Machinery And Equipments For Mmv Trade Machinery And Equipment For Mmv Trade

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Machinery And Equipments For Mmv Trade Machinery And Equipment For Mmv Trade
Himachal Pradesh

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Machinery And Equipments For Mmv Trade Machinery And Equipment For Mmv Trade - 1.01 Adjustable Spanner ( Pipe Wrench ) 350 Mm 1.02 Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller Variable , Reversible Intertnal And External Pulling 1.03 Air Blow Gun With Standard Accessories Trigger Operated With Interchangeable Nozzles 1.04 Ammeter Dc With External Shunt 300A / 60A 1.05 Air Ratchet With Standard Accessories Maximum Speed 180 Rpm, Max. Torque -85Nm With Sockets 10Mm 32Mm 1.06 Air Impact Wrench With Standard Accessories, Socket Set, Max. Torque-520Nm, Working Torque-520Nm 1.07 Anvil With Stand 50Kg Fitted On Stand 1.08 Auto Electrical Test Bench Alternator & Starter. With Minimum 2Hp Ac Motor, Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter, Testing Alternator And Starter Of 1.09 Blow Lamp 1 Ltr Made Brass 1.1 Belt Tensioner Gauge Scale Reading 30-180Lbs 1.11 Car Jet Washer With Standard Accessories Minimum 3 Phase 1Hp 1400 Rpm Motor, 3 Reciprocating Plungers With Pressure Regulator & Gauge. 8M Water Hose 1.12 Chain Pully Block Capaccity With Tripod Stand 3 Ton With Tripoid Stand ( Heavy ) 1.13 Cleaning Tray 45X30 Cm Gi Sheet Made 1.14 Copper Bit Soldering Iron 0.25Kg 1.15 Cylinder Bore Gauge Capacity 20 To 160 Mm 1.16 Cylinder Liner –Dry & Wet Liner Press Fit And Slide Fit Heavy Vehicle, 1.17 Depth Micrometer 0-25Mm ( Mitutoyo ) 1.18 Dial Gauge Type 1Gr.A ( Complete Withclamping Devices And With Magnetic Stand Measureing Range 0.8Mm With Clamping Devices And With Megnetic Stand 1.19 Different Type Engine Bearing Model 10 Different Types On Board Heavy And Light Moter Vehicle, Diesel Petrol Engine ( New Bearing ) 1.2 Different Type Of Piston Model 5 Different Types On Board Diesel And Petrol Engine ( New Piston ) 1.21 Drift Punch Copper 15 Cm 1.22 Drill Twist ( Various Sizes ) 1.5 Mm To 8 Mm By 0.5Mm Material Hss 1.23 Engneer’S Square Blade Size 15Cm Stain Less Steel 1.24 Engneer’S Stethoscope Checking Malfunctioning Of Bearing , Motors, Engine Etc / Inspectioning Worn Out Gear / Detecting Faults In Mechanical Equipment 1.25 Fuel Feed Pump Diesel Hand Operated Plunger Type Cylinder Rsv / Heavy Vehicle , 1.26 Fuel Injection Pump ( Diesel ) Inline Mechanical Pneumatic Governor Type4 / 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine 1.27 Fuel Injection Pump Ve Pump / Distributor Fuel Rotry Pump ( Dpc ) Pumps / Along With Special Tools And Accessories 4 / 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Complete All 1.28 Working Model Of Air Brake Assembly Two Brake Drums, Vehicle Air Comressor Driven By Suitable Electric Motor, Air Dryer, Brake Chamber. Stop Light 1.29 Tandem Master Cylinder With Vacuum Booster Light Motor Vehicle Light Motor Vehicle With Vaccum Booster 1.3 Battery Charger Capable To Charge Batteries From5ah-150Ah

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