Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Solar Tree System And Street Light Poles For Renovation , Beautification Of Hathi Wala Chowk Roundabout In Karol Bagh Constituency , New Delhi .

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Solar Tree System And Street Light Poles For Renovation , Beautification Of Hathi Wala Chowk Roundabout In Karol Bagh Constituency , New Delhi .

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Solar Tree System And Street Light Poles For Renovation , Beautification Of Hathi Wala Chowk Roundabout In Karol Bagh Constituency , New Delhi .

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Name of Work: S.I.T.C of Solar Tree System and Street Light Poles for Renovation & Beautification of Hathi Wala Chowk roundabout in Karol Bagh Constituency, New Delhi.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of Solar Tree System consisting of the following (as per drawing attached) etc as required:-\n(a) Solar PV Module 12Volts, 80Watts (MNRE Approved) - 10 Nos.\n(b) Battery Life Po4 12Volts, 50Ah - 10 Nos.\n(c) Module Mounting Structure with 3 Meters SS Pole - 1 Set\n(d) Solar LED Light 12Volts, 5Watts or above - 10 Nos.\n(e) Battery Box with clamps - 1 Set\n(f) Junction Box - 1 Set\n(g) Installation Kit - Set\n(h) Solar Charge Controller 12Volts, 10Ampers - 1 Set\n(i) Base Worth Plate - 1 Set\n(j) Hybird Solution - AC/DC\n(k) Changing Facility\n(j) Post Top Light (Dimmable Facility)\n 4 Jobs
2 2 Supplying, erection and commissioning of 5 meters high G.I tubular pole ‘T’ washed, premiered and painted, made in two sections, bottom section of 2 meters having a diameter of 114mm and top section of 3meters having a diameter of 75mm. The column shall also be provided with flush door at the bottom with proper strengthening to the cutout of the door opening. A junction/looping box with 32 Ampers Heavy duty connector shall be built into the pole etc as required. 8 Nos.
3 3 Providing and laying in position 1:2:4 reinforced cement concrete foundation (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate, 20 mm nominal size) made out of ready mix M-20 grade concrete of size 300 mm (L) x 300 mm wide and 750 mm deep including excavation of earth, providing cutting, bending and placing in position, reinforcement of cold twisted bars of 12 mm diameter - 1000 mm long (approximately) - 8 Nos. and reinforcement ring of cold twisted bar of 8 mm diameter - 1400 mm (approximately) - 8 Nos. (with 125 mm spacing), reinforcement bottom section of cold twisted bar of 8 mm diameter - 300 mm long (approx.) - 12 Nos. etc. as required with positioning of foundation bolt set and providing 63 mm diameter (O.D.) DWC, HDPE Pipe for cable entry & exit etc as required. 8 Nos.
4 4 Supplying and fixing of 4 Nos. 16 mm diameter x 450mm size long GI foundation bolt (EN-8 Grade) with nuts, washer, anchor plate including 2 Nos. template of 4mm thickness size 200 x 200mm with 4 Nos 28mm diameter holes to match with PCD of pole base plate etc as required. 8 Sets
5 5 Supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of energy efficient 50 Watts LED post top lantern luminaries complete with accessories and suitable size clamp, nut bolt on the existing street light pole including connection with 1.5 sq mm FRLS PVC insulated copper conductor single core cable complete etc. as required. The LED luminaries should confirm to the following technical specifications:-\na. High power natural white LED with LM 80 test report.\nb. Life span of LED’s used should be greater then 50,000 hours out put.\nc. Colour rendering index(CRI)>80%\nd. Colour temperature of luminaries shall be 4000°K\ne. LM -79 test report of fittings \nf. Power factor>0.95\ng. System Efficiency > 100 lumen/watt \nh. Operating voltage 140 Volts to 270 Volts\n
6 5.01 i. Total Harmonic distortion <10%\nj. LED drive current 350 MA to 1000 MA\nk. LED drive efficiency>85%\nl. Housing :- Pressure Aluminum die Cast(thermal and impact resistance = IK-07\nm. Ingress Protection - IP : 65\nn. Safety :- As per IEC 62471\no. Cover :- It should be equipped with distortion free, clear heat resistant toughened, UV stabilized glass / poly carbonate cover glare free\np. Driver specifications :- 140-270 Volts universal Electronic driver with internal surge protection of minimum 5 KV\nq. Operating temperature -10°C to + 50°C\nr. Fitting size should not less than height 340mm x width 430mm x mounting diameter 50/60mm\n[Dimension tolerance ± 5mm]\n 8 Nos.
7 6 Supplying and laying of following size DWC HDPE pipe (duly ISI marked) along with all accessories like socket, bend, couplers etc. conforming to IS 14930, Part II complete with fitting and cutting, jointing etc direct in ground (75 cm below ground level) including excavation and refilling the trench but excluding sand cushioning and protective covering etc., complete as required.\n(a) 63 mm diameter (OD-63 mm & ID-51 mm nominal)\n 50 Meters
8 7 Supplying, laying and fixing of following size PVC insulated and PVC sheathed/ XLPE aluminum conductor armoured power cable of 1.1 KV grade in following manner etc as required.\n(a) 4 x 16 in the existing RCC/ HUME/ METAL pipe\n 60 Meters
9 8 Fabrication, Supplying and installation of outdoor type, sloping roof cubical feeder pillar of surface area/size not less than 500mm x 600mm x 250mm with minimum depth of 30 cm made out of CRCA M.S. Sheet 2 mm Thickness (14 SWG) duly compartmentalized having 4 strip bus bar of 200 Ampers capacity double door with double locking arrangement (one sliding lock in front and one godown lock each at front and rear for protection) dust proof vermin process, duly fixed on M.S. angle iron frame work of size 50 mm X 50 mm X 6 mm (NS) 90 cm long legs, out of which 45 cm duly grouted in cement concrete foundation of size 30 cm X 30 cm X 50 cm deep 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 Coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) duly painted with one coat of red oxide & two coats of superior quality enamel paint in approved shade and colour complete etc. as required including supplying & fixing of following accessories in the feeder pillar complete with testing, earth studs, earth strips etc. as required.\n(a) 63 Ampers, 4 pole MCB - 'C' Series - 1 No.\n(b) Power Contactor - 3 Pole, 40 Ampers- 1 No.\n(c) Digital Timer - 1 No.\n(d) 2 way Toggle Switch - 1 No.\n(e) Push Button - 2 Nos.\n(f) 63 Ampers ELCB - 1 No.\n 1 Job
10 9 Earthing with G.I. earth pipe 4.5 meters long, 40 mm diameter including accessories, and providing masonry enclosure with cover plate having locking arrangement and watering pipe etc. with charcoal/coke and salt as required. 2 Sets
11 10 Providing and fixing of 25 mm X 5 mm G.I. strip in 40 mm diameter G.I. pipe from earth electrode including connection with G.I. nut, bolt, spring, washer excavation and re-filling etc as required. 10 Meters
12 11 Providing and fixing of 6 SWG diameter G.I. wire on surface or in recess for loop earthing as required. 120 Meters
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