Distempering , Painting , Kota Flooring At Kitchen And Bath And Wc In Vacant Flat No . C-9 At Reids Line Colony , University Of Delhi . ( Vacant )

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Distempering , Painting , Kota Flooring At Kitchen And Bath And Wc In Vacant Flat No . C-9 At Reids Line Colony , University Of Delhi . ( Vacant )

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Distempering , Painting , Kota Flooring At Kitchen And Bath And Wc In Vacant Flat No . C-9 At Reids Line Colony , University Of Delhi . ( Vacant )

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INR 150 /-
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INR 91168 /-

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Name of Work: - Distempering, painting, kota flooring at kitchen and bath and WC in vacant flat no. C-9 at Reids Line Colony, University of Delhi.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to plinth level : BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001112
2 1.01 1:2:4 (1 Cement : 2 coarse sand (zone-III) : 4 graded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 0.5 cum
3 1.02 1:4:8 (1 Cement : 4 coarse sand (zone-III) : 8 graded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 1 cum
4 2 Kota stone slab flooring over 20 mm (average) thick base laid over and jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of the slab, including rubbing and polishing complete with base of cement mortar 1 : 4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand) : 25 mm thick BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 12 sqm
5 3 Kota stone slabs 20 mm thick in risers of steps, skirting, dado and pillars laid on 12 mm (average) thick cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement: 3 coarse sand) and jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of the slabs, including rubbing and polishing complete. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 1 sqm
6 4 Dismantling stone slab flooring laid in cement mortar including stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable material within 50 metres lead. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 11 sqm
7 5 Providing and fixing water closet squatting pan (Indian type W.C. pan ) with 100 mm sand cast Iron P or S trap, 10 litre low level white P.V.C. flushing cistern, including flush pipe, with manually controlled device (handle lever) conforming to IS : 7231, with all fittings and fixtures complete, including cutting and making good the walls and floors wherever required: White Vitreous china Orissa pattern W.C. pan of size 880x440 mm with integral type foot rests BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 1 each
8 6 Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc. and removal of form for : Foundations, footings, bases of columns, etc. for mass concrete BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 4 sqm
9 7 Steel reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening, cutting, bending, placing in position and binding all complete upto plinth level. Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars of grade Fe-500D or more BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 45 kg
10 8 Providing and fixing ISI marked flush door shutters conforming to IS : 2202 (Part I) non-decorative type, core of block board construction with frame of 1st class hard wood and well matched commercial 3 ply veneering with vertical grains or cross bands and face veneers on both faces of shutters: 35 mm thick including ISI marked Stainless Steel butt hinges with necessary screws BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121 1.5 sqm
11 9 Extra for providing lipping with 2nd class teak wood battens 25 mm minimum depth on all edges of flush door shutters (over all area of door shutter to be measured). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 1.5 sqm
12 10 Providing and fixing ISI marked oxidised M.S. sliding door bolts with nuts and screws etc. complete : 250x16 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 1 each
13 11 Providing and fixing ISI marked oxidised M.S. tower bolt black finish, (Barrel type) with necessary screws etc. complete : 200x10 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001124 2 each
14 12 Providing and fixing ISI marked oxidised M.S. handles conforming to IS:4992 with necessary screws etc. complete : 125 mm BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 2 each
15 13 6 mm cement plaster of mix : 1:3 (1 cement : 3 fine sand) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001126 5 sqm
16 14 Repairs to plaster of thickness 12 mm to 20 mm in patches of area 2.5 sq.meters and under, including cutting the patch in proper shape, raking out joints and preparing and plastering the surface of the walls complete, including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground, all complete as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. With cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 fine sand) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001127 5 sqm
17 15 Removing dry or oil bound distemper, water proofing cement paint and the like by scrapping, sand papering and preparing the surface smooth including necessary repairs to scratches etc. complete. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001128 160 sqm
18 16 Painting with synthetic enamel paint of approved brand and manufacture of required colour to give an even shade : One or more coats on old work BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001129 80 sqm
19 17 Providing and fixing Ist quality ceramic glazed wall tiles conforming to IS: 15622 (thickness to be specified by the manufacturer), of approved make, in all colours, shades except burgundy, bottle green, black of any size as approved by Engineer-in-Charge, in skirting, risers of steps and dados, over 12 mm thick bed of cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement : 3 coarse sand) and jointing with grey cement slurry @ 3.3kg per sqm, including pointing in white cement mixed with pigment of matching shade complete. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001130 5 sqm
20 18 Repair of door/ window i/c taking out, repair, refixing and locking arrangement etc complete\n\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001131 13 each
21 19 Providing and applying birla / JK wall putty on wall surface (one or more coats) as required in thickness 1 to 1.50 mm i/c sand papering etc to prepare smooth as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001132 80 sqm
22 20 P/F aluminium pipe/ curtain rods with brackets / side funnels of size upto 32 mm dia pipe (heavy type) with necessary screws etc all complete. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001133 11 metre
23 21 Distempering with 1st quality acrylic distemper (ready mixed) of approved manufacturer, of required shade and colour complete, as per manufacturer’s specification. Two or more coats on old work BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001134 180 sqm
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