Construction Of 4 Nos . Of Deep Piezometers In Ground Water Division , Cuddalore ( Thiruvakkulam , Tittagudi , Nemili And Rettanai Villages ) , For The Year 2020-2021

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Construction Of 4 Nos . Of Deep Piezometers In Ground Water Division , Cuddalore ( Thiruvakkulam , Tittagudi , Nemili And Rettanai Villages ) , For The Year 2020-2021
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Construction Of 4 Nos . Of Deep Piezometers In Ground Water Division , Cuddalore ( Thiruvakkulam , Tittagudi , Nemili And Rettanai Villages ) , For The Year 2020-2021

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Construction of 4 nos. of Deep Piezometers in Ground Water Division, Cuddalore (Thiruvakkulam,Tittagudi, Nemili and Rettanai Villages)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Engaging of Mazdoor for preliminary field investigation, site clearance, cleaning the site after work, collection of soil samples, etc @ 3 Mazdoor for 5 days 60 nos.
2 2 Drilling of Borewell anywhere in Tamilnadu including transportation from one place to other place within Tamilnadu in alluvial soil or sedimentary strata of clay and sand stone, shale, pebbles, boulders etc., by first taking a pilot bore of 140mm/150mm dia and then enlarging to required dia by direct or reverse rotary mud circulation method using contractor’s rig, fuel, labour, drilling, betonite mud and water required for drilling at the site shown by the officers including construction of mud pit\nDrilling of 140/150mm Pilot bore\na.Upto 60m depth ending below ground level\n\n 60 m
3 3 Drilling of bore wells of size 6 inch diameter in over burden soil using DTH Rig and as directed by Departmental officers 10 m
4 4 Drilling of bore wells of size 6 inch diameter in hard rock area using DTH Rig and as directed by Departmental officers.\n 210 m
5 5 Reaming 140/150 mm dia pilot bore to 300mm dia bore as directed by the Departmental officers.\na.Upto 60m depth ending below ground level 60 m
6 6 Supply of PVC casing pipes as per IS 12818 / 1992 and as amended from time to time with ISI marking of following diameter in 3m length with screwed and socket end. Complete and as directed by departmental officers.\n1) 150mm PVC Plain casing pipes 114 m
7 6.01 2) 150mm Ribbed Screen pipes 20 m
8 7 Labour charges for inserting 150mm dia (PVC Casing pipes assembly with slots or without slots) in the drilled hole including jointing the pipes etc.,complete and supplying and packing the annular space with pebbles of size and quality as approved by the departmental officers. 130 m
9 8 Charges for developing the Borewell with air compressor of 600 CFM capacity (Minimum 8 Hours) including transportation, labour and fuel charges for compressor as directed by the Departmental officers and conducting yield test by ‘V; notch method.\nFor flushing and developing of borewell 48 Hrs
10 9 Supply of 110mm dia PVC Pipes 276 m
11 10 Supply of 6inch dia PVCend cap for bore hole 4 nos
12 11 Provision for supply of clamps for 110mm pipe clamp fitting with bolt and nuts washers-for resting it on the platform 4 nos
13 12 Supplying and fabricating MS Box with sides made up of Gauge MS sheet, open at bottom with necessary door tobe opened at top erection over concrete masonery. The size of box should be 600mm long, 600mm wide and 400mm height on the front side and 500mm height on the rear side Top door has to be provided with minimum ten centimeter sloped projection on all sides with cross bracings M.S. plate size 16mm x 5mm and 10 gauge MS sheet and provided with special type of roller hinges and locking arangements. The box should cover over the frame of M.S. angles of size 35mmx35mmx5mm, 4nos vertical angle should be embedded in the platform concrete to a depth of 3.0m and anchored. The whole box arrangements should be painted with 2 coats of enamel paint over the primary coat and conveyance to the working site and fixing in position and as directed by the departmental officers. 4 nos
14 13 Construction of Cement Concrete Platform of 0.90x0.90x0.60M as per approved drawing and technical specification over the specification over the plain cement concrete 1:3:6(One cement three sand and six 40mm size broken stone jelly of size 1.50x1.50x0.30M for foundation laid in layers of not exceeding 15cm thick and providing plain cement concrete 1:2:4(One cement two sand & four 20mm size broken stone jelly) for Platform block including compacting finishing curing, steel centering for sides and soffits including supports and strutting etc., complete and plastering with CM1:3, 10mm thick and painting 2 coats with approved cement paint over one priming coat of cement paint complying with standard specification as directed by departmental officers. 4 nos
15 14 Provision for protection of drilling site by erecting temporary fencing etc., to prevent chidren from falling into the drilling site as per CE Lr.No.G6/Misc/Protection from borewells / 2009-1/ Dt:29-03-2010.\n(size: 4m X 4m) 4 nos
16 15 Fabricating supplying and fixing of Outer Fencing in position M.S Steel framed weldmesh grill using 40x 40x 6mm angle for outer frame with 25 x 6 mm flats stiffeners welded 4 Nos horizontally and 3Nos welded vertically in both direction and using 3"x 1" and fixing of steel door with outer frames of size 35x35x6mm for the shutter frames stiffeners with 25 x 6mm M.S flat is provided at 4 Nos diagonally and 2 Nos in the middle portion of door front and back in the shutter frame. 18-gauge C.R. sheet laid as panel in the shutter and welded intact. with necessary locking facilities and hinges including painting new iron works as directed by the departmental officers etc., complete complying with standard specification. 4 nos
17 16 GST for line items 1 to 15 1 All works
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