Pre & Post Attention Work In C/W Deep Screening Of Track With Bcm (50.0 Km) On Umb-Ldh Section In The Section Of Aden/Rpj Under Sr. Den-Iv/Umb.

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Pre & Post Attention Work In C/W Deep Screening Of Track With Bcm (50.0 Km) On Umb-Ldh Section In The Section Of Aden/Rpj Under Sr. Den-Iv/Umb.

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Pre & Post Attention Work In C/W Deep Screening Of Track With Bcm (50.0 Km) On Umb-Ldh Section In The Section Of Aden/Rpj Under Sr. Den-Iv/Umb.

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Refer document
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INR 1.29 Crore /-


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BOQ Items

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0 S.No. Item\rCode Item Qty Qty Unit Unit Rate Basic Value Escl.(%) Amount Bidding\rUnit
1 Schedule 01-Part-A For N.S. Items. 12974376.88
2 1 01 7142.00 Per Track\rMetre 326.73 2333505.66 AT Par 2333505.66 Above/\rBelow/Par
3 Description:- Deep screering of ballast manually on BG plain track by way of removing the entire stone ballast\rincluding muck lying in the track below and between sleepers and on the shoulders to depth of 300 mm, limting\rthe digging up to original formation level only whichever is less supporting the track temporarily with wooden\rblocks as elucidated in Para 238 of IRPWM of 2004 for passing tne trains at a restricted speed of non-stop 20\rkmph while the work is in progress. And puting back the screened clean ballast on the track and lifting of track as\rrequired so as to get a clean cushion of 300mm,shifting of sleepers to correct spacing including removal and re-\rfixing of fittings wherever necessary to M+7/M+4/1660/km density, squaring of sleepers including one kutcha\rpacking, aligning.dressing/ lowering the cess to deep screened depth bank with a slope of 1 in 40 falling with\rcontractor's labour, wooden blocks, tools & plants etc. with all lead and lift and as directed by the Engineer-in-\rcharge. Note 1.The ballast cushion will be measured at every 100M Interval. Each 100M length will be treated as\rone block. Any block having cushion less than300mm, will be deducted in payment for less cushion than the\rrequired depth.Proportionate payment will be made to that cushion. The average cushion of ballast in a particular\rlength will be arrived by taking cushion at every 100m intervals. Any block having cushlon less than 150mnm will\rbe summarily rejected for payment. 2.The average cushion of baliast in a particular length will be arrived at by\rtaking cushion at every 100M intervals. Any individual cushion measuring more than 300mm will be recorded as\r300mm only for the purpose of calculation (eg. if average cushion arrived is 225mm, then proportionate payment\rwill be 106x225/300=79.50). 3.The screening of ballast shall be done using inclined screens made of square\rmesh of specified size. 4.The entire stone ballast means the ballast available on the track between toe points on\reither side and the ballast from its top level to original formation level. 5.The depth of digging shall be limited to\roriginal formation level only.In case existing cushion (clean + cake up) up to original formation level is less than\r300mm the balance cushion shall be made good by lifting the track to pre-decided rall level. 6.No extra payment\rshall be made for ilfting done subsequently to achleve 300mm ballast cushion. 7.The work has to be undertaken\ras per the procedure directed vide para No.238 of IRPWM 2004.
4 1 01 7142.00 Per Track\rMetre 19.06 136126.52 AT Par 136126.52 Above/\rBelow/Par
5 Description:- (a) Ist pucca packing as per IRPWM
6 01 7142.00 Per Track\rMetre 17.36 123985.12 AT Par 123985.12 Above/\rBelow/Par
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