Construction Of 132 Kv Saifai Bay And Replacement Of Mog On 40 Mva Transformer Ii At 132 Kv Substation Dannahar Under Etd Mainpuri

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Construction Of 132 Kv Saifai Bay And Replacement Of Mog On 40 Mva Transformer Ii At 132 Kv Substation Dannahar Under Etd Mainpuri
Uttar Pradesh

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Construction Of 132 Kv Saifai Bay And Replacement Of Mog On 40 Mva Transformer Ii At 132 Kv Substation Dannahar Under Etd Mainpuri

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 590 /-
INR 2000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 2 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Erection of following Equipments/Panels as per technical specification, manual and instruction as per direction of supervising engineer.
2 1.01 145 KV Current Transformer. 3 Nos
3 1.02 120 KV Lighting Arrestors. 3 Nos
4 1.03 Erection and mounting of 145 KV CT Junction Box. 1 Nos
5 1.04 132 KV Distance Protection Panel 2 Nos
6 2 Earthing work.
7 2.01 Earthing of 120 KV LAs by 40 mm dia 150 mm long conical shape its placing inside the ground in rectangular shape and connecting all 06 Nos electrodes with 75x10/50x6 mm MS flat laid on its edge and then this rectangle shape strictly as per drawing. The job including fabrication of 3 Meter long electrodes with 40 mm dia MS round bar having 150 mm long conical shape by digging cutting, straightening etc. 1 Job
8 3 Earthing of equipments by cutting straightening, bending, laying 700 mm below ground and above ground of following size of MS flat for earthing of main and auxiliary structure equipments structure including welding with main earthmat and with object to be earthed, excavation of trenches, its back filling, to complete the work.
9 3.01 Laying MS Flat of size 75x10 mm 100 RMT
10 3.02 Laying MS Flat of size 50x6 mm 250 RMT
11 4 Painting of MS flat of different size after cleaning of rusted surface 1st coat of Red Oxide and 2 coat of Bus Green Paint to complete the work.
12 4.01 MS Flat of size 75x10 mm 100 Mtr
13 4.02 MS Flat of size 50x6 mm 250 Mtr
14 5 Jumpering, interconnection of equipment with specified conductor of various 132 KV equipments with Main/Transfer of ACSR Panther conductor. The work includes cutting of conductor, bending in proper shape, clamping with the help of clamps and all other associated work to complete the work.
15 5.01 132 KV Saifai Bay 18 Nos
16 6 Cable Laying and Termination work.
17 6.01 Laying of flowing sizes of control cable in the cable trench from control relay panel to various equipments junction box etc. in switchyard as per cable schedule, their saddling at every 750mm distance with MS saddles of size 25x3mm size including carriage of cable drums form store to laying site and shifting back to the removing material store and all other associated work to complete the job satisfactorily as per technical specification.
18 6.02 2 Core x 2.5mm2 0.6 Km.
19 6.03 4 Core x 2.5mm2 1 Km.
20 7 Termination of following size of cables as laid above as per cable schedule including making necessary holes in glands plates or box wherever required. Supply and fixing of cable glands of appropriate size, supply and providing ferrules and Nos. for each core. (The rates of termination of control cable include the all cores of cable at one end with lug). \n \n
21 7.01 2 Core x 2.5mm2 25 Nos.
22 7.02 4 Core x 2.5mm2 60 Nos.
23 7.03 6 Core x 2.5mm2 30 Nos.
24 8 Providing & fixing new generation energy saving & environment friendly long life versatile pressure die-cast aluminum outdoor high beam flood light with power 120 W LED as light source & exclusively designed polycarbonate cover along with electronic driver complete fitting suitable for 220 Volt AC input supply of IS make of CGL/ Havells /Surya/ Philips/ Bajaj etc. brand and providing & fixing of junction box (Size 150x150x200m) having of 01 No. 6Amp. Single pole MCB (L&T, Havells/Schneider make) . 6 Nos
25 9 Laying dressing & termination of control cable for the gantry light with the help of clamps vertically on the Gantry & all other associated work required for completion of work. 6 Job
26 10 Carriage of cable & MS flat from various substation under ETD Mainpuri to 132 KV S/S Dannahar including safe loading & unloading. 1 Job
27 11 Removal of old and defective magnetic oil gauge indicator from transformer 40 MVA (132/33 KV) with removal of connector of micro switch with all men power and T&P. 1 Job
28 12 Providing and fixing of magnetic oil gauge indicator of size 100mm, with the connector of low level micro alarm switch with all men power and T&P to complete the work. (as per sample and technical specification) 1 Job
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