Operation Kayakalp Fire Brigade Ke Braber Me Purvi ( Ps ) School Repairing/Construction Work .

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Operation Kayakalp Fire Brigade Ke Braber Me Purvi ( Ps ) School Repairing/Construction Work .
Uttar Pradesh

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Operation Kayakalp Fire Brigade Ke Braber Me Purvi ( Ps ) School Repairing / Construction Work .

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Operation kayakalp Fire Brigade ke braber me purvi (PS) school repairing/Construction Work.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Dismentaling of Old and Damage R.C.C Slab.(SI. No. 694) 2 sqm
2 2 R.C.C work with cement approved coarse sand & 2 cm. gauge approved stone grit in proportions of 1:1.5:3 in slabs including rendering of plastering the exposed surface with coment mortar, (1:3) one cement and 3 fine sand of 1.25 F.M., mortar thickness to give a smooth and even surface including necessary centering and shuttering etc. and supply of all materials labour T&P etc. 2.3 cum
3 3 mild steel in plain work such as R.C.C. or R.B. Work (when not included in an over all rates ) wrought to required shape as necessary including bending for proper completion of the work, and including supply of steel & its wastage including rolling margin bend hooks and authorized overlapping shall be measured etc. 2.3 Qtl
4 4 M-150 brick Work in 1:4 one cement & four Cs Mortar in Super Structure (SI.No. 35a) 2 cum
5 5 12 mm thick plaster with cement and fine sand of 1.25 fineness modules in 1:3 over brick work minimum thickness not to be less than 1cm. including supply of all materials labour, T&P etc. required for proper completion of the work. 28 sqm
6 6 cement concrete with 2.5 cm. gauge approved stone grit coarse sand & cement in the proportion of 4:2:1 including supply of all material, labour &T & p required for proper completion of work . 1 cum
7 7 Finishing wall with water Proof cement Point (SI. No. 662+661) 107 Sqm
8 8 Dismantling of Old and Damage Cement Concrete Floor Including Stacking Dismantled Material. (S.I No. 697) 210 sqm
9 9 Supply and Fixing of Vitrefied Tiles 600x600 mm Size all complete. (SI. No. 632 New Item 4) 16 sqm
10 10 Supply and Fixing of Kota Stone in Flooring including all complete. (SI. No. 14.26 New Item) 194 Sqm
11 11 Dismantling of Door or Window including Chaukhat with Hold Fast including Stacking all complete. 461 sqm
12 12 32mm thick India Commercial Flush Shutter. For Door and Window. (SI No. 471a) 43 sqm
13 13 Oxidized Fitting for door and Window. (SI No. 473) 43 sqm
14 14 Painting Work (SI. No. 642+643) 113 sqm
15 15 Supply and Fixing Galvanized Mosquitos Proof Jali. 22 sqm
16 16 M.S Or Iron work Such as Heavy Size Iron work. (S.I No. 503) 250 Kg
17 17 Scraping old White or Colur Wash Including Disposal of Refuse material.(SI. No. 708) 92 sqm
18 18 Water Fitting as per Necessary of Site. 1 Job
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