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Corrigendum : Supply Of Safety Items To Csctpp Chhabra

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Supply Of Safety Items To Csctpp Chhabra-1.01 Fire Entry / Proximity Suit Bp-Enfp En- 1486 Complete With Hood With Vision Jacket With Expandable Back For Breathing Appratus, Trouser, Alumyec Glass Resistant Temperature Of 1200 Deg. Cel. 1.02 Chemical Guard Suit As Per En:14605:2005 Type 3&4 For Protecting 98% H2so4 , Caustic Soda 1.03 Chlorine Leakage Kit As Per Is 226 For 900 Kgs Chlorine Tonners 1.04 Head Up Light With Alkaline Batteries With Adjustable Cloth Stripper For Head And Rubber Strap 1.05 Safety Belts / Harness With One Chest Buckle And Attachment D Ring For Fall Arrest Confirm To Is 3521 : 1999 And En361, En358 1.06 Torch Led ( 3 Cell ) Recharglable Bettery ( 4 V ) With Numinous Intensity Of 50Lm With Operating Time Of 6-10 Hrs. 1.07 Gum Boots With Steel Toe Cap Moulded Pvc To Protect Against Oil Acid And Alkalie Resistance Confirming To Is 15298 Part-Ii 1.08 9430- Remote Area Lighting System Flpel-9430 With Burn Time Of 15 Hrs. Having Brightness Of 3000 Lumunous High Flux Leds And Having Fully Extendable 3 Feet High With 360 Rotating Head Confirming To Beam Distance Of 125 Degree 1.09 Safety Jacket- Blue & Red With 1 Inch Wide Micro Prismatic Relfletive Tape Confirming To En 471 1.10 Jute Rope-Isi ( 14Mm ) With Confirming To En 471 In 50 Meter Role 1.11 Rope Ladder ( Length 10 Meters ) Comprising Of Alumium Lugs And 0On Rope Having Lugs Of 25 Mm Dia And Of 16 Inch Width 1.12 Rope Ladder ( Length 20 Meters ) Comprising Of Alumium Lugs And 0On Rope Having Lugs Of 25 Mm Dia And Of 16 Inch Width 1.13 Barrication Tape ( 6 Inch ) 250 Mtr Roll Made Out Of Pe / Pp Film With Work In Progress Printed On Both Sides As Per Ansi Z53 5.5 1.14 Chemical Goggles With Indirect Ventilation Made Of Pvc Frame And Fitted With Polycarbonate Lengths And Non Allergic Elestic Band Confirming To En 160 1.15 Acid / Alkali Proof Gloves Having Size Of 18 Inch With Palm M 1.16 Life Guard Jacket With Retroreflective Tape And Fitted With Whistle 1.17 Anti-Vibration Gloves Having Length Of 10 Inch With Palm M 1.18 Normal Dangari ( Size-L ) With Having An Is-11612 Are Made Of Various Fabrics Like Treated Cotton 1.19 Fire Proof Dangari ( Size-L ) Having Is-11612 Are Made Of Inherent Fire Retardent Fabrics 1.20 Heat Resistance Gloves ( Cotton Terry Or Canvas ) Made Of Strong Cut Resistance Armide Like Kavlar Etc And Supported With Insulated Thermal Barrior With Length Of 14 Inch 1.21 Safety Helmet Made Up Of Thermoplastic Polymer With Inside Eight Point Textle / Nylon Harness With Sliding Adjustment With Chin Strap And Rachet Confirm To Is-2925:1984 Colour :- White 1.22 Safety Helmet Made Up Of Thermoplastic Polymer With Inside Eight Point Textle / Nylon Harness With Sliding Adjustment With Chin Strap And Rachet Confirm To Is-2925:1984 Colour :- Green 1.23 Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon Multi Gas Filter Cartridge Having Is- 15323 :2003 1.24 Foot Operated Eye And Face Washer Combination Units Are Made Of Powder Coated Anti Corossive Gi Pipes As Per Is 10592 1.25 First Aid Oxygen Portable Kit ( With Oxygen Capacity Of 414 Ltr , Duration 3 Hrs27 Mins , Weight: 3.4 Kg 1.26 Carry Sheet ( Stretcher ) L X B: 212 X 75 Cm With Self Weight 1 Kg , Load Limit 159 Kg , Lift Type: Horizontal 1.27 Wind Indicator Made Of Light Weight Pu Coated Nylon Material. Double Stitch At All Joints. Plastic Eyelets Gives Anticorrosion Proper‐Ties. The Complete Wind Sock Comes With A Polymer Packing. 2” Dia And 6 Ft Length Along With Wind Indicator Stand Is Made Of Good Quality Non Corrosive Galvanized Iron ( Gi ) Pipe. 1.28 Multi Gas Detector For Detecting Gas Co, Lel, H2s O2 , So2as Per Is 13293:1992 1.29 Ear Plugs Corded Epsav-570 1.30 Nose / Dust Mask Rpsav -P2 1.31 Vapour Respirator With Head Stripes To Accommodate Twin Cartridges With Exhalation Valve 1.32 Flash Light Distance 243 Mtr. Run Time:2 Hr. 15 Min. Compliance:None , Lumens: 164 1.33 Safety Net Consisting Of Pp Rope Dia: 4Mm, Mesh Size: 100 Mm, Outer Rope Dia: 12Mm Supported By An Additional Nylon Net ( Fish Net ) , Rope Breaking Strenght Report Should Be As Per Is Size 5Mtr X 10 Mtr 1.34 Metal‐Free Clear Safetyeyewear With Wrap ‐ Around Polycarbonate Lense. Special Indoor Outdoor Lense I / O Single Piece Design. Ergonomically And Sturdy Design Anti ‐ Fog & Anti‐Scratch. Accessories : Hanging Cord & Soft Pouch Color: Clear & Smoke, En 166:2001 / En 170 1.35 Ear Muffs, Ce Marked, Made From Impact Proof Polypropylene With Multi Position Soft Polymer Head Band. Foldable Compact Size For Storage. Approved From En 352-2, Snr 27 Db ( A ) 1.36 Heat Shield Hand Gloves Made Of Normal And Tannedsplit Leather Of Reddish‐Brown Colour. Insulating Thermalbarrier As Inner Layer Gives Heat Protection Upto 250 Degrees.Thumb Re‐Inforcement Enhances Usage Life. Best For Weldingtand General Heat Applications Size 10 Length 12.5", Approved From En407-423X4x, En388-4344 1.37 Insulated Hand Gloves With Working Voltage Of 17000 Volts And Proof Voltage 25000 Volts Length Of 14 Inch, Confirm To Erda 4770:1991 1.38 Electrical Hand Gloves, For 2000Volts Dc, Coating Material Natural Rubber Latex, Liner Material Non Flocked, Cuff Style Rolled Beaded / Gauntlet, Grip Design Smeeth Finish, Confirm To Erda 4770:1991 1.39 Hot Oil Splash Suit, A Five Layer Garment Made Of Csm Material, Meta Aramid, Inherent Cotton, Aramid Felt & Inherent Fr. The Fabric Withstanding Pressure Caacity Is 50Kg / Cm2 And Steam Strength Is Up To 350°C Temperature.It Should Be Atira Tested For 250°C Splash, Tested To Iso 5025, 9151, 6942, 9185 And En 1875-3 1.40 "Arcsafe Electrical Rescue Rod, To Pull An Individual From A Height When Working On Live Wires Consists Of Corrosion Resistant, Insulated Telescopic Aluminum Rod Which Is Smooth On The Outside Though Strong And Robust And Of About 18 Feet In Length When Open And 8 Feet In Collapsed State Hence Easy To Carry And Having A Dia Of 25X 28X 32 Mm And Provided With A Frp Grip. The System Is Attached Along With A Robust ‘Pull’ Collar To Disentangle The Person In Emergency, This Pull Collar Is Made From A Robust Metal Arched Structure. Approved To Erda " 1.41 "Chemical Splash Goggles With Indirect Ventilation, Protect Against Splash And A Hard‐Coated Polycarbonate Lens That Reduces Uvb And Uva Radiation From Natural Sunlight By 99%, Approved From Ansi Z.87.1.2003 " 1.42 "Chemical Handling Gloves, Protect From Acid Alkali, Sulfuric Acid, Size 18"" As Per En 374:2003" 1.43 Life Saving Tube Having Weight Of 2.5 Kg With Pu Foam Filled Equipped With Reflective Tape And Ropes 1.44 Arc Face Shield With Electrical Helmet According To Bis 2925:1984, Shield Meets Nfpa 70E:2012 1.45 Hand Gloves ( Type-I ) Working Voltage 650 Volt Proof Voltage 5000V, En Size 10, 11 Length In Mm 280 To 410 1.46 Electrical Shock Proof Helmet, Material Should Be Hdpe, Weight Should Not Be More Than 325 Gms Design Should Be Aerodynamic Size Is 520 To 600 Mm, Confirm To Is 2925:1984 For Head Protection 30 Kv 1.47 Chemiflex Latex Gloves, Length-300 Mm, En Size- L Coating Material- Natural Latex 1.48 Reusable Silicon Full Face Mask With Chlorine Gas Filter Catridge Mask As Per Is 14166 And Filter Catridge As Per Is 15322.

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 28-Apr-202 Corrigendum-I Date 13-05-2020
2 28-Apr-202 Correction in Corrigendum-I Date 13-05-2020
3 13-May-202 Corrigendum-II Date 27-05-2020
4 27-May-202 Due date extension Date 19-06-2020

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INR 1180 /-
INR 89530.00 /-
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INR 44.76 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1.01 Fire Entry / Proximity suit BP-ENFP EN- 1486 complete with hood with vision jacket with expandable back for breathing appratus, trouser, alumyec glass resistant temperature of 1200 deg. Cel. item1 2 Nos
2 1.02 Chemical guard suit as per EN:14605:2005 type 3&4 for protecting 98% H2So4 , Caustic soda item2 5 Nos
3 1.03 Chlorine leakage kit as per IS 226 for 900 Kgs chlorine tonners item3 4 Nos
4 1.04 Head up light with alkaline batteries with adjustable cloth stripper for head and rubber strap item4 10 Nos
5 1.05 Safety Belts/ Harness with one chest buckle and attachment d ring for fall arrest confirm to IS 3521 : 1999 and EN361, EN358 item5 37 Nos
6 1.06 Torch LED (3 cell) recharglable bettery (4 V) with numinous intensity of 50lm with operating time of 6-10 Hrs. item6 53 Nos
7 1.07 Gum Boots with steel toe cap moulded PVC to protect against oil acid and alkalie resistance confirming to IS 15298 part-II item7 12 Nos
8 1.08 9430- Remote area lighting system FLPEL-9430 with burn time of 15 hrs. having brightness of 3000 lumunous high flux LEDs and having fully extendable 3 feet high with 360 rotating head confirming to beam distance of 125 degree item8 1 Nos
9 1.09 Safety Jacket- Blue & Red with 1 inch wide micro prismatic relfletive tape confirming to EN 471 item9 10 Nos
10 1.1 Jute Rope-ISI (14mm) with confirming to EN 471 in 50 meter role item10 300 Nos
11 1.11 Rope Ladder ( Length 10 Meters) comprising of alumium lugs and 0on rope having lugs of 25 mm dia and of 16 inch width item11 5 Nos
12 1.12 Rope Ladder ( Length 20 Meters) comprising of alumium lugs and 0on rope having lugs of 25 mm dia and of 16 inch width item12 5 Nos
13 1.13 Barrication Tape (6 inch) 250 mtr roll made out of PE/PP film with work in progress printed on both sides as per ANSI Z53 5.5 item13 48 Nos
14 1.14 Chemical Goggles with indirect ventilation made of PVC frame and fitted with polycarbonate lengths and non allergic elestic band confirming to EN 160 item14 13 Nos
15 1.15 Acid/ Alkali proof gloves having size of 18 inch with palm M item15 6 Nos
16 1.16 Life guard Jacket with retroreflective tape and fitted with whistle item16 4 Nos
17 1.17 Anti-vibration gloves having length of 10 inch with palm M item17 4 Nos
18 1.18 Normal Dangari (Size-L) with having an IS-11612 are made of various fabrics like treated cotton item18 23 Nos
19 1.19 Fire Proof Dangari (Size-L) having IS-11612 are made of inherent fire retardent fabrics item19 4 Nos
20 1.2 Heat resistance gloves(cotton terry or canvas) made of strong cut resistance armide like kavlar etc and supported with insulated thermal barrior with length of 14 inch item20 16 Nos
21 1.21 Safety Helmet made up of Thermoplastic polymer with inside eight point textle/nylon harness with sliding adjustment with chin strap and rachet confirm to IS-2925:1984 Colour :- White item21 176 Nos
22 1.22 Safety Helmet made up of Thermoplastic polymer with inside eight point textle/nylon harness with sliding adjustment with chin strap and rachet confirm to IS-2925:1984 Colour :- Green item22 10 Nos
23 1.23 Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon Multi Gas Filter cartridge having IS- 15323 :2003 item23 1 Nos
24 1.24 Foot operated Eye and face washer combination units are made of powder coated anti corossive GI pipes as per IS 10592 item24 1 Nos
25 1.25 First aid oxygen portable kit (With oxygen capacity of 414 Ltr , duration 3 Hrs27 Mins , Weight: 3.4 Kg item25 9 Nos
26 1.26 Carry sheet ( stretcher)L x B: 212 x 75 Cm with self weight 1 Kg , Load limit 159 Kg , lift type: horizontal item26 2 Nos
27 1.27 Wind indicator made of light weight PU coated nylon material. Double stitch at all joints. Plastic eyelets gives anticorrosion proper-ties. The complete wind sock comes with a polymer packing. 2” Dia and 6 Ft length along with wind indicator stand is made of good quality Non corrosive Galvanized Iron (GI) pipe. item27 2 Nos
28 1.28 Multi gas detector for detecting gas CO, LEL, H2S O2 ,SO2as per IS 13293:1992 item28 2 Nos
29 1.29 Ear plugs corded EPSAV-570 item29 348 Nos
30 1.3 Nose/ Dust Mask RPSAV -P2 item30 426 Nos
31 1.31 Vapour Respirator with head stripes to accommodate twin cartridges with exhalation valve item31 5 Nos
32 1.32 Flash light distance 243 mtr. Run Time:2 Hr. 15 min. Compliance:NONE , Lumens: 164 item32 7 Nos
33 1.33 Safety Net consisting of PP Rope Dia: 4mm, Mesh Size: 100 mm,Outer Rope Dia: 12mm supported by an additional nylon net (fish net), Rope breaking strenght report should be as per IS Size 5mtr x 10 mtr item33 4 Nos
34 1.34 Metal-free Clear SafetyEyewear with wrap - around polycarbonate lense. SPECIAL INDOOR OUTDOOR LENSE I/O Single piece design. Ergonomically and sturdy design Anti - fog & Anti-scratch. Accessories : Hanging cord & Soft pouch Color: Clear & Smoke, EN 166:2001/EN 170 item34 7 Nos
35 1.35 Ear Muffs, CE marked, made from impact proof Polypropylene with multi position soft polymer Head Band. Foldable compact size for storage. Approved from EN 352-2, SNR 27 dB(A) item35 40 Nos
36 1.36 Heat Shield Hand Gloves made of normal and tannedSplit Leather of Reddish-brown colour. Insulating thermalbarrier as inner layer gives heat protection upto 250 degrees.Thumb re-inforcement enhances usage life. Best for weldingtand general heat applications Size 10 Length 12.5", Approved from EN407-423X4X, EN388-4344 item36 9 Nos
37 1.37 Insulated hand gloves with working voltage of 17000 Volts and proof voltage 25000 volts length of 14 inch, Confirm to ERDA 4770:1991 item37 12 Nos
38 1.38 Electrical Hand Gloves, for 2000volts DC, Coating material Natural Rubber Latex, Liner material Non flocked, Cuff style Rolled beaded/Gauntlet, Grip design Smeeth finish, Confirm to ERDA 4770:1991 item38 12 Nos
39 1.39 Hot oil splash suit, a five layer garment made of CSM material, meta aramid, inherent cotton, aramid felt & inherent FR. The fabric withstanding pressure caacity is 50kg/cm2 and steam strength is up to 350°C should be ATIRA tested for 250°C Splash, Tested to ISO 5025,9151,6942,9185 and EN 1875-3 item39 3 Nos
40 1.4 Arcsafe Electrical Rescue Rod, to pull an individual from a height when working on live wires consists of corrosion resistant, Insulated Telescopic Aluminum Rod which is smooth on the outside though strong and robust and of about 18 feet in length when open and 8 feet in collapsed state hence easy to carry and having a dia of 25x 28x 32 mm and provided with a FRP Grip. The system is attached along with a robust ‘PULL’ collar to disentangle the person in emergency, this\nPULL collar is made from a robust metal arched structure. Approved to ERDA item40 2 Nos
41 1.41 Chemical Splash Goggles with indirect ventilation, protect against splash and a hard-coated polycarbonate lens that reduces UVB and UVA radiation from\nnatural sunlight by 99%, approved from ANSI Z.87.1.2003 item41 14 Nos
42 1.42 Chemical handling gloves, protect from acid alkali, sulfuric acid, size 18" \nAs per EN 374:2003 item42 9 Nos
43 1.43 Life Saving Tube having weight of 2.5 KG with PU Foam filled equipped with reflective tape and ropes item43 2 Nos
44 1.44 Arc Face shield with Electrical helmet according to BIS 2925:1984, shield meets NFPA 70E:2012 item44 5 Nos
45 1.45 Hand Gloves (Type-I) working voltage 650 volt proof voltage 5000v, EN size 10,11 Length in MM 280 to 410 item45 26 Nos
46 1.46 Electrical shock proof helmet, Material should be HDPE, weight should not be more than 325 gms design should be aerodynamic size is 520 to 600 mm, confirm to IS 2925:1984 for head protection 30 KV item46 10 Nos
47 1.47 Chemiflex latex gloves, length-300 mm, EN size- L coating material- Natural latex item47 7 Nos
48 1.48 Reusable Silicon full face mask with chlorine gas filter catridge mask as per IS 14166 and filter catridge as per IS 15322. item48 2 Nos
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