Maintenance Of Electrical Consumption Charges Of Street Lighting On Pwd Roads Under West Elect . Maintenance Division , New Delhi . ( Sh - Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of High Mast Lights At Dabri Flyover )

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Maintenance Of Electrical Consumption Charges Of Street Lighting On Pwd Roads Under West Elect . Maintenance Division , New Delhi . ( Sh - Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of High Mast Lights At Dabri Flyover )

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Maintenance Of Electrical Consumption Charges Of Street Lighting On Pwd Roads Under West Elect . Maintenance Division , New Delhi . ( Sh - supply installation testing and commissioning Of High Mast Lights At Dabri Flyover )

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Name of Work: Maintenance of Electrical Consumption Charges of Street Lighting on PWD Roads under West Elect. Maintenance Division, New Delhi. (SH: - SITC of High Mast Lights at Dabri Flyover)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of 16 mtrs. height High Mast Tower having in two sections, hot dip galvanized and suitable for wind velocity as per IS 875, bottom dia 450 mm and top 150 mm in polygon structure, comprising of winch (Double drum, SWL 750 Kg.) for raising/lowering, integral motor push button station, pulleys, head frame, lightning protection finial & buffers, resting on the foundation bolts duly provided with stiffeners, double locking arrangement for the door and pole installed on the existing RCC foundation complete as per specifications attached i/c supply and fixing following.\na) Hot dipped galvanised steel high mast having 20 side polygonal structures in two sections with flanges provided with strengthening gussets between bolt holes for stiffening complete with raising/ lowering mechanism, double drum winch, motor push button station, pulleys, head frame, lightening protection finial and buffers, The sections shall be stress / slip fitted without any circumferential weld in between. - 1 No. \nb) Galvanized Lantern carriage with 8 nos. arms secured tightly with suitable arrangement for fixing of 8 Nos. luminaires & other accessories complete etc. as required - 1 No.\nc) It shall include 3 point suspension system with accessories for high mast including steel wire rope of 8 mm dia (7/19 construction SS316), EPR trailing cable, double drum winch, suitable for 8 luminaires symmetrically & its control gear boxes and lightning finial. - 1 Set.\nd) Motor suitable to operate on 230V/400V, 50Hz, 960 RPM detachable type for lowering and lifting mechanism - 1 No.\ne) Supplying and drawing multicore, copper conductor flexible power trailing cables of appropriate rating for energizing the luminaries complete as per specifications attached - 1 Lot.\nf) Supply of Foundation bolts 8 nos. of PCD of Foundation bolts 750 mm type TS 600 of dia 32 mm dia and length of foundation bolts 850 mm long manufactured from special for steel along with nuts, washers, anchor plates & templates complete etc. as required.(For 16 mtr high mast foundation.) as approved by engineer in charge. 1 Each
2 2 Steel reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening, cutting,\nbending, placing in position and binding all complete upto plinth level.
3 2.01 Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars of grade Fe-500D or more. 250 Kg.
4 3 Providing and laying in position machine batched and machine mixed design mix M-25 grade cement concrete for reinforced cement concrete work, using cement content as per approved design mix, including pumping of concrete to site of laying but excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement, including admixtures in recommended proportions as per IS: 9103 to accelerate, retard setting of concrete, improve workability without impairing strength and durability as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.“(Note :- Cement content considered in this item is @ 330 kg/cum.“Excess/ less cement used as per design mix is payable/recoverable separately).
5 3.01 All works above plinth level upto floor V level 5 Cum
6 4 Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (Hydraulic excavator)/manual means over areas (exceeding 30 cm in depth, 1.5 m in width as well as 10 sqm on plan) including getting out and disposal of excavated earth lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m, as directed by Engineer-in-charge.
7 4.01 All kinds of soil 13 Cum
8 5 Supplying & Drawing of 3 Core 2.5 PVC Insulated and PVC Round Sheathed Multi Core Bright Annealed Bare Copper Conductor Heavy Duty Industrial Cables for Voltage Grade 1100 Volts as per IS: 694:1990. as reqd. 20 Mtr.
9 6 Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of energy saving flood light luminare with high power LED capacity of 200 watt , 5700K power coated PDC aluminium body with toughened glass, IP66 with electronic driver and all accessories i/c connection with suitable unarmored copper cable as required. 12 Each
10 7 Supplying and Lying of 1 no. cable PVC Insulated & PVC sheathed/XLPE Al. Conductor armoured cable of 1.1KV grade in the existing RCC/ HUME/ HDPE pipe as required.
11 7.01 4 x 25 sq. mm 400 Mtr.
12 8 Supplying and making end termination with brass compression gland and aluminium lugs for following size of PVC insulated and PVC sheathed / XLPE aluminium conductor cable of 1.1 KV grade as required.\n
13 8.01 4 X 25 sq. mm (28mm) 6 Each
14 9 Supplying and Laying of following size DWC HDPE pipe ISI marked along with all accessories like socket, bend, couplers etc. conforming to IS 14930, Part II complete with fitting and cutting , jointing etc. direct in ground (75 cm below ground level) including excavation and refilling the trench but excluding sand cushioning and protective covering etc. complete as. required
15 9.01 63 mm dia (OD-63 mm & ID-51 mm nominal) 350 Mtr.
16 10 Fabrication, Supplying and installation of outdoor type,sloping roof cubical feeder pillar of surface area not less than 1.2 Sq.Meter with minimum depth of 30 cm made out of M.S. Sheet 2 mm Thick (14 SWG) duly compartmentalised having 4 strip electrolytic grade aluminium bus bar of 100 Amp capacity double door with double locking arrangement (one sliding lock in front and one godown lock each at front and rear for protection) dust proof vermin process, duly fixed on M.S. angle iron frame work of size 50 mm X 50 mm X 6 mm (NS) 90 cm long legs, out of which 45 cm duly grouted in cement concrete foundation of size 30 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm deep 1:2:4 (1 cement 2 sand :4 stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) duly painting with painted with one coat of red oxide & two coats of superior quality enamel paint in approvd shade and colour complete etc. as required including Spplying & Fixing of following accessories in the feeder pillar complete with testing, earth studs, earth strips etc. as reqd.\na) Main incomer 32 Amp TP & N MCB - 1 No.\nb) 18 Amp TP contactor (for light) AC-3 - 1 No.\nc) Astronomical automatic timer - 1 No.\nd) Indicating lamp RYB Phase - 5 Nos.\ne) 9 Amp contactor (for motor) AC3-2 Nos.\nf) Push button for up & down - 2 Nos.\ng) 6 Amp SP MCB for light - 8 Nos.\nh) 32 Amp TP MCB - 1 No.\ni) Auto Manual Switch - 1 No.\nj) Analog Voltmeter (0-500 Volts) with selector switch and 3 Amp 3 Nos. protection MCB's - 1 Set\nk) Analog Ammeter (0-25 Amp) with selector switch - 1 set\nl) Overload relay 6 to 10 amp - 1 No.\nm) Hooter with limit switch and reset button - 1 Set\nn) Sliding door lock and godown lock - 1 Set\no) 16 Amp TP MCB "C" curve - 1 No.\np) LED indicating lights 1 Job
17 11 Fabricating,supplying and fixing of wire mesh protection frame work fabricating with 40 x 40 x 5 mm thick angle iron with intermediate members of size 25mm x 6 mm flat strip welded at 30 cm in each sections & duly welded with wire mesh of size 25 mm x 75 mm made with 6 SWG wire and making main door gate provided with two nos. sliding bolt with godown locks with operating handle welded from inside of the door i/c providing and fixing of four no. legs of 90 cm length duly grouted in foundation (30 x 30 x 45) cm (deep) in 1:2:4 cement concrete & painting with one coat of red oxide & two coat of super synthetic luminous paint of approved colour and quality etc. complete as reqd. 100 Sq.M..
18 12 Cutting road and making good the same including supply of extra\nquantities of materials i.e. aggregate, moorum screening, red bajri\nand labour required.
19 12.01 bituminous portion 30 Cum
20 13 Earthing with G.I. earth pipe 4.5 meter long, 40 mm dia including accessories, and providing masonry enclosure with cover plate having locking arrangement and watering pipe etc. (with charcoal/ coke and salt) as required. 6 Set
21 14 Providing and fixing 25 mm X 5 mm G.I. strip on surface or in recess for connections etc. as required. 20 Mtrs
22 15 Providing and fixing 6 SWG dia G.I. wire on surface or in recess for loop earthing as required. 850 Mtrs
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