Provision Of Solar Power Plant At Cgra Kozhikode

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Corrigendum : Provision Of Solar Power Plant At Cgra Kozhikode

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Provision Of Solar Power Plant At Cgra Kozhikode

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 11-Dec-202 Amendment Technical Bid 21-12-2020
2 21-Dec-202 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 28-12-2020

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INR 500 /-
INR 50200.00 /-
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Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Design, supply, installation testing and commissioning of roof top solar photovoltaic power plant (ON-GRID) on roof top of existing bldg of capacity 35 KWp tiltable type and power evacuation at 415 Volt 3 phase system all as per guidelines/norms issued by MNRE & Indian Metrological Deptt approved Solar Radiation Data viz Direct Normal Irradiance, Global Horizontal Irradiance etc complete comprising with the following :-\nSOLAR PHOTO VOLTAIC PLANT\n(a) Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Solar PV Modules capable of generating 35 KWp (AC) electricity at 415 Volt 3 phase system. These Solar PV Modules shall be as per approved design parameters, with Poly/Multi Crystalline Silicon Solar cells of minimum wattage of 330/375 W with minimum 72 cells & efficiency not less than 17 -19 %, conforming to IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701. Solar PV Module should be of approved Indian Brand only and Qualify under the Domestic Content requirement (DCR) norms of NVVN/SECI and testing requirement fixed by MNRE. The PV modules shall be warranted for a period of minimum 25 years. Solar PV modules used in System shall be warranted for their output peak watt capacity, which should not be less than 90% at the end of Ten years and 80% at the end of Twenty Five years. Each Solar PV Module must use RF identification tag. The following information must be mentioned in the RFID used in each module: -\n\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 1 Each Job
2 1.01 Name of manufacture of PV module, Name of manufacturer of Solar cell, Month & year of manufacturer (for solar cell and module), Country of origin(It is mandatory to use cells and modules manufactured in India). I-V curve of the module, Wattage, L-M, V-M, & FF for the module, Unique Serial No & Model No of the module, Date & year of IEC PV qualification certificate, Name of the test lab issued IEC certificate. The PV modules used in the solar power projects must qualify to the latest edition of the following International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) PV module qualification test or equivalent BIS Standards. The PV module must be tested and approved by one of the IEC authorized test centres.\n\n(b) Material and labour for Module Mounting structure (MMS) fabricted from pre-coated aluminium section of suitable size with specified tilt angle according to site requirement & Optimum angle to achieve Maximum benefit of solar energy and suitable to withstand 150 Kmph wind speed all as per approved design parameters and to match with the existing site conditions. Necessary roof treatment to avoid any seepage in future shall be done by the Contractor and the amount included in the rate quoted. \n(c) Supply , laying & Testing of DC cable minimum size 1x4/1x 6 sq mm multi straned copper conductor, conforming to relavant IS, weather proof UV resistant with operating temperature up to 120 degrees, minimum rated voltage 1100 volt for inter connection of SPV Modules including suitable size of cable lugs, male & female MC4 connectors & joints etc. \n(d) Supply, installation test and commissioning of junction boxes / SMBs for 35 KWp AC output all as per approved design & layout plan for combining output of Solar PV modules, DC rating of breaker of designed rating with string fuses on both positive and negative side of each string complete with SMB Voltage rating 1000 V, Copper bus bar, weather proof enclosure with NEMA rating complete. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114
3 1.02 (e) Supply, laying & Testing of DC cable 2 runs minimum size 1x4/1x 6 sq mm(DC side) multi strand tinned copper conductor through PVC conduit 20 mm dia ISI marked, weather proof UV resistant with operating temperature up to 120 degrees for connection from String junction box to Inverter / PCUs and 4x25 Sqmm copper unarmourered(for ac side) including suitable size of cable lugs, male & female MC4 connectors & joints etc. \n(f) Supply, installation, test and commissioning of Grid tie Solar Power conditioning unit / inverter of minimum capacity 35 KW (DC to AC 415 V in Three phase system) all as per approved design parameters & capable of generating output voltage 415 V AC at rated load condition with efficiency not less than 98 %, conforming to IEC 600682-2 /VDE standards with power reduction, LVRT with protections for anti-islanding, Ground fault monitoring, Grid Monitoring, AC & DC Over voltage and under voltage protection, AC & DC short circuit /over current protection and DC reverse polarity protection, graphic display etc. all as specified and as directed.\n(g) Material and labour for Earthing for Lightning protection for SPV modules etc as per IE rule, MNRE guide line & BIS all as per approved plan complete with galvanised earth plate electrode 600x600x6 mm thick buried directly in ground vertically (earth pit not less than 2.25 mtr deep below normal ground level) with top edge of plate not less than 1.5 mtr below normal ground level connected to and including GI strip 32x6mm size protected with GI medium grade pipe 40mm dia for earth electrode up to test point by means of GI nuts, bolts, check nuts and washers including earth work excavation, PCC (1:3:6) type C1 pit and RCC cover ( 1:2:4) type B1 and funnel, with necessary charcoal, salt etc complete.\n(h) Supply and fixing aluminium strip of size 25 x 3mm thick for roof / down conductor fixed on insulators/ saddles of suitable size for SPV modules lightning protection upto interconnection between Roof top LA to Ground Earthing system. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115
4 1.03 Note (i) :-\n (a) Before quoting the bid, Contractor or his authorised Engineer / consultant must visit the proposed site to study the site condition.\n(b) Before commencement of work, contractor shall submit drawings & lay out plan with scale including required qty to Accepting Officer for approval. \nNote (ii):-\n(a) The mechanical structures, electrical works and overall workmanship of the Grid solar power plant must be warrented for a minimum of 5 years.\n(b) All Mechanical, Electrical works shall be carried out as per relevant BIS/IS/equivalent standard norms only and also in accordance with the latest edition of the Indian Electricity Act / rules formed thereunder and as amended from time to time.\n(c) Any other works (mechanical, electrical & Civil) connected to installation, testing & functional requirement of solar photovoltaic power plant of capacity 35 KWp (AC) all as mentioned above and which is not mentioned or included in this Schedule A , but required at site necessary shall be carried out by the contractor and quoted rate shall deemed to included for the same.\n(d) Contractor shall provide adequate Spares/items required for minimum period of 1 year maintenance including DC & AC items under scope of work. \n(e) Remote monitoring system for solar system shall be provided with mobile network SIM card and data pack recharge for minimum one year.
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