Providing Lighting Arrangement And Allied Electrical Work For Water Pond At Sector 15 Kamothe

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Providing Lighting Arrangement And Allied Electrical Work For Water Pond At Sector 15 Kamothe

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Providing Lighting Arrangement And Allied Electrical Work For Water Pond At Sector 15 Kamothe

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Name of Work: Providing lighting arrangement & allied electrical work for water pond at sector-15, Kamothe.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 SCHEDULE - A item1
2 1.01 Supplying and erecting 12.5 m (clear height) High Mast (Top-150mm, Bottom- 360mm) with lowering and raising motorized unit, lantern carriage assembly suitable for max. 6 nos. luminaries and its control gear box, lightning finial arrangement for fixing aviation light and foundation bolts on provided foundation (excluding luminaries). Item2 4 No
3 1.02 Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning G.I. pipe pole 'B' grade 75/80mm dia 6 mtr long with 75mm deep pole cap and M.S/G.I base plate of size 30 x 30 x 0.6 cms. welded at the bottom and duly painted with two coats of red oxide paint and one coat of bituminous paint for the 1/6th length to be embedded in ground & muffing (square/round) and two coats of silver paint for the remaining portion and complete erected in provided C.C foundation and muffing (square/round) with necessary arrangement for erthing termination and fixing terminal box. Item3 9 No
4 1.03 Making M- 20 cement concrete foundation by considering the safe soil bearing capacity at site as 10 T/sq. m at 2 m depth including excavation and fixing provided nut bolts with the help of template, duly plastered as per design complete (for 12.5 m raising lowering high mast). Item4 4 No
5 1.04 Providing cement concrete foundation including excavation for the pole 60cms x 60cms x 1.5mtr. Deep in 1:3:6 cement concrete (20x25mm.stone metal) and 45cms x 45cms x 45cms. /45cm.dia. x 45cms. Height plinth duly plastered and with necessary curring and finishing in an approved manner(for 6mtr. pole) Item5 9 No.
6 1.05 Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of following LED integral luminaires made of high pressure die cast alluminium housing with appropriate heat sink fins and embossed with manufacturers name. \n1) The luminarie shall have maximum available system efficacy but not be less than 100 lumens/watt.\n2) CRI shall be more than 70.\n3) Colour Temperature shall be nominal 5700K(with variation limits of ±300K)\n4) Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage and Current shall be less than 10%\n5) Operating range shall be 140V to 270V\n6) Power Factor of Luminiare shall be more than 0.95\n7) Luminaire and Lamp shall be LM79,LM80 compliant respectively\n8) Luminaire Shall withstand surge protection upto 4kV\n9) Luminaire shall have facility to shift on standby mode in case voltage rises above operating range.\n10) Fixture cover shall be IK07 rated clear Toughened glass\n11) Luminaire shall carry minimum three years warranty.\n12) There shall be provision for termination of earth connection. Item6
7 1.06 40W to 48W LED Street light fitting Item7 12 No.
8 1.07 LED flood light fitting 200W Item8 24 No
9 1.08 Supplying & erecting integral post top lantern fixtures (light house type) suitable for LED lamp upto 18 W consisting of combination of spun aluminium canopy & clear acrylic top cover, cast aluminium pole cap on provided pole/ bracket Item9 8 No
10 1.09 Supplying and erecting street light bracket for erection of single fitting made from 40 mm. dia ‘B’ class G.I. pipe 1.0 m in length along with pole cap of 300 mm length 100 mm dia duly welded Item10 6 No
11 1.1 Supplying and erecting street light bracket for erection of double fitting made from 40 mm. dia ‘B‘ class G.I. pipe 1.0 m in length along with pole cap of 300 mm length 100 mm dia duly welded Item11 3 No
12 1.11 Supplying & erecting FRP box of size 250 X 200 X 100 mm., 4 mm thick permanent gray colour with 15 Amps 250 Volts porcelain base kitkat fuse and top with bakelite connector strip 4 way having locking arrangement with lock and key with arrangements for incoming & outing cables at bottom of the box & outgoing wire leads at the rear side provided with necessary fixing arrangement for the erection on the poles suitable size clamps provided with nuts bolts & washers etc. complete. Item12 13 No
13 1.12 Supplying and erecting pipe type earthing with 40 mm. Dia 2.5 mtr. Long G.I. Pipe or 20 mm dia. G.I. Rod buried in earth with necessary double G.I. Earth wire No.8 SWG complete erected and connected to nearest switchgears / earth terminal. Item13 19 No
14 1.13 Supplying & erecting double PVC copper wire of size 3 x 2.5 PVC stranded copper wire between terminal box & fitting. Item14 100 Mtr.
15 1.14 Supplying and erecting XLPE armoured cable 1100 V grade with ISI mark stranded aluminiun to be laid in provided trench / in provided pipe in an approved manner of 4core x16 Cable size with termination. Item15 500 Mtr.
16 1.15 Supplying, erecting & terminating XLPE armoured cable 3½ core 50 sq. mm. aluminium conductor with continuous 5.48 sq. mm. (12 SWG) G.I. earth wire complete erected with glands & lugs, on wall/ trusses/pole or laid in provided trench/ pipe Item16 100 Mtr.
17 1.16 Supplying and laying (including excavation) 50 mm outside dia. Double wall corrugated pipes (DWC) of HDPE for enclosing cable below ground/road surface, to required depth complete. Item17 500 Mtr.
18 1.17 Supplying and laying (including excavation of suitable width & depth up to 90 cm) 75 mm outside dia. double wall corrugated pipes (DWC) of HDPE for enclosing cable below ground/road surface, to required depth complete. Item18 90 Mtr.
19 1.18 Supplying & laying 50mm dia G.I pipe "A" grade for laying of cable for drainage crossing at required depth of 0.9mtr complete with necessary back filling as per directives of Engineer-in-charge. Item19 10 Mtr.
20 1.19 Supplying and laying (including excavation) 15CMs. Dia. RCC hume pipe with coupling collar of standard thickness at required depth upto 90cms. Below road / ground surface, for enclosing provided cable and necessary back filling with light ramming to make the road/ground surface as it was. Item20 30 Mtr.
21 1.2 Providing cement Concrete for Foundation or for concrete filling in 1:3:6 ratio with 20 to 25 mm stone metal duly plastered with necessary curing for pole muffing or any other purpose. Item21 5 Cum
22 1.21 Supplying & erecting street light control panel in powder coated CRCA 14/16 SWG sheet, outdoor type, three phase, 415Volts consisted of suitable rating contactor, 24 Hrs Digital/ Astronomical time switch, TPN MCB 63 Amp, Auto/manual selector switch, ON/OFF push buttons, indicator lamps, control wiring, metering device etc for automatic operation & overcurrent, short circuit, earth fault protection of street lights upto the max load of 12 kW on provided iron frame / CC foundation with separate provision for installation of MSEDCL Energy meter arrangement & allied accessories. Item22 1 No
23 1.22 Supplying and erecting iron, sheet metal work consisting of CRCA sheets, various sections of iron, plates, chequered plates, rods, bars, MS pipes, etc. for panel board or any other purpose with bending, cutting, drilling and welding complete erected at the position with necessary materials duly painted with one coat of red oxide and two coats of enamel paint to match the switchgears or as per directions by the authority. Item23 10 kg
24 1.23 Supplying and erecting submersible pump set suitable for erection on open well of 2.25 KW/3 HP with 415 V 50 c/s.A.C. supply, having delivery head from 21 to 7 m and discharge from 200 to 800 Itrs. per minute (Max efficiency at 16 m head & 500 Itr discharge) & pipe of Suction 50mm /Delivery 50 mm diameter erected with necessary H type clamps Item24 1 No.
25 1.24 Supplying and erecting flat flexible 3 core 4 sq mm PVC sheathed submersible type copper cable suitably clamped at fixed intervals with column pipe assembly complete. Item25 50 Mtr.
26 1.25 Supplying and erecting D. O. L. Starter suitable for 250V. Single phase, 50 cycles with overload element with necessary materials and connected to supply upto 3 H.P. Item26 1 No.
27 1.26 Co-ordination with MSEDCL for obtaining new LT connections and liasoning with any other Govt. authority. Preparation of schematic & detailed drawings as required by statutory authority and submission of the same in required sets to the statutory authority on behalf of CIDCO, obtaining approval for commencement and commissioning of the work. Payment of statutory authority, co-ordination with authority for the site visits etc. and submission of As built drawings in 3 sets in the form of prints & in the form of CD. the work also includes obtaining approvals of material, handing over of the installation to the statutory authority on completion of the work. Item27 1 Job
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