Construction Of Mch Block And Service Block In The Campus Of Civil Hospital , Sector 6 , Panchkula .

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Corrigendum : Construction Of Mch Block And Service Block In The Campus Of Civil Hospital , Sector 6 , Panchkula .

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Construction Of Mch Block And Service Block In The Campus Of Civil Hospital , Sector 6 , Panchkula .

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1 08-Apr-202 Date Corrigendum Other 26-04-2021

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INR 10000 /-
INR 7973000.00 /-
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INR 39.86 Crore /-


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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Contstruction of MCH Block and Service Block in the Campus of Civil Hospital, Sector 6, Panchkula.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Earth filling under floors with surplus soil, excavated from foundation and taken only from outside the building plinth, in 15cm layer including ramming watering and consolidating lead upto 30meters. (HSR 6.13 a) Subject to condition that soil should be non plastic. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 43212.6 Cum
2 2 Centring and shuttering for flat surfaces such as suspended floor,roofs,landings, chajjas.shelves etc. inclination not exeeding 25 degree with horizontal. (HSR 9.1)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 2587.1 Sqm
3 2.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 2587.1 Sqm
4 2.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 2587.1 Sqm
5 2.03 Ground Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 1738.54 Sqm
6 2.04 First Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 1813.76 Sqm
7 2.05 Second Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 2167.19 Sqm
8 2.06 Third Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 2171.06 Sqm
9 2.07 Fourth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121 2132.78 Sqm
10 2.08 Fifth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 2018.8 Sqm
11 2.09 Sixth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 2018.8 Sqm
12 2.1 Seventh Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001124 2018.8 Sqm
13 3 Centring and shuttering for faces of walls,partitions, retaining walls, well steining and the like (vertical or battering ) including attached pilaster,buttresses etc (HSR 9.5)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 1641.06 Sqm
14 3.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001126 1216.98 Sqm
15 3.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001127 2212.52 Sqm
16 3.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001128 291.08 Sqm
17 3.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001129 291.08 Sqm
18 3.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001130 291.08 Sqm
19 3.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001131 291.08 Sqm
20 3.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001132 291.08 Sqm
21 3.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001133 291.08 Sqm
22 3.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001134 291.08 Sqm
23 3.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001135 291.08 Sqm
24 4 Centring and shuttering for sides and soffits of beams hunching,griders, bressumers and lintels.(HSR 9.7)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001136 3022.38 Sqm
25 4.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001137 3022.38 Sqm
26 4.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001138 3022.38 Sqm
27 4.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001139 2427.64 Sqm
28 4.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001140 2293.31 Sqm
29 4.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001141 2331.93 Sqm
30 4.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001142 2331.93 Sqm
31 4.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001143 2331.93 Sqm
32 4.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001144 2331.93 Sqm
33 4.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001145 2331.93 Sqm
34 4.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001146 2331.93 Sqm
35 5 Centring and shuttering for staircase with sloping soffits including risers and stringers.(HSR 9.8)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001147 44.99 Sqm
36 5.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001148 44.99 Sqm
37 5.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001149 44.99 Sqm
38 5.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001150 76.99 Sqm
39 5.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001151 76.99 Sqm
40 5.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001152 76.99 Sqm
41 5.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001153 76.99 Sqm
42 5.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001154 76.99 Sqm
43 5.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001155 76.99 Sqm
44 5.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001156 76.99 Sqm
45 5.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001157 76.99 Sqm
46 6 Centring and shuttering For Columns (Square Or Rectangular or polyhonal in plan)(HSR.9.9)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001158 3840.89 Sqm
47 6.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001159 3840.89 Sqm
48 6.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001160 3840.89 Sqm
49 6.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001161 3078.07 Sqm
50 6.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001162 3078.07 Sqm
51 6.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001163 3078.07 Sqm
52 6.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001164 3078.07 Sqm
53 6.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001165 3078.07 Sqm
54 6.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001166 3078.07 Sqm
55 6.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001167 3078.07 Sqm
56 6.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001168 3078.07 Sqm
57 7 Cement Concrete 1:4:8 with stone aggreegate 40mm nominal size in foundation and plinth. (HSR 10.39) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001169 912.84 Cum
58 8 Cement Concrete 1:6:12 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size in first storey upto 4 meters above plinth level. (HSR 10.51) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001170 1089.45 Cum
59 9 Provinding and laying in position machine batched and machine mixed design M-30 grade cement concrete work, using cement content as per approved design mix, including pumping of concrete to site of lying but excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforecement, including admixtures in recommeded proportions as per IS:9103 to accelerate, retard setting of concrete, improve workablity without impairing strenght and durablity as per direction of Engineer-in-charge in first storey upto 4 meters above plinth level. (Note:- Cement content considered in this item is @340 kg/cum) (HSR-10.74) Slab\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001171 915.36 Cum
60 9.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001172 915.63 Cum
61 9.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001173 875.85 Cum
62 9.03 Ground Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001174 448.81 Cum
63 9.04 First Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001175 465.97 Cum
64 9.05 Second Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001176 525.53 Cum
65 9.06 Third Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001177 529.15 Cum
66 9.07 Fourth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001178 523.12 Cum
67 9.08 Fifth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001179 353.17 Cum
68 9.09 Sixth Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001180 353.17 Cum
69 9.1 Seventh Floor Roof Slab BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001181 353.17 Cum
70 10 Cement concrete 1: 1½ : 3 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size for reinforced concrete work in shelves and thin vertical section not exceeding 10cm in thick etc excluding steel reinforcement but including centering and complete in all respects. (HSR 10.81+10.95a)\nGround Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001182 2.08 Cum
71 10.01 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001183 0.87 Cum
72 10.02 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001184 2.83 Cum
73 10.03 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001185 1.86 Cum
74 10.04 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001186 1.94 Cum
75 10.05 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001187 2.48 Cum
76 10.06 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001188 2.48 Cum
77 10.07 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001189 2.48 Cum
78 11 Cement concrete 1:1½:3 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size for reinforced concrete work in walls exceeding 20 cm thickness (staight & curved), beams, girders, stairs, columns, (square & rectungular) battens and lintels tec excluding steel reinforcement but including centering and shuttering , laid in position complete in all respect (HSR 10.86+ 10.95 a)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001190 469.06 Cum
79 11.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001191 418.3 Cum
80 11.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001192 325.8 Cum
81 11.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001193 563.42 Cum
82 11.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001194 562.21 Cum
83 11.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001195 562.85 Cum
84 11.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001196 564.48 Cum
85 11.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001197 575.7 Cum
86 11.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001198 579.78 Cum
87 11.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001199 375.7 Cum
88 11.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001200 375.7 Cum
89 12 Cement concrete 1:1½:3 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size for reinforced concrete work in fascias parapets & other thin vertical sections, not covered by item Nos 10.82, 10.86 to 10.88 not exceeding 10 cm thickness excluding steel reinforcement, but including centring & shuttering, laid in position, complete in all respects (HSR 10.89+10.95(a) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001201 12 Cum
90 13 Cement concrete 1:1½:3 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size for reinforced work in footings, strips, foundation, beams, raft, pedestal and approch slab of bridges etc. excluding steel reinforcement but including centering and shuttering, laid in position complete in all respect,( For work upto 1.50meters below ground level . ( HSR 10.90+10.95a)\nBasement Level BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001202 5029.56 Cum
91 14 Cement concrete 1:2:4 with stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size in payments, roads, taxitracks and runways, laid to required slope and camber, including consolidation, finishing and tamping complete. (HSR 10.132) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001203 1089.45 Cum
92 15 First class brick work laid in G.F cement sand mortar 1: 6 in first storey up to 4 meter above plinth level. (HSR 11.7)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001204 27.05 Cum
93 15.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001205 18.5 Cum
94 15.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001206 76.28 Cum
95 15.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001207 213.15 Cum
96 15.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001208 218.9 Cum
97 15.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001209 308.47 Cum
98 15.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001210 229.96 Cum
99 15.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001211 275.81 Cum
100 15.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001212 201.35 Cum
101 15.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001213 199.08 Cum
102 15.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001214 194.55 Cum
103 15.11 Mumty BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001215 70.17 Cum
104 16 11.43cm Thick Brick Wall with every,fourth course, laid in Cement sand Mortar 1:4 in superstructure (HSR 11.48a)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001216 46.98 Sqm
105 16.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001217 21.91 Sqm
106 16.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001218 303.24 Sqm
107 16.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001219 1196.47 Sqm
108 16.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001220 1206.69 Sqm
109 16.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001221 1245.79 Sqm
110 16.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001222 1285.37 Sqm
111 16.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001223 953.38 Sqm
112 16.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001224 1054.56 Sqm
113 16.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001225 1093.98 Sqm
114 16.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001226 918.46 Sqm
115 17 Providing & laying Autoclaved Aerated (Cellular)concrete light weight blocks (as per IS :2185 part-3) having density of 550 to 650 kg/m³ and compressive strength of 4.0N/mm² ; masonry in non load bearing walls using more than 100mm thick AAC blocks complete in all respect (ii) with Polymer modified adhesive of reputed make as approved by Engineer-in-charge in super structure. (HSR 11.105)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001227 18.04 Cum
116 17.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001228 12.34 Cum
117 17.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001229 50.85 Cum
118 17.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001230 142.1 Cum
119 17.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001231 145.94 Cum
120 17.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001232 205.65 Cum
121 17.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001233 153.31 Cum
122 17.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001234 183.87 Cum
123 17.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001235 134.24 Cum
124 17.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001236 132.72 Cum
125 17.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001237 129.7 Cum
126 17.11 Mumty BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001238 46.78 Cum
127 18 Top Khurra 0.6m x 0.6m for rain water pipe in 25mm thick cement concrete 1:2:4 over 50mm thick cement concrete 1:8:16.with CI spots & fixing in position (HSR 13.50) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001239 40 Each
128 19 Bottom khurra on ground 1.2mx0.6m consisting of brick-on-edge laid in cement mortar 1:3 over 75mm cement concrete 1:8:16 including 12mm thick cement plaster 1:3. (HSR 13.57) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001240 40 Each
129 20 Cement concrete 1:2:4 gola 10cm x 10 cm quadrant along junction of roof with parapet wall finished smooth (HSR 13.64) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001241 436.05 Rmt
130 21 Providing and fixing PVC rain water pipe 6 Kg pressure of ISI mark in cement mortar during masonary work. (HSR 13.89) Note:- The agency to whom the work alloted will have to produce original bill / voucher for all quantity in taken of proof of purchase of material.\n(a) 100mm dia PVC pipe 6 kg Pressure. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001242 500 Mtr
131 21.1 (b) 150mm dia PVC pipr 6 kg Pressure. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001243 1015.85 Mtr
132 22 Providing and fixing PVC Bend ISI mark (Note:- Reputed make PVC Bend such as Supreme, Finolex, Prince will be used as approved by Engineer-in-Charge. (HSR 13.90) Note:- The agency to whom the work alloted will have to produce original bill / voucher for all quantity in taken of proof of purchase of material.\n(a) 100mm dia PVC Bend BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001244 40 Each
133 22.1 (b) 150mm dia PVC Bend BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001245 90 Each
134 23 Screed of 50 mm thick cement concrete 1:8:16 to be laid below the topping. (HSR 14.4)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001246 773.27 Sqm
135 23.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001247 231.56 Sqm
136 23.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001248 1113.61 Sqm
137 23.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001249 3044.26 Sqm
138 23.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001250 3995.78 Sqm
139 23.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001251 4441.85 Sqm
140 23.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001252 3541.42 Sqm
141 23.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001253 3108.53 Sqm
142 23.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001254 1567.38 Sqm
143 23.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001255 1554.55 Sqm
144 23.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001256 1554.55 Sqm
145 24 Conglomerate floor 40mm thick cement concrete topping 1:2:4 (HSR 14.9)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001257 23.62 Sqm
146 24.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001258 23.67 Sqm
147 24.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001259 119.11 Sqm
148 24.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001260 63.55 Sqm
149 24.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001261 786.49 Sqm
150 24.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001262 831.18 Sqm
151 24.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001263 867.87 Sqm
152 24.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001264 81.14 Sqm
153 24.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001265 49.52 Sqm
154 24.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001266 49.52 Sqm
155 24.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001267 49.52 Sqm
156 25 Precast chequered tiles of 20mm thickness in ordinary grey cement without chips laid on 20mm thick bed of cement coarse sand mortar 1:3 with neat cement slurry between joints and over the base in floor,treads of steps and landings. (HSR 14.45)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001268 201.5 Sqm
157 25.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001269 201.42 Sqm
158 25.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001270 375.25 Sqm
159 25.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001271 311.67 Sqm
160 25.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001272 176.21 Sqm
161 25.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001273 163.2 Sqm
162 25.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001274 163.2 Sqm
163 25.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001275 177.02 Sqm
164 25.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001276 177.02 Sqm
165 25.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001277 177.02 Sqm
166 25.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001278 177.02 Sqm
167 26 Fixing White Marble stone flooring 17mm and above thick slab including matching grains of marble laid in any pattern as specified over base of 12mm thick cement coarse sand mortar 1:3 and jointed with white cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of marble including rubbing and polishing. (excluding cost of marble). (HSR 14.49) Marble shall be supplied by the Department\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001279 36.61 Sqm
168 26.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001280 26.1 Sqm
169 26.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001281 183.42 Sqm
170 26.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001282 19.36 Sqm
171 26.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001283 7.88 Sqm
172 26.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001284 21.78 Sqm
173 26.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001285 4.68 Sqm
174 26.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001286 93.82 Sqm
175 26.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001287 73.91 Sqm
176 26.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001288 73.91 Sqm
177 26.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001289 73.91 Sqm
178 27 Kotah Stone flooring 25mm thick in any pattern as specified over 20mm thick base of concrete coarse sand mortar 1:3 laid and jointed with neat cement slurry mixed with pigment to match shade of stone including rubbing and polishing. (HSR 14.62) \nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001290 146.43 Sqm
179 27.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001291 104.39 Sqm
180 27.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001292 733.68 Sqm
181 27.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001293 449.18 Sqm
182 27.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001294 180.2 Sqm
183 27.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001295 108.89 Sqm
184 27.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001296 18.71 Sqm
185 27.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001297 259.31 Sqm
186 27.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001298 295.63 Sqm
187 27.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001299 282.8 Sqm
188 27.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001300 282.8 Sqm
189 28 Providing and fixing 1st quality cermic glazed wall tiles confirming to I.S 15622(thickness to be specified by the manu facturer) of approved make in all colours,shades except burgundy ,bottle green,black of any size as approved by engineer-in-charge in skirting, reisers of steps and dados overs 12mm thick bed of cement mortar 1:3 coarse and jointed with grey cement slurry, including pointing in white cement mixed with pigment of matching shades complete. b) Size of ceramic Glazed tiles 300x450mm.(HSR-14.92) (Note:- Tile shall be of premium quality (first quality) of reputed manufacturer like: RAK, NITCO, KAJARIA, SOMANI, JOHNSONS, ORIENTBELL, SIMPOLO.\nNote:- The Agency to whom the work is alloted will have to produce original bill/voucher for all quantity in token of proof of purchase of material\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001301 68.31 Sqm
190 28.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001302 68.03 Sqm
191 28.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001303 1018.94 Sqm
192 28.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001304 1909.52 Sqm
193 28.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001305 2345.49 Sqm
194 28.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001306 1878.18 Sqm
195 28.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001307 1997.99 Sqm
196 28.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001308 2002.74 Sqm
197 28.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001309 2205.74 Sqm
198 28.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001310 1944.93 Sqm
199 28.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001311 1653.34 Sqm
200 29 Laying and fixing granite stone in all shade 15 mm to 18mm thick in flooring laid in any pattern as specified over base of 20mm thick cement coase sand mortar 1:3 and jointed with white cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of granite stone .(Excluding the cost of granite stone) (HSR.14.96) Granite will be supplied by the Department.\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001312 77.4 Sqm
201 29.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001313 77.4 Sqm
202 29.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001314 77.4 Sqm
203 29.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001315 903.26 Sqm
204 29.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001316 892.24 Sqm
205 29.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001317 1106.56 Sqm
206 29.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001318 1157.13 Sqm
207 29.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001319 692.44 Sqm
208 29.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001320 792.65 Sqm
209 29.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001321 792.65 Sqm
210 29.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001322 792.65 Sqm
211 30 12mm thick cement plaster 1:6 (Plastering on Walls) (HSR 15.7)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001323 1905.4 Sqm
212 30.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001324 1887.47 Sqm
213 30.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001325 2962.02 Sqm
214 30.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001326 4659.42 Sqm
215 30.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001327 4250.59 Sqm
216 30.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001328 4192.87 Sqm
217 30.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001329 4560.53 Sqm
218 30.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001330 4835.42 Sqm
219 30.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001331 4041.47 Sqm
220 30.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001332 3600.24 Sqm
221 30.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001333 3457.52 Sqm
222 30.11 Mumty BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001334 307.73 Sqm
223 31 20mm thick cement plaster 1:2 in 2 coats works (HSR 15.13) \nGround Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001335 889.42 Sqm
224 31.01 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001336 872.01 Sqm
225 31.02 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001337 811.87 Sqm
226 31.03 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001338 795.57 Sqm
227 31.04 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001339 895.99 Sqm
228 31.05 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001340 843 Sqm
229 31.06 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001341 807.83 Sqm
230 31.07 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001342 807.83 Sqm
231 31.08 Mumty Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001343 292.86 Sqm
232 32 Ceiling Plaster 10mm thick Cement Plaster 1:4 (HSR 15.52)\nBasement Level-III BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001344 2587.1 Sqm
233 32.01 Basement Level-II BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001345 2587.1 Sqm
234 32.02 Basement Level-I BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001346 2587.1 Sqm
235 32.03 Ground Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001347 1841.73 Sqm
236 32.04 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001348 1932.77 Sqm
237 32.05 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001349 2248.83 Sqm
238 32.06 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001350 2262.95 Sqm
239 32.07 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001351 2221.25 Sqm
240 32.08 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001352 2109.91 Sqm
241 32.09 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001353 2109.91 Sqm
242 32.1 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001354 2109.91 Sqm
243 33 Preparation of Ply wood Surface for Painting i/c Sand papering the surface and applying grilling with approved quality filter consisting of White lead, linsed oil, warnish and chalk mitti including finishing the surface to required finish Complete. (Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge) (HSR 16.1) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001355 4500.76 Sqm
244 34 Applying pink primer or aluminium priming coat on wood work including preparation of surface,knotting and stopping etc. (Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge) (HSR 16.2) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001356 2764.63 Sqm
245 35 Painting two coats excluding priming coat with synthetic enamal paint in all shades on new wood work or metallic or plastered or concrete surfaces to give an even shades. (Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge) (HSR 16.3) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001357 2764.63 Sqm
246 36 Applying priming coat with cement primer in all shades on newly plastered or concrete exterior surfaces.(Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge) (HSR 16.25) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001358 53855.6 Sqm
247 37 Providing two coats with plastic emulsion paint on walls on new work to give an even shade. (Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge) (HSR 16.30) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001359 34154.6 Sqm
248 38 Providing two coats of exterior acrylic emulsion paint.(b)1st quality (Note:- First quality paint/primer of reputed make firm such as Goodlass-Nerolac, Berger, Garware, Jenson, Nicholson, Asian & Shalimar Shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge in writing, Drum of paint shall be opened in presence of Engineer-in-charge (HSR 16.79 b) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001360 26811.7 Sqm
249 39 Providing & applying two coats white cement based putty over plastered surface and grinding the surface smooth with sand paper to get an even and smooth finish including cost and carriage of all material, labour charges, scaffolding, sundries etc. complete. (J.K./ Birla make). (HSR 16.81) (Through Rate) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001361 77554.8 Sqm
250 40 Providing and Fixing 150mm floor brass door stoppers,with rubber cushion,screws,etc. to suit rubber thickness complete. (HSR 17.75) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001362 685 each
251 41 Supplying and fixing hydraulic door closer, ISI mark with necessary screws etc. complete. b) ISIS designation No. II (size of door 701mm to 85mm) (HSR 17.82 b) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001363 685 each
252 42 Providing and fixing aluminium work for doors windows, ventilators and partitions wit extruded built up standard tubular sections/appropriate Z sections and other sections of approved make conforming to IS, 733 and IS:1285 fixed with rawlplugs and screws or with fixing clips or with expansion hold fasteners including necessary filling up of gaps at junctions, at top, bottom and sides with required neoprene felt etc. aluminium sections shall be smooth, rust free straight mitred and jointed mechanically wherever required including cleat angle. Aluminium snap beading for glazing/pancelling C.P. brass/stainless steel screws, all complete. (HSR 17.95 + Note II) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001364 7277.27 Kg
253 43 Providing and fixing aluminium work for doors windows, ventilators and partitions wit extruded built up standard tubular sections / appropriate Z sections and other sections of approved make conforming to IS, 733 and IS:1285 fixed with rawlplugs and screws or with fixing clips or with expansion hold fasteners including necessary filling up of gaps at junctions, at top, bottom and sides with required neoprene felt etc. aluminium sections shall be smooth, rust free straight mitred and jointed mechanically wherever required including cleat angle. Aluminium snap beading for glazing/pancelling C.P. brass/stainless steel screws, all complete. Shutters of doors, windows & ventilators including providing and fixing hinges/pivots and making provision for fixing of fittings wherever required including the cost of PVC/neoprene gasket required including aluminium fitting. (HSR 17.96 + Note II) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001365 13766.4 Kg
254 44 Providing and fixing 12mm thick prelaminated particle board flat pressed three layer or graded wood partice boardconforming to IS:12823 Grade I type II in panelling fixed in aluminium doors windows shutters and partition fraes with c.p brass/stainless steel screws etc. complete (b) Pre-laminated particle board with decorative lamination on both sides (HSR 17.97 (b) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001366 1777.99 Sqm
255 45 Providing and fixing glazing in aluminium door,windows,ventilator shutter and partitions etc. with pvc/neoprene gasket etc. complete ( cost of aluminium snap beading shall be paid in basic items)(b) with float glass panes of 5.0mm thickness). (HSR 17.98 (b) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001367 3189.6 Sqm
256 46 Providing and fixing double action hydraulic floor spring of approved brand and manufacture IS:6315 marked for doors including cost of cutting floors as required embedding in floors and cover/plates with brass pivot and single piece M.S sheet outer box.(a)with stainless steel cover plate. (HSR 17.99a) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001368 650 Each
257 47 Providing aluminium jali of thickness 7mm thick with opening 75mmx75mm of including anodizing and fixing in frame with cost of screws etc. complete. (HSR 17.100) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001369 3189.6 Sqm
258 48 Providing and fixing aluminium round shape handle of outer dia. 100mm with screws etc. complete(iii)Polyster powder coated minimum thickness 50micron aluminium(HSR 17.102iii) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001370 650 Each
259 49 Structural steel work in girders or stanchions built up of one joist or channel section welded, including cutting and fixing all gusset plates, bolts, nuts, welding rods, etc., complete with flange plates, heads, sole plates, angle connections, etc., with hoisting and erecting in position: - (a) with one R.S. Joist (HSR 18.8 (a) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001371 311 Qtl
260 50 Wrought iron and mild steel (using angles, flats, square bars, tees and channels) ladders, grills, gratting frames, window guards, iron doors open able or fixed stair case or parapet or any other type of railing, gates and tree guards etc., including cost of screws and welding rods or bolts and nuts complete fixed in position (HSR 18.12) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001372 75 Qtl
261 51 Steel reinforcement TMT bars FE-500 EQR/FE-500 D grade or more for RCC work, where no included in the complete rate of RCC including straightening, bending, binding, wastage, overlaps, welded joints, spacer bars, chairs, stays, hangers annealed steel wire etc. and placing in position complete in all repects for all heights/ depths/ storeys/ basements etc. NOTE:- Reinforcement shall be measured in lenghts including hooks, if any, separately for different diameters as actually used in works, excluding overlaps. Wastage, overlaps, couplings, welded joints, spacer bars, chairs, stays, hangers and annealed joints, spacer bars, chairs, stays, hangers, and annealed steel wire or other methods for binding and placing shall not be measured and cost of these items shall be deemed to be included in the rates for reinforcement. (HSR-18.22) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001373 22753.5 Qtl
262 52 Providing and fixing stainless steel ( Grade 304) railing made of Hollow tubes, channels, plates etc., including welding, grinding, buffing, polishing and making curvature (wherever required) and fitting the same with necessary stainless steel nuts and bolts complete, i/c fixing the railing with necessary accessories & stainless steel dash fasteners , stainless steel bolts etc., of required size, on the top of the floor or the side of waist slab with suitable arrangement as per approval of Engineer-incharge, (for payment purpose only weight of stainless steel members shall be considered excluding fixing accessories such as nuts, bolts, fasteners etc.). (DSR 10.28) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001374 20500.7 Kg
263 53 Providing fixing thermal insulation of ceiling (under deck insulation) with Resin Bonded Fibre glass wool conforming to IS : 8183, density 24kg / m3, 50mm thick, wrapped in 200 G Virgin Polythene bags, fixed to ceiling with metallic cleats (50x50x3 mm) @ 60 cm and wire mesh of 12.5 mm x 24 gauge wire mesh, for top most ceiling of building. (DSR 12.34) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001375 1986.22 Sqm
264 54 Providing & fixing UV stabilised fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet roofing up to any pitch, including fixing with polymer coated 'J' or 'L' hooks, bolts & nuts 8mm dia. G.I plain/bitumen washers complete but excluding the cost of purlins, rafters, trusses etc. The sheets shall be manufactured out of 2400 TEX panel rovigs incorporating minimum 0.3% ultra-violet stabiliser in resin system under approximately 2400 psi and hot cured. They shall be of uniform pigmentation and thickness without air pockets and shall conform to IS 10192 and IS 12866.The sheets shall be opaque or translucent, clear or pigmented, textured or smooth as specified\n2 mm thick corrugated (2.5" or 4.2" or 6") or step-down (2" or 3" or 6" ) as specified (DSR 12.47.1) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001376 300 Sqm
265 55 Providing and fixing tiled false ceiling of specified materials of size 595x595 mm in true horizontal level, suspended on inter locking metal grid of hot dipped galvanized steel sections ( galvanized @ 120 grams/ sqm, both side inclusive) consisting of main "T" runner with suitably spaced joints to get required length and of size 24x38 mm made from 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet, spaced at 1200 mm center to center and cross "T" of size 24x25 mm made of 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet, 1200 mm long spaced between main "T" at 600 mm center to center to form a grid of 1200x600 mm and secondary cross "T" of length 600 mm and size 24x25 mm made of 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet to be interlocked at middle of the 1200x600 mm panel to form grids of 600x600 mm and wall angle of size 24x24x0.3 mm and laying false ceiling tiles of approved texture in the grid including, required cutting/making, opening for services like diffusers, grills, light fittings, fixtures, smoke detectors etc. Main "T" runners to be suspended from ceiling using GI slotted cleats of size 27 x 37 x 25 x1.6 mm fixed to ceiling with 12.5 mm dia and 50 mm long dash fasteners, 4 mm GI adjustable rods with galvanised butterfly level clips of size 85 x 30 x 0.8 mm spaced at 1200 mm center to center along main T, bottom exposed width of 24 mm of all T-sections shall be pre-painted with polyester paint, all complete for all heights as per specifications, drawings and as directed by Engineer-in-charge. \nGI Metal Ceiling Lay in perforated Tegular edge global white color tiles of size 595x595 mm and 0.5 mm thick with 8 mm drop; made of GI sheet having galvanizing of 100 gms/sqm (both sides inclusive) and 20% perforation area with 1.8 mm dia holes and having NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient ) of 0.5, electro statically polyester powder coated of thickness 60 microns (minimum), including factory painted after bending and perforation, and backed with a black Glass fiber acoustical fleece (DSR 12.52.2)\n\nGround Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001377 1039.15 Sqm
266 55.01 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001378 899.5 Sqm
267 55.02 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001379 976.21 Sqm
268 55.03 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001380 1623.8 Sqm
269 55.04 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001381 1159.34 Sqm
270 55.05 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001382 1214.01 Sqm
271 55.06 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001383 1213.92 Sqm
272 55.07 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001384 1197.98 Sqm
273 56 Providing and fixing Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles (300 mm x 300 mm x 20 mm) with SRI (solar refractive index) > 78, solar reflection > 0.70 and initial emittance > 0.75 on waterproof and sloped surface of terrace, laid on 20 mm thick cement sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand) and grouting the joints with mix of white cement & marble powder in ratio of 1:1, including rubbing and polishing of the surface upto 3 cuts complete, including providing skirting upto 150 mm height along the parapet walls in the same manner. (DSR 12.55). \n(i) First Roof BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001385 85.97 Sqm
274 56.01 (ii) Fourth Floor roof BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001386 89.19 Sqm
275 56.02 (iii) Terrace BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001387 2305.6 Sqm
276 57 Providing and laying design mix cement concrete of M-30 grade, in roads/taxi tracks/runway,using cement content as per design mix,using coarse sand and graded stone aggregate of 40 mm nominal size in appropriate proportion as per approved & specified design criteria,providing dowel bars with sleev/tiebars wherever required laying at site,spreading and compacting mechanically by using needle by surface vibrators,levelling to required slope/camber, finishing with required texture,including steel from work with sturdy m.s channel section curing, making provision for contraction/expansion construction & longitudinal joints (10 mm wide x 50 mm deep) by groove cutting machine providing and filling joints with approved joint filler and sealants,complete all as per direction of engineer in charge (item of joint fillers,sealants,dowel bars with sleev/tie bars to be paid separately).\nCement concrete manufactured in automatic batching plant (RMC plant)/i/c transportation to site in transit mixer. (DSR-16.43.2) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001388 489.2 Cum
277 58 Providing & Laying intergral cement based treatment for water proofing on horizontal surface at all depths below ground level for under ground surfaces as directed by Engineer-in-charge and consisting of i) 1st Layer of 22mm to 25mm thk approved and specified rough stone slab over a 25mm thk base of cement mortar 1:3( 1 cement : 3 coarse sand) mixed with water proofing compound. (ii) 2 nd layer of 25mm thk cement mortar 1:3 mixed with water proofing compound as recemmended in proportions (iii) Fininishing top with stone aggregate of 10mm to 12mm nominal size spreading 8 cudm/sqm thoroughly embedded in 2nd layer Using rough Kota Stone (DSR 22.1.1) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001389 3380.21 Sqm
278 59 Providing & Laying intergral cement based treatment for water proofing on vertical surface by fixing specified stone slab 22mm to 25mm thk with cement slurry mised with water proofing compound conforming to IS:2645 in recemmended proportions with a gap of 20mm (minimum) between stone slabs and the receiving surfaces and filling the gaps with neat cement slurry mixed with water proofing compund and finishing the exterior of stone slab with cement mortar 1:3 ( 1 cement : 3 coarse sand) 20m thk with neat cement punning mixed with water proofing compound in recommended proportin complete at all lvels as directed by Engineer-in-charge using rough Kota Stone (DSR 22.2.1) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001390 3023.19 Sqm
279 60 Providing and Placing in position suitable PVC water stops conforming to IS:12200 for construction/ expansion joints between two RCC members and fixed to the reinforcement with binding wire before pouring concrete etc. complete.\n Serrated with central bulb (225 mm wide, 8-11 mm thick) (DSR 22.4.1) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001391 312.8 Rmt
280 61 Designing, fabricating, testing, protection, installing and fixing in position semi (grid) unitized system of structural glazing (with open joints) for linear as well as curvilinear portions of the building for all heights and all levels, including:(a) Structural analysis & design and preparation of shop drawings for the specified design loads conforming to IS 875 part III (the system must passed the proof test at 1.5 times design wind pressure without any failure), including functional design of the aluminum sections for fixing glazing panels of various thicknesses, aluminium cleats, sleeves and splice plates etc. gaskets, screws, toggles, nuts, bolts, clamps etc., structural and weather silicone sealants, flashings, fire stop (barrier)-cum-smoke seals, microwave cured EPDM gaskets for water tightness, pressure equalisation & drainage and protection against fire hazard including:(b) Fabricating and supplying serrated M.S. hot dip galvanised / Aluminium alloy of 6005 T5 brackets of required sizes, sections and profiles etc. to accommodate 3 Dimentional movement for achieving perfect verticality and fixing structural glazing system rigidly to the RCC/ masonry/structural steel framework of building structure using stainless steel anchor fasteners/ bolts, nylon seperator to prevent bimetallic contacts with nuts and washers etc. of stainless steel grade 316, of the required capacity and in required numbers.(c) Providing and filling, two part pump filled, structural silicone sealant and one part weather silicone sealant compatible with the structural silicone sealant of required bite size in a clean and controlled factory / work shop environment, including double sided spacer tape, setting blocks and backer rod, all of approved grade, brand and manufacture, as per the approved sealant design, within and all around the perimeter for holding glass.(d) Providing and fixing in position flashings of solid aluminium sheet 1 mm thick and of sizes, shapes and profiles, as required as per the site conditions, to seal the gap between the building structure and all its interfaces with curtain glazing to make it watertight.(e) Making provision for drainage of moisture/ water that enters the curtain glazing system to make it watertight, by incorporatingprinciples of pressure equalization, providing suitable gutter profiles at bottom (if required), making necessary holes of required sizes and of required numbers etc. complete. This item includes cost of all inputs of designing, labour for fabricating and installation of aluminium grid, installation of glazed units, T&P, scaffolding and other incidental charges including wastages etc., enabling temporary structures and services, cranes or cradles etc. as described above and as specified. The item includes the cost of getting all the structural and functional design including shop drawings checked by a structural designer, dully approved by Engineer-in-charge. The item also includes the cost of all mock ups at site, cost of all samples of the individual components for testing in an approved laboratory, field tests on the assembled working structural glazing as specified, cleaning and protection till the handing over of the building for occupation. In the end, the Contractor shall provide a water tight structural glazing having all the performance characteristics etc. all complete as required, as per the Architectural drawings, as per item description, as specified, as per the approved shop drawings and as directed by the Engineer- in-Charge.Note:- 1. The cost of providing extruded aluminium frames, shadow boxes, extruded aluminium section capping for fixing in the grooves of the curtain glazing and vermin proof stainless steel wire mesh shall be paid for separately under relevant items under this subhead. However, for the purpose of payment, only the actual area of structural glazing (including width of grooves) on the external face shall be measured in sqm. up to two decimal places.Note:-2. The following performance test are to be conducted on structural glazing system if area of structural glazing exceeds 2500 Sqm from the certified laboratories accreditated by NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), Department of Science & Technologies, India. Cost of testing is payable separately.The NIT approving authority will decide the necessity of testing on the basis of cost of the work, cost of the test and importance of the work. Performance Testing of Structural glazing system Tests to be conducted in the NABL accredited lab or by any other accreditation body which operates in accordance with ISO / IEC 17011 and accredits labs as per ISO/ IEC 17025.1. Performance Laboratory Test for Air Leakage Test (-50pa to - 300pa) & (+50pa to +300pa) as per ASTM E-283-04 testing method for a range of testing limit 1 to 200 mVhr.2. Static Water Penetration Test. (50pa to 1500p) as per ASTME- 331-09 testing method for a range up to 2000 ml.3. Dynamic Water Penetration (50pa to 1500pa) as per AAMA 501.01- 05 testing method for a range upto 2000 ml\n4. Structural Performance Deflection and deformation by static air pressure test (1.5 times design wind pressure without any failure) as per ASTME-330-10 testing method for a range upto 50 mm.5. Seismic Movement Test (upto 30 mm) as per AAMA 501.409 testing method for Qualitative test, Tests to be conducted on site.6. Onsite Test for Water Leakage for a pressure range 50 kpa to 240 kpa (35psi) upto 2000 ml (DSR 25.2). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001392 205.49 Sqm
281 62 Providing, assembling and supplying vision glass panels (IGUs) comprising of hermetically-sealed 6-12- 6 mm insulated glass (double glazed) vision panel units of size and shape as required and specified, comprising of an outer heat strengthened float glass 6mm thick, of approved colour and shade with reflective soft coating on surface # 2 of approved colour and shade, an inner Heat strengthned clear float glass 6mm thick, spacer tube 12mm wide, dessicants, including primary seal and secondary seal (structural silicone sealant) etc. all complete for the required performances, as per the Architectural drawings, as per the approved shop drawings, as specified and as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge. The IGUs shall be assembled in the factory/ workshop of the glass processor.\n(Payment for fixing of IGU Panels in the curtain glazing is included in cost of item No.25.2)\nFor payment, only the actual area of glass on face # 1 of the glass panels (excluding the areas of the grooves and weather silicone sealant) provided and fixed in position, shall be measured in sqm.\n Coloured tinted float glass 6mm thick substrate with reflective soft coating on face # 2, + 12mm Airgap + 6mm Heat Strengthened clear Glass of approved make having properties as visible Light transmittance (VLT) of 25 to 35 %, Light reflection internal 10 to 15%, light reflection external 10 to 20 %, shading coefficient (0.25- 0.28) and U value of 3.0 to 3.3 W/m2 degree K etc. The properties of performance glass shall be decided by technical sanctioning authority as per the site requirement. (DSR 25.3) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001393 216.45 Sqm
282 63 Extra for openable side / top hung vision glass panels (IGUs) including providing and supplying at site all accessories and hardwares for the openable panels as specified and of the approved make such as heavy duty stainless steel friction hinges, min 4 -point cremone locking sets with stainless steel plates, handles, buffers etc. including necessary stainless steel screws/ fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers etc. all complete as per the Architectural drawings, as per the approved shop drawings, as specified and as directed by the Engineerin-Charge (DSR 25.4) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001394 24.05 Sqm
283 64 N.S Items\nEarth work in excavation by mechanical/manual means in foundations and basement for all widths up to any depth of soil/Rock/boulder/kankar etc. as encountered at site including disposal of excavated material for all lead & lift. The Excavated material shall be the Property of department. This Material shall be disposerd as per direction of the department. The permission required from mining department shall be obtaining by the contractor at his cost. Part of the excavated material shall be used for refilling as per direction of the Department. (N.S) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001395 43212.6 Cum
284 65 Providing & Fixing Vitrified Tiles 600 x 600 mm of approved make in flooring laid in any pattern as specified over base of 20 mm thick cement coarse sand morter 1:3 and joint will be 4 mm wide instead of zero joint by using spacers to ensure uniformity of joint duly filled with epoxy grout minimum depth upto the thickness of tile of reputed make such as pidilite (T-13 Roff), Mapaie, Laticrete, Ardex Endura as approved by Engineer-in-charge. Note:- Tile shall be of premium quality (first quality) of reputed manufacturer like: RAK, NITCO, KAJARIA, SOMANI, JOHNSONS, ORIENTBELL, SIMPOLO. (Double charged tiles shall be used as approved by Engineer in charge. (NS).\nNote:- The Agency to whom the work is alloted will have to produce original bill/voucher for all quantity in token of proof of purchase of material\nGround Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001396 377.24 Sqm
285 65.01 First Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001397 1032.76 Sqm
286 65.02 Second Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001398 1290.25 Sqm
287 65.03 Third Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001399 1261.73 Sqm
288 65.04 Fourth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001400 884.8 Sqm
289 65.05 Fifth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001401 178.67 Sqm
290 65.06 Sixth Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001402 178.67 Sqm
291 65.07 Seventh Floor BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001403 178.67 Sqm
292 66 Providing, Laying & Fixing of GRC tiles of approved shade over 12 mm thick cement mortar 1:4 for exposed outer surface for all heights including the cost of scaffolding complete in all respect for all Heights. (Note:- Reputed make Tile such as Unistone, NTC, DALAL shall be used as approved by Engineer-in-charge. (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001404 1681.59 Sqm
293 67 Providing and laying 200mm thk GSB consisting of drainage layer conforming to Table 400.1.Grading -VI of MORTH 5th edition mixing in mechanical mix plant to site of work, spreading in uniform layer with motor grader on prepared surface and compacting with vibro roller to achieve desired density complete as per clause 401 of MORTH specifications (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001405 1452.6 cum
294 68 Laying and fixing Tactiles of any size of approved make in floors laid in any pattern as specified over base of 20mm thk cement coarse sand mortar 1:3 and jointed with white cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of tiles incld cost of all material except tiles. (NS) (Note Tile Shall be supplied by the department) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001406 260.12 Sqm
295 69 Providing & Fixing in place metallic all plain wood finish Non Fire Doors Finished with Wooden shades as desired by Engineer-in-Charge. Over all of thickness of the shutter to be 46mm thick manufactured from 0.8mm GPSP Galvanised Steel Sheet confirming to (IS277) with provision of Reinforcement Pad and necessary provision for the receiving appropriate hardwares. The Shutter shall be filled with Paper Honeycomb core in fill. Door to be coated with pure polyster/Epoxy Polyster powder having coating thickness of 60-80 micron. (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001407 638.1 Sqm
296 70 Providing & Fixing in place door frame of Section 172x58mm made of GPSP Sheet (IS277) constructed from sheet thickness 1.2mm with single rebate of 58mm dully filled with Puf and finished with Powder coating in reqular RAL shades as desired by Engineer-in-Charge. Frame should be coated with pure polyster/Epoxy polyster powder coating having thickness of 60-80 micron and provided with 3mm thick hinge reforcement plates. (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001408 4509.34 Mtr
297 71 Public Health Work\nExcavation of trenches in streets, lanes or in open areas for storm sewer, sewers running by gravity and manholes to full depths as shown in drawings including shoring, timbering of poling boards, frame system type, dressing to correct sections and dimensions, according to templates and levels, dewatering, provision for diversion of traffic, cutting trees and bushes, etc. night signals profiles, pegs, sight rails, boning rods, crossing over trenches for access to the houses, watching fencing etc. fixing and maintenance of caution board refilling of trenches, watering of refill, in 15 cm layers ramming and restoration of unmetalled or unpaved surface to original condition and removal of surplus soil, from site of work, upto a lead of 1 Km in oridnary soil. (a) for depths excavation not exceeding 3 metres below ground level. [HSR 6.10 (a)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001409 1443.22 Cum
298 72 Cement concrete 1:8:16 with stone aggregate 40mm nominal size in foundation and plinth. (HSR 10.28). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001410 226.55 Cum
299 73 Drilling and Tapping cast iron pipe lines of all diameters and screwing in ferrule and connections-Size of ferrule. [HSR 28.22].\n(vi) 40 mm internal diameter of pipeline. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001411 7 Each
300 74 Cutting holes upto 23 cm square through brick work in mud walls for pipes and making good including repointing replastering and finishing according to existing finish where required. [HSR 28.23].\n(i) 11.43 cm thickness of walls BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001412 600 Each
301 74.01 (ii) 22.86 cm thickness of walls BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001413 600 Each
302 75 Labour for fixing G.I. or W.I. pipe sleeve pieces in holes in walls, floors, and roofs rounds pipes including all cutting and wastage. [HSR 28.27].\n(a) 15 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001414 35 Rmt
303 75.01 (b) 20 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001415 56 Rmt
304 75.02 (c) 25 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001416 55 Rmt
305 75.03 (d) 32 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001417 25 Rmt
306 75.04 (e) 40 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001418 36 Rmt
307 75.05 (f) 50 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001419 25 Rmt
308 76 Bailing out water from the trenches for making new connections in fully charged pipe-lines including cleaning, trimming and dressing the trenches to correct alignment and grade as required by the Engineer-In-charge. [HSR 28.47 (a)].\nUpto 200 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001420 2 Each
309 77 JOINTING PLAIN AND REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPES AND SPECIALS OF ALL CLASSES IN TRENCHES USING COLLAR JOINTS JOINTED WITH 1:1 ½ CEMENT SAND MORTAR NEARLY dry heavily caulked into joints AND WITH END DOWELS FILLED WITH 1: 1 ½ CEMENT SAND MORTAR including facing trowelling and finishing the joints and at angle of 45 degree with face of collars keeping the joints wet till cured testing the drain line for leakages and making good for all leakages and defects as laid down in the contract specirfications complete with two spigots and jointed to collars and internal diameter of sewer pipe or special being:- (c) 200 mm. (HSR 29.45) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001421 460 Each
310 78 CUTTING PLAIN AND REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPES AND SPECIALS of all classes chipping AND FINISHING THE CUT SURFACE TO A UNIFORM finish to the satisfaction of the Engineer-in-charge. (c) 200 mm (c) 200 mm. (HSR 29.46) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001422 300 Each
311 79 Constructing brick masonry inspection chamber sizes as given below upto 0.60 metre average depth in cement mortar 1:5 lime concrete with 40 percent limer mortar 2:3 in foundation cement concrete 1:2:4 benching 12 mm thick cement plaster 1:2 with a floating coat of 1 mm thick of neat cement R.C.C. 1:2;4 slab 100 mm thick./C.C. topping 50 mm thick with 455 mm x 455 mm 610 mm inside light duty C.I. inspection chamber cover and frame weight as per I.S.I. specification painted with 3 coats of black bitumastic superior paint coplete as per standard design. (c) Size 600 mm x 900 mm inside (with 455 mm x 455 mm cover and frame light duty singel weighing 20 Kg with R.C.C. slab). [HSR 29.84].\n(a) Size 450 mm x 450 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001423 70 Each
312 79.01 (c) Size 600 mm x 900 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001424 70 Each
313 80 Constructing brick masonry road gully chamber as per standard drawings (as per sizes given below) including dressing of beds and sides of chamber to exact profiles, 15cm thick lime concrete 16:24:100 (as per specified in item no 10.6) in foundation, Ist class brick work laid in cement sand mortar, 1:5, 40mm thick cement concrete 1:2:4, topping inside the chamber with a floating coat of 1.5 mm thick neat cement laid in one operation to the topping the entire inner surface of the chamber rendered with neat cement not less than 12 mm in thickness of 1:2 cement sand plaster and finished with a floating coat of neat cement 1 mm thickleft absolutely smooth polished and correct to templates including labour for fixing the C.I. road gully grating and frame including painting with coal tar (as specified in item no. 29.48 complete and to the requirement of the Engineer-In-charge). (a) Single Road Gully Chamber (i) Size 610 mm x 457 mm x 800 mm. [HSR 29.87 (a) (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001425 70 Each
314 81 CONSTRUCTION OF RECTANGULAR STANDARD BRICK MASONRY MANHOLE CHAMBERS to standard drawings on S.W pipe sewers or other circular pipe sewers upto the required depth in 1.5 CEMENT SAND MORTAR, lime concrete in bed and sides of pipe sewer and cement concrete 1:2:4 in benching, 12 mm thick water tight 1:2 cement sand plaster with a floating coat of neat cement and finished with 2 coats of sodium solicate on interior surface where required, reinforced cement concrete slab 180 mm thick fixing 560 mm internal diameter C.I. manhole cover and frame weight not less than 2.5 quintal painted with 3 coats of black bitumen paint, fixing galvanised malleable iron steps embedded in 1:2 cement sand mortar complete.\nThe rate cover the cost of M.S steel for R.C.C slab Labour for fixing and carriage of C.I manhole frame and cover and malleable iron steps from the stores of the Engineer-in-charge of the works to the site of works.\nThe rate also includes the cost of accurately planned and fitted centring, supports for all works as well as for all curves and special work, cleaning out their beds etc. Sodium silicate shall be supplied free of cost at the stores of Engineer- in-charge. [HSR 29.90 (ii)].\n(ii) On 150 mm I/d Pipe sewer\n(a) For 1.20 Mtrs. depth below ground level BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001426 35 Each
315 81.01 (b) For 1.50 Mtrs. depth below ground level BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001427 30 Each
316 81.02 (c) For 1.80 Mtrs. depth below ground level BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001428 25 Each
317 82 Providing, lowering, laying, cutting (cut surface to be uniformity finished) jointing with rubber rings marked with IS:5382 and testing of SPIGOT AND SOCKETTED RCC NP2 MARKED WITH IS:458-1988 and specials into trenches for all depths including carriage, loading, unloading, stacking, handling, re-handling etc. complete in all respects to the satisfaction to the Engineer -in-charge. (a) 200 mm dia. (HSR 29.93). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001429 1551.83 Rmt
318 83 Providing SALT GLAZED STONE WARE PIPES GRADE 'A' IN STANDARD LENTH OF 600 MM EACH PIPE MARKED WITH IS;651 and their lowering, cutting, jointing and testing as described in HSR item no. 29.38, 29.39, 29.40 inlcuding the cost of jointing materials as well as carriage, loading, unloading, stacking handling, re-handling etc. complete in all respect to the satisfaction to the Engineer-in-Charge. (b) grade 'A' 150 mm. (HSR 29.95) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001430 1551.83 Rmt
319 84 Providing & Fixing in position best Indian make (to the approval of the Engineer-in-charge). Indian orissa or orya water water closet suite for sinking into floor, with raised foot treats complete with 100 mm H.C.I.'P' trap with or without vent as required and all other necessary fitting as fully described. (b) Size 630 mm (ii) Single Colour. (Make Hindware) [HSR 30.2 (b) (ii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001431 21 Each
320 85 Providing and fixing in position best indian make (as approved by the engineer-in-charge European type water closet suite, syphonic type consisting of- (i) VITREOUS CHINAWARE SYPHONIC SUITE WITH 15 LITRES CAPACITY MATCHING CHINAWARE CISTERN and all internal brass fittings COMPLETE WITH ‘P’ or ‘S’ TRAP with or without vent; (as approved by the Engineer-in-charge). (ii) One piece SEAT AND LID IN HOLLOW BLACK OR WHITE PLASTIC fitted with chromium plated hinges and rubber buffers, (to the approval of the Engineer-in-charge) COMPLETE in all respects INCLUDING CUTTING AND MAKING GOOD THE WALLS AND FLOORS. (b) Double trap syphonic (ii) Single Color. [HSR 30.5 (b) (ii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001432 200 Each
321 86 EXTRA OVER item nos. 30.1 to 30.4 and 30.6 FOR PROVIDING AND FIXING 15 LITRES CAPACITY C.I. LOW LEVEL VITREOUS CHINAWARE CISTERN complete with flush bend all other necessary Fittings instead of C.I high level cistern complete with fittings. (i) White. [HSR 30.12 (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001433 26 Each
322 87 EXTRA OVER item nos. 30.3 to 30.6 FOR PROVIDING AND FIXING BEST INDIAN MAKE PLASTIC HYGENIC SEAT with lid complete instead of hollow Black or white plaster seat and lid.(i) White plastic seat (Solid). [HSR 30.13 (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001434 250 Each
323 88 EXTRA FOR providing and fixing 32 MM dia G.I./C.P FLUSH PIPE complete with accessories instead of 32/MM dia galvanized telescopic flush pipe with clips (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). (i) 32 mm dia G.I. flush pipe. [HSR 30.15 (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001435 30 Each
324 89 PROVIDING AND FIXING IN POSITION BEST INDIAN MAKE A RANGE OF THREE URINALS large flat back or angular lipped front 610mm high in vitreous chinaware with one No.10 litres capacity best Indian make C.I automatic flushing cistern with fittings and flush pipe etc. complete as fully described in Item No.30.25 above.Range of three urinals. (i) White. [HSR 30.27 (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001436 26 Each
325 90 Providing and fixing 25 mm thick marble partitions for different type of urinals. (HSR 30.40). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001437 42 Each
326 91 Providing & Fixing in position best indian make (ordinary) lavatory suites consisting of:- (v) Size 560 mm x 450 mm with one no. tap. [HSR 30.41(v)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001438 200 Each
327 92 PROVIDING AND FIXING IN POSITION 32 MM DIA G.I. WASTE PIPE EMBEDDED IN WALL or lead waste pipe (weighing 3.47 kg. per metre and 2.8 mm thick) upto floor Level including cost of wipped solder joint etc., complete (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). [HSR 30.48]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001439 240 Each
328 93 Providing and fixing in position best Indian make chromium Plated brass Bottle trap 32 mm dia metre. complete (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). [HSR 30.50] BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001440 240 Each
329 94 Providing and fixing in position best quality Stainless Steel Sinks with Complete fittings as fully described in item No. 30.51. (a) 600 mm x 450 mm x 200 mm. [HSR 30.53 (a)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001441 155 Each
330 95 Providing and fixing 40 mm I/D Stainless Steel waste pipe embedded in walls or lead waste pipe weighing 4.46 Kg./metre and 3.0 mm thick upto floor level as required by the Engineer-in-charge including cost of union and plumber joint. (HSR 30.62) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001442 180 Each
331 96 Providing and fixing 40 mm i/d chromium plated brass trap with chromium plated bras pipe to wall with wall flange, complete (as per requirement of the Engineer-in-charge) for use with sinks. (a) with Bottle Trap (indian make). [HSR 30.63 (a)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001443 180 Each
332 97 PROVIDING AND FIXING IN POSITION BEST INDIAN MAKE PAPER HOLDERS FIXED INTO wall with C.P Brass screws complete in all respects INCLUDING CUTTING AND MAKING GOOD THE WALLS ETC. (a) C.P. Brass. [HSR 30.67 (a)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001444 205 Each
333 98 Providing and fixing in position best Indian make towel rails fixed in with rawlslugs embedded in walls with C.P. Brass screws, complete in all respect including cutting and making goods the walls etc.: (a) 25 mm dia, C.P. Brass adjustable. (i) 750 mm long. [HSR 30.68 (a)] BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001445 425 Each
334 99 Providing and fixing in position glass shelf fixed in with rawl plugs with C.P. Brass screws, complete including cutting and making good the walls etc. (a) with C.P. Brass brackets and guard rail. (i) 600mm x 125 mm . [HSR 30.69 (a) (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001446 475 Each
335 100 Providing and fixing in position best Indian make Soap dish fixed into wall with C.P. brass screws and complete in all respects including cutting and making goods the walls etc. (a) C.P. Brass (i) Soap dish Large. [HSR 30.70 (a) (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001447 505 Each
336 101 Providing & fixing in position best Indian make bevelled edge 5.5 mm thick mirror mounted on absetos sheet ground fixed in postion by means of 4 Nos. chromium plated brass screws and washers over rubbers washers and rawl plug embeded in the wall or chromium plated brass clamps with C.P. brass screws (as required by the engineer-in-charge) complete including cutting and making good the walls etc. (a) Indian Make (i) 600 mm x 450 mm. [HSR 30.71 (a) (i)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001448 545 Each
337 102 PROVIDING AND FIXING IN POSITION BEST INDIAN MAKE COAT AND HAT HOOKS fixed into wall with C.P Brass screws and rawl plugs etc. COMPLETE INCLUDING CUTTING AND MAKING GOOD THE WALLS ETC. (a) C.P. Brass. (ii) Two Way. [HSR 30.73 (a) (ii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001449 650 Each
338 103 Providing and fixing in position super quality 65 mm i/d opening C.P brass dome type hinged grating weighing about 750 gms fixed in cement mortar 1:2 complete in all respects (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). [HSR 30.74]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001450 600 Each
339 104 Providing and fixing in position 15mm i/d C.P. brass bib cocks of best quality (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). [HSR 30.75].\n(a) Bib cock long body. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001451 500 Each
340 105 Providing & fixing in position C.P. brass stop cock (as approved by the engineer-in-charge). (a) 15 mm Stop cock. (ii) Concealed stop cock with flange. [HSR 30.76 (a) (ii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001452 450 Each
341 106 Providing and fixing C.P. brass liquid soap container of best quality (as required by the Engineer-in-charge). (HSR 30.77). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001453 545 Each
342 107 Providing and fixing of best Indian make C.P. Brass wall mixer 15 mm. (a) With Telephonic Shower. [HSR 30.81 (a)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001454 85 Each
343 108 Providing and fixing in position best Indian make flexible tube connection. (b) C.P. Brass (iii) 15mm x 450 mm. [HSR 30.82 (b) (iii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001455 440 Each
344 109 Providing and fixing in position H.C.I. Soil waste vent or antisyphonage pipes to I.S.I. specifications of E.L.C. manufacture or of any other reputed firm including cutting and wastage etc. and cutting holes in walls, roofs or floor etc. and making good to its original condition but excluding cost of lead jointing. (HSR 30.84)\n(a) 100 mm internal diameter. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001456 1600 Rmt
345 109.01 (b) 75 mm internal diameter. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001457 980 Rmt
346 110 Providing and fixing in position C.I. Gully trap cover weighing approximately 7.26 Kg. and frame for gully trap chamber clear opening size 300 mm x 300 mm and out side size 330 mm x 330 mm including painting the exposed surfaces with 3 coats of black bitumastic superior paint of approved manufacture etc. (HSR 30.85). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001458 95 Each
347 111 Providing lead caulked joints to H.C.I. pipes and specials confirming to I.S.I. specificationsof E.L.C. manufacture or any other reputed firm including cost of lead yarn, fuel and tools etc. (HSR 30.87).\n(a) 100 mm internal dia meter. (1.13 Kg) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001459 725 Each
348 111.01 (b) 75 mm internal dia meter. (0.91 Kg) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001460 930 Each
349 112 Providing and fixing in position M.S. or heavy flat iron clamps made out of M.S. flat not less than 5 mm of the approved design for fixing C.I. soil waste vent or anti pipes to walls complete in all respects. (a) for 100 mm interal diameter pipes. (HSR 30.88).\n(a) for 100 mm interal diameter pipes. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001461 250 Each
350 112.01 (b) for 75 mm interal diameter pipes. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001462 275 Each
351 113 Providing & Fixing H.C.I. floor traps I.S.I. marked of the self cleaning design with C.P. brass hinged grating with frame with or without vent arm and including cement concrete 1:2:4 under and around the floor trap where required upto floor level complete in all respects including cutting and making good the walls and floors, etc. minimum depth of water should be 50 mm with a minimum seal of 50 mm. (b) with 75 mm i/d outlet. [HSR 30.89 (b)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001463 450 Each
352 114 Providing and fixing in position H.C.I. specials for soils, waste, vent or anti-syphonage pipes to I.S.I. marked including cutting and waste etc. cutting holes in walls roofs or floors etc., and making good to its original condition but excluding cost of lead jointing. (HSR 30.91).\n(a) For 100 mm dia pipes\n(1) Heal rest bend BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001464 175 Each
353 114.01 (2) Double Junction with door 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001465 175 Each
354 114.02 (13) Bend with Door BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001466 175 Each
355 114.03 (14) Bend Plain BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001467 175 Each
356 114.04 (16) Cowls BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001468 175 Each
357 114.05 (17) Door piece BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001469 175 Each
358 114.06 (22) Collars BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001470 175 Each
359 114.07 (b) For 75 mm dia pipes\n(1) Heal rest bend BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001471 175 Each
360 114.08 (3) Double Junction with door 75 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001472 175 Each
361 114.09 (13) Bend with Door BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001473 175 Each
362 114.1 (14) Bend Plain BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001474 175 Each
363 114.11 (16) Door piece BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001475 175 Each
364 114.12 (17) Cowls BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001476 175 Each
365 114.13 (18) Collars BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001477 175 Each
366 115 Providing and fixing in position automatic brass ball valves in tanks. (b) With Plastic Ball (ii) 20 mm internal diameter. [HSR 30.110 (b) (ii)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001478 30 Each
367 116 Providing & Fixing in position gully traps fixed in cement concrete 1:4:8 complete with H.C.I. grating 150 mm x 150 mm cast iron cover weighing approximately 7.26 Kg. and frame clear opening 300 mm x 300 mm and outside size 330 mm x 330 mm and chamber including cost of all brick work in cement mortar 1:5 cement concrete 1:2:4, in coping black bitumastic superior paint of approved manufacture on all C.I. work as per standard design, minimum depth of water should be 150 mm with a minimum seal 50 mm. (b) 100 internal diameter H.C.I. gull trap. [HSR 30.114 (b)]. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001479 105 Each
368 117 Providing and Fixing HDPE WATER STORAGE TANKS of Sintex, Diplast, O.K. Supreme make with covers/lids marked with IS:12701 on roof top of buildings including cost of hoisting and placing in position, making connections with inlet and outlet pipes, providing overflow and scour provisions with suitable plug on scour pipe including cost of nipples, washers flages for connections in tanks complete in all respects to the satisfaction to the Engineer-in-Charge. [HSR 30.119]\n1000 Ltrs. Capacity Water Tank BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001480 25 Each
369 117.01 2000 Ltrs. Capacity Water Tank BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001481 35 Each
370 117.02 5000 Ltrs. Capacity Water Tank BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001482 10 Each
371 118 DSR Items\nProviding and fixing G.I. pipes complete with G.I. fittings and clamps, i/c cutting and making good the walls etc (DSR 18.10)\n(i) 15 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001483 2000 Rmt
372 118.01 (ii) 20 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001484 4350 Rmt
373 118.02 (iii) 25 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001485 2500 Rmt
374 118.03 (iv) 32 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001486 775 Rmt
375 118.04 (v) 40 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001487 500 Rmt
376 118.05 (vi) 50 mm internal diameter of pipeline BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001488 600 Rmt
377 119 Providing and fixing gun metal gate valve with C.I. wheel of approved quality (screwed end) (DSR 18.17) .\n(a) 20 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001489 720 Each
378 119.01 (b) 25 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001490 360 Each
379 119.02 (c) 32 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001491 370 Each
380 119.03 (d) 40 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001492 140 Each
381 119.04 (e) 50 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001493 140 Each
382 120 Providing and fixing G.I. Union in G.I. pipe including cutting and threading the pipe and making long screws etc. complete (New work) (DSR 18.46).\n(a) 15 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001494 350 Each
383 120.01 (b) 20 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001495 250 Each
384 120.02 (c) 25 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001496 200 Each
385 120.03 (d) 32 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001497 120 Each
386 120.04 (e) 40 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001498 100 Each
387 120.05 (f) 50 mm internal diameter BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001499 100 Each
388 121 N.S Items\nProvind & laying uPVCpipe ( Working pressure) 6kg/ incld specials like floor trap, heal rest bend, double junction with door, single junction with door, bend with door, bend plain, cowls, door piece, collars, nani trap, P-trap etc. The rate shall be inclusive of chemical for jointing, hanging arrangement below the ceiling, concreting around the floor trap and other misc. complete in all respects as per statisfaction of Engineer in charge. Make ( Diplast, Kissan, Truflo(Hindware) (NS)\n100mm internal dia BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001500 400 Each
389 121.01 75mm internal dia BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001501 250 Each
390 122 Providing and fixing jet spray of approved quality complete in all respect as per the direction of Engineer-in-Charge BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001502 180 Each
391 123 Sub Head- II PUMPS and MOTORS\nProviding, fixing and testing of packaged type factory fitted skid mounted system with variable frequency drive type comprising of :-\n(i) Vertical, inline multistage centrifugal pumping set with SS-1.4301 stage casing and SS-1.4301 impellers with stainless steel SS-303 shaft as per IEC standards and GJL260 cast iron suction & discharge casing, connected to TEFC ventilated induction motor of 2 pole, 2900rpm, suitable for 400/440 Volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz A.C. supply.\n(ii) Pressure vessel of non corrosive FRP composite construction lined with NSF and/or FDA listed material, like high density polyethylene . Pressure vessel capacity :- 100 ltrs\n(iii) Control Panel with programmable logic controller (PLC) for cyclic operation of pumps + 01 No Variable Frequency Drive. The Pump working sequence should change after every operation. Contactors, overload relays and MCBs should confirm to IEC 898 – 1995/ specifications. Blinking indications for pumps start, trip, low level trip, health supply should be provided in the panel along with the ammeter & voltmeter.\n(v) All required Ball Valves, Non-return valves, flexible connectors etc. and all required accessories, Heavy Duty CED coated G.I/MS header to make the system completely operational as a skid mounted system.\nSolonoid valve / Motorised valve for automatic opeation filling of over head tank\nComplete manifold system with control panel shall be factory assembled & totally mounted on a common base frame with following duties:\nNote:-No. and capacity of Pressure Vessel – 01 Nos. for each set of the pumps (of required capacity as per Manufacturer recommendations).\n(a) For Raw water transfer pump from UG tank to over head tank\nNo. of Pumps : 3 (2 W + 1 S) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001503 3 Each
392 124 For Treated water transfer pump from UG tank to over head tank No. of Pumps : 3 (2 W + 1 S) (b)Capacity : 300 LPM each pump at 40 mtrs, 4 kw Model : KSB make Vt3/15B04 + 4 kw or equivalent BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001504 3 Each
393 125 Sump Pumps for Lifting Water from Drainage Sumps in Plant Room & Basement\nProviding and fixing compact monoblock dry motor submersible pumps for suitable rating, with non-clog free flow open impeller, minimum solid handling capacity of 100 mm suitable for operation on 415 volts (+ 10% , -10%), 50 HZ three phase supply, speed 1440 RPM including oil chamber, guide wire for lifting & lowering of pump, M.S. galvanized lifting chain, duck foot bend with following specifications:\nThe above pump sets must be supplied complete with following accessories. KSB make KRTUF 100-215/44, 5.5 KW /7.5 HP (a) Piping of 80mm dia for individual pump delivery line and 100mm dia for common delivery line, to be terminated outside the sump. (The pipe material should be CILA / heavy duty G.I) -- 1 Set (b) 100 mm dia Butterfly valve.-- 2 Nos (C) 100 mm dia reflux valve.-- 2 Nos\nControl Panel with D.O.L Starter, Main ON-OFF MCB, control fuse, starter, overload relay, single phase preventor, moisture sensor, water level guard, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Voltage selector switch, indicating lamps. 1 No. NOLTA make float switch required for automatic operation of pump.\n The Control Panel will be suitable for operation as under:-\n(i) Pump No. 1 shall start/stop automatically.\n(ii) Pump No. 2 shall start/stop automatically & alternatively.\n(iii) Pumps shall start/stop automatically at pre-set levels and work alternatively in cyclic operation.\n(e) Necessary water proof power /control cable from pump to sump pump panel min.10 mtrs , cable termination, earthing wire to be considered in cost. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001505 5 Each
394 126 Note:-1.   In case of any difference in the unit & nomenclature of any of the HSR/DSR Items of Civil & P.H. work depicted in this DNIT and that given in HSR/DSR, the unit and nomenclature given in HSR shall be applicable.\n2.   Only reputed make material will be used (make/brand exhibited in HSR/DSR and exhibited in approved standard document) as approved by Engineer-in-charge, while executing various items/works at site. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001506
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