Supply Of Lab Equipments Under Plan Fund 2020-21

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Supply Of Lab Equipments Under Plan Fund 2020-21

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Supply Of Lab Equipments Under Plan Fund 2020-21 - 2 Compound Microscopes With Rechargeble Led Light \ Nillumination Compound Microscope With Led Lighting: Binocular Microscope With Led Illumination, Objectives 10X, 40X And 100X, Eye Piece- Wf10x / 18Mm;Single Mold Aluminum Die-Cast ;Co-Axial Coarse And Fine Focusing On Ball Drive System For Smoothoperation. Semiplan / Achromat Imported Optical Parts, Mechanical Stage, Brass Rack And Pinion Stage Drive. Fine Drive Movement 0.3Mm / Rotation 3 Cooling Centrifuge Control - Microprocessor With Variable Frequency Drive, Max. Speed- >14000 Rpm, Brushless Induction Motor, Digital Lcd Display, User Defined Rpm / Rcf, Acceleration, Deceleration, Timer & Temperature With >25 Programs, Acceleration / Deceleration 12 -510 Secs, Timer 1-120 Min, Dynamic Brake, Cfc Free Cooling -20 To +40, Safety - Centrifuging Chamber Stainless Steel. Powered Lid Locking. Pre- Cooling Function ( Fast Cool ) And Stand-By Cooling, Lid Lock & Imbalance Protection, Gas Spring, Power Supply - 230V, 50 Hz. Rotor Heads : 8 X 50Ml, 12 X 15 Ml, 24 X 1.5 / 2.0 Ml 4 Spade For Gardening 5 Seed Trowel 6 Prunning Shear 7 Prunning Secateur 8 Steel Rake 9 Hand Gloves-Reusable 10 Garden Shear 11 Hedge Shear 12 Hand Hoe 13 Khurpi 14 Garden Fork 15 Budding Grafting Knife 16 Grafting Stretchable Tape 17 Water Can For Watering Plants 18 Pcr Gradient Pcr Thermal Cycler. Sample Capacity Of 96X0.2Ml Tubes, 0.2Ml Tube Strips Or Universal Or Standard 1X96-Well Plate Of 8X12 Format With Six Or More Peltier Heating And Cooling. True Gradient Capability With Dynamic Ramping With A Temperature Differential Range Of 1-25Degc Across The Rows. Interface - Intuitive >5.7” ( 14.5 Cm ) Touch Screen Which Can Displays Graphics In High Resolution For Easy Programming. Should Be Capable Of Running Reaction Volumes From 1-200Ul. Run Up To 6 Separate Temperatures In The Same Plate With User Defined Time To Determine The Optimal Annealing Temperatures. Format, 96 Well Block With 0.2 Ml Alloy Sample Block And System Will Provide For Standard And Fast Run Modes In A Single Instrumentramp Rate Of >4 Degc / Second. Gradient Range Of 30-100 Deg C Temperature Accuracy And Uniformity Of ±0.5 Deg C Memory Of >500 Programs With Further Expansion Through A Usb Flash Drive For Transfer Of Files. On Board Tm Calculator Facility To Approximate The Optimal Annealing Temperature. Quick Boot Up Time Of Not More Than 1 Min. Built In Library Of Standard Protocols For Long Pcr, Fast Pcr, Reverse Transcription Pcr Etc. Feature Of “Instant Incubation” To Keep Samples At Constant Temp For Ligation And Restriction Digests. Should Have Power Save Mode.Should Have Service Support Based In Kerala From Manufacturer For The Quoted Model , Support Document To Be Submitted In Manufacturer Letter Head. Temperature Range – 0­100 Degree Cel Temperature Accuracy: ±0.25? ( 35–99.9? ) And Temperature Uniformity: =0.5?, Max Block Rate – 3.9 Degree C / Sec And Max Sample Rate – 3.35 Degree C / Sec Mouse Or Stylus Free Navigation Capability With Vga Color Touch Screen Allowing For Easy Intuitive Graphical User Interface Programming. Choice Of Saving The Methods Up To 800 ( Onboard Memory ) . Programmable Heat Lid Cover From 50 Degree To 105 Degree Centigrade For Efficient Pcr Optimization.Should Come With Suitable Ups For Power Back Up. 19 Vortex Mixer Sturdy Design, Variable, Analog Speed Control, Continuous Or Touch Mode Operation Compact, Rugged Construction, Heavy Metallic Base Fitted With Rubber Vacuum Feets Which Prevents The Movement Of Shaker During Use. Maximum Speed 3000 Rpm, To Work On 220Volts 50 Hz A.C 20 Vertical Electrophoresis System Number Of Gels - 2 Gels, Gel Size ( W X L ) - 8.3 X 7.3 Cm, Should Have Sample Loading Guide For Easy Loading Of Samples, Casting Frames With Simple Cam Closure For Providing Precise Alignment On Any Flat Surface, Side-By –Side Casting Stand, Suitable Plastic Combs Should Be Supplied With Sds Page Starter Kit , Protein Marker And Other Necessary Consumables. 21 Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis System Size Of 7X10cm With Safety Lid With Sample Throughput Of 8-30, Uv Transparent Gel Tray Of Size 7X 7 With Integrated Fluorescent Ruler. Tape Free Gel Casting Module For Leak Free Operations.A System Should Include Two 1.5Mm 8- & 15-Well Fixed Height Combs. Option For Adjustable Height Combs With Comb Holders. 22 Power Supplyfor Electrophoresis Output Range ( Programmable ) : 10–300 V, Fully Adjustable In 1 V Steps 4–400 Ma, Fully Adjustable In 1 Ma Steps 75 W Maximum, Type Of Output: Constant Voltage, Constant Current With Automatic Crossover Output Terminals: 4 Pair Recessed Banana Jacks Floating In Parallel Timer: 1–999 Min, Fully Adjustable Pause / Resume Run Function Operating Conditions: 0–40°C; 0–95% Humidity In The Absence Of Condensation, Overload / Short Circuit Protection, Input Line Protection, Auto Power-Up After Power Failure Input Protection: Fuse On Both Hot And Neutral Input Power ( Actual ) : 198–264 Vac, 50 Or 60 Hz 23 Lab Equipments To Zoology Department 24 Class Abc ( Dry ) Fire Extinguishers Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 4 Ltrs, Fire Rating 2A 21B Cylinder Material M.S , , Expellant Nitrogen. 25 Class B Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguisher Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 9Ltrs Fire Rating 4 A 55B 26 First Aid Kit 2 Standard Kit With All Major First Aid Accessories. 27 Fire Blankets Bs6575 Fire Protect Blanket, 100X100cm 28 Fume Hood Working Size ( Ft. ) 3'' X 2'' X 2'', Moc Crca 18G Epoxy Powder Coated, Door Vertical Folding Type.Working Table Top M.S Powder Coated Sheet Covered With P.P Sheet, Air Velocity =0.5M / S, Noise Level 65Dba 29 Laminar Air Flow Chamber ( Vetical Air Flow ) Vertical Laminar Airflow Bench:4 X 2 X 2 1 Person 30 Water Bath Digital Thermostatic Lab Water Bath 30 L Water Bath Heater 1 Chamber With 2 Openings, For Lab Use 110V / 60 Hz 31 Colony Counter Colony Counter Sc 6 Plus 0 To 999, 120-230V, 50 / 60 Hz, 70Wdigital Display: 3 Digit Led Lighting: White Led Magnifier Glass: 1.7X And 3X ( Option ) Counter: 0 To 999 Petri Dishes: Diam. 50 To 90 Mm 999 Dimensions ( W X D X H ) : 310 X 300 X 140 Mm 32 Micro Centrifuge Max. Speed / Force 6600Rpm / 2200Xg; Supplied With 2 Rotors, Fixed Angle ( 6 X 1.5 / 2.0Ml ) And Strip ( 16 X0.2Ml ) 33 Magnetic Stirrer Maximum Stirring Capacity: 2000Ml, - Size: Approx. 21X14.5Cm / .27X5.71", - Heating Power: 250W- Stirring Power: 25W - Power Supply: 220V ( Eu Plug, Au Plug ) / 110V ( Us Plug ) , - Speed: 0-2400R / Min - Temperature Range: Liquid -100 ? 34 Haemoglobinometer – Box Standard 35 Haemocytometer Box Standard 36 Digital Ph Meter 2 Channel Professional Benchtop Meter With A Graphic Lcdpower Dc9v / 200Ma, Ph / Orp / Ise And Temperature Measurement Capability Ec / Tds / Nacl / Resistivity, Five Point Ph Calibration 37 Trans Luminator Light Source Uv. Wavelength 302Nm, Viewing Surface 16X19cm 38 Mercury Thermometer Temperature Range Of -38° To +55°C. Accuracy Is ± 0.15°F Above Freezing. 39 Heating Mantles Temperature Range 0 To 450 °C With Temperature Control 40 Hot Plates / Induction Top Anti-Magnetic Wall, High / Low Voltage Protection.Voltage ( V ) : 230; Wattage ( W ) : 2000 \ Nweight: 2.51 Kg \ N 41 Digital Microscope Stereoscopic Microscopes With Double Layer Stage; Ac And Dc; Camera Head; Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X Illumination: Light Source Type: White Led With High Quality Digital Camera Support 42 Lab Equipments To Chemistry Department 43 \ N1 ) Lab Centrifuge – Programmable Advanced Microcontroller With Soft Touch Key Pad. \ N• Operating Time Should Be 1 To 99 Mins. \ N• Acceleration Time Range Should Be 30 To 300 Sec. \ N• Lcd Display For Set Time And Other Working Parameters. \ N• Instrument Should Have Facility Of Display Of Rcf Value, Safety Lid Switch, Imbalance Detection And Safety Cut Off Mechanism. \ N• Instrument Should Have Facility Of Last Used Program Memory. \ N• Sturdy And Safe Metal Fabricated Body With Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Coating. \ N• Maximum Capacity Should Be 200 Ml \ N• Maximum Speed 500 Rpm \ N• Maximum Rcf 3650 Xg \ N• Should Be Supplied 8 X15 Ml Angle Rotor Head With Metal Carrier And Polypropylene Tubes, Maximum Speed 5000 Rpm And Rcf 3450 Xg. \ N• Certifications: Ce, Iso 9001:2008, Iso 13485:2012, Nsic, Iaf, Aiao-Bar Accredited Usa. \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender. \ N• Warranty: 3 Year With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period \ N 44 Electric Bunsen Burner • Electrically Operated S.S. Housing, \ N• Ceramic Crucible For Rapid Heating, \ N• Insulated High Quality Ceramic Wool. \ N• Maximum Temp: Up To 600°C \ N• With Energy Regulator With 3 Year Warrenty \ N 45 Digiital Concluctivity Meter• Microprocessor Based Conductivity Meter \ N• Measuring Frequency :1000 Hz \ N• Conductivity Range :20Μs / Cm To1000ms / Cm In 5 Ranges ( 1Μs / Cm=1Μmho / Cm ) , 20Us, 200, 2000, 20Ms, 200Ms \ N• Resolution :0.01Μs / Cm \ N• Temperature Compensation :Auto 0-100 °C / Man 0-100 °C \ N• Display :16 X 2 Alphanumeric Lcd Display \ N• Memory : Can Store Up To 100 Readings \ N• Power Supply : 230V A.C, 50Hz \ N• Conductivity Cell : Provided With Cell Constant 1 \ N• Temperature Sensor : Provided For Atc \ N• Complete With Conductivity Cell ( Cc-1 ) , Pt-100 Temperature Sencvsor, Manual , Cell Stand \ N• Certifications: Ce And Iso \ N• Warranty: 3 Year With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate \ N 46 Digital Potentiometer Input Configuration: Bipolar \ N• Mv Range : 0 To ± 1999 V \ N• Stirrer Speed : 0 To Full Speed \ N• Switch : Hold Reading When Pressed \ N• Polarization Current : 10 Μa For Metal To Metal Electrode \ N• Input Impedance : 10 Ohm \ N• Polarity : Automatic \ N• Magnetic Stirrer: In­Built With Variable Control. \ N• Display : 3½ Digits Led \ N• Ag / Agcl Electrode -2 Nos. Calomel Electrode -2 Nos Power Requirement : 230 V Ac± 10%, 50Hz \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender \ N• Certification : Ce And Iso Certified \ N• Warranty: 3 Year With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period \ N 47 Ph Meter ( 0 To 14 Ph ) 5 ) Benchtop Ph Meter – 1No \ N• Parameters: Ph, Temperature, Mv, Relative Mv, Slope \ N• Output:16 X 2 Lcd \ N• Input:6 Key Key-Pad \ N• Power Supply : 230 V , 50 Hz \ N• Memory:100 Readings Of Ph, Temperature And Mv \ N• Calibration:Three Point Calibration ( 7 Ph, 4 And 9.2 Ph ) \ N• Accuracy: + / -0.01 \ N• Resolution: 0.01 \ N• Additional Features:Hold \ N• Ph Value Measured: 0-14 \ N• Temperature Range : 0-100 Degreec \ N• Millivolt Range : 0+ / -1999 Mv Glass Electrode For Ph -2 Nos \ N• Complete With Combined Electrode, Temperature Sensor, Manual , Electrode Stand, And \ N• Electrode Stand Buffer Set ( 4, 7 And 9.2 Ph ) \ N• Certification: Ce & Iso Certified \ N• Warranty: 3 Year With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Original Equipment Manufacturer Authorization Certificate \ N 48 Deioniser \ N• A Set Of Pvc Columns, Charged With High Exchange Capacity Cation &Amp; Anion Resin With Strainer \ Narrangement. \ N• Digital Conductivity Meter To Monitor The Quality Of Deionised Water. \ N• A Set Of Flexible Pvc Tubes With Connectors For Inlet, Outlet &Amp; Inter-Connection Of The Resin Columns. \ N• All Are Housed In A Trolley Mounted, Corrosion Proof Mild Steel Stand For Easy Mobility. Pvc / Frp \ Nregeneration Tank For Regeneration. \ N• Ph Of Feed : 6.5 To 7.5 \ N• Turbidity : ≪ 5 Ntu \ N• Feed Water Tds : ≪ 200 Ppm \ N• Free Organics : Nil \ N• Iron As Fe3 : ≪ 0.1 Ppm \ N• Oil &Amp; Grease : Nil \ N• Free Chlorine : Nil \ N• Temperature : 45 Deg. C Max. \ N• Silica : ≪ 20 Ppm \ N• Treatment Flow Should Be Minimum 30 Ltrs And Maximum 100 Ltrs. \ N• Working Pressure Should Be Minimum 1 And Maximum 2.5 \ N• Treatment Water Quality: Conductivity ≪10 Μ Mohs And 7.5 To 9.5 Ph \ N• Quantity Of Resin: Cation Colum 8 Ltrs And Anion Colum 8 Ltrs \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender. \ N• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty \ Nperiod. \ N 49 7 ) Hot Air Oven With Digital Temperature Controller \ N• Chamber Size Should Be 35X35x35 \ N• Capacity Should Be 43 Ltrs Or More \ N• Temperature Range: 50? To 250? \ N• Control Accuracy: ±1 ? \ N• Uniformity: ± 2.0 At 100.0? \ N• Minimum 2 No. Of Shelves With Height Adjustable In 25Mm Steps. \ N• Digital Temperature Controller With Timer \ N• Aero Dynamic Internal Design For Achieving Horizontal Air Circulation. \ N• Solid And Plain Bottom Without Electrical. \ N• Outer Body Made Up Of Mild Steel \ N• Inner Body Made Of Stainless Steel 304 With Clear Bottom \ N• Certifications: Ce , Iso 9001:2015 And Iso 13485: 2003 ( Medical Devices ) \ N• Should Be Provided Iq / Oq / Pq Certification. \ N• Power Supply : 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, Ac Supply \ N• Display : Digital Led Display \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacture Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender \ N• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period. \ N 50 Tlc Applicator• Tlc Kit With Applicator And Jar With Following Accessories. \ N• Thin Layer Drawing Board, Drying Rack, Spotting Guide, Developing Chamber, Glass Pipette, Silica Gel, Glass Plates. \ N \ N 51 Uv Visible Spectrophotometer ( Sinqle Beam ) • Microprocessor & Micro Controller Based \ N• Automatic Wavelength Calibration, Selection Of Wavelength & Positioning Of Sample Holder. \ N• Wavelength Range: 190 – 1100Nm. \ N• Bandwidth: 2 Nm. \ N• Absorbance Range: ± 2.5 Abs. \ N• Accuracy : ± 0.5Nm & ± 0.005 Abs \ N• Readability:0.1Nm, 0.01 %T & 0.0001 Abs. \ N• Repeatability: ± 0.2Nm & ± 0.003 Abs \ N• Stability: ± 0.003 Abs / Hr \ N• Detector: Silicon Photo Diode. \ N• Light Source: Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp \ N• Programmable Wavelength For Lamp Change Over \ N• Monochromator: Czerny – Turner Type With 1200 Lines / Mm Holographic Diffraction Grating \ N• Usb Interface For Pc Connectivity. \ N• 4 Line 20 Character Dot Matrix Backlit Lcd Module For Data Presentation. \ N• Motorized 6 Position Cuvette Holder With Programmable Cuvette Selection For 10Mm Path Length Cuvettes \ N• Stand-Alone Unit With Data Processing Features For Scanning, Discrete Wavelength, Concentration Determination By Standards And E-Factor Method, Time Scan With Minimum Time Interval Of 1.0 Sec, Auto-Zero Facility, Self-Check And Self-Diagnostic Modes. \ N• Pc Software Features: Spectrum, Discrete Wavelength, Concentration, E - Factor, Time Scan, Enzyme Kinetics, Overlay, Ratiometric, Peak Picking, Up To 4Th Order Derivative, Spectra Zooming, Smoothing, Data Saving & Retrieving, Auto Zero Facility And Printing. \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender \ N• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period. \ N \ N 52 Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate \ N• Magnetic Stirrer Suitable For Unsupervised Operation, With New Stir Technology \ N• Automatic Judgement Stirring Bar Displacement And Capture \ N• Easy To Read Digital Display \ N• Fuzzy Logic Control & Microprocessor Technology Guarantee Max. Control Accuracy \ N• Different Heating Modes Ensure The Stirring Function Does Not Change Due To External Factors. \ N• Individually Controlled Stirring For Consistency With Various Samples. \ N• Stepless Speed Regulation. \ N• External Rotor Brushless Motor Reduces Operating Noises And Increases Motor Life \ N• Electronic Speed Control Motor Provides Constant Speed During Changes In Load \ N• Capacity Should Be 3 Litters Or More \ N• Speed Range Should Be 0 To 1500 Rpm \ N• Size Should Be 280X160x80 Mm \ N• Temperature Should Be Rt To 280 / Degree C \ N• Dimension Workplate Should Be 135 Mm \ N• Power: 515W \ N• Certification: Ce \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacture Authorization Certificate \ N• Warranty: 3 Year With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period. \ N 53 Digital Polarirneter \ N• Polarimeters Designed In Order To Minimize The Destructive Influences Of A Hot And Humid Climate And Abrupt Temperature Changes On The Sensitive Optics And Are Suitable For Use In Tropical Conditions. \ N• Superior Quality Triple Shadow System \ N• Triple Shadow System Rotates With The Circle Thus Affording Immediate Indication Of The Direction Of The Material Being Examined. \ N• Permanent Focus With Difficult And Dark Liquids \ N• High Accuracy And Repeatability Along With Strain Free Viewing \ N• Tube Length ( Maximum ) : 220 Mm \ N• Angular Scale: 0-360º \ N• Angular Scale Accuracy: ±0.05º \ N• International Sugar Scale: ±130º \ N• Iss Accuracy: ±0.1°Z \ N• Light Source: Integrated Light \ N• Size: 27"X13 1 / 2" 141 / 2 \ N• Weight: Less Than 11 Kg \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate For Specific Tender. \ N• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty With Periodic Preventive Inspection Every 3 Months During The Warranty Period \ N 54 Stalaqmometer 55 Melting And Boiling Point Apparatus ( Diqital ) • Covered Cylindrical Silicon Oil Bath For Safety Of Operator. \ N• Built-In Magnetic Stirrer With Electronic Speed Controller. \ N• Electronic Controller For Adjusting The Heating Rate. \ N• Digital Display Of Temperature With Pt-100 Sensor. \ N• Glare-Free Back-Ground Led Light With Adjustable Light Intensity. \ N• Provision For Holding The Melting Point Display When Sample Melts. \ N• Built-In Image Magnifier For Clear Vision Of Sample. \ N• Temperature Range Up To 300? \ N• Least Count 1° C \ N• Certification: Ce, Gmp, Nsic And D& B \ N• Vendor Should Be Provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate 56 Ice Maker With Stabilizer ( Counter Top Ice Maker ) •Counter Top Ice Maker \ N1.Should Contain One Ice Scoop, One Water Line, One Drain Line, One Ice Bin \ N2.Material Should Be Stainless Steel \ N3. Capacity Should Be 3 Pound \ N4.Speed And Efficiency- Less Than 20 Minutes To First Nugget, 1Lb Ice In An Hour And The Bin Should Hold 3 Lbs \ N5. Automatically Controlled Water Inlet, Ice Making, Water Releasing And Ice Dropping. \ N \ N6. 3 Year Warrenty 57 Class Abc ( Dry ) Flre Extinguishers Aluminium Body— 4.5 Kg Suitable For Class B Fires Discharge Distance - Maximum 2 Metre Operting Type Squeeze Grip, Brass Valve

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Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
2 1.01 Compound microscopes with rechargeble LED light \nillumination Compound Microscope with LED Lighting: Binocular microscope with LED illumination, objectives 10x,40x and 100x,eye piece- WF10x/18mm;Single mold aluminum die-cast ;Co-axial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive system for smoothoperation. Semiplan / Achromat imported optical parts, Mechanical stage, BRASS rack and pinion stage drive. Fine drive movement 0.3mm/rotation item1 1 Nos
3 1.02 Cooling centrifuge Control - Microprocessor with Variable Frequency Drive, Max. Speed- >14000 RPM, Brushless induction motor, Digital LCD display, User defined RPM/RCF, Acceleration, Deceleration, Timer & Temperature with >25 Programs, Acceleration/ Deceleration 12 -510 Secs, Timer 1-120 min, Dynamic brake, CFC free cooling -20 to +40, Safety - Centrifuging chamber stainless steel. powered lid locking. pre- cooling function (Fast Cool) and stand-by cooling, Lid Lock & Imbalance Protection, Gas Spring, Power supply - 230V, 50 Hz. Rotor Heads : 8 X 50ml, 12 X 15 ml, 24 X 1.5 /2.0 ml item2 1 Nos
4 1.03 Spade for gardening item3 1 Nos
5 1.04 Seed trowel item4 1 Nos
6 1.05 Prunning shear item5 1 Nos
7 1.06 Prunning secateur item6 1 Nos
8 1.07 Steel rake item7 1 Nos
9 1.08 Hand gloves-reusable item8 1 Nos
10 1.09 Garden shear item9 1 Nos
11 1.1 Hedge shear item10 1 Nos
12 1.11 Hand hoe item11 1 Nos
13 1.12 Khurpi item12 1 Nos
14 1.13 Garden fork item13 1 Nos
15 1.14 Budding Grafting Knife item14 1 Nos
16 1.15 Grafting Stretchable tape item15 1 Nos
17 1.16 Water can for watering plants item16 1 Nos
18 1.17 PCR Gradient PCR Thermal cycler. Sample capacity of 96x0.2ml tubes, 0.2ml tube strips or universal or standard 1x96-well plate of 8x12 format with six or more Peltier heating and cooling. True gradient capability with Dynamic ramping with a temperature differential range of 1-25degC across the rows. interface - intuitive >5.7” (14.5 cm) touch screen which can displays graphics in high resolution for easy programming. Should be capable of running reaction volumes from 1-200ul. Run up to 6 separate temperatures in the same plate with user defined time to determine the optimal annealing temperatures. Format, 96 well Block with 0.2 ml Alloy sample block and system will provide for Standard and fast run modes in a single instrumentRamp rate of >4 degC/second. Gradient range of 30-100 deg C Temperature accuracy and uniformity of ±0.5 deg C Memory of >500 programs with further expansion through a USB Flash drive for transfer of files. On board TM calculator facility to approximate the optimal annealing temperature. Quick boot up time of not more than 1 min. Built in library of standard protocols for long PCR, fast PCR, reverse transcription PCR etc. Feature of “Instant Incubation” to keep samples at constant temp for ligation and restriction digests. Should have power save mode.Should have service support based in Kerala from manufacturer for the quoted model , support document to be submitted in manufacturer letter head. Temperature Range – 0­100 degree Cel Temperature accuracy: ±0.25? (35–99.9?) and Temperature Uniformity: =0.5?, Max Block Rate – 3.9 degree C/sec and Max Sample Rate – 3.35 degree C/sec Mouse or stylus free navigation capability with VGA Color touch screen allowing for easy intuitive graphical user interface programming. Choice of saving the methods up to 800 (onboard memory). Programmable heat lid cover from 50 degree to 105 degree centigrade for efficient PCR optimization.Should come with suitable UPS for power back up. item17 1 Nos
19 1.18 Vortex mixer Sturdy design, Variable, analog speed control, Continuous or touch mode operation Compact, rugged construction, Heavy metallic base fitted with rubber vacuum feets which prevents the movement of shaker during use. Maximum speed 3000 RPM, To Work on 220Volts 50 HZ A.C item18 1 Nos
20 1.19 Vertical Electrophoresis System Number of gels - 2 Gels, Gel size (W x L) - 8.3 x 7.3 cm, Should have sample loading guide for easy loading of samples, Casting frames with simple cam closure for providing precise alignment on any flat surface, side-by –side casting stand, Suitable plastic combs Should be supplied with SDS PAGE Starter Kit , Protein Marker and other necessary consumables. item19 1 Nos
21 1.2 Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis system Size of 7x10cm with safety lid with sample throughput of 8-30,UV transparent gel tray of size 7x 7 with integrated fluorescent ruler. tape free gel casting module for leak free operations.A system should include two 1.5mm 8- & 15-well fixed height combs. option for adjustable height combs with comb holders. item20 1 Nos
22 1.21 Power Supplyfor Electrophoresis Output range (programmable): 10–300 V, fully adjustable in 1 V steps 4–400 mA, fully adjustable in 1 mA steps 75 W maximum, Type of output: Constant voltage, constant current with automatic crossover Output terminals: 4 pair recessed banana jacks floating in parallel Timer: 1–999 min, fully adjustable Pause/resume run function Operating conditions: 0–40°C; 0–95% humidity in the absence of condensation, overload/short circuit protection, input line protection, auto power-up after power failure Input protection: Fuse on both hot and neutral Input power (actual): 198–264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz item21 1 Nos
24 2.01 Class ABC (dry) fire extinguishers Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 4 Ltrs,FIRE RATING 2A 21B CYLINDER MATERIAL M.S ,, EXPELLANT NITROGEN. item22 1 Nos
25 2.02 Class B Carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 9Ltrs FIRE RATING 4 A 55B item23 1 Nos
26 2.03 First aid kit 2 Standard kit with all major first aid accessories. item24 1 Nos
27 2.04 Fire Blankets BS6575 fire protect blanket,100x100cm item25 1 Nos
28 2.05 Fume hood Working Size (ft.)3' x 2' x 2', MOC CRCA 18G Epoxy Powder Coated,Door vertical Folding Type.Working table top M.S Powder Coated Sheet Covered with P.P Sheet, Air velocity =0.5m/s, Noise level 65dBA item26 1 Nos
29 2.06 Laminar air flow chamber (vetical air flow) Vertical Laminar Airflow Bench:4 x 2 x 2 1 person item27 1 Nos
30 2.07 Water bath Digital Thermostatic Lab Water Bath 30 L Water Bath Heater 1 Chamber with 2 Openings, for Lab Use 110V/60 Hz item28 1 Nos
31 2.08 Colony counter Colony counter SC 6 Plus 0 to 999, 120-230V, 50/60 Hz, 70WDigital display: 3 digit LED Lighting: White LED Magnifier glass: 1.7x and 3x (option) Counter: 0 to 999 Petri dishes: diam. 50 to 90 mm 999 Dimensions (W x D x H): 310 x 300 x 140 mm item29 1 Nos
32 2.09 Micro centrifuge Max. speed/force 6600rpm/2200xG; Supplied with 2 rotors, Fixed Angle (6 x 1.5/2.0mL) and Strip (16 x0.2mL) item30 1 Nos
33 2.1 Magnetic stirrer Maximum stirring capacity: 2000ml,- Size: Approx. 21x14.5cm/ .27x5.71", - Heating power: 250W- Stirring Power: 25W - Power supply: 220V (EU Plug, AU Plug)/ 110V (US Plug), - Speed: 0-2400r / min - Temperature range: Liquid -100 ? item31 1 Nos
34 2.11 Haemoglobinometer – BOX Standard item32 1 Nos
35 2.12 Haemocytometer BOX Standard item33 1 Nos
36 2.13 Digital PH meter 2 channel professional benchtop meter with a graphic LCDPower DC9V/200mA, pH/ORP/ISE and temperature measurement capability EC/TDS/NaCl/Resistivity, five point pH calibration item34 1 Nos
37 2.14 Trans luminator Light source UV. Wavelength 302nm, Viewing surface 16x19cm item35 1 Nos
38 2.15 Mercury Thermometer Temperature range of -38° to +55°C. Accuracy is ± 0.15°F above freezing. item36 1 Nos
39 2.16 Heating mantles Temperature range 0 to 450 °C with temperature control item37 1 Nos
40 2.17 Hot plates /Induction top Anti-magnetic wall, High/Low Voltage protection.Voltage(V) : 230; Wattage(W) : 2000\nWeight: 2.51 Kg\n item38 1 Nos
41 2.18 Digital microscope Stereoscopic microscopes with double layer stage; AC and DC; Camera head; objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Illumination: Light source type: white LED with high quality digital camera support item39 1 Nos
43 3.01 \n1) Lab centrifuge – Programmable advanced Microcontroller with soft touch key pad.\n• Operating time should be 1 to 99 Mins.\n• Acceleration time range should be 30 to 300 sec.\n• LCD display for set time and other working parameters.\n• Instrument should have facility of Display of RCF value, Safety lid switch, imbalance detection and safety cut off mechanism.\n• Instrument should have facility of last used program memory. \n• Sturdy and safe metal fabricated body with corrosion resistant epoxy coating.\n• Maximum capacity should be 200 ml\n• Maximum speed 500 rpm \n• Maximum RCF 3650 Xg\n• Should be supplied 8 x15 ml angle rotor head with metal carrier and polypropylene tubes, maximum speed 5000 RPM and RCF 3450 Xg.\n• Certifications: CE, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, NSIC, IAF, AIAO-BAR Accredited USA.\n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate for specific Tender. \n• Warranty: 3 Year with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period\n item40 1 Nos
44 3.02 Electric Bunsen Burner • Electrically operated S.S. housing, \n• ceramic crucible for rapid heating, \n• Insulated high quality ceramic wool. \n• Maximum Temp: up to 600°C \n• With Energy Regulator with 3 year warrenty\n item41 1 Nos
45 3.03 Digiital Concluctivity meter• Microprocessor based conductivity meter\n• Measuring Frequency :1000 Hz\n• Conductivity Range :20µS/cm to1000mS/cm in 5 ranges (1µS/cm=1µMho/cm), 20uS,200,2000,20mS,200mS\n• Resolution :0.01µS/cm\n• Temperature Compensation :AUTO 0-100 °C/MAN 0-100 °C\n• Display :16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD display\n• Memory : can store up to 100 readings\n• Power Supply : 230V a.c,50Hz\n• Conductivity cell : provided with cell constant 1\n• Temperature sensor : provided for ATC\n• Complete with Conductivity Cell(CC-1),pt-100 temperature sencvsor,manual ,Cell stand\n• Certifications: CE and ISO\n• Warranty: 3 Year with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period\n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate\n item42 1 Nos
46 3.04 Digital Potentiometer Input Configuration: Bipolar\n• MV Range : 0 to ± 1999 V\n• Stirrer speed : 0 to full speed\n• Switch : Hold reading when Pressed\n• Polarization current : 10 µA for metal To metal electrode \n• Input Impedance : 10 Ohm\n• Polarity : Automatic\n• Magnetic stirrer: In­built with variable control.\n• Display : 3½ Digits LED\n• Ag/AgCl Electrode -2 Nos. Calomel electrode -2 Nos Power requirement : 230 V AC± 10%, 50Hz\n• Vendor Should be provided Manufacturer authorization Certificate for Specific tender\n• Certification : CE and ISO certified\n• Warranty: 3 Year with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period\n item43 1 Nos
47 3.05 pH Meter (0 to 14 PH)5) Benchtop pH meter – 1no\n• PARAMETERS: pH, TEMPERATURE, mV, RELATIVE mV, SLOPE\n• OUTPUT:16 X 2 LCD\n• INPUT:6 KEY KEY-PAD\n• POWER SUPPLY : 230 V , 50 Hz\n• MEMORY:100 READINGS OF PH, TEMPERATURE AND mV\n• CALIBRATION:THREE POINT CALIBRATION (7 PH,4 AND 9.2 pH)\n• ACCURACY: +/-0.01\n• RESOLUTION: 0.01\n• ADDITIONAL FEATURES:HOLD\n• pH value measured: 0-14\n• Temperature range : 0-100 degreeC\n• Millivolt range : 0+/-1999 mV Glass electrode for pH -2 Nos\n• Complete with combined electrode, temperature sensor, manual ,electrode stand, and \n• electrode stand buffer set(4,7 and 9.2 pH)\n• Certification: CE & ISO certified\n• Warranty: 3 Year with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period\n• Vendor should be provided Original Equipment manufacturer authorization Certificate\n item44 1 Nos
48 3.06 Deioniser \n• A set of PVC columns, charged with high exchange capacity cation & anion resin with strainer\narrangement.\n• Digital conductivity meter to monitor the quality of deionised water.\n• A set of flexible PVC tubes with connectors for inlet, outlet & inter-connection of the resin columns.\n• All are housed in a trolley mounted, corrosion proof mild steel stand for easy mobility. PVC / FRP\nregeneration tank for regeneration.\n• pH of feed : 6.5 to 7.5\n• Turbidity : < 5 NTU\n• Feed water TDS : < 200 ppm\n• Free organics : Nil\n• Iron as Fe3 : < 0.1 ppm\n• Oil & Grease : Nil\n• Free Chlorine : Nil\n• Temperature : 45 deg. C max.\n• Silica : < 20 ppm\n• Treatment flow should be Minimum 30 Ltrs and Maximum 100 Ltrs.\n• Working pressure should be Minimum 1 and Maximum 2.5\n• Treatment water quality: conductivity <10 µ mohs and 7.5 to 9.5 pH\n• Quantity of resin: Cation colum 8 Ltrs and Anion colum 8 Ltrs\n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization certificate for specific tender.\n• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty\nperiod.\n item45 1 Nos
49 3.07 7) Hot Air Oven with Digital Temperature Controller\n• Chamber size Should be 35x35x35\n• Capacity should be 43 Ltrs or More\n• Temperature range: 50? to 250?\n• Control accuracy: ±1 ?\n• Uniformity: ± 2.0 at 100.0?\n• Minimum 2 No. of Shelves with height adjustable in 25mm steps.\n• Digital temperature controller with timer\n• Aero dynamic internal design for achieving horizontal air circulation.\n• Solid and plain bottom without electrical.\n• Outer body made up of Mild steel\n• Inner body made of Stainless steel 304 with clear bottom\n• Certifications: CE , ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485: 2003 (Medical devices)\n• Should be provided IQ/OQ/PQ Certification.\n• Power Supply : 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply\n• Display : Digital LED Display \n• Vendor should be provided Manufacture authorization certificate for Specific tender \n• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period.\n item46 1 Nos
50 3.08 TLC applicator• TLC Kit with Applicator and Jar with following accessories.\n• Thin Layer drawing board, Drying rack, Spotting guide, developing chamber, Glass pipette, Silica Gel, Glass Plates.\n\n item47 1 Nos
51 3.09 UV Visible Spectrophotometer (Sinqle Beam)• Microprocessor & Micro Controller Based \n• Automatic Wavelength Calibration, Selection of Wavelength & Positioning of Sample Holder. \n• Wavelength Range: 190 – 1100nm. \n• Bandwidth: 2 nm. \n• Absorbance Range: ± 2.5 Abs. \n• Accuracy : ± 0.5nm & ± 0.005 Abs \n• Readability:0.1nm, 0.01 %T & 0.0001 Abs. \n• Repeatability: ± 0.2nm & ± 0.003 Abs \n• Stability: ± 0.003 Abs / hr \n• Detector: Silicon Photo Diode. \n• Light Source: Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp \n• Programmable Wavelength for Lamp Change over \n• Monochromator: Czerny – Turner Type with 1200 lines/mm Holographic Diffraction Grating \n• USB interface for PC Connectivity. \n• 4 Line 20 Character Dot Matrix Backlit LCD Module for Data Presentation. \n• Motorized 6 Position Cuvette Holder with Programmable cuvette selection for 10mm Path length cuvettes \n• Stand-alone unit with data processing features for Scanning, Discrete Wavelength, Concentration determination by standards and e-factor method, Time scan with minimum time interval of 1.0 sec, Auto-zero facility, self-check and self-diagnostic modes. \n• PC Software features: Spectrum, Discrete Wavelength,Concentration, e - Factor, Time Scan, Enzyme Kinetics, Overlay, Ratiometric, Peak Picking, Up to 4th order Derivative, Spectra Zooming, Smoothing, Data Saving & Retrieving, Auto Zero facility and Printing. \n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate for specific tender \n• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period. \n\n item48 1 Nos
52 3.1 Magnetic stirrer with hotplate\n• Magnetic stirrer suitable for unsupervised operation, with new stir technology\n• Automatic judgement stirring bar displacement and capture\n• Easy to read digital display\n• Fuzzy logic control & microprocessor technology guarantee max. control accuracy\n• Different heating modes ensure the stirring function does not change due to external factors.\n• Individually controlled stirring for consistency with various samples.\n• Stepless speed Regulation.\n• External rotor brushless motor reduces operating noises and increases motor life\n• Electronic speed control motor provides constant speed during changes in load\n• Capacity should be 3 Litters or More\n• Speed range should be 0 to 1500 RPM\n• Size should be 280x160x80 mm\n• Temperature should be RT to 280 /degree C\n• Dimension Workplate should be 135 mm\n• Power: 515W\n• Certification: CE\n• Vendor Should be Provided Manufacture Authorization Certificate\n• Warranty: 3 Year with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period.\n item49 1 Nos
53 3.11 Digital Polarirneter\n• Polarimeters designed in order to minimize the destructive influences of a hot and humid climate and abrupt temperature changes on the sensitive optics and are suitable for use in Tropical conditions.\n• Superior quality triple shadow system\n• Triple Shadow System rotates with the circle thus affording immediate indication of the direction of the material being examined.\n• Permanent focus with difficult and dark liquids\n• High accuracy and repeatability along with strain free viewing\n• Tube Length (Maximum): 220 mm\n• Angular Scale: 0-360º\n• Angular scale Accuracy: ±0.05º\n• International sugar scale: ±130º\n• ISS Accuracy: ±0.1°Z\n• Light source: Integrated Light\n• Size: 27"X13 1/2" 141/2\n• Weight: less than 11 Kg\n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization certificate for specific tender.\n• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty with periodic preventive inspection every 3 months during the warranty period\n item50 1 Nos
54 3.12 Stalaqmometer item51 1 Nos
55 3.13 Melting and Boiling Point Apparatus (Diqital)• Covered Cylindrical Silicon Oil Bath for Safety of Operator.\n• Built-in Magnetic Stirrer with Electronic Speed Controller.\n• Electronic Controller for Adjusting the Heating Rate.\n• Digital Display of Temperature with PT-100 Sensor.\n• Glare-free Back-ground LED light with adjustable light Intensity.\n• Provision for holding the melting point display when sample melts.\n• Built-in image magnifier for clear vision of sample.\n• Temperature Range up to 300?\n• Least Count 1° C\n• Certification: CE, GMP,NSIC and D& B\n• Vendor should be provided Manufacturer Authorization Certificate item52 1 Nos
56 3.14 ice maker with stabilizer (counter top ice maker)•Counter top ice maker\n1.should contain one ice scoop, one water line, one drain line, one ice bin\n2.material should be stainless steel\n3. capacity should be 3 pound\n4.speed and efficiency- less than 20 minutes to first nugget, 1lb ice in an hour and the bin should hold 3 lbs\n5. automatically controlled water inlet, ice making, water releasing and ice dropping.\n\n6. 3 year warrenty item53 1 Nos
57 3.15 Class ABC (dry) flre extinguishers Aluminium body— 4.5 kg suitable for Class B fires discharge distance - maximum 2 metre operting type squeeze grip, brass valve item54 1 Nos
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