Provision Of Well Water Supply To All Married Accn And Desalination Plant For Otm Accn For Dhq 12 Icgs Kavaratti

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Corrigendum : Provision Of Well Water Supply To All Married Accn And Desalination Plant For Otm Accn For Dhq 12 Icgs Kavaratti

Tender Details

Provision Of Well Water Supply To All Married Accn And Desalination Plant For Otm Accn For Dhq 12 Icgs Kavaratti

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 23-Nov-202 81009 Amendments to NIT document Terms and Conditions 02-12-2020
2 02-Dec-202 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 09-12-2020

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 500 /-
INR 68000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 34 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 List of Works
2 2 Total amount of Sch 'A' part-I (Buildings/ Structures) 1 LUMPSUM
3 3 Total amount of Sch 'A' part-II (Internal water supply) 1 LUMPSUM
4 4 Total amount of Sch 'A' part-III (External water supply) 1 LUMPSUM
5 5 Sch 'A' Part- IV (Miscellaneous) (Note : This schedule is not pre priced by MES and the pre priced rate indicated as "Rs. 0.00" under Col.5 signifies this fact only.)
6 6 INTERNAL WATER SUPPLY :-S&F 15mm fancy type bib tap, chromium plated with crutch or butterfly handle, screwed down, screwed for iron pipe or for brass ferrule complete all as specified and directed. Make : Jaguar Cat/ FLR No. – FLR-5047N or its equivalent s specified in list of make of PS 83 Each
7 7 EXTERNAL WATER SUPPLY :-S&F non-return square type check valve of bore dia 40mm fixed to CPVC tubing all complete conforming to IS. Make : CRI Cat No.SI01AVC4040SQCV1X1 or equivalent makes as specified in PS. 2 Each
8 8 S&F open well monoblock submersible pump set, electric driven, 240V, 50 Hz, Ac supply of capacity 1.5 HP (single phase ) all as specified and directed Make : Kirloskar/Beacon/ CRI or its equivalent as specified in list of makes of PS 2 Each
9 9 Supply and fix double compression stainless steel gland for fixing armoured cable in panel for cable of size 4.0 core 16 Sq mm to 35 Sq mm. 6 Each
10 10 Supply, Install, commissioning and testing of Pumping set, centrifugal, electric driven, complete of capacity 5 HP,Three phase 440 V, AC along with necessary fixing arrangements such as nuts, bolts, washers , inlet pipe connection etc. complete all as specified and directed by Engineer in charge. Make : Kirloskar/CRI/Beacon or its equivalent as specified in list of makes of PS\nNote : Provn of 40mm dia PVC pipe up to 3 mtr and PVC foot valve of size 40 mm dia for each pump deemed to be included in the rate quoted for the above item by the contractor.\n 2 Each
11 11 M & L for laying of Power/Control Copper Cable, Solid/Stranded Copper conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC tape/PVC Extruded Innersheathed for 3 core Cable 6 Sqmm, Unarmoured, extruded PVC Type ST2 Sheathed,1100 V grade as per IS 7098 submersible cable for connection between submersible pump set and DOL starter complete 45 RM
12 12 M&L construction of 200mm thick PCC solid block wall masonary valve chamber built in CM 1:6 with 150mm thick PCC foundation 1:2:4 type B-1 coping 50mm thick finished even and smooth, rendering 10mm thick in cement mortar (1:6), finished fair and and even externally including excavation earthwork in any strata, 6mm thick MS sheet cover fixed on angle iron frame 25x4mm embedded in PCC coping with locking arrangement and mild steel hold fast, mild steel handles and painting to steel surface with two coats of black bituminous paint over one coat of red oxide primer etc, complete all as specified and directed for internal size 600x600x600mm 13 Each Job
13 13 Supply, installation, tesing and commissioning CPRI certified factory made floor mounted compartmentalised cubical panel board outdoor type made out of self supported 3.15 mm minimum thickness made out of CRCA sheet conforming to IS-8623 totally enclosed with necessory ventilation, weather, dust and vermin proof (also to confirm IP-65 standard), front and rear opening and locking arrangement and duly powder coated of approved colour over outside and inside complete the panel board, 433 V, 3 phase, 4 wire 50 Hz having copper bus bar of 4 pole, minimum100 Amps capacity duly insulated with coloured R,Y,B&B sleeves,made of high conductivity 99.9% pure electrolytic copper of ETP grade including suitable copper earth strips conforming to IS and all as specified with supply and fixing the following :- \n(a) Provision of Voltmeter (0-450 Volt) - 01 No., Ammeter Direct (0-30 A) - 01 No., indicator lamps for R Y B, selector switch, and frequency meter. \n(b) MCB 32A, 25KA, 415V, 'C' curve, 3 pole - 1 No. (Incoming) Make L&T Cat No. 408653 or its equivalent specified in PS\n(c) DOL starter fully automatic suitable for 230 V, AC for 1.0 HP motor - 2 Nos with contactor , over load relay complete all as specified . Make L&T Cat No.: ST37491BOVO\n(d) MCB DP 10 A, 10 kA 'C' curve - 2 nos (outgoing) 1 Each Job
14 14 M&L DOL starter three phase 415V, 50 Hz AC, relay range 15 - 25A suitable for 5HP motors with enclosure made of synthetic material including testing complete all as specified and directed. Make : L&T model SS95647 or its equivalent as specified in list of makes in PS. 2 Each
15 15 M&L for preparation of old decorated painted surfaces of walls and applying one coat of exterior emulsion weather proof paint complete all as specified and directed. 500 Sqm
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