Aurangabad Water Supply Scheme- Providing Barbed Wire Fencing From Main Gate To Staff Quarters At Pharola Wtp .

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Aurangabad Water Supply Scheme- Providing Barbed Wire Fencing From Main Gate To Staff Quarters At Pharola Wtp .

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Aurangabad Water Supply Scheme- Providing Barbed Wire Fencing From Main Gate To Staff Quarters At Pharola Wtp . , Providing And Erecting 1 . 5 Mtr High Wire Fencing With Seven Rows Of Barbed Wire Support Ed On Mild Steel Angles Of 50 X 50 X6 Mm At 2 . 5 M Center To Center Including Excavation Pits For Foundation , Fixing Post In Cement Concrete Of Size 45 X 45 X 45 Cm . Fastening The Wire And Painting The Mild Steel Angles With One Coat Of Red Lesad Primer And Two Coats Of Paintinng Etc Comp . ( Y Type Fencing Over Brick Wall ) , Providing , Supplying And Fixing In Position Green Cloth Sheet ----- Etc Comp . , Market Rate , Providing And Fixing Mild Steel Grill Gate With Angle Iron Frame 65 X 65 X 10 Mm With Iron Bars At 150 Mm C/C And Diagonal Flats As Per Detailed Drawing Including Hinges , Pivot Block , Locking Arrangement , Welding , Riveting And Oil Painting Of Three Coats Of Approved Shade ----- Etc Comp . ( Weight Of Gate 35 Kg/ Sqm . ) , Providing And Supplying Structural Steel Work In Rolled Sections Like Joists , Channels , Angles , Tees As Per Detailed Design And Drawings -------- Etc Comp . Complete . , Ismb 100 For Gate , Excavation For Foundation In Earth Soils Of All Types ------ Etc Comp . , Providing And Laying Cast In Situ/Ready Mix Cement Concrete In M15 Of Trap/Granite/Quartzite/Gneiss Metal For Bed Blocks , Foundation Blocks And Such Other Items Including Bailing Out Water , Steel Centering , Formwork , Laying/Pumping , Compacting , Roughening Them If Special Finish Is To Be Provided , Finishing Uneven And Honeycombed Surface And Curing Etc . Complete . The Cement Mortar 1:3 Plaster Is Considered For Rendering Uneven And Honeycombed Surface Only . Newly Laid Concrete Shall Be Covered By Gunny Bag , Plastic , Tarpaulin Etc . ( Woodencenteringwillnotbeallowed . ) , With Fully Automaticmic Roprocessor Base Dplc With Scada Enabled Reversible Drum Type Mixer/Concrete Batch Mix Plant ( Panmixer ) Etc . Complete . With Fine Aggregate ( Natural Sand / Crushed Sand Vsi Grade Finely Washed Etc , Item No . 4 Excavation For Foundation/Pipe Trenches In Hard Rock And Concrete Road By Chiselling , Wedging , Line Drilling By Mechanical Means Or By All Means Other Than Balsting Including Trimming And Levelling The Bed . Removing The Excavated Material Upto A Distance Of 50 Meter Beyond The Area And Lifts As Below , Stacking As Directed By Engineer-In-Charge , Normal Dewatering , Excluding Backfilling , Etc Complete By All Means .

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Document Fees
INR 600 /-
INR 5925.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 5.92 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work : Aurangabad water supply scheme- Providing Barbed wire Fencing from main gate to Staff Quarters at Pharola WTP.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and erecting 1.5 mtr high wire fencing with seven rows of barbed wire support ed on mild steel angles of 50 X 50 X6 mm at 2.5 m center to center including excavation pits for foundation, fixing post in cement concrete of size 45 X 45 X 45 Cm . fastening the wire and painting the mild steel angles with one coat of red lesad primer and two coats of paintinng etc comp.( Y type fencing over brick wall) 1 650 Mtr
2 2 Providing, supplying and fixing in Position Green cloth sheet ----- etc comp. 3 975 Sqm
3 3 Market rate 4 0.01 No
4 4 Providing and fixing mild steel grill gate with angle iron frame 65 x 65 x 10 mm with iron bars at 150 mm C/C and diagonal flats as per detailed drawing including hinges, pivot block, locking arrangement, welding, riveting and oil painting of three coats of approved shade ----- etc comp. ( weight of gate 35 Kg/ sqm.) 5 14.25 Sqm
5 5 Providing and supplying structural steel work in rolled sections like joists,channels, angles, tees as per detailed design and drawings -------- etc comp.complete. 7 0.01 No
6 6 ISMB 100 for gate 8 132 Kg
7 7 Excavation for foundation in earth soils of all types ------ etc comp. 10 10.368 Cum
8 8 Providing and laying Cast in situ/Ready Mix cement concrete in M15 of trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for bed blocks, foundation blocks and such other items including bailing out water, Steel centering, formwork, laying/pumping,compacting,roughening them if special finish is to be provided, finishing uneven and honeycombed surface and curing etc. complete. The Cement Mortar 1:3 plaster is considered for rendering uneven and honeycombed surface only. Newly laid concrete shall be covered by gunny bag, plastic, tarpaulin etc.(Woodencenteringwillnotbeallowed.),with fully automaticmic roprocessor base dPLC with SCADA enabled reversible Drum Type mixer/concrete Batch mix plant (Panmixer)etc.complete.With fine aggregate (Natural Sand / Crushed sand VSI Grade finely washed etc 12 4.374 Cum
9 9 Item no. 4 Excavation for foundation/pipe trenches in hard rock and concrete road by chiselling,wedging, line drilling by mechanical means or by all means other than balsting including trimming and levelling the bed. Removing the excavated material upto a distance of 50 meter beyond the area and lifts as below, stacking as directed by Engineer-in-charge, normal dewatering, excluding backfilling, etc complete by all means. 13 0.01 No
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