M15441 Arc ( 2020-21 ) For Up Keep And Cleaning Of Toe Drain Around Tailing Dam At Malanjkhand Copper Project .

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M15441 Arc ( 2020-21 ) For Up Keep And Cleaning Of Toe Drain Around Tailing Dam At Malanjkhand Copper Project .
Madhya Pradesh

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M15441 Arc ( 2020-21 ) For Up Keep And Cleaning Of Toe Drain Around Tailing Dam At Malanjkhand Copper Project . , Providing And Operating 75 Hp Jcb Machine ( Of Reputed Make ) With Operator , Fuel And Lubricants At Designated Site For Removal Of Earth Bunds & Bushes , Levelling , Cutting/Digging Of Soil As Per Instruction Of Eic , Providing And Operating 33 Hp Tractor With Trolley Driver , Fuel And Lubricants At Designated Site For Removal Of Tailings Etc . As Per Instruction Of Eic , Earth Work In Excavation In Foundation Trenches All Drains ( Not Exceeding 1 . 5 Mtr In Width Or 10 Sqm On Plan ) Including Dressing Of Sides And Ramming Of Bottoms , Lift Up To 1 . 5 Mtr . Including Getting Out The Excavated Soil As Well As Removing Of Roots By Cutting Axe Etc . From The Excavated Pits & Disposal Of Surplus Excavated Soil Roots Etc . As Directed Within The Lead Of 50 Mtr . In All Kinds Of Soil Except Rocks . , Filling Available /Excavated Earth In Trenches , Pits Etc . In Layer Not Exceeding 20 Cm Depth Consolidaating Each Deposited Layers By Ramming Lead Up To 50M , Cleaning Jungle Including Uprooting Of Rank Vegetation , Brush Wood , Trees And Saplings Of Girth Up To 30 Cm Measured At A Height Of 1 M . Above Ground Level And Removal Of Rubbish Up To A Distance Of 50 M Outside The Periphery Of The Area Cleared . , Spreading Moorum In Specified Thickness As Directed By Engineer-In-Charge Including Watering And Rolling With Hand Roller Etc . Complete . ( Payment Of Moorum To Be Made Separately ) . , Extra Rate For Quantities Of Works Executed In Or Under Water And/Or Liquid Mud . Including Pumping Out Water As Required , Cleaning Of Drains , Etc . Including Removal Of Any Type Of Foreign Materials Like Muck / Silt / Earth / Stones / Leaves / Bushes Etc . From The Drains And Surface Grounds And Stacking Of The Debris Within 50 M . Lead Or Disposing Off The Same Within 50 M . Lead As Per The Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge , Supplying And Stacking Of Good Quality Moorum At Site . , Filling Available Tailing In Trenches , Rain Cuts And On Tailing Embankment And On Ground Etc . Each Deposited Layer By Ramming And Watering Lead Up To 50 Mtr . , All Lifts Of Tailing Embankments . , Supplying And Stacking Of Good Earth At Site Including Carriage Upto 2Km . ( Earth Measured In Stacks Will Be Reduced By 20% For Payment ) , 300 Mm Thick Stone Pitching Including Transportation Of Boulder From Mines Area , Doing Pitching As Per Drawing And Directions Of Engineer-In-Charge . ( Mines Waste Rock Free Issue ) .

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: <ARC (2020-21) for up keep & cleaning of toe drain around tailing dam at Malanjkhand Copper Project.>
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and operating 75 HP JCB machine (of reputed make) with operator, fuel and lubricants at designated site for removal of earth bunds & bushes, levelling, cutting/digging of soil as per instruction of EIC 9.03035e+08 25 HRS
2 2 Providing and operating 33 HP Tractor with Trolley driver, fuel and lubricants at designated site for removal of tailings etc. as per instruction of EIC 9.03035e+08 10 Daily
3 3 Earth work in excavation in foundation trenches all drains ( not exceeding 1.5 mtr in width or 10 sqm on plan) including dressing of sides and ramming of bottoms, lift up to 1.5 mtr. including getting out the excavated soil as well as removing of roots by cutting axe etc. from the excavated pits & disposal of surplus excavated soil roots etc. As directed within the lead of 50 mtr. In all kinds of soil except rocks. 9.00201e+08 300 Cum
4 4 Filling available /excavated earth in trenches , pits etc. in layer not exceeding 20 cm depth consolidaating each deposited layers by ramming lead up to 50m 9.00202e+08 500 Cum
5 5 Cleaning jungle including uprooting of rank vegetation, brush wood, trees and saplings of girth up to 30 Cm measured at a height of 1 M. above ground level and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 50 M outside the periphery of the area cleared. 9.00203e+08 8000 Sqm
6 6 Spreading moorum in specified thickness as directed by Engineer-In-Charge including watering and rolling with hand roller etc. complete.(Payment of moorum to be made separately). 9.03002e+08 2000 Sqm
7 7 Extra rate for quantities of works executed in or under water and/or liquid mud. including pumping out water as required 9.00202e+08 150 Cum
8 8 Cleaning of drains, etc. including removal of any type of foreign materials like muck / silt / earth / stones / leaves / bushes etc. from the drains and surface grounds and stacking of the debris within 50 M. lead or disposing off the same within 50 M. lead as per the direction of Engineer-In-Charge 9.02701e+08 1200 Cum
9 9 Supplying and stacking of good quality moorum at site. 9.02701e+08 200 Cum
10 10 Filling available tailing in trenches ,rain cuts and on tailing embankment and on ground etc. each deposited layer by ramming and watering lead up to 50 mtr. , all lifts of tailing embankments. 9.06236e+08 1500 Cum
11 11 Supplying and stacking of good earth at site including carriage upto 2Km.(Earth measured in stacks will be reduced by 20% for payment) 9.06236e+08 500 Cum
12 12 300 mm thick stone pitching including transportation of boulder from Mines area, doing pitching as per drawing and directions of Engineer-In-charge. (Mines waste rock free issue). 9.028e+08 25 Cum
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