20 ( 5 ) /2019-Cles Request For Proposal For Empanelment Of Legal Service Providers

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Corrigendum : 20 ( 5 ) /2019-Cles Request For Proposal For Empanelment Of Legal Service Providers

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20 ( 5 ) /2019-Cles Request For Proposal For Empanelment Of Legal Service Providers , Category- A 1 . Quoted Rate Shall Be Exclusive Of Gst . 2 . The Above Rate As Quoted For The Supreme Court ( X ) Will Be Taken As ( 0 . 8*X ) For High Courts And ( 0 . 6*X ) For Lower Courts . 3 . The Above X As Quoted Will Be Taken As ( X/16 ) Per Hour For Any Hourly Assignments As May Decided During The Course Of Agreement . Litigation Work /Assignments As Defined In The Scope Of Work Such As Filing Of Appeals/Slp/Counter Affidavits/ Submissions/Written Statements / Application /Reply Etc . During Course Of Proceedings For Supreme Court Of India Note: 1 . I /We Hereby Confirm That In The Exception Cases Wherein We Are Asked To Appear In The Courts , We Shall Provide Such Service As Per The Rates Prescribed By Department Of Legal Affairs , Govt Of India . 2 . It Is Hereby Clarified That Each Assignment Shall Be Construed As Separate Assignment And Under No Circumstances The Rates Quoted Above Shall Exceed In Any Case . However , In The Instances Where The Meity Is Made As The Lead Respondent And In View Of The Group Coordinator , Cyber Law , The Assignment Being Of Imperative Nature And Requires Additional Assistance . In Such Exceptional Cases , The Assignment May Be Considered As Two Assignments And Can Be Billed Accordingly . It Is Hereby Made Clear That Any Such Assignment Shall Be Required To Have Express Written Direction From The Group Coordinator , Cyber Law . , Category B : We Undertake , If Our Proposal Is Accepted , To Provide All The Services To Implement The Solution As Put Forward In The Rfp Or Such Modified Requirements As May Subsequently Be Mutually Agreed Between Us And Meity Or Its Appointed Representatives . If Our Proposal Is Accepted , We Will Submit A Performance Bank Guarantee In The Format Given In The Bid Document Issued By Any Nationalized Banks Or Scheduled Bank In India , To Meity For The Due Performance Of The Agreement . We Agree For Unconditional Acceptance Of All The Terms And Conditions In The Bid Document And Also Agree To Abide By This Bid Response For A Period Of Two Years From The Date Fixed For Opening The Commercial Bid And It Shall Remain Binding Upon Us , Until Within This Period A Formal Agreement Is Prepared And Executed , This Bid Response , Together With Your Written Acceptance Thereof In Your Notification Of Award , Shall Constitute A Binding Agreement Between Us . We Confirm That The Information Contained In This Proposal Or Any Part Thereof , Including Its Exhibits , Schedules , And Other Documents And Instruments Delivered Or To Be Delivered To Meity Is True , Accurate , And Complete . This Proposal Includes All Information Necessary To Ensure That The Statements Therein Do Not In Whole Or In Part Mislead Meity As To Any Material Fact . We Also Agree That You Reserve The Right To Reject All Or Any Of The Service Specified In The Bid Response Without Assigning Any Reason Whatsoever . It Is Hereby Confirmed That I/We Are Entitled To Act On Behalf Of The Bidder And Empowered To Sign This Document As Well As Such Other Documents , Which May Be Required In This Connection . Quoted Rate Shall Be Exclusive Of Gst . Legislative Work/ Research Work As Defined In Scope Of Work For Category B ( Rate Per Hour )

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 17-Nov-202 Extension of dates Date 03-12-2020
2 26-Nov-202 corrigendum notice Other 03-12-2020

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Empanelment of Legal Service Providers
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1.1 Category- A 1.Quoted rate shall be exclusive of GST. \n2. The above rate as quoted for the Supreme Court (X) will be taken as (0.8*X) for High Courts and (0.6*X) for Lower Courts.\n3. The above X as quoted will be taken as (X/16) per hour for any hourly assignments as may decided during the course of agreement. Litigation work /Assignments as defined in the Scope of work such as filing of Appeals/SLP/Counter Affidavits/ Submissions/written statements / Application /reply etc. during course of proceedings for Supreme Court of India Note: 1. I /we hereby confirm that in the exception cases wherein we are asked to appear in the courts, we shall provide such service as per the rates prescribed by Department of Legal Affairs, Govt of India. \n2. It is hereby clarified that each assignment shall be construed as separate assignment and under no circumstances the rates quoted above shall exceed in any case. However, in the instances where the MeitY is made as the lead Respondent and in view of the Group Coordinator, Cyber Law, the assignment being of imperative nature and requires additional assistance. In such exceptional cases, the assignment may be considered as two assignments and can be billed accordingly. It is hereby made clear that any such assignment shall be required to have express written direction from the Group Coordinator, Cyber Law. item12 1 nos
2 1.2 Category B : We undertake, if our proposal is accepted, to provide all the services to implement the solution as put forward in the RFP or such modified requirements as may subsequently be mutually agreed between us and MeitY or its appointed representatives.\nIf our proposal is accepted, we will submit a Performance Bank Guarantee in the format given in the bid document issued by any Nationalized Banks or scheduled bank in India, to MeitY for the due performance of the agreement.\nWe agree for unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions in the bid document and also agree to abide by this bid response for a period of Two Years from the date fixed for opening the Commercial bid and it shall remain binding upon us, until within this period a formal agreement is prepared and executed, this bid response, together with your written acceptance thereof in your notification of award, shall constitute a binding agreement between us.We confirm that the information contained in this proposal or any part thereof, including its exhibits, schedules, and other documents and instruments delivered or to be delivered to MeitY is true, accurate, and complete. This proposal includes all information necessary to ensure that the statements therein do not in whole or in part mislead MeitY as to any material fact. We also agree that you reserve the right to reject all or any of the service specified in the bid response without assigning any reason whatsoever.\nIt is hereby confirmed that I/We are entitled to act on behalf of the bidder and empowered to sign this document as well as such other documents, which may be required in this connection. Quoted rate shall be exclusive of GST. \nLegislative work/ Research work as defined in Scope of work for Category B\n(Rate Per hour) item13 1 nos
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