Flood Damage Repairs To Minor Bridges On Mahan-Akola Road Nh-161A Under F . D . R Programme 2020-21 In The State Of Maharashtra .

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Corrigendum : Flood Damage Repairs To Minor Bridges On Mahan-Akola Road Nh-161A Under F . D . R Programme 2020-21 In The State Of Maharashtra .

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Flood Damage Repairs To Minor Bridges On Mahan-Akola Road Nh-161A Under F . D . R Programme 2020-21 In The State Of Maharashtra .

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 07-Jan-2021 corrigendum1 Date 11-02-2021
2 09-Feb-2021 Corrigendum 2 Date 22-03-2021
3 09-Mar-2021 Corrigendum 3 Date 30-03-2021
4 18-Mar-2021 Corrigendum 4 Date 07-04-2021
5 28-Mar-2021 Corrigendum 5 Date 20-04-2021
6 19-Apr-2021 corrigendum6 Date 31-05-2021
7 24-May-2021 Corrigendum 7 Date 15-07-2021

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BOQ Items

Name of Work : Flood Damage Repairs to Minor Bridges on Mahan-Akola Road NH 161 A Under F.D.R. Programe 2020-21 in the State of Maharashtra
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and laying Cast in situ/Ready Mix cement concrete M-20 of trap / granite\n/quartzite/ gneiss metal for R.C.C.ballasts walls, kerbs & box returns including scaffholding, compaction, formwork, finishing & curing etc complete( excluding reinforcement, with fully automatic micro processer based PLC without Scada enable Concrete Batchmix plant/ Pan mixer with fine aggregates of required specification)(VSI sand finely washed etc) RCC work of Kerb 23.76 Cum
2 2 Providing cutting bending hooking tieing & laying in position TMT - FE - 500 steel bar reinforcement for all RCC works as per detail drawings etc complete. 1.9 MT
3 3 Providing railing of mild steel angle post 2.0m center to center of section 75mm x 75mm x 10mm or equivalent I/C section of height 1.05 above bridge surface with minimum anchor length of 30cm including hold fast of 25mm diameter MS bar welded at the bottom and concreting of 1:3:6 of size 30cm x 30cm x 30cm with three rows of 40mm B class GI pipe provided at 30cm on center to center including scaffolding and one coat of anticorrosive paint with two coats of oil painting, curing of concrete etc. complete 156 Rmt
4 4 Supplying and Fixing of Molded Shank Raised Pavement Markers / Cat's Eye made of polycarbonate and ABS moulded body and reflective panels with micro prismatic lens capable of providing total internal reflection of the light entering the lens face and shall support a load of 16000Kilogramtested in accordance to ASTM D 4280 Type H and complying to Specifications of Category A of MORTH Circular No RW/NH/33023/10-97 DO III Dt 11.06. 1997. The height, width and length shall not exceed 50 mm, 100 mm and 102 +/- 2 mm and with minimum reflective area of 13 Sqcm on each side and the slope to the base shall be 35 +/- 5 degree. The strength of detachment of the integrated cylindrical shanks, (of diameter not less than 19 +/- 2 mm and height not less than 30+/- 2 mm) from the body is to be a minimum value of 500 Kilogram. Fixing will be by drilling holes on the road for the shanks to go inside, without nails and using epoxy resin based adhesive as per manufacturer's recommendation and complete as directed by the engineer.The contractor shall submit a two year warranty for satisfactory field performance including stipulated retro-reflectance of the reflecting panel, to the Engineer. 156 Nos
5 5 Providing and fixing of retro- reflectorised informatory sign board rectangular/Square in shape having area less than 0.9 square meter made out of         mm aluminum sheet bonded with white retro reflective sheeting of Class       ( Type IV High intensity micro-prismatic grade sheeting-HIP) having pressure sensitive/heat activated adhesive retoreflective specified back ground, border and back side retoreflctive symbols, letters, numerals, arrow as per IRC:67-2012 Table No 8.3, supported with back support frame 25mm x 25mm x 3mm, duly painted on back side with two coats of grey stove enamel paint and supported on one Number mild steel angle iron post 75 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm, 3.5 mt long firmly fixed to the ground by means of properly designed foundation with M25 grade cement concrete 45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm, 60 cm below ground level as per approved drawing The angle iron post shall be duly painted with one coat of epoxy primer and two coats of epoxy finish paints having alternate black and white bands of 25 cm width including GI fixures and transportation etc.complete.The nut bolts of board with angle iron post/supporting structure after fixing at site has to be electrically welded. Class B ( Type IV High intensity micro-prismatic grade sheeting-HIP) sheeting shall have 7 years written warranty from the manufacturer and authorised distributor/convertor issued for field performance including the screen printed areas and cut-out sheeting and cut-out durable transparent overlay film and this warranty 4mm aluminum composite material Class B 9 Sqm
6 6 Excavation for foundation in earth, soils of all types, sand, gravel, soft murum including shoring and strutting, dewatering as necessary and disposing off excavated stuff as directed etc. complete. 77.22 Cum
7 7 Providing and laying in situ / ready mix cement concrete of M-10 proportion with trap/ granite/ quartzite/ gneiss metal in foundation including necessary form work, compacting and curing etc. complete. (with reversible drum type mixer without SCADA with fine agreegates of required specifications (Natural sand / VSI sand finely washed etc ) 12.87 Cum
8 8 Providing cast in situ / ready mix M20 grade cement concrete for head walls of CD work / retaining walls etc. including necessary form work, compaction, finishing and curing etc. complete. (with reversible drum type mixer/ concrete batch mix plant (pan mixer) without SCADA 56.41 Cum
9 9 Providing selected hard murum filling including laying in layers of 15 to 20cmwith watering and compacting etc. complete 16.32 Cum
10 10 Maintenance of Hume Pipe Culvert by way if cleaning. Clearing, Erosion Repair, Repairs to cracks, parapet wall & protection works as per drawing etc complete. 2 Nos
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