Nagar District (under head 5054 SCSP Scheme)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Milling of distress bituminous layer upto 20mm depth in a single pass with suitable milling machine (capable of milling @ 200-300 sqm area per Hr.) fitted with loading conveyor for loading the milled material directly on the trucks i/c hauling and stock piling the reclaimed material near the central recycling plant or reclaiming to bring to required specification to reuse with the approval of Engineer-in-Charge for safe disposal with all leads and lifts complete in all respects.\nNote :- 1. The unutilized quantity of reclaimed bituminous mix material shall be a recovery item as mention in BOQ item No. 13. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 114.4 Cum\n(Per cubic metre)
2 2 Providing & laying 150mm thick (Compacted) stone metal (G-II) 53mm to 22.4mm gauge wearing coat to water bound macadam in layer of 75mm each using screening type ‘B’ compacting with 3 wheeled steel roller/vibratory roller to achieve the desire density including lighting, guarding barricading and maintenance of diversion etc. as per clause No.404 of MoRT&H specifications for road & bridge (5th Revision) of 2013 as per drawing and design directed by the Engineer complete in all respects.(N.S.)\nNote: - 1.Only crushed stone metal material should be used. No local earth/ natural occurring sand shall be used. The material finer than 425 micron shall have zero Plasticity Index (PI).\n2. Materials to be used and operations of manufacturing shall be approved by engineer.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 858 Cum\n(Per cubic metre)
3 3 Providing and laying first coat surface dressing, including rolling with road roller etc. complete including cost of bitumen VG-10 grade using aggregate 13mm nominal size 1.00 cum and bitumen VG-10, 0.10 MT per hundred square metre. Clause 509 of MoRT&H specification.(5th edition ) 2013 (NS). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 5720 Sqm.\n(Per square metre)
4 4 Providing and laying tack coat with bitumen VG-10 grade pressure distributor at the rate of 0.30 kg. per sqm. On the prepared bitumen/granular surface cleaned with mechanical broom including cost of bitumen as per clause No.503 (5th edition) 2013 as per MoRT&H specification (N.S.) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 5720 Sqm.\n(Per square metre)
5 5 Providing and laying 20mm thick premix carpet (PC) excluding cost of tack coat, with mixed material brought from Hot mix plant and laying with paver finisher and compacting with road roller to achieve specified value of compaction and direction of Engineer including cost of lighting arrangement, sign board and night watch, complete in all respect. i/c cost of Bitumen VG-10 grade as per clause 510 MoRT&H specification (5th edition) 2013 (NS).\nNote: - Before carrying out bituminous work, coating & stripping of bitumen aggregate mix is to be performed in accordance with IS – 6241. If coating and stripping of bitumen aggregate mix is less than 95%, anti-stripping agent will be used by contractor. The anti – stripping agent should conform to the requirement as stipulated in IS 14982:2017. The cost so incurred will be considered as incidental to work and nothing extra shall be payable. The type and brand of anti-stripping agent along with procedure shall be approved by SE-in-charge in writing before start of work. A proper record of results be maintained and same shall be submitted along with bills by the contractor.\nNote: - Where there is only PC on existing black top, cracks shall be sealed as MoRT&H specification 5th revision clause No. 3004.3, which may consists of (i) Fog seal/ or (ii) crack filling and or (iii) patch work repair as required at site in accordance with clause No. 3004.3.2, 3004.3.3 and 3004.2 of MoRT&H specification (5th revision) 2013 respectively. Proper measurement and consumption shall be entered in MB for fog seal/ or crack filling/ or patch work but no payment on this account shall be made as fog seal/ or crack filling/ or patch work is incidental to work. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 5720 Sqm.\n(Per square metre)
6 6 Providing and laying ‘B’ type seal coat with VG-10 grade bitumen excluding cost of tack coat, with mixed material brought from Hot mix plant and laying with paver finisher and compacting with road roller to achieve specified/desirable value of compaction as per direction of Engineer including cost of lighting arrangement, sign board and night watch, complete in all respect as per clause 511 and 510.1.3 of MoRT&H specification (5th edition) 2013 (NS). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 5720 Sqm.\n(Per square metre)
7 7 Providing & Marking center line / side line 2.5mm thick (minimum) with hot applied thermo-plastic road marking paint 10 Cms wide/ 15cm wide complete in all respect such as furnishing all labour, materials, tolls equipments including all incidental costs necessary for carrying out in work at site confirming to the technical specification as clause No. 803 of MORT&H specification for road and bridge works (5th revision) of 2013/ Latest edition. Each container of the thermoplastic material shall have the name trademark or other means of identification of manufacturer, batch number, date of manufacture color maximum application temperature and maximum heating temperature. The thermoplastic paint material shall be of Asian Paint-Apcomark/Berger-Sigmarc/Prismo. The glass beads shall be of Potters/Sovitec/Fleolite. The thermoplastic material shall be sampled and tested in accordance with appropriate ASTM/BS method. The contractor shall furnish to the Engineer-in-Charge a copy of certified test reports from the manufacturer of the thermoplastic material meet all requirement of the specifications. The reflectorzing glass beads shall meet the requirement of clause 803.4.2 and test methods mentioned in clause 803.4.2.4 shall be meticulou8sly followed. The minimum thickness specified is exclusive of surface of glass beads the method of thickness measurement shall be in accordance with appendix B and C of BS:3262 (part-3). \nNote: - Before start of work the contractor shall give brand, batch number, manufacturing date of the material to be used along with a photocopy of bill duly signed by the contractor and get approved the same from Engineer-In-Charge before use. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 41.6 Sqm.\n(Per square metre)
8 8 Preparation of berms including filling or excavation and cutting of earth in all kind of soils including dressing the bank, side slope to given levels and templates after breaking of clouds, including the cost of rolling and watering all allowances for labour hardness wetness irrespective of all lead and lift and including Compensation for earth taken from private land, fields etc. and compacted to meet requirement of table 300-2 of MoRT&H specification clause No. 305 and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer of the work conforming to PWD specification No. 6.2 and 6.3 and 3.2 and the other specification 1990 Ist edition. As per X-section attached at DNIT at Section -9.\nNote:- No earth work will be allowed to be taken from PWD B&R/ ROW except for surplus earth after approval from Engineer. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 1.04 Km.\n(Per Kilometer)
9 9 Providing & fixing public information board consisting of 75 mm GI Pipe of size 2.45 m x 1.15 m with 900 mm x 900 mm GI sheet 16 gauge connected/ welded with 5 mm thick steel plate of 50 mm duly painted as per column mentioned in the Drawing and fixing at site in 60 x 60 x 75 cm cement concrete 1:2:4 block complete in all respect. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121 1 Nos. (Each)\n
10 10 Pavement marker (Cat Eyes) Molded shank raised pavement markers made of polycarbonate and ABS moulded body and reflective panels with micro prismatic lens capable of providing total internal reflection of the light entering the lens face and shall support a load of 16000 Kgtested in accordance to ASTMD 4280 type H and compplying to specification of category A of MORTH Circular No.RW/NH/33023/10-97-DO III dt. 11.06.1997. The Height, width and length shall not exceed 50mm, 100mm and 100mm and with minimum reflective area of 13 sqcm on each side and the slope to the base shall be 35+/-5 degree. Thestrength of detachment of the intergrated cylindrical shanks, (of diameter not less than 19+/-2mm and height no less than 30+/-2mm) from the body is to be a holes on the road for the shanks to go inside without nails and using epoxy resin based adhesive as per manufactures's recommendation andcomplete as directed by the engineer (of reputed make suchas 3m etc.) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 120 Nos. (Each)\n
11 11 Reinforced cement concrete 1:2:4 Kilometer stone of standard design, fixed in position, including finishing including painting (HSR 10.129+16.75 a) i) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 1 Nos. (Each)\n
12 12 Providing & fixing Reinforcement cement concrete 1:2:4, 200mtrs stone of standard design fixed in position including fixing painting and lettering. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001124 4 Nos. (Each)\n
13 13 Recovery items: \nThe rates quoted against recovery items will not be included in the total amount rather it will be deducted while calculating financial statement of the agency. Material obtained from dismantling of existing brick work have been calculated taking assumption that 80% of theoretical material will be retrieved. The dismantled material can used in any of the item for the work after modification (bringing it to required specifications) after approval from employer. In case it is not possible to use this material on the work, the agency can take away this material. This material can be taken away by the agency at the price quoted by the agency but minimum price to be quoted is limited to reserve price as fixed and mentioned as under :-\nBituminolus Material @ Rs. 1292/- BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 91.52 Cum\n(Per cubic metre)
14 14 Note: All quantities of the above materials have been worked out on the basis of theoretical quantities laid on this road. However, agency may visit site before quoting rates and assess the extent of retrieved material. There shall be no measurement after actual dismantling and if material after dismantling is found on lesser side, no claim of agency on this score will be entertained and full recovery on the basis of quoted rate and quantity exhibited in the BOQ shall be made. The reserve rates are minimum rates to be used as base for quoting purchase rate by the agency. No rates below the reserve price will be entertained and reserve price will be considered for all purposes in case the agency quotes lesser than reserve price.\n1) In case of any difference in the unit & nomenclature of any of the HSR items depicted in this DNIT and the given in HSR, the unit of nomenclature given in HSR shall be applicable.\n2) In case of any difference in the unit of any non schedule item depicted in this DNIT and the conventional unit of that N.S. item as per practice in this department, the conventional unit as per practice shall be applicable BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001365
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