Disaster And Rescue Equipments Supply Of Disaster And Rescue Equipments

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Disaster And Rescue Equipments Supply Of Disaster And Rescue Equipments
Jammu And Kashmir

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Supply Of Disaster And Rescue Equipments.- 2 1.01 Stretcher Dimension: 1830 Mm ( ! ) , 420 Mm ( W ) \ Nweight: 5 Kg \ Nct / Mri Compatible And Radio Lucent \ Nmaterial ; Carbon Fiber Or Fiber Glass Material \ Nseparate Hand Hold And Restraint Hold With Smooth Edges For Each And Comfortable Lifting With Velcro Straps. \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001113 20 Nos 3 1.02 Stretcher Folding 2 Fold Type Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001114 15 Nos 4 1.03 Hand Operator Siren As Per Gem Specification Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001115 3 Nos 5 1.04 Crowbar 1.5 Dia A ) Size; Length 24” \ Nb ) Diameter Of Rod; 1” \ Nc ) Material Made Of Tempered Steel \ Nd ) Attachment; Claw Attachment For Removing Nails. \ Nbis Specification \ Ne ) The Bars Shall Be Heat Treated To Obtain A Minimum Hardness Value Of 320 Hv. \ Nf ) The Material Shall Be Suitable Quality Steel Such As Wrought Steel \ Ng ) The Bars Shall Be Foraged Clean& In One Piece. \ Nh ) Cutting Ends Of The Bars May Be Rounded Off &Finished Ground. \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001116 15 Nos 6 1.05 Pick Axe With Handle Reputed Brand Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001117 50 Nos 7 1.06 Safety Torch Fire Proof A ) Three Cell Water Proof Torch \ Nb ) Power Source- Carbon Zinc Only ; 3Xd Cell Bulb / Lamp: Pr-3 \ Nc ) Light Output; 15, 000 Bean Candle Power \ Nweight ( Without Batteries ) -6 Oz ( 17Kg ) Water Proof \ Nd ) Suitable For Use In Hazardous Atmosphere \ Ne ) Spare Bulb Compartment \ Nf ) Ring Hanger ( 3 Way Switch ) – On –Off-Flash \ Ng ) Three Way Switch; On:Off:Flash \ Nh ) Anti Roll Tube \ Ni ) Over Sized Faceted Reflector For More Light \ Nj ) Ui Approved \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001118 40 Nos 8 1.07 Fluorescent Jackets A ) Description \ Nflorescent Colour Jacket With 50Mm Glass Bead Type Reflecting Tape In 2 Vertical And 1 Horizontal Band In Front And Back Same. \ Nfront Opening And V Neck Design. \ Nb ) Background Fabric \ N1005 Polyester. 125 Gsm Made From Bright Glossy Yarn, Adhering To En 471 Standard. It Shall Have Excellent Color Fastness And Should Be Uv Treated. \ Nc ) Colour \ Nflorescent Reddish-Orange / Fluorescent Lime / Yellow. \ Nd ) Reflecting Tapes \ Nglass Bead Type Reflecting Tape, En471 Class 2 Approved, 50Mm Wide, Color Of Reflecting Tape Will Be Silver Grey. \ Ne ) Accessories \ N1. Binding: Binding Will Be Black In Colour, 100% Plyster, Fabric Will Be Used In Binding With Excellent Colour Fastening. \ N2. Velcro: Velcro Shall Be 25Mm Wide And 50Mm In Length Positioned Vertically For Perfect Fastening. The Velcro Will Be Black. \ Nsize: Length 27 Inches And Width 23 Inches. \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001119 40 Nos 9 1.08 Safety Helmet With Ear Muff A ) Isi Marked: Is-2925 Of 1984 \ Nb ) Shell Material: High Density Polyethylene ( Hdpe ) \ Nc ) Adjustable And Detachable Head Band With Nape \ Nd ) Strap Material: Low Density Polyethylene ( Ldpe ) \ Ne ) Adjustable Chin Strap: Nylon Chinstrap And Rachet Type Head Band \ Nf ) Slot Fix Design: Provision For Easy Clip On Accessories Like Face Shields And Ear Muffs. Color: Yellow \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001120 50 Nos 10 1.09 First Aid Box Reputed Brand Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001121 100 Nos 11 1.1 Medical First Responder Kit Reputed Brand Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001122 10 Nos 12 1.11 Water Bottle A ) Designed To Carry On The Pack. \ Nb ) It Should Have Illuminate Panels For Improved Visibility And Safety \ Nc ) It Should Have A Fuel Window For Bladder Level. \ Nd ) It Shall Have Extra Wide Bladder Port And Quick Connect Access. \ Ne ) It Must Have Insulated Bladder Compartment For Keeping Water Cool. \ Nf ) Ergonomic Back Panel W / Perforated Foam For Improved Ventilation \ Ng ) Contoured Shoulder Strap For Comfort And Breath Ability. \ Nh ) Adjustable Sternum Strap. \ Ni ) Light Clip Strap. \ Nj ) Large Cargo Compartment With Organizer. \ Nk ) Magnetic Clip For Valve Attachment. \ Nl ) Bungee For Extra Storage. \ Nm ) Adjustable To Fit Medium Large Body Types. \ Nn ) All The Materials Used On The Constructions Of Outdoor Back. \ No ) Carry Water Bottle Should Be Durable. \ Np ) The Bottle Should Be Light Weight And Made From The Highest Quality Materials. \ Nq ) It Should With Stand Disinfections Of The Bottle Using Bleach. \ Nr ) The Weight Of The Bottle Should Not Be More Than 4 Lbs. \ Ns ) It Should Be Provided With A Pipe Which Can Be Drawn Water. \ Nt ) While The Bottle Or Canteen Is On The Back \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001123 25 Nos 13 1.12 Casualty Bag ( Adult ) As Per Gem Category Fluid Absorbing Body Cover Bag Adult Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001124 60 Nos 14 1.13 Blanket Red Type: Fire \ Nmaterial: Aluminum \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001125 60 Nos 15 1.14 Electric Drill Machine Input Power; Not More Than 600 W. \ Nno Load Speed; Variable 1000-2400 Rpm \ Nweight; Less Than 3 Kg \ Nshock Proof Body With Different Sizes Of Bits For Both Metal & Wood \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001126 6 Nos 16 1.15 Reciprocating Saw Rated Power; Not Less Than 900 W. \ Nat 220-240 Volts \ Nstroke Rate ( At No Load ) ; Not Less Than 28Mm. \ Ncutting Dep0th ( Wood ) Above 165 Mm \ Nwith Required Accessories And Electrical Cord Of Minimum 5 Mtr Length With 5 Amp Three / Two Pin Plug Along With An Extension Cord Of 10 Mtr. \ Nrate Current; Not More Than 6 Amp \ Nnoise Level <100 Db \ Nspare Blades For Metal & Wood Cutting 10 Nos \ Nwith Suitable Protective Carry Case. \ Nweight; Not More Than 5 Kg With Blade. \ Nthe Starting Current Drawn By The Motor Should Blowing. This Also Prevents The Tool Starting With A Jolt. \ Nair Cooled. \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001127 5 Nos 17 1.16 Breathing Air Apparatus Set Spare Cylinder 1. General: The Self Contained, Positive Pressure And Open Circuit Air Breathing Apparatus Shall Be Certified For Use By The Fire Fighters For 45 Minutes Total Working Duration. \ N2. Technical Specification: \ Na ) Back Plate And Body Harness-This Shall Be Made Of Non-Metallic, Antistatic, Impact, Chemical & Fire Resistant Material And Orthopedically Designed And Manufactured In Conformity To En / Din / Us / Bis 10245 Part Ii Standards And Certified For Use Y The Fire Fighters, It Shall Facilitate Mounting Of Air Cylinder Through Cam Lock. The Body Harness Shall Be Wearer Friendly And Safe For Carrying Load While All Buckles Shall Be Quick Release Type. \ Nb ) Pressure Reducer- This Shall Be So Designed So As To Meet The Air Demand For Two Users Simultaneously At A Stable Pressure On The Outlet With Inlet Pressure Varying From 300 Bars To 20 Bars And Shall Confirm To Provisions In En 137-20002 Class Ii. \ Nc ) Face Mask- This Shall Be Reverted Edge Seal Type And Made Of Flame Resistant Material Confirming To En 136. The Reflex Seal On The Outer Mask Shall Be So Designed So As To Facemask To Reduce Dead Space, Speech Transmitter For Clear Voice Reproduction And A Wide Angle Panoramic Vision Visor Made Of Polycarbonate Material And Shall E Self- De- Misting Type. The Head Straps Shall Be Easy To Tighten And Quick To Release. \ Nd ) Demand Valve- The Lung Operated Demand Valve Design Shall Either Be Titling Diaphragm Type Or Piston Type. This Shall Be Provided On The Facemask And Connected To The Pressure Reducer With The Help Of Rubber Hose Through Quick Connector. The Demand Valve Shall Be Rated For Minimum 500Lpm Airflow And Shall Activate With The First Breath. \ Ne ) Pressure Gauge: This Shall Be Bourdon Pressure Gauge With Luminescent Dial With Reassure Making In Bar And Encased In Fire Resistant Rubber Cover. The Gauge Shall Be Connected To Pressure Reducer Through Non-Metallic Rubber Hose. \ Nf ) Hoses- The Low Pressure Hoses Shall Be Flexible And Non-Kinking Type And Suitably Reinforced To Withstand 30 Bar Air Pressure While The High-Pressure Hoses Shall Either Be Flexible Or Rigid Metallic Tube Suitably Secured To The Back Plate So As Not To Obstruct The Movement Of The Weaver. \ Ng ) Warning Whistle- This Shall Be Fitted Either On The Back Plate Or Provided Along With The Pressure Gauge Assembly And Shall Be Automatic In Operation Giving Audible Alarm Of Minimum 90Db Intensity At 1 Meter Distance Of Low Cylinder Pressure In The Range Of 50+5 Bar. \ Nh ) ‘Y’ Manifold For Additional Connections- This Set Shall Have Provision Through Suitable Placed ‘Y’ Manifold To Facilitate Receiving Air From A Different Source And Supplying Air For Additional Facemask. \ Ni ) Air Cylinder- This Shall Be Corrosion And Impact Resistant And Made Of Light Alloy Fully Wrapped. The Size Of The Cylinder Shall Be Such That It Can Hold Sufficient Quantity Of Air ( Not Less Than 1800 Liters ) For Providing 45 Minutes Total Working Duration When Charged At 300 Bars Pressure. The Cylinder Shall Be Provided With Cross Flow Valve And En 144+2 Compliant. The Cylinder Shall Be Duly Approved By The Chief Controller Explosive Nagpur And Shall Be Capable Of Withstanding A Min. Hydraulic Testing Pressure Of 450 Bars. \ Nj ) Weight- The Weight Of The Ready To Use Set Shall Not Be More Than 12.5Kgs. \ N3. Approval: The Complete Set Shall Have Relevant En Or Equivalent Approval And Certificate To This Effect Shall Be Furnished Along With The Offer. \ Ntechnical Evaluation:- The Technical Evaluation Of The Scba Shall Be Subjected To The Following: \ Na ) Meeting The Requirement As Mentioned From Sl. No. 1 To 3 \ Nb ) Designed In Conformity To En / Din / Us Standards, Conformity Certificate And Ccoe Certificate To Be Submitted Along With The Offer. 2 Nos 18 1.17 Circular Saw Circular Saws Are Heavy Duty Power Tools Required In Search And Rescue Operation For Various Carpentry Tasks Associated With Access And Extrication Like Cutting And Sawing Of Timber, Wooden Beams, Door Frames, Fallen Trees Etc. Typically These Are Light Enough To Be Used By One Operator And Are Electrically Powered. \ N1. Electrically Powered Motor Operating In 100 To 250 Volts With Power Consummation Between 1700 To 2500 Watts. 15 Ampere Three Core Electrical Cord 5 Meter Length With Three Pin Plug Will Be Provided. \ N2. Idling Speed Of Motor Upto 2000 To 3000 Rpm With A Max. Load Rpm Of 1200 To 1500 Rpm. The Motor Should Have A Min. Endurance For Continuous Operation Upto 60 Minutes. \ N3. Should Incorporate Easily Locatable Push Button Start And An Electric Brake Quick Stoppage. \ N4. Size Of Blade: More Than 12 Inches Diameter With An Arbor Not Exceeding 3.2Cm ( 1.25Inches ) . The Blade Provided Will Be Carbide Tipped Blade With A Min. 32 Teeth. \ N5. The Cutting Capacity Of The Blade Should Exceed 125Mm At 90 Degrees And 82Mm At 45 Degrees The Saw Should Enable Blade Rotation And A Dept Adjustment Lever. A Shaft Lock Will Be Provided For Effecting Blade Damage. \ N6. The Weight Of The Saw With Blade Should Not Be More Than 17Kgs. \ N7. Rubberized Wrap Around Saw And Support Handles With Protection Arrangement For Shielding Operator From Debris And Kick Backs Will Be Provided. \ N8. Noise Level During Operation At Full Lead Should Not Exceed 100Bat A Distance Of One Meter. \ Naccessories \ N9. The Equipment Shall Be Supplied With The Following: \ Na ) Two Spare Carbide Tipped Blades. \ Nb ) Toolkit \ Nc ) Operating And Maintenance Manual Evaluation \ N10. Vendor Will Indicate All Technical Details Of The Equipment To Be Supplied For Evaluating Physical Testing Of Equipment For Cutting Capacity, Endurance And Operator Safety And Ease Of Operation Will Be Carried Out During Evaluation. \ N 6 Nos 19 1.18 Hand Held Gas Detector Size: 4.4X 2.4X 1.1.Inm / 11.3X6.0X 2.9 \ Nweight: 6Oz. / 171G \ Ntemperature: -4To+1220F / -20 To+50 \ N Humidity: 0%-95% Rh ( Non -Condensing ) \ Nalarms: Visual, Vibrating , Audible , ) 95 Db ) \ N -Low, High, Stel, Twa, Ol ( Over Limit ) \ N Tests: Audible / Visual Alarms On Activation, \ N Sensors, Battery, And Circuitry ( Continuous ) \ Npump: Compatible With The Sampler Motorized Sampling Pump \ Ntypical Battery Life: 10 Hours ( Typical ) ; Recharges In Less Than 4 Hours \ Nuser Options: \ N• Confidence Beep \ N• Set Stel Interval \ N• Sensor On / Off \ N• Latching Alarms \ N• Safe Display Mode \ N• Stealth Mode \ N• Calibration Lock \ N• Auto Zero On Start Up \ N• O2 Auto Calibration On Start Up \ N• Set Bump Test Interval \ N• Intelliflash Interval \ N• Combustible Gas \ N• Measurement ( %Lel Or % By Volume Methane ) \ N• User -Settable Calibration Gas Level \ N• Force Bump Test When Overdue \ N• Force Calibration Whenever Overdue \ N• Low Alarm Acknowledge \ N• Language Choices ( Five ) \ N• Set Custom Start Up Message \ Nwarranty: Full Two -Year Warranty Including A Sensors \ N 2 Nos 20 1.19 Combination Cutter ( Battery Operated ) With All Accessories ( I ) The Technique And Function Required For Battery Operated Hydraulic Combo – Tool To Be Used For Rescue Operation By Special Rescue Team In Ease Of Traffic Accidents, Building Collapse And Natural Disasters Confined Space Rescue, High Rise Building Rescue Etc. \ N ( Ii ) The Specification Comprises The Technical Basis For Procurement, Acceptance And Testing Of The Hydraulic Rescue Set. The Equipment Should Be Able To Work Without Failure In Heavy Dust, High Humidity, Heavy Tropical Rain Conditions And Temperatures From -250C +50 0C \ N ( Iii ) The Equipment Should Be Completely Independent From Any External Hydraulic Power Unit Or Hoses And Should Be Operated Independently From Each Other By Rechargeable High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Or An Electric Power Connector I. \ Npurpose \ Nthe Rescue Set Is Intended For Use In Life Saving Operations Of Persons Entrapped In Demolished Structures, Air Crafts An Train Wrecks And Damages Vehicles By Accomplishing The Following: \ N ( I ) Widening Openings Between Movable Ruins \ N ( Ii ) Cutting Of Building Constructions Steel Rods, Metal Members, Sewage Pipes, Water Pipes Etc. \ N ( Iii ) Creating Cut Outs In Sheet Metal Panels By Tearing The Sheet Metal Or Removal Of The Panel’S Hinges From Their Place \ Nrescue Sets Composition \ N1 ) The Battery Operated Rescue Set Should Be Include The Following Components: \ N ( A ) Combi-Tool ( B ) Accessories ( Ii ) All Tools / Equipment Should Be Comply With Requirements F En 13204 Or Nfpa 1936 Standard \ N ( Iii ) Description The Battery Operated Hydraulic Rescue Tools Should Meet The Following Requirements. ( I ) The Combi-Tool Should Be Operate On A Working Pressure Of At Least 700 Bar. The Battery Should Be 4 To 5 Ah Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery. The Battery Should Be Click On / Click Off Type For Quick Changing Of Battery. The Battery Should Be Capable Of Being Recharged Fully Within 60 Minutes. ( Ii ) The Combi-Too Should Be Operated Independently And Should Be Provide The Max. Safety And Protection For The Operator And The Causality. The Combi-Tool Should Be Equipped With High Capacity Flash Led Lights Integrated In The Handle To Light Up The Working Space In Case Of Low Visibility . ( Iii ) The Combi-Tool Should Be A One-Man Operated Light – Weight Tool, Meaning That One Person Should Be Able To Position., Guide And Operated The Tools , Without Needing Assistance By Another Person. ( Iv ) The Combi-Tool Should Be Provided With Carrying Handle Which Allows The Operator To Reposition The Tool From One Side To The Other ( Left To Right And Back ) . The Carrying Handle Should Be Mounted In Such A Way That The Tool Is Fully Balanced, Even When The Tool Is Picked Up With One Hand. The Position Of The Carrying Handle And The Control Handle Should Be Allow Easy Operation For Right – Handed As Well As Left – Handed Operators. ( V ) The Combi-Tool Should Be Resistant Against Dust, Heavy Rain , Spilling Water Under Various Temperature Conditions ( Vi ) The Combi- Tool Should Be Provided With The Twist Dead Man’S Control Mechanism With Automatic Neutral Position .The Control Handle Should Have Suitable Grip To Provide Full Grip For The Operator Hand ( No Finger Or Dumb Control ) . The Dead-Man’S Handle Must Be Easy To Operate In Any Situation And Position Of The Tool ( Vii ) The Control Mechanism Must Be Part Of The Handle In Order To Ensure A Safe Operation .The Main Valve Should Allow Precise Proportional In Order To Influence The Working Speed Of The Tools. To Avoid Confusions For The Operators, The Operation Mode Should Be Similar For All Tools . The Dead-Man’S Handle Should Be Easy To Operate From Any Given Position The Tools Or The Operator May Be In. ( Viiii ) The Tool Body Should Be Made Out Of High Quality Thermoplastic Material That Assures A Solid Construction Combined With Unacceptable ( Low ) Weight . The Tool Body Should Be Assure Highest Stability And A Long Service Lifetime. \ N ( Ix ) All Hinges, Pins, Levers, Should Be Made Out Of High Tensile ( Heat Treated ) Tool Steel, And Protected Against Corrosion. The Blades Of The Cutter Should Be Of Dropped-Forged Special Steel Alloy To Ensures A Long Service Lifetime ( X ) The Arms Of The Spreader Should Be Made Out Of Height Alloy Forged Light Metal. All Movable Parts Should Be Covered To Ensure The Highest Safety For The Operator. All Tools And Accessories Should Be Fully Operational For Longer Periods At Temperatures Of -25 0C Upto +50 0C ( Ix ) Spare Parts Should Be Available With The Local Dealer For At Least 10 Years. \ Ntechnical Specification Of Battery Operated Hydraulic Combi-Tool \ N1. Cutting Force Upto 155Kn \ N2. Steel Cutting Bar 22.2 Mm \ N3. Blade Operating With Combi Tip 207 Mm \ N4. Spreading Force 28-700Kn \ N5. Spreading Distance With Door Opener Tips 184 Mm \ N6. Spreading Distance With Combi Tips 215 Mm \ N7. Dimensions With Combi Tips 796X195x210 Mm \ N8. Weight ( Without Battery ) Less Than 10 Kg \ N9. Battery Weight Less Than 1.5 Kg \ N 2 Nos 21 1.2 Chain Saw ( Wood Cutter ) Specification For Petrol Operated Chain Saw- 42 Inch \ Ntwo Stroke Engine \ Ncylinder Displacement Minimum 115 Cc \ Npower Output Minimum 8Hp \ Nfuel Tank Capacity Minimum 1.2 Liters \ Nsound Pressure Level At Operator Ear 102 Dm ( A ) \ Ntorque Maximum 7.7 Nm \ Nrecommended Bar Length \ Nsolid Guide Bar One Piece \ Nconstruction \ Noil Pump Type Automatic \ Nhigh Vibration Absorption System Steel Type \ Nvibration Dampers Should Be Available \ Nfront Handle Vibration Should Not Exceed \ N7m / S2. \ Nweight Of Power Head ( Without Guide Bare And Chain ) Should Not Exceed 11Kg. \ Nfeatures \ Nadjustable Oil Pump, Quick Release Air Filter, \ Ndurable Magnesium Alloy Crankcase, \ Nthree Piece Crankshaft, Low Vibration – Inertia \ Nactivated Chain Brake Mechanism \ Nrecommended Spares Along With Each Chain Saw \ N5 Spare Chain And For Chainsaw Sizes 36 Inch \ Nand 42 Inch Qty 2 Nos. Each \ N6 Chain Filling Kit For Re-Sharpening Chain \ Nqty 1No. \ N7 Spare Guide Bar Sizes 36 Inch And 42 Inch \ Nqty 1 No. \ N8 Spare Air Filter Qty 1 No. \ N Bi01010001010000000000000515bi0100001128 3 Nos

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INR 3000 /-
INR 240000.00 /-
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INR 1.20 Crore /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Supply of Disaster and Rescue Equipments for Kargil District.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Disaster and Rescue Equipments (Kargil District) Annexure "B" BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001112
2 1.01 Stretcher Dimension: 1830 Mm (!), 420 Mm (W) \nWeight: 5 kg\nCT/MRI compatible and radio lucent\nMaterial ; Carbon fiber or fiber Glass material\nSeparate hand hold and restraint hold with smooth edges for each and comfortable lifting with Velcro straps.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 20 Nos
3 1.02 Stretcher folding 2 Fold type BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 15 Nos
4 1.03 Hand Operator Siren As per Gem Specification BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 3 Nos
5 1.04 Crowbar 1.5 DIA A) Size; Length 24”\nB) Diameter of rod; 1”\nC) Material made of tempered steel\nD) Attachment; Claw attachment for removing nails. \nBIS specification\nE) The bars shall be heat treated to obtain a minimum hardness value of 320 HV.\nF) The material shall be suitable quality steel such as wrought steel\nG) The bars shall be foraged clean& in one piece.\nH) Cutting ends of the bars may be rounded off &finished ground.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 15 Nos
6 1.05 Pick Axe with handle Reputed Brand BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 50 Nos
7 1.06 Safety Torch fire proof A) Three cell water proof torch\nB) Power source- Carbon zinc only ; 3xd Cell bulb/Lamp: PR-3\nC) Light output; 15,000 bean candle power\nWeight (without batteries) -6 OZ (17kg) water proof\nD) Suitable for use in Hazardous Atmosphere\nE) Spare Bulb compartment\nF) Ring Hanger (3 way switch) – on –off-Flash \nG) Three way switch; On:Off:Flash\nH) anti Roll Tube\nI) Over sized Faceted reflector for more Light\nJ) UI Approved\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 40 Nos
8 1.07 Fluorescent Jackets A) Description\nFlorescent Colour Jacket with 50mm Glass Bead Type Reflecting Tape in 2 Vertical and 1 Horizontal Band in front and back same.\nFront opening and V Neck design.\nB) Background Fabric\n1005 Polyester. 125 GSM made from Bright Glossy Yarn, adhering to EN 471 standard. It shall have excellent color fastness and should be UV treated.\nC) Colour\nFlorescent Reddish-Orange/ Fluorescent Lime/Yellow.\nD) Reflecting Tapes\nGlass Bead Type Reflecting Tape, EN471 Class 2 approved, 50mm wide, color of reflecting tape will be silver grey.\nE) Accessories\n1. Binding: Binding will be black in colour, 100% plyster, fabric will be used in binding with excellent colour fastening.\n2. Velcro: Velcro shall be 25mm wide and 50mm in length positioned vertically for perfect fastening. The Velcro will be black.\nSize: Length 27 inches and width 23 inches.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 40 Nos
9 1.08 Safety Helmet with ear muff A) ISI Marked: IS-2925 of 1984\nB) Shell Material: High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)\nC) Adjustable and Detachable Head Band with Nape\nD) Strap Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)\nE) Adjustable Chin Strap: Nylon Chinstrap and Rachet Type head Band\nF) Slot Fix Design: Provision for easy clip on accessories like face shields and ear muffs. Color: Yellow\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 50 Nos
10 1.09 First aid box Reputed Brand BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121 100 Nos
11 1.1 Medical first Responder Kit Reputed Brand BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 10 Nos
12 1.11 Water bottle A) Designed to carry on the pack.\nB) It should have illuminate panels for improved visibility and safety\nC) It should have a fuel window for bladder level.\nD) It shall have extra wide bladder port and quick connect access.\nE)It must have insulated bladder compartment for keeping water cool.\nF)Ergonomic back panel w/perforated foam for improved ventilation\nG) Contoured shoulder strap for comfort and breath ability.\nH) Adjustable sternum strap.\nI) Light clip strap.\nJ) Large cargo compartment with organizer.\nK) Magnetic clip for valve attachment.\nL) Bungee for extra storage.\nM) Adjustable to fit medium large body types.\nN) All the materials used on the constructions of outdoor back.\nO) Carry water bottle should be durable.\nP) The bottle should be light weight and made from the highest quality materials.\nQ) It should with stand disinfections of the bottle using bleach.\nR) The weight of the bottle should not be more than 4 lbs.\nS) It should be provided with a pipe which can be drawn water.\nT) While the bottle or canteen is on the back\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 25 Nos
13 1.12 Casualty bag (adult) As per GEM category Fluid absorbing body cover bag adult BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001124 60 Nos
14 1.13 Blanket Red Type: Fire \nMaterial: Aluminum\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 60 Nos
15 1.14 Electric Drill Machine Input power; Not more than 600 W.\nNo load speed; variable 1000-2400 Rpm \nWeight; Less than 3 kg\nShock proof body with different sizes of bits for both metal & wood\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001126 6 Nos
16 1.15 Reciprocating Saw Rated Power; Not less than 900 W.\nAT 220-240 Volts\nStroke rate (AT No Load); Not less than 28Mm.\nCutting Dep0th (wood) Above 165 Mm\nWith required accessories and electrical cord of Minimum 5 Mtr length with 5 Amp three/two pin plug along with an extension cord of 10 Mtr.\nRate current; Not more than 6 Amp \nNoise Level <100 Db\nSpare Blades for metal & wood cutting 10 Nos\nWith suitable protective carry case.\nWeight; Not more than 5 kg with blade.\nThe starting current drawn by the motor should blowing. This also prevents the tool starting with a jolt.\nAir cooled. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001127 5 Nos
17 1.16 Breathing air apparatus set spare cylinder 1. General: The self contained, positive pressure and open circuit air breathing apparatus shall be certified for use by the fire fighters for 45 minutes total working duration.\n2. Technical Specification:\nA) Back Plate and Body Harness-This shall be made of non-metallic, antistatic, impact, chemical & fire resistant material and orthopedically designed and manufactured in conformity to EN/DIN/Us/BIS 10245 Part II standards and certified for use y the fire fighters, it shall facilitate mounting of air cylinder through cam lock. The body harness shall be wearer friendly and safe for carrying load while all buckles shall be quick release type.\nB) Pressure reducer- This shall be so designed so as to meet the air demand for two users simultaneously at a stable pressure on the outlet with inlet pressure varying from 300 bars to 20 bars and shall confirm to provisions in EN 137-20002 class II.\nC) Face Mask- This shall be reverted edge Seal Type and made of Flame Resistant material confirming to EN 136. The reflex seal on the outer mask shall be so designed so as to facemask to reduce dead space, speech transmitter for clear voice reproduction and a wide angle panoramic vision visor made of polycarbonate material and shall E self- DE- misting type. The head straps shall be easy to tighten and quick to release. \nD) Demand Valve- The lung operated demand valve design shall either be titling diaphragm type or piston type. This shall be provided on the facemask and connected to the pressure reducer with the help of rubber hose through quick connector. The demand valve shall be rated for minimum 500lpm airflow and shall activate with the first breath.\nE) Pressure Gauge: This shall be bourdon pressure gauge with luminescent dial with reassure making in bar and encased in fire resistant rubber cover. The gauge shall be connected to pressure reducer through non-metallic rubber hose.\nF) Hoses- The low pressure hoses shall be flexible and non-kinking type and suitably reinforced to withstand 30 bar air pressure while the high-pressure hoses shall either be flexible or rigid metallic tube suitably secured to the back plate so as not to obstruct the movement of the weaver.\nG) Warning Whistle- This shall be fitted either on the back plate or provided along with the pressure gauge assembly and shall be automatic in operation giving audible alarm of minimum 90db intensity at 1 meter distance of low cylinder pressure in the range of 50+5 bar.\nH) ‘Y’ manifold for additional connections- This set shall have provision through suitable placed ‘Y’ manifold to facilitate receiving air from a different source and supplying air for additional facemask.\nI) Air Cylinder- This shall be corrosion and impact resistant and made of light alloy fully wrapped. The size of the cylinder shall be such that it can hold sufficient quantity of air (not less than 1800 liters) for providing 45 minutes total working duration when charged at 300 bars pressure. The cylinder shall be provided with cross flow valve and EN 144+2 compliant. The cylinder shall be duly approved by the chief controller explosive Nagpur and shall be capable of withstanding a min. Hydraulic testing pressure of 450 bars.\nJ) Weight- the weight of the ready to use set shall not be more than 12.5kgs.\n3. Approval: the complete set shall have relevant EN or equivalent approval and certificate to this effect shall be furnished along with the offer.\nTechnical Evaluation:- The technical evaluation of the SCBA shall be subjected to the following:\nA) Meeting the requirement as mentioned from sl. No. 1 to 3\nB) Designed in conformity to EN/DIN/US standards, conformity certificate and CCOE certificate to be submitted along with the offer. 2 Nos
18 1.17 Circular Saw Circular Saws are heavy duty power tools required in Search and Rescue Operation for various Carpentry tasks associated with access and extrication like cutting and sawing of Timber, Wooden Beams, Door frames, Fallen trees etc. Typically these are light enough to be used by one operator and are electrically powered.\n1. Electrically Powered Motor Operating in 100 to 250 Volts with Power Consummation between 1700 to 2500 Watts. 15 Ampere Three Core Electrical Cord 5 Meter Length with Three Pin Plug will be provided.\n2. Idling speed of motor upto 2000 to 3000 Rpm with a max. load Rpm of 1200 to 1500 Rpm. The motor should have a min. endurance for continuous Operation upto 60 minutes.\n3. Should incorporate easily locatable push button start and an Electric Brake Quick Stoppage.\n4. Size of Blade: More than 12 inches diameter with an Arbor not exceeding 3.2cm (1.25inches). The Blade provided will be Carbide Tipped Blade with a min. 32 Teeth.\n5. The cutting Capacity of the Blade should exceed 125Mm at 90 degrees and 82mm at 45 degrees the Saw should enable blade rotation and a dept adjustment lever. A shaft lock will be provided for effecting blade damage.\n6. The weight of the Saw with blade should not be more than 17kgs.\n7. Rubberized Wrap around Saw and support handles with Protection arrangement for shielding operator from Debris and Kick Backs will be provided.\n8. Noise Level during Operation at full lead should not exceed 100bat a Distance of one meter.\nAccessories\n9. The Equipment shall be supplied with the following:\nA) Two spare Carbide Tipped Blades.\nB) Toolkit\nC) Operating and Maintenance Manual Evaluation\n10. Vendor will indicate All Technical details of the Equipment to be supplied for evaluating Physical Testing of Equipment for cutting capacity, Endurance and Operator Safety and ease of operation will be carried out during evaluation.\n 6 Nos
19 1.18 Hand Held Gas Detector Size: 4.4x 2.4x 1.1.inm/11.3x6.0x 2.9\nWeight: 6oz./171g\nTemperature: -4to+1220F/-20 to+50\n Humidity: 0%-95% RH (non -condensing )\nAlarms: visual, vibrating , audible , )95 dB) \n -Low, High, STEL, TWA, OL (over limit)\n Tests: Audible/ visual alarms on activation,\n Sensors, battery, and circuitry (continuous)\nPump: Compatible with the Sampler motorized sampling pump\nTypical battery life: 10 hours (typical); recharges in less than 4 hours\nUser options: \n• Confidence beep \n• Set STEL interval \n• Sensor on /off \n• Latching alarms \n• Safe display mode \n• Stealth mode\n• Calibration lock \n• Auto zero on start up \n• O2 auto calibration on start up \n• Set bump test interval \n• Intelliflash interval \n• Combustible gas \n• Measurement (%LEL or % by volume methane) \n• User -settable calibration gas level\n• Force bump test when overdue\n• Force calibration whenever overdue\n• Low alarm acknowledge\n• Language choices (five)\n• Set custom start up message\nWarranty: Full two -year warranty including a sensors \n 2 Nos
20 1.19 Combination Cutter (Battery Operated) with all accessories (i) The technique and function required for battery operated hydraulic Combo – tool to be used for rescue operation by special rescue team in ease of traffic accidents, building collapse and natural disasters confined space rescue, high rise building rescue etc.\n(ii) The specification comprises the technical basis for procurement, acceptance and testing of the hydraulic rescue set. The equipment should be able to work without failure in heavy dust, high humidity, heavy tropical rain conditions and temperatures from -250c +50 0C\n(iii) The equipment should be completely independent from any external hydraulic power unit or hoses and should be operated independently from each other by rechargeable high capacity Li-ion Battery or an electric power connector I.\nPurpose\nThe Rescue Set is intended for use in life saving operations of persons entrapped in demolished structures, air crafts an train wrecks and damages vehicles by accomplishing the following:\n(i) Widening openings between movable ruins\n(ii) Cutting of building constructions steel rods, metal members, sewage pipes, water pipes etc.\n(iii) Creating cut outs in sheet metal panels by tearing the sheet metal or removal of the panel’s hinges from their place\nRESCUE SETS COMPOSITION \n1) The Battery operated Rescue set should be include the following components:\n(a) Combi-tool (b) Accessories (ii) All tools/ equipment should be comply with requirements f EN 13204 or NFPA 1936 Standard \n(III) DESCRIPTION The Battery Operated Hydraulic Rescue Tools should meet the following requirements. (i) The Combi-tool should be operate on a working pressure of at least 700 bar. The Battery should be 4 to 5 Ah Lithium ion rechargeable battery. The battery should be click ON/click OFF type for quick changing of battery. The battery should be capable of being recharged fully within 60 minutes. (ii) The Combi-too should be operated independently and should be provide the max. safety and protection for the operator and the causality. The Combi-tool should be equipped with high capacity flash LED lights integrated in the handle to light up the working space in case of low visibility .(iii) The Combi-tool should be a one-man operated light – weight tool, meaning that one person should be able to position., guide and operated the tools , without needing assistance by another person.(iv) The Combi-tool should be provided with carrying handle which allows the operator to reposition the tool from one side to the other ( left to right and back ) . The carrying handle should be mounted in such a way that the tool is fully balanced, even when the tool is picked up with one hand. The position of the carrying handle and the control handle should be allow easy operation for right – handed as well as left – handed operators. (v) The Combi-tool should be resistant against dust, heavy rain , spilling water under various temperature conditions (vi) The combi- tool should be provided with the twist dead man’s control mechanism with automatic neutral position .The control handle should have suitable grip to provide full grip for the operator hand ( no finger or dumb control ) . The dead-man’s handle must be easy to operate in any situation and position of the tool(vii) The control mechanism must be part of the handle in order to ensure a safe operation .The main valve should allow precise proportional in order to influence the working speed of the tools. To avoid confusions for the operators, the operation mode should be similar for all tools . The dead-man’s handle should be easy to operate from any given position the tools or the operator may be in. (viiii) The tool body should be made out of high quality thermoplastic material that assures a solid construction combined with unacceptable ( low) weight . The tool body should be assure highest stability and a long service lifetime.\n(Ix) All hinges, pins, levers, should be made out of high tensile (heat treated) tool steel, and protected against corrosion. The blades of the cutter should be of dropped-forged special steel alloy to ensures a long service lifetime (x) The arms of the spreader should be made out of Height alloy forged light metal. All movable parts should be covered to ensure the highest safety for the operator. All tools and accessories should be fully operational for longer periods at temperatures of -25 0c upto +50 0C (ix) Spare parts should be available with the local dealer for at least 10 years.\nTechnical Specification of Battery Operated Hydraulic Combi-Tool\n1. Cutting Force Upto 155kN\n2. Steel Cutting Bar 22.2 MM\n3. Blade operating with combi tip 207 mm\n4. Spreading Force 28-700kN\n5. Spreading distance with Door Opener tips 184 mm\n6. Spreading distance with combi tips 215 mm\n7. Dimensions with Combi tips 796x195x210 mm\n8. Weight (without battery) Less than 10 Kg\n9. Battery Weight Less than 1.5 kg\n 2 Nos
21 1.2 Chain Saw (Wood Cutter) Specification for petrol operated chain Saw- 42 inch\nTwo Stroke Engine\nCylinder Displacement Minimum 115 cc\nPower Output Minimum 8HP \nFuel Tank Capacity Minimum 1.2 liters\nSound Pressure level at operator ear 102 dM (A) \nTorque Maximum 7.7 Nm \nRecommended bar length \nSolid Guide Bar one Piece \nConstruction \nOil Pump Type Automatic \nHigh Vibration Absorption system Steel type \nVibration Dampers should be available \nFront Handle vibration should not exceed \n7m/s2.\nWeight of Power Head (without Guide bare and chain) should not exceed 11kg.\nFeatures \nAdjustable Oil pump, Quick Release Air Filter,\nDurable Magnesium Alloy crankcase,\nThree Piece Crankshaft, Low Vibration – Inertia\nActivated chain Brake mechanism \nRecommended Spares along with each chain Saw\n5 Spare chain and for chainsaw sizes 36 inch \nAnd 42 inch Qty 2 nos. each\n6 Chain Filling kit for re-sharpening chain \nQty 1no.\n7 Spare guide bar sizes 36 inch and 42 inch \nQty 1 no.\n8 Spare Air Filter Qty 1 no.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001128 3 Nos
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