Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Dg Set And Solar Power Plant At Parimal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalaya At Malbazar In The Dist . Of Jalpaiguri

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Dg Set And Solar Power Plant At Parimal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalaya At Malbazar In The Dist . Of Jalpaiguri
West Bengal

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Dg Set And Solar Power Plant At Parimal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalaya At Malbazar In The Dist . Of Jalpaiguri

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Name of Work: S.I.T.C of DG Set and Solar power plant at Parimal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalaya at Malbazar in the dist. of Jalpaiguri.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Design, manufacture/procurement, SITC grid connected Solar PV power plant of cumulative PV array capacity 37 KWp as per MNRE specification including 5 (five) years Comprehensive Maintenance. The Major component of the systems are:- (i) Polycrystalline Solar PV Array of minium capacity 37 KWp (Each of PV Module Capacity minimum 330 Wp), (ii) 40-50KVA On Grid connected String Inverter as per design, (iii) PV Array Mounting Structure, (iv) Protection System, (v) Junction Boxes, (vi) Electrical Panels, (vii) Metering arrangement, (viii) Cables and wires, (ix) Remote Monitoring System.[Make: as directed by E-I-C]. 1 37 KWP
2 2 Transportation, loading & unloading, design, supervision, service support, overhead , auto Splinger arragement etc. 2 1 Job
3 3 Supply, Testing & Commissioning of 125 KVA Silent Diesel Generator Set, coolant cooled, developing of BS 5514/ISO3046 with safety control of low lube oil pressure,High coolant Temperature,over speed coupled with Alternator capable of developing 125 KVA at 415V 50 Hz at 1500 rpm, 3-phase 4-wire conforming to BS 5000/IS4722 brushless type screen protected, revolving field self excited self regulator through AVR, IP protection:23, permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hrs of operation, Class-H insulation, voltage regulation +1% DG mounted on base with AVM pad complete all as directed and housed in acoustic enclosure required for Emergency Power Supply. [Make: as directed by E-I-C].\n\n 3 1 Set
4 4 AMF CONTROL PANEL:\nThe AMF Control Panel shall be made of 16 SWG CRCA Sheet ,floor mounted, indoor type, dust and vermin proof and powder coated and suitable for 415 V, 3phase ,50 Hz system. The panel shall consist of the following features.\nAMF Controller with display of engine safety features & Alternator Parameters such as:- Engine Parameters display: Low lube oil pressure, High Water Temp. Battery Voltage, RPM, No. of Hours Run. Engine Fault Indication for: LLOP/HWT/Low Fuel Level/Over Speed. Engine Start /Stop Push Button. Alternator parameters dsplay: Voltage ,ampere ,Frequency .Alternator Protections: Over/Under Voltage, Over current, Over/Under Frequency.\n100 Amps,4pole, Moulded Case Circuit breaker with short circuit & over load protection for Mains & DG.100 Amps,4 pole power Contactor for Main & DG.Current transformer of suitable ratio.\nAutomatic Battery charger with trickle & boost charging facility\nSelector switch for control ON/OFF. Selector switch for Auto/Manual . Indication Lamps. Push Buttons. Earth Studs\nAluminium Bus Bar of suitable rating. Installation of DG Set: - Supply & Fixing 500 volt 100 A TPN Busbar chamber having fixed with 4X40X6mmX0.4 mtr Copper bars on busbar including fixing the following necessary interconnection including painting etc & earthing attachment as required. 4 1 Job
5 5 Installation,Testing ,Commissioning of the Generator above the CC foundation as required including trial run on full load etc & required loading & underloading as per direction of Engg incharge. 5 1 Job
6 6 Supply of 1.1 KV following grade PVC/A AL cable with 2X10 SWG GI wire as earthing attachment and mending good all damages to building works.[Make: as directed by E-I-C]. \na)3.5 core X 120 6 250 Mtr.
7 7 b)3.5 core X 50 7 150 Mtr.
8 8 Laying of one No. of cable above 35 sqmm and upto 185 sqmm in underground trench 460 mm wide X 760 mm average depth, with brick protection on the top of the cable with 8(eight) Nos.bricks per meter including filling the space between the bricks and cable and also the trench with shified soil,leveling up and restoring surface duly rammed. 8 400 Mtr.
9 9 Supply & fixing compression type cable gland for following cables. a)3.5 core X 120 sqmm 9 10 nos.
10 10 b) 3.5 core X 50 10 10 nos
11 11 cable end termination by crimping method for following \nSupply & fixing compression type cable gland for following cables. a)3.5 core X 120 sqmm 11 10 Set
12 12 b) 3.5 core X 50 12 10 nos
13 13 Earthling with 80 mm dia GI pipe (TATA-M) x 3.0 mtr long and 50x6 mm Galvanized (Hot-dip) MS flat, 2 nos.x 25 mm diax150 mm ling galvanized bolt, double nuts, double washers to be filled with bitumen partly under the ground level and partly above ground level to an average depth of 3.65 mtr. For morrum soil. 13 4 Set
14 14 Supply & drawing 40mmx6mm galvanized (Hot Dip) MS flat complete with GI bolts, nuts, washer etc as required. 14 25 Mtr.
15 15 Supply & fixing 6 SWG GI wire (Hot dip) including providing socketing at both ends. 15 20 Mtr.
16 16 Earth excavation of foundation trenches or drains, in all sorts of soil ( including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sandstone ) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils with in a lead of 75 m as directed . The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches , leveling dressing and ramming the bottom, bailling out water as required complete. (a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1500 mm. 16 15 Cu.m.
17 17 Single brick flat soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. 17 15 Sq. M.
18 18 cement concrete (mix 1:2:4) with graded stone chips (20 mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement , if any ,in ground floor as per relevant IS codes. (a) River bazree. 18 20 Cu. M
19 19 Plaster ( to wall, floor ,ceiling etc ) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering corners as directed and raking out joints including throating , noising drip course , scaffolding / staging where neccy. (ground floor ). [ Excluding cost of chipping over concrete surface). (a)with 1:4 cement mortar 15mm thick plaster. 19 19 Sq. M.
20 20 Neat cement punning about 1.5 mm thick in wall, dado, window, sills, floor, drain etc. 20 19 Sq. M.
21 21 Supplying, carrying and filling diesel oil for trial run of the set. 21 100 Ltr.
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