Consultancy Services For Soil Investigation And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report ( Dpr ) For The Work Of Augmentation Of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop At Naval Dockyard Mumbai

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Consultancy Services For Soil Investigation And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report ( Dpr ) For The Work Of Augmentation Of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop At Naval Dockyard Mumbai

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Consultancy Services For Soil Investigation And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report ( Dpr ) For The Work Of Augmentation Of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop At Naval Dockyard Mumbai , Schedule 'A' ( List Of Items And Works ) , Carry Out Soil Investigation By Drilling Bore Hole Of 100 Mm Dia In Any Type Of Soil ( Anticipated Depth 20 M Approximately ) Or In Rock ( Drilling To A Minimum Depth Of 3M In Hard Confined And Continous Rock ) Below The Existing Ground Level , Conducting In-Situ Spt Including Taking Out Undisturbed Samples At Every 1 . 50 M Depth And Transportation To Laboratory For Conducting The Following Tests:- ( I ) Natural Moisture Content ( Ii ) Grain Size Analysis ( Iii ) Wet And Dry Density ( Iv ) Liquid Limit And Plasticity Index ( V ) Ground Water Table ( Vi ) Spt Chart , ( Vii ) Soil Classification ( Viii ) Direct Shear Tests , Unconfined Compression Test ( As Applicable For Type Of Soil ) On Disturbed Samples Recovered From Spt Test . ( Ix ) Bore Logging ( X ) Specific Gravity ( Xi ) Atterbergs Limits ( Xii ) C & Phie Value ( Xiii ) Chemical Analysis Of Water For Ph , Sulphates And Chlorides . ( Xiv ) Any Other Test Not Specifically Mentioned Above But Required As Per Relevant Is Shall Be Conducted . Notes :- ( I ) Consultant Shall Analyze Field Data Of Each Borehole And Make Investigation Report For Deciding The Type Of Foundation Etc . Complete And Shall Submit Detailed Soil Investigation Report Including Site Plan Indicating The Exact Location Of Bore Holes All In Triplicate . ( Ii ) Location Of Bore Holes Shall Be Decided In Consultation With Ge , Providing Consultancy Services And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report ( Dpr ) For The Work Augmentation Of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop At Naval Dockyard Mumbai And Strengthening Including Repair To Existing Building Nos 173 , 185 & 186 As Per The Following Broad Scope Of Work:- , ( A ) Carry Out Detailed Inspection Of All The Structural Members Of The Building Nos 173 , 185 & 186 & Documenting Various Types Of Distresses In The Form Of Distress Mapping And Markings On Drawings Along With Photograhic Documentation Of Distress Locations . , ( B ) Carry Out The Following Non-Destructive Tests:- , ( A ) Concrete Core Test- To Assess In-Situ Strength . ( B ) Rebound Hammer Test- To Assess In-Situ Test Measuring Surface Hardness Of Concrete . ( C ) Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test- To Assess Integrity And Soundness Of Concrete . ( D ) Carbonation Test - To Assess Depth Of Carbonation Penetration Into Concrete Cover . ( E ) Half Cell Potentiometer Test - To Assess Probability Of Active Corrosion Of The Steel Reinforcement . ( F ) Chemical Tests - To Assess Chloride Content , Sulphate Content & Ph Of Water Used In The Concrete To Determine The Durability Of Concrete . ( G ) Corrosion Test - To Observe The Initiation Process Of Corrosion . , ( C ) Carry Out Structural Analysis And Adequacy Checks As Mentioned Below For Building Nos 173 , 185 And 186 :- , ( A ) Structural Analysis By Preparing Computer Model Using Available Data For Existing Loads As Per Codal Provision Including Those Of Seismic Loads , Wind Load Etc . , ( B ) Structural Analysis Of The Same For Below Mentioned Proposed Additional Loads Or Any Other Loads As Per Is Codes And Propose Suitable Strengthening Methodology To Bear Additional Loads As Mentioned Below . :- , ( I ) Installation Of New Eot Crane Of 30 T Capacity In Lieu Of Existing 10 T Capacity In Building No . 186 , ( Ii ) Installation Of New Eot Crane Of 10 T Capacity In Lieu Of Existing 7 . 5 T Capacity In Building No . 186 , ( Iii ) Analyze And Suggest The Type Of Sound Proofing With Specifications And Execution Methodology For Sound Proofing Of Test House Control Room Of Bldg No . 186 , ( Iv ) Analyze And Suggest The Methodology Of Water Proofing Treatment Alongwith Specification For The Roof Of Test House Of Building No 186 , Note:- Explore Possibility Of Use Of Special Construction Chemicals Available In Market For Increase In Strength/ Durability Of Structure In A Most Economical Manner . , ( D ) Prepare And Submit Detail Scope Of Work Including Boq Based On Ed/Ssr/Market Rate For The Following :- , ( A ) For Executing The Above Mentioned Repair Work/Strengthening Measures As Per Methodology Suggested . , ( B ) Installation Of Eot Cranes Alongwith Technical Specification And Drawings Including Replacement Of Existing Girder . , ( C ) Installing Of Sound Proofing System As Per Methodology Suggested . , ( D ) Replacement Of Existing Halogen Based Centralized Fixed Fire Fighting System At Building No 186 With Co2 Based In Consonance With Cfees/Nbc Norms As Per Existing Layout/ Configuration . , ( E ) Installation Of Sprinkler Based Fire Fighting System In Consonance With Cfees/Nbc Norms For The Remaining Two Buildings ( Nos 173 And 185 ) Along With Heat And Smoke Sensors Including Centralized Monitoring And Alarm System . , ( E ) Providing Consultancy Services For Following Structures For Preparation Of Preliminary And Final Architectural Drawings , Structural Design With Detailed Drawings , Proof Checking , Vetting & Approved By Iit/Nit Authorities , Schedule Of Finishes , Draft Costed Schedule , Typical Drawings , Foundation Details , Design Calculations , Complete Bill Of Quantities With Rate Analysis , Quotations For Each Item And Stage Wise Yardsticks . , ( I ) Building :- , A . Single Storey Building Of Following Details: , ( A ) Building Size - 11 . 5M X 7 . 2M X 3 . 5M ( B ) Height Of Building - 3 . 5M ( C ) Rcc Framed Structure With Rcc Roof Slab ( D ) Walls With Pcc Solids Block In Superstructure , B . Lighting - All Light Fittings Shall Be Led With Latest Specification To Optimise The Power Consumption Drastically . , C . Griha/Leed Specification - The Building Shall Be Designed In Accordance With Griha/Leed Specification And Certification Obtained Accordingly To Ensure Least Environmental Impact And Optimum Utilisation Of Electricity As Well As To Stay In Consonance With Green Building Concept . D . Bim , Walk Through Model And Physical Model - Submit Integrated Project Execution Schedule For The Work , Cpm Chart Showing Various Activites In The Work , Project Execution Schedule To Be On Pert And Creation Of 4D Sequence Planning And Integration Of Bim & Fm For Efficient Project Managemant & Monitoring Shall Be Part Of The Consultancy Report . , E . Internal Services To The Buildings :- , ( I ) Details Of Internal Services Such As Internal Electrification With Fittings And Fixtures Duly Marked On Architectural Drawings , Circuit Diagram , Schematic Diagram And Drawings For Plumbing , Internal Water Supply For The Single Storey Building In Rcc Framed Structure Duly Adopted With Relevant Is/Bldg Code As Per Detailed Scope Along With Schedule Based On Ssr Rates/Market Rates Duly Scrutinized By Plg And Wks Section Of Dgnp Mumbai Shall Be Provided By The Consultant All As Specified . , ( Ii ) Feasibility Of Providing Rainwater Harvesting System And Necessary Arrangments For The Same Shall Be Considered While Planning And Designing The Structure Of Building By The Consultant All As Specified . , Notes:- 1 . The Consultant Shall Provide The Draft Costed Schedule For External Services ( Which Includes Electric Supply , Water Supply , Sewage Disposal , Fire Hydrant System , Etc . ) Based On Ssr Rates/ Market Rates Along With Supporting Quotations/Manufacturer Pricelist For Issue Of Ts Duly Scrutinized By Plg And Wks Section Of Dgnp Mumbai . The Detailed Specificati

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Nature of Work: Consultancy services for soil investigation and preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the work of Augmentation of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
2 1.1 Carry out soil investigation by drilling bore hole of 100 mm dia in any type of soil (anticipated depth 20 m approximately) or in rock (drilling to a minimum depth of 3m in hard confined and continous rock) below the existing ground level, conducting in-situ SPT including taking out undisturbed samples at every 1.50 m depth and transportation to laboratory for conducting the following tests:- \n(i) Natural moisture content \n(ii) Grain size analysis \n(iii) Wet and Dry density \n(iv) Liquid limit and plasticity index \n(v) Ground water table\n(vi) SPT chart CMBRShop11$C$14 2 Each\nBore\nHole
3 1.11 (vii) Soil classification \n(viii) Direct shear tests, unconfined compression test (as applicable for type of soil) on disturbed samples recovered from SPT test. \n(ix) Bore logging \n(x) Specific gravity \n(xi) Atterbergs limits\n(xii) C & Phie value \n(xiii) Chemical analysis of water for PH, sulphates and chlorides.\n(xiv) Any other test not specifically mentioned above but required as per relevant IS shall be conducted. \nNOTES :- \n(i) Consultant shall analyze field data of each borehole and make investigation report for deciding the type of foundation etc. complete and shall submit detailed soil investigation report including site plan indicating the exact location of bore holes all in triplicate. \n(ii) Location of bore holes shall be decided in consultation with GE CMBRShop11$C$15
4 1.2 Providing consultancy services and preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the work Augmentation of Missile Boat Engine Repair Shop at Naval Dockyard Mumbai and strengthening including repair to existing building Nos 173, 185 & 186 as per the following broad scope of work:- CMBRShop11$C$16 1 Each Job
5 1.21 (A) Carry out detailed inspection of all the structural members of the building Nos 173, 185 & 186 & documenting various types of distresses in the form of distress mapping and markings on drawings along with photograhic documentation of distress locations. CMBRShop11$C$17
6 1.211 (B) Carry out the following non-destructive tests:-\n CMBRShop11$C$18
7 1.212 (a) Concrete core test- To assess in-situ strength.\n(b) Rebound hammer test- To assess in-situ test measuring surface hardness of concrete.\n(c) Ultrasonic pulse velocity test- To assess integrity and soundness of concrete. \n(d) Carbonation test - To assess depth of Carbonation penetration into concrete cover.\n(e) Half cell potentiometer test - To assess probability of active corrosion of the steel reinforcement. \n(f) Chemical tests - To assess chloride content, sulphate content & pH of water used in the concrete to determine the durability of concrete.\n(g) Corrosion test - To observe the initiation process of corrosion. CMBRShop11$C$19
8 1.213 (C) Carry out structural analysis and adequacy checks as mentioned below for building Nos 173, 185 and 186 :- CMBRShop11$C$20
9 1.214 (a) Structural analysis by preparing computer model using available data for existing loads as per codal provision including those of seismic loads, wind load etc. CMBRShop11$C$21
10 1.215 (b) Structural analysis of the same for below mentioned proposed additional loads or any other loads as per IS codes and propose suitable strengthening methodology to bear additional loads as mentioned below.:- CMBRShop11$C$22
11 1.216 (i) Installation of new EOT crane of 30 T capacity in lieu of existing 10 T capacity in building No. 186 CMBRShop11$C$23
12 1.217 (ii) Installation of new EOT crane of 10 T capacity in lieu of existing 7.5 T capacity in building No. 186 CMBRShop11$C$24
13 1.218 (iii) Analyze and suggest the type of sound proofing with specifications and execution methodology for sound proofing of Test House Control Room of Bldg No. 186 CMBRShop11$C$25
14 1.219 (iv) Analyze and suggest the methodology of water proofing treatment alongwith specification for the roof of Test House of Building No 186 CMBRShop11$C$26
15 1.22 Note:- Explore possibility of use of special construction chemicals available in market for increase in strength/ durability of structure in a most economical manner. CMBRShop11$C$27
16 1.221 (D) Prepare and submit detail scope of work including BOQ based on ED/SSR/market rate for the following :- CMBRShop11$C$28
17 1.222 (a) For executing the above mentioned repair work/strengthening measures as per methodology suggested. CMBRShop11$C$29
18 1.223 (b) Installation of EOT Cranes alongwith technical specification and drawings including replacement of existing girder. CMBRShop11$C$30
19 1.224 (c) Installing of sound proofing system as per methodology suggested. CMBRShop11$C$31
20 1.225 (d) Replacement of existing halogen based centralized fixed fire fighting system at Building No 186 with CO2 based in consonance with CFEES/NBC norms as per existing layout/ configuration. CMBRShop11$C$32
21 1.226 (e) Installation of Sprinkler based fire fighting system in consonance with CFEES/NBC norms for the remaining two buildings (Nos 173 and 185) along with heat and smoke sensors including centralized monitoring and alarm system. CMBRShop11$C$33
22 1.227 (E) Providing consultancy services for following structures for preparation of Preliminary and final architectural drawings, structural design with detailed drawings, proof checking, vetting & approved by IIT/NIT authorities, Schedule of finishes, draft costed schedule, typical drawings, foundation details, design calculations, complete bill of quantities with rate analysis, quotations for each item and stage wise Yardsticks. CMBRShop11$C$34
23 1.228 (i) Building :- CMBRShop11$C$35
24 1.229 A. Single Storey Building of following details: CMBRShop11$C$36
25 1.23 (a) Building Size - 11.5m x 7.2m x 3.5m \n(b) Height of Building - 3.5m \n(c) RCC framed structure with RCC roof slab \n(d) Walls with PCC Solids block in Superstructure CMBRShop11$C$37
26 1.231 B. Lighting - All light fittings shall be LED with latest specification to optimise the power consumption drastically . CMBRShop11$C$38
27 1.232 C. GRIHA/LEED Specification - The building shall be designed in accordance with GRIHA/LEED specification and certification obtained accordingly to ensure least environmental impact and optimum utilisation of Electricity as well as to stay in consonance with Green Building Concept.\n \nD. BIM, walk through Model and Physical model - Submit integrated project execution schedule for the work, CPM chart showing various activites in the work, project execution schedule to be on PERT and creation of 4D sequence planning and integration of BIM & FM for efficient project managemant & monitoring shall be part of the Consultancy Report. CMBRShop11$C$39
28 1.233 E. Internal Services to the Buildings :- \n CMBRShop11$C$40
29 1.234 (i) Details of internal services such as internal electrification with fittings and fixtures duly marked on architectural drawings, circuit diagram, schematic diagram and drawings for plumbing, internal water supply for the single storey building in RCC framed structure duly adopted with relevant IS/Bldg code as per detailed scope along with schedule based on SSR rates/Market Rates duly scrutinized by Plg and Wks Section of DGNP Mumbai shall be provided by the Consultant all as specified. CMBRShop11$C$41
30 1.235 (ii) Feasibility of providing Rainwater Harvesting System and necessary arrangments for the same shall be considered while planning and designing the structure of building by the Consultant all as specified. CMBRShop11$C$42
31 1.236 Notes:- \n1. The Consultant shall provide the draft costed schedule for external services (which includes electric supply, water supply, sewage disposal, fire hydrant system , etc.) based on SSR rates/ Market Rates along with supporting quotations/manufacturer pricelist for issue of TS duly scrutinized by Plg and Wks Section of DGNP Mumbai. The detailed specifications of individual items shall be provided by the Consultant all as desired by the Plg and Wks Section for preparing the DCS. BOQ and stage wise Yardsticks shall be made separately for the building. CMBRShop11$C$43
32 1.237 2. Submit detailed comprehensive DPR on all the above activites consisting of document of distress analysis of test results, remarks on stability and adequacy for proposed modification and recommendations of remedial measures/ strengthening measures along with methodology and detailed drawings. CMBRShop11$C$44
33 1.238 3. Submit integrated project execution schedule for the work, CPM chart showing various activites in the work, project execution schedule to be on PERT and creation of 4D sequence planning. CMBRShop11$C$45
34 1.239 4. Consultant shall submit approximate estimate (AE Part I & II) as per proforma given in Defence Works Procedure (DWP) for complete work proposed in DPR (which include, external services, any other specialized work and repair work if any ) duly priced on SSR/ED rates and get it approved from Plg & Wks Section of DGNP Mumbai. CMBRShop11$C$46
35 1.24 5. Consultant shall submit draft costed schedule for the above work based on actual market rates/SSR rate in consultation with GE alongwith rate analysis duly supported with quotations/ price list for the items which are not available on SSR rates for issue of TS & submit alongwith DPR after getting it approved from Plg & Wks Section. Consultant shall also give specification of item in detail as per standard norms all as desired by Plg & Wks Section of DGNP Mumbai. CMBRShop11$C$47
36 1.241 6. Any clarification related to methodology /works suggested by Consultant, if required during execution stage shall be given by the Consultant as and when required without any extra cost to the Government. Any changes in design due to site requirement during execution of work that was not foreseen /suggested by the Consultant or wrongly provided in the drawings shall also be carried out at no extra cost. CMBRShop11$C$48
37 1.242 chcj MGPS1$C$49
38 14 ABC
39 Total in Figures
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