Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set At Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa

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Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set At Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa
West Bengal

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Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa Emergency Provision Of Ac Photovoltaic Submersible Solar Pum Set At Kanksa Under Kanksa Gp Of Kanksa

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Emergency provision of AC photovoltaic submersible solar pum set within bore well /tube well along with 2400 peak watt capacity solar photovoltaic array on MS structure with sinking of 150 mm dia Tube well 150 mtr deep by DR ring method using PVC pipe and fiber glass reinforced epoxy resin slotted to meet up water demand during summer season at Kanksa under Kanksa GP of Kanksa Block for (2 Nos) under DWSD ,PHE Dte (SL-03)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Site Preparation, Temporary Latrine, Placement & levelling of Rig\nMachine, Mast hoisting and Casing drilling (Upto 6 mtr.) Placement\nof Casing with all allied works necessary to commence drilling\nwoks and wind up of all machineries after completion of Drilling. 1 Item
2 2 Drilling by Direct Rotary method of drilling using 9 7/8” dia.bit for pilot bore follwed by subsequently reaming using 12 1/4” dia. ,15 " dia. and 17.5" dia. Rock Roller Bits/Drag Bits in consolidated, semi consolidated and soft formation up to required depth including casing boring and casing lowering as required including cost of fuels and lubricants etc. as required for drilling. NOTE-1)Rate only for pilot drilling will be @ 50%. of item rate. 2)Rate for reaming by 12 1/4 " dia. bit will be @ 14% of item rate. 3)Rate for reaming by 15 " dia. bit will be @ 16% of item rate. 4)Rate for reaming by 17.5 " dia. bit will be @ 20% of item rate.
3 2.01 From 6 mtr to 60 mtr 54 Mtr
4 2.02 From 60 mtr to 90 mtr 30 Mtr
5 2.03 From 90 mtr to 120 mtr 30 Mtr
6 2.04 From 120 mtr to 150 mtr 30 mtr
7 3 Lowering the tube well assembly (UPVC Casing pipe ,well pipe, strainer along with UPVC accessories) vertically in a position with proper lowering arrangement by applying necessary jointing compound including labour cost for subsequent gravel packing and machine operation cost etc.nos M.S nuts ,bolts & washers etc complete to be fitted with housing pipe at floor level 250 mm dia 1 Item
8 4 Development (Min. 8 Hr. continuous) of tube well by using suitable\nair compressor (Min. Capacity: 600CFM & operating Pressure 14\nBar) followed by yield testing with BHT pump (Head :45 to\n50mtr.,Discharge :1100 to 1000 LPM and 25 BHP engine) all\ncomplete including To & Fro Transportation cost and Cost of fuels,\nlubricants & Labour etc. 1 Item
9 5 Water sample collection and chemical test including Arsenic Test. 1 Item
10 6 Supply and delivery of UPVC Cap
11 6.01 150 mm dia 1 Item
12 7 Supply and delivery of M.S .Centre guide (Special Type). 1 Set
13 8 Supply and delivery of Washed gravels size ranging from 1.80 mm\nto 4.74 mm. conforming to IS 4097 : 1967. 5 M3
14 9 Electro-logging charge. 1 Each
15 10 Supply and delivery of UPVC pipe (CD) conforming to IS\n12818:2010. (CIPET Certified)
16 10.01 150 mm dia 120 Mtr
17 11 Supplying, fibre glass reinforced Epoxy resin slotted of 1 mm slot width in\n6.1m length of approved make and as per direction of the Engineer - in -\nCharge
18 11.01 150 mm dia (Nominal )
19 11.02 7.00 mm wall thickness 20 Mtr
20 12 Supply delivery and installation of at least 2400 Watt peak capacity Solar photovoltaic array along with 2.00 Hp capacity AC submersible pump of approved make with output not less than 5000Ltr per hour at 60 mtr head including supply of all necessary materials of approved quality and labour etc. with all allied works as per design and as per direction of EIC. System must be provided with 2.5mm2 3 core submersible copper cable and rain protected control box. The pump outer ? should not be more than 96mm with outlet 32mm ?. (the pump and the controller must carry a warranty of at least 1 year directly from the manufacturer. The cost also includes Earthing of the system by 50mm ? medium gauge GI pipe 3 mtr long as per IE and PWD rules 1 Each
21 13 For installation of Solar Photovoltaic array panels on the structure as per standard and approved drawing which will be grouted either ground based by construction of foundation concrete or integrated with the staging steel structure of water tank. The solar panels will then be connected to the pump controller which in turn will be connected to the pump as well as the level indicator of the water tank as per direction of E. I. C. {Steel structure of the water tank and solar panel should be coated against corrosion and will bear a warranty for 5 (five) years 1 Mtr
22 14 Making wire net fencing around the solar panel platform by supplying, fitting, fixing of galvanized MS angle of approved quality which will be grouted on Earth by cement concrete as per drawing including an arrangement for a gate with lock and key facility which will have to be provided as per direction of E. I. C. 1 Mtr
23 14.01 Supply, delivery and erection of Pre fabricated MS steel structure of 3.00 M high above GL for resting of 5KL capacity HDPE water storage tank of approved brand and quality capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions including wind velocity up to 100 Kmph with fixing of necessary ladder, railing and painting with appropriate weather coats including construction of RCC foundation (Column Structure) including all allied works as per approved drawing and direction of E. I. C. 1 Mtr
24 15 Laying rising main, delivery main, overflow, washout pipe line with supplying, fitting and fixing of PVC pipes (ASTM D 1785 schedule 80 medium duty) and threaded to match with GI pipes as per IS 1239 part I with the necessary accessories, valves and fittings ISI branded including laying of laying distribution main as per departmental specification to feed the nearest at least one habitation gate through stand post and completion of the work as per direction of E. I. C.
25 15.01 32mm ? HDPE make Supreme / Oriplast / Longlast 60 Mtr
26 15.02 40mm ? uPVC make Supreme / Oriplast / Longlast 20 Mtr
27 15.03 32mm ? uPVC make Supreme / Oriplast / Longlast 200 Mtr
28 15.04 25mm ? uPVC make Supreme / Oriplast / Longlast 20 Mtr
29 15.05 15mm ? uPVC make Supreme / Oriplast / Longlast 10 Mtr
30 16 Construction of masonry drain attached to platform of RCC Street stand post with 12.5 cm thick brick work in cement mortar (1:4) over a layer of single brick flat soling with sand filling 150mm thick with WCC (6:3:1) with picket pieces (30mm size) including excavation of Earth, 15mm thick cement plaster (4:1) with neat cement punning all complete chamfering the edges as per drawing and direction of E. I. C 3 Mtr
31 17 Supply delivery of 5KL capacity double layered HDPE water storage tank and installation of the same at an height of 3.00m staging on the MS steel main structure including punching of required holes etc complete as per direction of E. I. C. [HDPE water storage tank should carry a warranty of 5 (Five) years for product from the date of supply 1 Each
32 18 Extra carriage charges for transportation of all materials related to the above work at working site by manual labour time to time by head load due to inaccessibility of site if required, with prior permission. 1 Each
33 19 12% GST Rs 1 LS
34 20 1% WBWF Cess Rs 1 LS
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