Renewal And Replacement Of Security Lights Incl Replacement Of Damaged Lt Underground Cables , Lt Panels And Timer Switches Installed In A4 Sector To Led Based Light ( 60 Watts ) 229 Nos At Bana Enclave At Mamun Mil Station Under Ge South Mamun

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Renewal And Replacement Of Security Lights Incl Replacement Of Damaged Lt Underground Cables , Lt Panels And Timer Switches Installed In A4 Sector To Led Based Light ( 60 Watts ) 229 Nos At Bana Enclave At Mamun Mil Station Under Ge South Mamun

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Renewal And Replacement Of Security Lights Incl Replacement Of Damaged Lt Underground Cables , Lt Panels And Timer Switches Installed In A4 Sector To Led Based Light ( 60 Watts ) 229 Nos At Bana Enclave At Mamun Mil Station Under Ge South Mamun

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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Taking down carefully street light/flood light fitting of any type/description from poles/walls or any other location & depositing in MES installation for reuse of serviceable fittings in another location in Cantt area complete all as spd and directed. (Note:- The fitting found unserviceable shall be given to contractor in credit as per details included in Sch of credit) 250 Each
2 2 S&F 60W LED Street Light luminaire made up of Pressure Die Cast aluminium housing with black epoxy polyester powder coating for long life. The luminaire shall have IP66 protection for Optical Compartment and Control Gear Compartment. The Optical compartment shall be covered with heat resistant toughened glass for safety. The LED street light shall be top maintainable for easy maintenance. LED street light shall use multiple LEDs to get sufficient light output from the luminaire. The LED street light shall be of Integral type incl one No of LED security light including Electronic driver of the same make and capacity. The input voltage range shall be 150V to 270V. The LED Driver shall be of isolated type with Constant Current Constant Voltage topology to ensure optimum driving of LEDs. The LED street light shall have power factor more than 0.95. Complete all as specified and directed.\nNotes:-\n1. Driver shall be potted antivibration type.\n2. LM-79 and LM-80 test report with 50,000 burning hours LED life from NABL lab shall be povided.\n3. CRI (Colou Rendring Index) of fixture shall be > 70.\n4. CCT (Colout Correlated Temprature of fixture shall be 5700K ± 300 K.\n5. System Lumen Efficacy shall be > 100Lm/W\n 250 Each
3 2.01 6. 10 KV separate Surge Protection shall be provided as a part of fitting.\n7. 5 years gurantee shall be provided by contractor suppoted by OEM covering all parts of luminaire. \n8. Lenses shall be Modular Type. \n9. PCB used shall be MC PCB type \n10. The defect liability period of LED light shall be 05 years from the certified date of completion & the Contractor shall replace / repair the defective fitting within 07 Days after handing over to Contractor for replacement / repair \n11. CA No shall be written on each fitting before installation.\n12. The name of manufacturer to be embossed on the fitting.\n13. The fittings shall have arrangement so that maintaince required, if any can be carried out from Top cover.
4 3 Supply and fixing in replacement single core FRLS insulated copper stranded cable of size 1.5 Sqmm for street light/Flood light passing through pole hole/GI Pipe /PVC conduit to junction box and connected electrically complete all as specified and directed 1500 RM
5 4 S&F fix as in repair/replacement of pole mounted street light factory fabricated Junction Box of size 300 x 160 x 250 mm of approved make and of appropriate size made out of 2 mm thick CRCA powder coated sheet including 63A, Three Phase four wire having four no aluminium Bus Bar including 6A SP MCB. The box shall have auto door lock facility with magnatic lock having box fixed on pole using necessary fixing arrangement such as clamps, nut, bolts and washer including taking down existing junction box of any description/type etc complete all as specified and directed. 250 Each
6 5 S&F inrepair/replacement, installation, connecting electrically and testing of Street light panel box complete with Astronomical timer, contactor rating 63 Amps including, MCB 63A TPN complete made out of CRCA sheet 1.6mm thick, powder coated having provision for Astronomical Timer, contactor, Toggle switch, SP MCBs and MCCBs etc. having self closing door lock complete with fixing clamps or mounting arrangement complete all as specified and as required at site including taking out existing U/S street light switch any type and size. 7 Each
7 6 M&L for scraping of old paint form the steel tubular pole 9 mtr height with out removing accessories and preparation of surfaces for repainting. Repainting the pole with one coat of 30 cm alternative green and white strips of each upto 1.5 mtr height using synthetic enamel paint. Repainting the remaining pole and iron part i.e U clamps, channels etc above 1.5 mtr height by applying Two coat of aluminium paint, including wiring letters or figure (Block, Roman Italic or Indian) S/L Pole No. over yellow circle and Locations code not exceeding 30cm high, stop commas, short lines, dashes, hypens, brackets etc complete all as specified and directed by Engr-in-Charge all as required at site or directed 250 Each Job
8 7 S&F in replacement MCB single pole 240 volts, 'B' series upto 32 Amps with rupturing capacity 10 KA, including providing thimble for out going cables complete all as specified and directed 110 Each
9 8 Excavation in trenches in any type of soil n exc 1.5 M in width and n. exc 1.5 M in depth and getting out all as required for laying of cables,Foundation filling of poles or stays, complete, all as specified and directed. 425.25 Cum
10 9 Returning, filling in, including spreading, leveling, watering and well ramming in layers not exceeding 25cm thick, complete, all as specified and directed. 259.5 Cum
11 10 Removing excavated materials to a distance not exceeding 50 m and depositing where directed at a level not exceeding 1.5 m above the starting point, complete, all as specified and as directed. 165.75 Cum
12 11 M&L sand cushioning to under ground cables 8 cm thick before laying the cable and 15 cm thick after laying, stretching and testing the cable, complete, all as specified and as directed. \n(Note: Punned thickness shall be measured & paid) 170.1 Cum
13 12 M&L for Sub class ‘B’ bricks old size. laid dry flat over the cable abutting each other, length of cable equal to width of brick all as required complete all as specified and directed 18000 Each
14 13 M&L for GI tubing light grade 50mm bore cut to size and fixed along the pole for protection of cable including 2 Nos clamp of size 25 x 4mm nut, bolts and washers complete, all as specified and directed. 77 RM
15 14 Material & Labour in replacement for LT cable 1100 volts grade heavy duty,XLPE insulated , armoured heavy duty electric cable , with aluminium conductor of 10 Sqmm x 2 core including laying in trenches or fixed to wall/pole or passing through pipe taking out cable from trenches or wall/ pole or pipe of any size, complete all as specified and directed by Engr In Charge. 392 RM
16 15 All as per above Srl. Item No. 14 but of size 35 Sqmm X 3.5 core. 2128 RM
17 16 M&L for Cable end termination out door, heat shrinkable type joint suitable for XLPE cable of size 25 Sqmm to 50 sqmm 3½ core with working voltage 1100 volts with jointing material and accessories including testing etc complete all as specified and directed \nMake: Denson/ M Seal / 3 M / Raychem / Cabseal 6 Each
18 17 M&Lfor Cable jointing kit for 1.1 KV grade cable for straight through heat shrink type joint complete with joining material and accessories suitable for 3½ core XLPE armoured aluminium conductor cable of size 25 Sqmm to 50 sqmm with working voltage 1100 volts complete all as specified and direced Make: Denson/ M Seal / 3 M / Raychem / Cabseal 4 Each
19 18 Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of factory made, CPRI approved totally enclosed outdoor type LT Panel weldless cubical Kiosk in modular bolted construction type dust and vermin proof floor mounted type (IP-65 degree of protection ) made out of 3 mm thick CRCA sheet of recommended size.All sheet metal parts shall be powder coated. The panel having both side opening door with locking arrangement.all doors fixed with aluminium hinges with suitable size nut bolts and shall have flexible fixing of each switchgear and control gear compartment with cable alley tray of size not less than 30 cm. duly powder coated, bus bar 400 amps rating made of aluminium strip duly drilled holes for connections and mounted on epoxy based post insulators for 3 phase 4 wire 415 volts 50 HZ AC supply ,hibling , cable entry boxes , cable gland and LT panel shall be mounted on iron angle frame made out of 50 X 50X 6 mm frame with 4 No. legs size not less than 45 cms fixed with nut bolts of suitable size (bottom portion of the panel) , grouted by using foundation PCC (1:2:4) type B-1 with 20 mm graded stone aggregates totally tested as per IEC 61439-I , suitable for and including the following .\nMake of panel Tricolite/milestone/DVEPL/Power System & Control. 1 Each Job
20 18.01 (i) MCCB 4 pole 415 volts 350 amp rating microprecesser based . Thermal magnetic release with rupturing capacªity 50 KA - 01 No as incomer , Make-Legrand (DPX3) ,Siemens (3VL)/Schneider (NSX)
21 18.02 (ii) MCCB 4 pole 415 volts with thermal based release rupturing cap 36 KA, 125 amps - 04 Nos for outgoing , Make-Legrand (DPX3) ,Siemens (3VL) / Schneider (NSX)
22 18.03 (iii) MCCB 3 pole 415 volts with microprocesser release rupturing cap 25 KA, 63 amps - 02 Nos for outgoing , Make-Legrand (DPX3) ,Siemens(3VL) / Schneider (NSX)
23 18.04 (iv) Indicator set RYB -01 Set of 3 pcs only Make- L & T/ Legrand/ Siemens
24 18.05 (v) Multifunction digital panel meter suitable to display amps, volts, frequency etc - 01 No including CTs of appropriate ratio Make- Schneider cat no. 30002567 or eqvivalent model in L&T / Legrand
25 18.06 (vi) All accessories prewired with suitable size copper conductor cable or strip including foundation as per manufacturer instruction, complete, all as required and as directed.\n
26 19 S&F in replacement Earthing complete with galvanised steel earth plate electrode 600mmx600mm thickness not less than 6mm thick buried directly in ground (earth pit not less than 2.25 mtr deep below normal ground level) with top edge of earth plate not less than 1.5m below normal ground level connected to galvanised earth 4mm dia by means of bolts, nuts, check nuts and washers of galvanised iron/steel all as shown in electric plate No 3 of SSR Pt-I connected to earth test point/MCB DBs all as specified and indicated compete with funnel, charcoal, dust, salt etc and GI protection pipe, medium grade 15mm bore and GI watering pipe 20mm bore light grade, 40mm thick precast RCC M-15 (nomial mix) cover reinforced with XPM weight not less than 4 Kg/Sqm with suitable handle of 6mm dia MS bar and angle iron 40x40x4mm frame for cover, PCC M-15 (Nominal mix) pit, excavation and earth work in any type of soil and connected including test point, complete, all as specified & directed.\nNotes: \n1. Earth lead & protection pipes length upto & including 7.50 metre is deemed included in the unit rate quoted by the contractor.\n2. Earth filling shall be done by vegitable soil.\n3. Soil should be free from stone, boulders, aggregate, gravels etc. 8 Each Set
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