Repair And Maintenance Of Security Room , Toilet And Other Allied Works At Makardah 33/11 Kv Sub-Station , Wbsedcl In The Dist . Of Howrah .

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Repair And Maintenance Of Security Room , Toilet And Other Allied Works At Makardah 33/11 Kv Sub-Station , Wbsedcl In The Dist . Of Howrah .
West Bengal

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repair and maintenance of security room , toilet and other allied works at makardah 33 / 11 kv sub-station , wbsedcl in the dist . of howrah .

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Name of Work: Repair and maintanance of Security Room,Toilet & other allied works at Makardah 33/11 KV Sub-Station ,WBSEDCL in the Dist. Of Howrah.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Clearing compound premises of shurbs, plants, jungles etc. by cutting and removing as directed (Specific permission of Engineer-in-Charge prior to execution will be necessary). (Payment to be made on area cleared ) item1 200 SQM
2 2 Dismantling all types of masonry excepting cement concrete plain or reinforced, stacking serviceable materials at site and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75 m. a) In ground floor including roof. item2 50 CUM
3 3 Dismantling R.C. floor, roof, beams etc. including cutting rods and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75 m. including stacking of steel bars item3 1 CUM
4 4 Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains, in all sorts of soil(including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sand stone)including removing spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing & ramming the bottom, bailing out water etc. as required complete. a) Depth of excavation not exeeding 1500mm. item4 30 CUM
5 5 Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layer complete (A) with earth obtained from excavation of foundation. item5 100 CUM
6 6 Filling in foundation or plinth by fine sand in layer not exceeding 150mm. as directed & consolidating the same by thorough saturation with water, ramming complete including the cost of supply of sand. item6 30 CUM
7 7 Cement concrete with graded stone ballast (40mm. size) excluding shuttering. In ground floor.(A)Pakur Variety I) 1:3:6 proportion. \n item7 16 CUM
8 8 Hire & labour charges of shuttering with centering and necessary stagging upto 4 Mtr. using approved stout props & thick hard planks of approved thickness... including fitting and striking out after completion of work. (a) 25mm to 30mm thick wooden shuttering as per decision and direction of foundation and plinth. \n item8 15 SQM
9 9 (c) Steel shuttering or 9 to 12 mm thick approved quality ply board shuttering in any concrete work item9 50 SQM
10 10 Reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in all sorts of structures including distribution bars, stirrups, binders etc. initial straightening and removal of loose rust(if necessary,) cutting to requisite length, hooking & bending to correct shape, placing in proper position & binding with 16 gauge black annealed wire at every inter section complete as per drawing and direction. a) For work in foundation & upto roof of ground floor/upto 4m. I. SHYAM /SRMB / ELECTROSTEEL / JSW\n \n\n item10 0.37 M/T
11 11 Ordinary cement concrete(mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips(20mm.nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement,if any, as per relevant IS-codes Pakur variety. i) Upto the roof of ground floor item11 24 CUM
12 12 Brick work with 1st class bricks in cement mortar (1:4) (a) In foundation and plinth. item12 8 CUM
13 13 (b) In superstructure, ground floor item13 10 CUM
14 14 125 mm. thick brick work with 1st class bricks in cement mortar (1:4) in ground floor item14 3 SQM
15 15 Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. item15 70 SQM
16 16 Ordinary Cement concrete (mix 1:2:4) with graded stone chips (20 mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement,if any, in ground floor as per relevant IS codes a) Pakur Variety item16 7 CUM
17 17 M.S. structural works in columns, beams etc. with simple rolled structural members (e.g. joists, angle, channel sections conforming to IS: 226, IS: 808 & SP (6)- 1964 connected to one another with bracket, gussets, cleats as per design, direction of Engineer-incharge complete including cutting to requisite shape and length, fabrication with necessary bolting, metal arc welding conforming to IS: 816- 1969 & IS: 1995 using electrodes of approved make and brand conforming to IS:814- 2004, haulage, hoisting and erection all complete. The rate includes the cost of rolled steel section, consumables such as electrodes, gas and hire charge of all tools and plants and labour required for the work including all incidental charges such as electricity charges, labour insurance charges etc item17 0.68 M/T
18 18 Constructing Inspection pit of inside measurement 600mm X 600mm X upto 600mm (depth) with 250 mm thick 1st. class brick work in cement mortar (1:4) on all sides, bottom of the pit consisting of 100 mm thick cement.....surfaces of the slab and one 560 mm dia. R.C.C. manhole cover of approved make supplied, fitted and fixed in the slab with necessary fittings, necessary earthwork in excavation in all sorts of soil, filling sides of the pit with earth and removing spoils after work complete in all respect with all costs of labour and materials. i) With Pakur variety. ( Other than SAIL/TATA/RINL) item18 2 EACH
19 19 Supplying, fitting and fixing bib cock or stop cock (b) (i) Chromium plated Stop Cock (Equivalent to Code No. 513(A) & 513(B) & Model - Tropical / Sumthing Special of ESSCO or similar item19 2 EACH
20 20 (f) (i) Polythene Bib Cock / Stop Cock (HD) with metal inlet (EMCO / ATLAS or equivalent) 15mm item20 1 EACH
21 21 (a) (i) Chromium plated Bib Cock short body (Equivalent to Code No. 511 & Model - Tropical / Sumthing Special of ESSCO or similar brand). 15mm item21 2 EACH
22 22 Supplying, fitting and fixing PVC pipes of approved make of Schedule 80 (medium duty) conforming to ASTMD - 1785 and threaded to match with GI Pipes as per IS : 1239 (Part - I). with all necessary accessories, pecials viz. socket, bend, tee, union, cross, elbo, nipple, longscrew, reducing socket, reducing tee, short piece etc. fitted with holder bats clamps, including cutting pipes, making threads,fitting, fixing etc. complete in all respect including cost of all necessary fittings as required,jointing materials and two coats of painting with approved paint in any position above ground. (Payment will be made on the centre line measurements of total pipe line including all specials. No separate payment will be made for accesories, specials. Payment for painting will be made seperately) (a) For Exposed Work PVC Pipes (Dia) (a) 15 mm item22 5 Mtr
23 23 (b) 25mm item23 3 Mtr
24 24 ( c) 32 item24 10 Mtr
25 25 (d) 40 mm item25 7 Mtr
26 26 Labour for fitting and fixing high density poly-ethylene pipes or P.V.C. pipes for above ground work including cost of jointing materials paints etc. fitting and fixing all necessary specials, cutting pipes, making threads, cutting holes in walls or R.C. floor where necessary and mending good all damages excluding the cost of masonry or concrete work, if necessary, but including the cost and fitting and fixing holder bat clamps(any floor) or for underground work including cutting trenches upto 1.5 metre and refilling the same complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge. (Payment will be made on centre line measurement of the total pipeline including specials. ) (a) 15mm item26 5 Mtr
27 27 (b) 25mm item27 3 Mtr
28 28 (c) 40 mm item28 7 Mtr
29 29 Supplying, fitting and fixing 10 litre porcelain low-down cistern of approved make with either side or bottom inlet, side overflow, brackets complete with all internnal PVC fittings. White item29 1 EACH
30 30 Supplying, fitting and fixing Shallow water closet Indian pattern (I.P.W.C.) of approved make in white vitreous chinaware in position (excluding cost of concrete for fixing) (i) 580 mm long item30 1 EACH
31 31 Supply of UPVC pipes (B Type) & fittings conforming to IS-13592-1992 (a) 110 X 110 P Trap (1) 75 mm item31 1 EACH
32 32 Supplying, fitting and fixing Flat back urinal (half stall urinal) in white vitreous chinaware of approved make in position with brass screws on 75 mm X 75 mm X 75 mm wooden blocks complete. ii) 470 mm X 280 mm X 340 mm item32 1 EACH
33 33 Supplying, fitting and fixing best quality Indian make mirror 5.5 mm thick with silvering as per I.S.I. specifications supported on fibre glass frame of any colour, frame size 550 mm X 400 mm item33 1 EACH
34 34 Supplying, fitting and fixing towel rail with two brackets (a) C.P. over brass i) 25 mm dia. and 450 mm long item34 1 EACH
35 35 Supplying profiles of required section made of Aluminium Alloy Extrusions conforming to IS: 732-1983 and IS: 1285- 1975; Annodized (with required film thickness and specified colour / natural) matt finished conforming to IS: 1868-1983 for fabrication of composite door, sliding & casement windows, partitions, formed of basic sections of any ISI embossed / certified make and brand as per direction of Engineer - In- Charge. (Payment will be made on finished length of the work). (A) In 10-12 Micron thickness Annodizing film I) Natural white a) 3- track sliding window i) Bottom frame item35 4 Mtr
36 36 ii) Top and side frame item36 3.6 Mtr
37 37 d) Shutter for all track sliding window. i) Bottom & Top member item37 3.9 Mtr
38 38 ii) Style side member. item38 11 Mtr
39 39 iii) Interlock member. item39 2 Mtr
40 40 Supplying PVC rollers for sliding windows as per direction of Engineer in charge. item40 6 EACH
41 41 Supplying maruti lock (100mm) item41 1 PAIR
42 42 a) EPDM / weather gasket for outer frame and mullion. item42 8 Mtr
43 43 Supplying EPDM gusket of approved make and brand as per direction of Engineer in charge i) For sliding windows a) ' T' shaped EPDM gasket for frames item43 15 Mtr
44 44 iii) weather gasket / wool pile for door vertical. item44 20 Mtr
45 45 Supplying bubble free float glass of approved make and brand conforming to IS: 2835-1987. ii) 4mm thick coloured / tinted / smoke glass. item45 4 SQM
46 46 Filling the gap in between aluminium frame & adjacent RCC / Brick/Stone work by providing weather silicon sealant over 6mm dia backer rod of approved quality as per architectural drawings and direction of Engineer-in-Charge complete. Upto 5 mm depth and 5 mm width (a) Ground Floor item46 8 Mtr
47 47 Labour charge for fabrication and installation of composite door, window, partitions made from annodized extruded alloy aluminium sections for the following units: (A) Glazed aluminium sliding windows made of... the hire charge of all tools and plants, including all incidental charges, adhesive, joineries such as screw, cleat angle etc. but excluding the cost of extruded aluminium sections, glass, neoprene / EPDM gasket, locking arrangement and rollers. ii ) 3 /4 track sliding window item47 4 SQM
48 48 Artificial stone in floor, dado, staircase etc with cement concrete (1:2:4) with stone chips, laid in panels as directed with topping made with ordinary or white cement (as necessary) and marble dust in proportion (1:2) including smooth finishing and rounding off corners including raking out joints or roughening of concrete surface and application of cement slurry before flooring works using cement @ 1.75 kg/sq.m all complete including all materials and labour. In ground floor. 3 mm. thick topping (High polishing grinding on this item is not permitted with ordinary cement). Using grey cement (i) 20 mm. thick item48 13 SQM
49 49 Supplying, fitting & fixing 1st quality Ceramic tiles in walls and floors to match with the existing work & 4 nos. of key stones (10mm) fixed with araldite at the back of each tile & finishing the joints with white cement mixed with colouring oxide if required to match the colour of tiles including roughening of concrete surface, if necessary or by synthetic adhesive & grout materials etc. (A) Floor With Sand Cement Mortar (1:4) 20 mm thick & 2 mm thick cement slurry at back side of tiles using cement @ 2.91 Kg/Sq.m & joint filling using white cement slurry @ 0.20kg/Sq.m. (a) Area of each tile upto 0.09 Sq.m (i) Coloured decorative item49 6 SQM
50 50 (B) Wall With Sand Cement Mortar (1:3) 15 mm thick & 2 mm thick cement slurry at back side of tiles using cement @ 2.91 Kg/Sq.m & joint filling using white cement slurry @ 0.20kg/Sq.m. (a) Area of each tile upto 0.09 Sq.m (i) Coloured decorative item50 10 SQM
51 51 Supplying, fitting & fixing UPVC pipes (A Type) & fittings conforming to IS 13592-1992 with all necessary clamps nails, including making holes in walls, floor etc. cutting trenches in any soil through masonry concrete srtuctures etc. if necessary and mending good damages including joining with jointing materials (spun Yarn, Valamoid/ Bitumen/ M-seal etc)complete.A) UPVC pipes: 110mm\n item51 3 Mtr
52 52 Supply of Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) pipes & fittings conforming to IS-15778: 2007 (Q) Ball Valve 32 mm item52 1 EACH
53 53 Supplying P.V.C. water storage tank of approved quality with closed top with lid (Black) - Multilayer (a) 500 litre capacity item53 1 EACH
54 54 Labour for hoisting plastic water storage tank (i) Upto 1500 litre capacity. item54 1 EACH
55 55 Labour for punching hole in plastic water storage tank upto 50mm dia. item55 3 EACH
56 56 Supply of UPVC pipes (B Type) & fittings conforming to IS-13592-1992 (vi) Double Socketed 0.9 Meter Length (b) 110 mm item56 1 Mtr
57 57 Removing sludge from septic tank, soak well etc. by methor labour including disposal of the same outside the compound as directed. (a) Upto 20 users :- (ii) Beyond a lead of 150 metre and outside the Municipal limit item57 1 EACH
58 58 Cleaning soak pit by removing the top slab and replacing inner filling with jhama bats and repairing the pit as necessary including fitting the slab. item58 1 EACH
59 59 Supplying, fitting and fixing white vitreous china best quality approved make wash basin with C.I. brackets on 75 mm X 75 mm wooden blocks, C.P. waste fittings of 32 mm dia., one approved quality brass C.P. pillar cock of 15 mm dia., C.P. chain with rubber plug of 30 mm dia., approved quality P.V.C. waste pipe with C.P. nut 32 mm dia., 900 mm long approved quality P.V.C. connection pipe with heavy brass C.P. nut including mending good all damages and painting the brackets with two coats of approved paint. i) 450 mm X 300 mm size item59 1 EACH
60 60 Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Factory made prelaminated P.V.C. door frame.... out the frame. The door frame shall be fixed with the wall using 65/100 mm M.S. Screws through the frame by using P.V.C fasteners. A minimum of 4 Nos of screws to be provided for each vertical member and minimum 2 Nos for horizontal member etc. complete as per Manufacturer?s specification and direction of Engineer-in-Charge. item60 5.5 M
61 61 Supplying, Fitting & Fixing 30 mm thick both side prelaminated Factory made solid Panel PVC Door Shutter consisting of outer frame made out of M.S. tubes of 19 gauge thickness and size 19 mmx19 mm for styles, op and ... An additional 5 mm th. PVC strip of 20 mm which is to be stuck on the interior side of the “C” channel using PVC solvent adhesive etc. complete excluding all necessary hardwares as per direction of Engineer-in- Charge item61 1.9 SQM
62 62 Wood work in door and window frame fitted and fixed in position complete including a protective coat of painting at the contact surface of the frame exluding cost of concrete, Iron Butt Hinges and M.S clamps. (The quantum should be correted upto three decimals). (i) Other Local Wood. item62 0.04 CUM
63 63 Supplying solid flush type doors of commercial quality, the timber frame consisting of top and bottom rails and side styles of well seasoned timber 65mm wide each and the entire frame fitted with 37.5mm wide attens places both ways in order to make the door of solid core and internal lipping with Garjan or similar wood veneers using phenol formaldehyde as glue etc. complete, including fitting, fixing shutters in position but excluding the cost of hinges and other fittings in ground floor. (a) 35 mm thick shutters (single leaf) item63 1.9 SQM
64 64 i) Iron hasp bolt of approved quality fitted and fixed complete (oxidised) with 16mm dia rod with centre bolt and round fitting. (b) 250mm long. item64 2 EACH
65 65 Supplying 4 lever mortice lock or any approved make and brand as per direction of the Engineer- in -Charge. i) 150 mm. item65 1 EACH
66 66 Supplying concealed type heavy duty PVC headed aluminium tower bolt for double leaf doors as per approved make and brand as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. (a) 200 mm long item66 2 EACH
67 67 Plaster (to wall, floor, ceiling etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering corners as directed and raking out joints including throating, nosing and drip course, scaffolding/staging where necessary (Ground floor).[Excluding cost of chipping over concrete surface] (i) With 1:6 cement mortar (b) 15 mm thick plaster. item67 95 SQM
68 68 Applying Interior grade Acrylic Primer of approved quality and brand on plastered or cencrete surface old or new surface to receive Distemper/ Acrylic emulsion paint including scraping and preparing the surface hroughly, complete as per manufacturer's specification and as per direction of the EIC. (In Ground Floor) (a) One Coat i) Water based interior grade Acrylic Primer item68 95 SQM
69 69 Applying Exterior grade Acrylic primer of approved quality and brand on plastered or cencrete surface old or new surface to receive decorative textured (matt finish) or smooth finish acrylic exterior emulsion paint including scraping and preparing the surface throughly, complete as per manufacturer's specification and as per direction of the EIC. In Ground Floor : (a) One Coat item69 80 SQM
70 70 Protective and Decorative Acrylic exterior emulsion paint of approved quality, as per manufacturer's specification and as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge to be applied over acrylic primer as required. The rate includes cost of material, labour, scaffolding and all incidental charges but excluding the cost of primer. In Ground floor (Two Coat) b) Premium 100% Acrylic Emulsion item70 80 SQM
71 71 Applying Acrylic Emulsion Paint of approved make and brand on walls and ceiling including sand papering in intermediate coats including putty (to be done under specific instruction of Superintending Engineer) : (Two coats) i) Standard Quality item71 95 SQM
72 72 (b) Priming one coat on timber or plastered surface with synthetic oil bound primer of approved quality including smoothening surfaces by sand papering etc. a) On timber or plastered surface : item72 2.1 SQM
73 73 A) Painting with best quality synthetic enamel paint of approved make and brand including smoothening surface by sand papering etc. including using of approved putty etc. on the surface, if necessary : (a) On timber or plastered surface With super gloss (hi-gloss) - (iv) Two coats (with any shade except white) item73 2.1 SQM
74 74 Neat cement punning about 1.5 mm. thick in wall, dado, window sills, floor, drain etc. Note: Cement 0.152 cum per 100sqm item74 7.98 SQM
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