Providing Of Electric Energy Audit Work At Yol Cantt

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Providing Of Electric Energy Audit Work At Yol Cantt
Himachal Pradesh

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Providing Of Electric Energy Audit Work At Yol Cantt , Physical Inspection Of The Equipment / Installation To Observe And Comment On:- ( A ) The Compliance To Local Regulations And Local Engineering Standards . ( B ) The Extent Of Compliance To Recognized International Engineering Standards E . G . Nfpa70 , Nfpa70b , Nfpa 70E , Bs7671 , Iec60364 , Cenelec Hd384 Or Equivalent . ( C ) General Safety Requirements Of The Electrical Installation . ( D ) Basic Housekeeping And Hygiene For Electrical System . ( E ) Electrical Hazards & Adequacy Of Controls . ( F ) Review Of Compliance With Implementation Of Hazardous Area Classification Report , Wherever Applicable . ( Report Needs To Be Made Available To The Auditor ) ( G ) To Review Adequacy Of Inspection And Testing Of Protective Equipment And Protective Tools . ( I ) Studying Various Parameters From Log Book Dash Board And Instruments At The Panel , Cross Checking Ct Ratios , Plug Multiplier Setting And Time Multiplier Setting Including Over Current And Earth Fault Protection . ( Ii ) The Load On Each Switchgear Will Be Studied , Its Loading Patten And Recommendations Will Be Funished In Report . ( Iii ) The Energy Audit Studies Should Cover Main Receiving Station , Switchgear , Centralised Reactive Power Compensation , Kva-Kms Etc And Also The Possible Improvements In The Metering Etc Wherever Feasible At Main Receiving Station . , ( A ) Review The Power Distribution System And Electrical Installations For Protection Systems Adequacy And Related Hazards . ( B ) Review Of Operation And Maintenance System . ( C ) Review Of Access And Control For Electrical Installations For Both Ht And Lt System . ( D ) To Review Adequacy Of Inspection And Testing Of Protective Equipment And Protective Tools . ( E ) Study Of Transformers Installation:- ( I ) Inspection By Walk Through At The Transformer Inddor / Outdoor Locations And Carrying Out Measurement With Instruments At Feeders And Arriving At The Loading Patten , Adequacy Of Swtichgear To Quench Fault , Overloading Etc And Finding Out Percent Loading . ( Ii ) The Audit Scope Will Include Study Of Nos Of Transformers From 63Kva To 500 Kva Location Under Ge ( Kh ) Yol Cantt Jurisdiction Their Loading Patten . ( Iii ) Reconfiguration , Renetworking , Load Balancing , Losses And Efficiency And Possible Suggestion To Improve Efficiency And With Recommendation Of Life Based On Life Cycle Cost . ( Iv ) The Audit Scope Will Also Include Study Reactive Power Compensation , Power Factor Improvement And Other System Adjacents In The Transformer Substation . ( V ) Power Quality With Power Quality Analyzer On 56 Nos . Of Transformers Current , Voltage , Power Factor , Harmonics Up To 30Hz , Active Power , Energy Loss Calculator , ( A ) To Review The Adequacy Of Electrical Ppe Being Used For Electrical Works Including Testing Equipment . ( B ) Review Of Emergency Lighting Adequacy . ( C ) Vibration Analysis: Spectrum , Time Waveform , Envelope Spectrum Of Dg . ( D ) Study Of Dg Sets Installation 20 Kva To 200 Kva :- ( I ) Inspection By Walk Through At The Dg Set Installations At Various Locations And Carrying Out Measurement With Instruments . ( Ii ) Motors / Mccbs / Acbs / Sfus / Fus / Changeovers Etc And Arriving At The Loading Pattern , Adequacy Of Switchgear To Quench Fault , Overloading Etc And Finding Out Percent Loading . Parallel Running And Diverting Critical Load Will Be Seen At The Dg Sets Locations . ( Iii ) The Study Would Include Specific Fuel Consumption And Per Unit Cost Of Generating Electricity Besides Working Out Alternate Fuel Strategy And Energy Efficiency Point Of View For Reactive Power Compensation . , Review Of Lightning Protection System ( Basis Of Review: Design Calculations And Recommendations Report , Made Available To The Auditor ) To Review Overall Understanding Of The Electrical Safety Requirements By Operations And Maintenance Staff . , Study Of Street Light System :- ( I ) Inspection By Walk Through At The Various Street Lighting In Cantt Area Covering Street Light Panels Fucntioning Of Photo Switches , Controls , Relay , Timer And Other Control And Taking Measurement At Strategic Points In Cantt . ( Ii ) Comperehensive Study Of The Entire Lighting System Covering The Light Source ( Lamps ) , Luminaire ( Reflectors Etc ) And The Gear ( Ballast / Drivers ) Would Be Taken Up For The Street Light Feeders Of The Premises . ( Iii ) Besides This The Illumination Levels On The Roads Required Viz-A-Viz Available Would Also Be Studied . Recommendations Of Auditor To Implement In Efficiency Of Lighting System Note : The Rate Quoted Is For Entire Lighting System From Control Panel To End Light Will Be Considered As One Job . , Thermography Of Panels To Be Done By Flir E Series Thermal Imager At Each Panel . , To Review Protective Earthing System Of All The Substations / Installation Of Cantt Premisses . , Complete Sketch On Acrylic Sheet Of Size 2Mtr X 3Mtr Of Existing Electric System ( Ht & Lt Network With Different Colour ) Shown With Location Of All Substation And Power Transformer Location ( Hard And Soft Duplicate Copy ) . , Fire Safety Audit , Judicious Utilisation Of Electric Supply At Various Location In Cantt With Standard Electric Pattern In Otm''s , Offices And Residential Accommodations And Recommendation Render Report In Details For Each Job , Illumination Measurement Lux Level Monitoring At Electrical Room . , Electrical Safety Audit For Domestic Ac , Refrigerator , Induction Motors And Ups Under Ge ( Kh ) Yol Jurisdiction .

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1 27-06-2020 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 04-07-2020
2 30-06-2020 Dates 14-07-2020

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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Physical inspection of the equipment/ installation to observe and comment on:- (a) The compliance to local regulations and local engineering standards. (b) The extent of compliance to recognized international engineering standards e.g. NFPA70, NFPA70B, NFPA 70E, BS7671, IEC60364, CENELEC HD384 or equivalent. (c) General safety requirements of the electrical installation. (d) Basic housekeeping and hygiene for electrical system. (e) Electrical hazards & adequacy of controls . (f) Review of compliance with implementation of hazardous area classification report, wherever applicable. (Report needs to be made available to the auditor) (g) To review adequacy of Inspection and Testing of Protective Equipment and Protective Tools. (i) Studying various parameters from Log Book Dash Board and instruments at the panel, cross checking CT ratios, plug multiplier setting and Time multiplier setting including over current and earth fault protection. (ii) The load on each switchgear will be studied, its loading patten and recommendations will be funished in report. (iii) The Energy Audit Studies should cover Main Receiving station, switchgear, centralised reactive power compensation, KVA-KMs etc and also the possible improvements in the metering etc wherever feasible at Main Receiving Station.\n\n 2 Each Job
2 2 (a) Review the power distribution system and electrical installations for protection systems adequacy and related hazards. (b) Review of operation and maintenance system. (c) Review of access and control for electrical installations for both HT and LT system. (d) To review adequacy of Inspection and Testing of Protective Equipment and Protective Tools. (e) Study of Transformers Installation:-(i) Inspection by walk through at the transformer inddor/outdoor locations and carrying out measurement with instruments at feeders and arriving at the loading patten, adequacy of swtichgear to quench fault, overloading etc and finding out percent loading. (ii) The audit scope will include study of Nos of Transformers from 63KVA to 500 KVA location under GE (KH) Yol Cantt jurisdiction their loading patten. (iii) Reconfiguration, Renetworking, load balancing, losses and efficiency and possible suggestion to improve efficiency and with recommendation of life based on life cycle cost. (iv) The audit scope will also include study reactive power compensation, power factor improvement and other system adjacents in the transformer substation. (v) Power quality with power quality analyzer on 56 nos. of Transformers Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Harmonics up to 30hz, Active Power, Energy loss calculator \n 56 Each Job
3 3 (a) To review the adequacy of electrical PPE being used for electrical works including testing equipment.\n(b) Review of Emergency Lighting adequacy. \n(c) Vibration Analysis: Spectrum, Time waveform, Envelope Spectrum of DG.\n(d) Study of DG Sets Installation 20 KVA to 200 KVA :-(i) Inspection by walk through at the DG Set installations at various locations and carrying out measurement with instruments. (ii) Motors/MCCBs/ACBs/SFUs/FUs/ Changeovers etc and arriving at the loading pattern, adequacy of switchgear to quench fault, overloading etc and finding out percent loading. Parallel running and diverting critical load will be seen at the DG sets locations. (iii) The study would include specific fuel consumption and per unit cost of generating electricity besides working out alternate fuel strategy and energy efficiency point of view for reactive power compensation.\n\n 10 Each job
4 4 Review of Lightning Protection system (Basis of review: Design calculations and recommendations report, made available to the auditor) To review overall understanding of the electrical safety requirements by operations and maintenance staff. 13 Each job
5 5 Study of street light system :- (i) Inspection by walk through at the various street lighting in cantt area covering street light panels fucntioning of photo switches, controls, relay, timer and other control and taking measurement at strategic points in cantt. (ii) Comperehensive study of the entire lighting system covering the light source (Lamps), luminaire (Reflectors etc) and the gear (Ballast/drivers) would be taken up for the street light feeders of the premises. (iii) Besides this the illumination levels on the roads required viz-a-viz available would also be studied. Recommendations of auditor to implement in efficiency of lighting system Note : The rate quoted is for entire lighting system from control panel to end light will be considered as one job. 14 Each job
6 6 Thermography of panels to be done by flir E series Thermal Imager at each panel.\n 90 Each
7 7 To review protective Earthing system of all the substations/installation of cantt premisses. 1000 Each
8 8 Complete sketch on acrylic sheet of size 2mtr x 3mtr of existing electric system (HT & LT network with different colour) shown with location of all substation and power transformer location (Hard and soft duplicate copy).\n 1 Each Job
9 9 Fire safety audit, Judicious utilisation of electric supply at various location in cantt with standard electric pattern in OTM's, Offices and residential accommodations and recommendation render report in details for each job 5 Each Job
10 10 Illumination measurement Lux level monitoring at electrical room. 25 Each Job
11 11 Electrical safety audit for domestic AC, refrigerator, induction motors and UPS under GE (KH) Yol jurisdiction. 85 Each Job
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