Outsourcing For Conservancy And House Keeping Services And Installation For Mes Karanja Area Cwe Karanja Ge Nw Karanja And Ge P Nw Karanja

Tender Notice

Outsourcing For Conservancy And House Keeping Services And Installation For Mes Karanja Area Cwe Karanja Ge Nw Karanja And Ge P Nw Karanja

Tender Details

Outsourcing For Conservancy And House Keeping Services And Installation For Mes Karanja Area Cwe Karanja Ge Nw Karanja And Ge P Nw Karanja , Providing Under Mentioned Services With The Manpower Mentioned In The Description Of The Item With The Desired Educational Qualification , Uniform/Dress Code Etc Complete All As Specified And As Directed By Engineer- In- Charge/ Ge . Notes ( For Serial Item Nos . 1 . 00 To 2 . 10 Here-In-After ) : ( 1 ) The Workers Shall Be Having Sufficient Experience As Specified Here-In-After Under Annexure-1 . ( 2 ) The Workers Shall Be Capable Of Manning The Duties Entrusted To Them Time To Time For Smooth Functioning Of Office . It Shall Be The Responsbility Of Contractor/Service Providing Agency To Provide The Reliver As And When The Work Of Individuals Complete During Their Shift Time . ( 3 ) Refer Annexure 1 For Qualification , Experience , Job Requirement/Duties Of Manpower To Be Employed/Deployed On The Job Etc ) :- , Providing Data Entery Operator Take Written Information From Forms , Applications , Letters And Enter The Information Into Computer Sytems Databases Or Applications For Office Use . Some Postions Deal Mostly With Typing , Such As Word Processing Or Computerized File . They Need To Generate Reports , Store Completed Work In Designated Locations And Perform Backup Operations . They Must Have Experience With Ms Office Excel Sheet , Ms Office Power Point , Ms Office Word Document . They Should Have Typing Speed Between 60 To 80 Words Per Minutes And Experience With Office Equipements Like Fax Machine And Scanner . They Must Have Excellent Knowledge Of Correct Spelling , Grammer And Punction . They Must In Office For 08 Hours Daily . , Details Of Data Entry Operator Are As Follows:- ( A ) Cwe Karanja - 15 Nos . ( B ) Ge ( Nw ) Karanaja - 10 Nos . ( C ) Ge ( P ) Nw Karanaja - 10 Nos . , Data Entry Operator 35 Nos For 286 Days ( 35 X 286= 10010 ) , Providing Dafetry Is Repsonsible For Proper Maintenance Of Records In The Section / Office To Trace Out Old Files / Records As May Be Required By Any Memebers Or Staff In The Section / Office , To Verify The Records And To Stich/ Mend Files / Records / Vouchers Etc , To Collect And Distribute Stationery To The Members Of The Staff In The Office , To Ensure Cleanliness In The Office With Help Of Persons/ Saffiwala , To Attend Office Half An Hours Earlier Than The Hours Perscribed For The Office , To Attend To Any Other Work Which May Be Assigned To Him By The Officers . They Must Be In Office For 08 Hours Daily , Details Of Duftry Are As Follows:- ( A ) Cwe Karanja - 01 Nos . ( B ) Ge ( Nw ) Karanaja - 01 Nos . ( C ) Ge ( P ) Nw Karanaja - 01 Nos . , Daftery 03 Nos For 286 Days ( 03 X286= 858 ) , Providing Services Of Attending Officers As And When Called For Various Tasks Such As Dusting Of Tables , Computers , Almirahs Etc Shifting Of Files From Offrs To Staff And Vice Versa , Servicing Of Water And Tea On Demand , Passing Of Messages To Other Officers/Staff , Taking Of Xerox Copies , Collection Of Dak Fpo/Post Office And Other Local Offices , Dispatching Of Letters , Attend The Section For Petty Works And All Other Allied Services And Any Other Tasks Of Such Nature As And When Warranted And So On For Smooth Dunctioning Of Section / Office . They Must Be In Office For 8 Hours Daily . , Details Of Peon Are As Follows:- ( A ) Ge ( Nw ) Karanaja - 01 Nos . ( B ) Ge ( P ) Nw Karanaja - 01 Nos . , Poen 02 Nos For 286 Days ( 02 X286= 286 )

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Description Submission Date
1 30-03-2020 DATE CORRIGENDUM 21-04-2020
2 18-04-2020 POASTPONEMENT 05-05-2020
3 05-05-2020 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 12-05-2020

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 1000 /-
INR 145000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 79.42 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Description of Item of Work Item Code / Make Quantity Unit
1 1 Providing under mentioned services with the manpower mentioned in the description of the item with the desired educational qualification, uniform/dress code etc complete all as specified and as directed by Engineer- in- Charge/ GE. Notes (for serial item Nos. 1.00 to 2.10 here-in-after) : \n(1) The workers shall be having sufficient experience as specified here-in-after under Annexure-1. \n(2)The workers shall be capable of manning the duties entrusted to them time to time for smooth functioning of office . It shall be the responsbility of contractor/service providing agency to provide the reliver as and when the work of individuals complete during their shift time. (3) Refer Annexure 1 for qualification, experience, Job requirement/duties of manpower to be employed/deployed on the Job etc) :- BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113
2 1.1 Providing Data Entery operator take written information from forms, applications, letters and enter the information into computer sytems databases or applications for office use. Some postions deal mostly with typing, such as word processing or computerized file. They need to generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations. They must have Experience with MS Office Excel Sheet, MS Office Power Point, MS Office word document. They should have typing speed between 60 to 80 words per minutes and experience with office equipements like fax machine and scanner. They must have excellent knowledge of correct spelling, Grammer and punction. they must in office for 08 hours daily.
3 1.2 Details of Data Entry Operator are as follows:-\n(a) CWE Karanja - 15 Nos.\n(b) GE (NW) Karanaja - 10 Nos.\n(c) GE (P) NW Karanaja - 10 Nos.
4 1.3 Data Entry Operator 35 Nos for 286 days ( 35 x 286= 10010) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 10010 Per day
5 2 Providing Dafetry is repsonsible for proper maintenance of records in the section / office to trace out old files / records as may be required by any memebers or staff in the Section / Office, to verify the records and to stich/ mend files / records / vouchers etc, to collect and distribute stationery to the members of the staff in the office, to ensure cleanliness in the office with help of persons/ saffiwala, to attend office half an hours earlier than the hours perscribed for the office, to attend to any other work which may be assigned to him by the officers. They must be in office for 08 hours daily BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117
6 2.1 Details of Duftry are as follows:-\n(a) CWE Karanja - 01 Nos.\n(b) GE (NW) Karanaja - 01 Nos.\n(c) GE (P) NW Karanaja - 01 Nos.
7 2.2 Daftery 03 Nos for 286 days ( 03 x286= 858) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 858 Per day
8 3 Providing services of attending officers as and when called for various tasks such as dusting of tables, computers, almirahs etc shifting of files from offrs to staff and vice versa, servicing of water and tea on demand, passing of messages to other officers/staff, taking of xerox copies, collection of dak FPO/Post office and other local offices, dispatching of letters, attend the section for petty works and all other allied services and any other tasks of such nature as and when warranted and so on for smooth dunctioning of section / office. They must be in office for 8 hours daily. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119
9 3.1 Details of Peon are as follows:-\n(a) GE (NW) Karanaja - 01 Nos.\n(b) GE (P) NW Karanaja - 01 Nos.
10 3.2 Poen 02 Nos for 286 days ( 02 x286= 286) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 572 Per day
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