Supply Of Medicine, Surgical Item Cmho Baran Medical Tender

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Supply Of Medicine, Surgical Item Cmho Baran Medical Tender

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supply of medicine, surgical item- abs cromic catgut, autoclabe bottle pvc, bb silk, black disinfectant fluid, blood lancet, capsuyle, amoxyclline, capsule amocyclline, ccompound benzoin tincutre, clotraimazole cream, dipo needle, drop peracetamol , formaldeyde solutin, gamma benzine hexchloride lotion, glycer, injection mennitol, injection adrenaline, inj amikcin, inj ampcillin, injection artisunate, injection bupivacaine hydrchlrode, injection calcium gluconate, injection cefoprazone and sulbactum, injection cetriaxone, injection cefriaxone, injection dextrose, injec tion dopamine, injec tion electrolyte, injection furosemide, injection human anti d immunoglobin, injection iron sucrose, injection megnisum sulphate, injection iron sucrose, injection methylergometrine, injection metoclorpramide, injection metronizdazole, injection sodium chloride, injection steraile water, injection vitamine, injection lignocaine, lignocaine, levertractam tabhle, tamsulosin hci tablets, amlodipine tables, levofloxcin tables, tamoxifen tab, trihexphynidy hci, tranexamic acid tables, face mask triple layer disposable, n-95 mask, glimpride tab metformin tab, escitalopram tab, risperidon tab, alkezer syrup, vtm, tab clorine, cord clamp, mucus sucker, medicated soap, k90 plain categeter, foleys catherter, sanitary napkins, liquid antacid, liquid soap general, mucus exractor, ors powder who formulation, oral drip domperidone, polyglyciolic acid branded coated, tab methylodopa ip, cap nifedipine nifedipne, tab labetalol, inj labetalol, tab digoxine, tab misoprostol misoprastal, cap ampicllin ampicillin trihydrate, cap amoxycillin, tab metronidazole, cap doxycline, tab misoprostol miscoprostol, inj oxytocin oxotocin, tab hyoscine butyl boromide, compound sodiu lactate, sterite water, tab drotavarine, absorbent cotton wool, catheter, disposable latex, paper adhesive plater tap with cutter, pedia set with messering, perfussion set with airway and needl;e, sterile disposable spinal needle, sterile disposable syringe with needle, umical cord clamp,

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INR 80 Lakhs /-


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