Miscellaneous Civil Works For Sp Iii Kirandul Package Vii Chhattisgarh Item Rate Contract

Tender Notice

Miscellaneous Civil Works For Sp Iii Kirandul Package Vii Chhattisgarh Item Rate Contract

Tender Details

Miscellaneous Civil Works For Sp Iii Kirandul Package Vii Chhattisgarh Item Rate Contract

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Description Submission Date
1 29-06-2020 Corrigendum-1 16-07-2020

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 29500 /-
INR 5000000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 64.07 Crore /-


FileName File Description File Size
TCE 6131A-00-ME-001-P9 (09-08-19).pdf Tender Document-DRAWINGS 3011.51
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30012_P0.pdf Tender Document-DRG 234.77
TCE 6131A-CV-3300-SI-30002-P1.pdf Tender Document-DRG 1801.64
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30013_P0.pdf Tender Document-DRG 189.41
Vol - I Commercial Document.pdf Tender Document-NIT 2563.94
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30007_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 215.03
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30003_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 262.35
TCE.6131A-ME-6001-FD-60001_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 315.88
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-GI-30009_P0.pdf Tender Document-DRG 805.39
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-ST-30002_P1.pdf Tender Document-DRG 238.71
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30004_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 247.90
TCE.6131A-ME-6001-PP-60002_P3.pdf Tender Document-DRG 2907.08
Vol - II Technical Specification.pdf Tender Document-TS 2257.39
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30008_P1.pdf Tender Document-DRG 210.98
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-GI-30011_P1.pdf Tender Document-DRG 1408.39
TCE.6131A-EL-4001-AU-40002_P0.pdf Tender Document-DRG 329.21
Tendernotice_1.pdf Tender Document-Vol-1 Commercial Document 2563.94
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30006_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 222.93
591BB6EC-1D82-4C1F-B8C4-586158F804C2.html Tender Notice-Tender Notice 0
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30005_P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 230.21
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-GI-30010_P1.pdf Tender Document-DRG 1409.02
TCE.6131A-EL-4001-AU-40001_P0.pdf Tender Document-DRG 276.60
PRICE SCHEDULE Part-III.xls Tender Document-PRICE SCHEDULE 476.50
TCE.6131A-CV-3300-SI-30009-P2.pdf Tender Document-DRG 1310.73

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