Construction Of Submersible Pump With Solar Panel Including Iron Removal System

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Construction Of Submersible Pump With Solar Panel Including Iron Removal System
West Bengal

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Construction Of Submersible Pump With Solar Panel Including Iron Removal System

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Construction of submersible pump with solar panel including iron removal system at H.C.Pur-II block Dist-Malda(Total 20 nos)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Supply and installation, testing and commissioning of compatible calculated capacity 1200 watt peak capacity Solar Photovoltaicarray panel along with required capacity compatible Submarsible pump set well including all necessary appurtenances viz. G.I. column (riser) pipe (30mt.), control valves, supporting/clamping arrangement etc. all of approved quality and including providing all necessary materials and labours and tools & plants etc. [ Note: The Solar Panels shall have to be connected to the pump controller which in turn will be connected to the pump as well as the level indicator. A) Solar Photovoltaic Modules Multi Crystalline Tipe. 160 Nos
2 2 B) Electronic Control Panel with MPPT , IP-65 Panel 20 Nos
3 3 C) Change Over Panel-63 Amp from Solar to Grid and Solar with centre off 20 Nos
4 4 D) Solar Module Mounting Structure set for 40 Module C Channels and Frames made from Galvanized steel 20 Set
5 5 E) Cable single Core 4 sqmm PVC insulated with Red/Black cores 1500 mt
6 6 F) Cable 2 Core 4 sqmm PVC insulated with Red/ Black cores 700 mt
7 7 G) Cable 4 Core 4 sqmm PVC insulated with R/Y/B/G cores 1500 mt
8 8 H) Junction Box AJB IP-65 Class certified make Hanset Germany 20 Nos
9 9 I) DC Disconnect S/W 25A MCB 2 Pole 20 Nos
10 10 J) Earthing SET Maintenance free PIPE earth for Modules 20 Nos
11 11 K) Hardware and other accessories for structure and cabling 20 item
12 12 Supply and Installation of force and lift pump set with all necessary appurtenances using the same common riser pipe as mentioned in Sl. 1 above for lifting of raw water tank in case of emergency need and including providing all necessary materials and labours and tools and plants etc 2.0 H.P. force & lift pump operated by thye Solar System water head upto 30.00 mt. 20 item
13 13 Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains, in all sorts of soil (including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sandstone) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75 m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom properly including bailing/pumping out water from the bed, as required & directed by the engineer-in-charge, complete with depth of excavation not exceeding 1.50 m. 188.4 Cum
14 14 Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150 mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layer complete. (Payment to be made on the basis of measurement of finished quantity of work) (a) With earth obtained from excavation of foundation 37.68 Cum
15 15 Filling in foundation or plinth by silver sand in layers not exceeding 150 mm as directed and consolidating the same by thorough saturation with water, ramming complete including the cost of supply of sand. (payment to be made on measurement of finished quantity) 34.56 Cum
16 16 Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with powered earth or local sand, as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. 238.8 Sqm
17 17 Cement concrete with graded stone ballast (40 mm size) excluding shuttering etc. as per direction of Engineer-in-charge, complete in 6:3:1 proportion 29.28 Cum
18 18 Ordinary Cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips (20 mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement, if any, in ground floor as per relevant IS codes./ pakur variety 113.64 Cum
19 19 Reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in all sorts of structures including distribution bars, stirrups, binders etc initial straightening and removal of loose rust (if necessary), cutting to requisite length, hooking and bending to correct shape, placing in proper position and binding with 16 gauge black annealed wire at every intersection, complete as per drawing and direction. Tor / Mild Steel . Engineer-in-charge. Other than SAIL/TATA/RINL 10.26 M.T
20 20 Hire and labour charges for shuttering with centering and necessary staging upto 4 m using approved stout props and thick hard wood planks of approved thickness with required bracing for concrete slabs, beams and columns, lintels curved or straight including fitting, fixing and striking out after completion of works. Using 25 mm to 30 mm thick wooden shuttering as per direction of EIC, complete. a) 25 mm to 30 mm thick wooden shuttering as per decision & direction of Engineer-In-Charge. 958 Sqm
21 21 Brickwork with 1st class bricks in cement morter (1:6) in foundation and plinth 13.5 Cum
22 22 125 mm thick Brick work with 1st class brick in Cement Mortar (4:1) in Ground Floor 194.4 Sqm
23 23 Plaster (to wall, floor, ceiling etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering corners as directed and raking out joints or roughening of concrete including throating, nosing and drip course, scaffolding / staging where necessary.1:4 15 mm thk 1027.8 Sqm
24 24 Neat Cement punning (about 1.50 mm thick) on wall, dado1.5 mm thk 1027.8 Sqm
25 25 Supplying, fitting & fixing 1st quality Ceramic tiles in walls\nand floors to match with the existing work & 4 nos. of key\nstones (10mm) fixed with araldite at the back of each tile &\nfinishing the joints with white cement mixed with colouring oxide if required to match the colour of tiles including roughening of concrete surface, if necessary or by synthetic adhesive & grout materials etc.B) Wall With Sand Cement Mortar (1:3) 15 mm thick & 2 mm thick cement slurry at back side of tiles using cement @ 2.91 Kg/Sq.m & joint filling using white cement slurry @ 0.20kg/Sq.m.\n(a) Area of each tile upto 0.09 Sq.m\n(i) Coloured decorative 330 Sqm
26 26 Supplying and laying chequered tiles of any shade & of\napproved quality with (1:1½:3) cement concrete laid in panels or patterns as directed in pavement, footpath etc. including necessary underlay 25 mm thick [avg] cement mortar (1:3) complete in all respect with all labour and materials. [Using cement slurry @ 4.4 kg/Sq.m at back side and @2.4 kg/Sq.m for joint filling] Red Variety (i) 25 mm. thick 129.6 Sqm
27 27 Supplying 1.5mm thick M.S. sheet fitted and fixed on one or both faces of M.S./ W.I. gate etc. with point welding at not more than 150mm apart complete in all respect as per design including cost of all labour and materials. 32.4 Sqm
28 28 Galvanised corrugated iron sheet work (excluding the\nsupporting frame work) fitted and fixed with 10 mm. dia J or L hook-bolts, limpet and bitumen washers and putty complete with 150 mm. end lap and one corrugation minimum side lap. (Payment to be made on area of finished work)(GCI sheet to be supplied by contractor) (i) In Roof:- a) With 0.60 mm thick sheet 216 Sqm
29 29 For structural roof trusses etc using joints channels 40mm dia medium quality 564 m
30 30 Labour for boring tube well of required dia. by water jet system through any type of soil strata including hire and labour charges for boring pipes, scaffolding, tools and plants as necessary and taking out them and lowering pipes, strainers, blind pipe etc. and fitting and fixing the same complete including bucket washing and other incidental works in the connection. The tube well should have a minimum 50 mm gap in between the outside of the tubewell pipe and the bore. A) For the depth upto 150m. For 50mm dia Tube-well with top enlargement of 100 mm. dia. i) 50 mm dia boring. 1440 m
31 31 100 mm dia boring top enlargement 840 m
32 32 Supply of PVC pipes & fittings Schedule 80(medium duty) conforming to ASTMD-1785 and threaded to match with GI pipes as per IS:1239(Part-I)PVC pipes a) 100 mm dia medium quality 45.0 mtr 840 m
33 33 50mm dia pipe 1080 m
34 34 32mm dia column pipe 840 m
35 35 Supplying high density polythene strainer of approved make with adaptor conforming to IS specification a)50 mm dia. 360 m
36 36 S/F/F steel cutter piece up to 450 mm long with socket 50 mm dia. 20 Nos
37 37 Packing the annular space between the outside of the tubewell pepes and strainers and bore with pea size washed gravels of approved quality having size from 2 mm to 5 mm the size approved by E.I.C. including cost of materials labours & equipment complete. 15.7 Cum
38 38 Supplying, fitting and fixing heavy type bell mouth reducing socket. (i) 50 mm x 100 mm 20 Nos
39 39 Supplying, fitting and fixing G.I. pipes of TATA make with all necessary accessories, specials viz. socket, bend, tee, union, cross, elbo, nipple, longscrew, reducing socket, reducing tee, short piece etc. fitted with holder bats clamps, including cutting pipes, making threads, fitting, fixing etc. complete in all respect including cost of all necessary fittings as required,jointing materials and two coats of painting with approved paint\nin any position above ground. (Payment will be made on the centre line measurements of total pipe line including all specials. No separate payment will be made for accesories, specials. Payment for painting will be made seperately) 32 mm dia GI pipe 120 m
40 40 Supply of G.I. reducing socket with I.S.I. mark.80 mm dia 20 Nos
41 41 GI nipples 150mm long 40 mm dia 80 each
42 42 proving 200 centre guide with clamp 20 each
43 43 S+F+F push cock of heavy quality and of approved make and brand cast iron 125 mm dia 80 each
44 44 Supplying, fitting and fixing gunmetal wheel valve of approved brand and make tested to 21 kg per sq. cm. (for water lines only). A) 40 mm dia. 20 Nos
45 45 Construction of circular soak well 2.5 metre deep in all types of sandy soils with dry brick work upto 1.6 metre from the bottom having 150 mm intermediate cement brick work (1:4) band all round and cement brick work (1:4) upto 0.90 metre from top with 20mm thick cement plastering (1:4) to inside face upto the depth of cement brick work, 15mm thick cement plaster (1:4) on outer face from top of the well upto G.L. and 6 mm thick cement plaster (1:4) on top of the R.C.C. cover slab including filling bottom 1.00 metre of inside of the well with brick metal (50 mm to 63 mm size) including R.C.C. cover slab of 100 mm thick with cement conc (1:1.5:3) with stone chips with necessary reinforcement and shuttering including one 560 mm dia. R.C.C. manhole cover (heavy type)of approved make supplied, fitted and fixed in the cover slab with necessary fittings, making nacessary arrangements for pipe connections, excavation of well including shoring, dewatering and removing the exess earth from the premises as per direction complete in all respect with all costs of labour and materials. With 250 mm thick dry brick work and 250 mm thick cement brick work (1:6) and 1.00m inside dia.Other thak SAIL/TATA 20 each
46 46 Collecting sample of water for bacteriological and chemical test from any depth at any time during execution of work including hire and labour charges for tools and plants and sterilising the equipments, paying all charges and fees, testing etc. complete in all respect as per direction. 20 LS
47 47 Connection of electricity 20 LS
48 48 Providing and fixing concrete sign board with all complete 20 Nos
49 49 Sub Total
50 50 GST 12% 1 Nos.
51 51 CESS 1% 1 Nos.
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