Supply Of Test Kits And Reagents

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Supply Of Test Kits And Reagents

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Supply Of Test Kits And Reagents supply of kits and reagents n/10 hcl, hb meter tube, whatsman filter paper, lancet, capillar tube fine, wbc diluting fluid, neubar chamber, wbc pipette, filed stain, glass slides, oil cedar wood, petridish, mgg stain, rapid pap stain, leishman stain esr stand with marking, esr pipette, stop watch, tri sodium citrate, k3 edta tube, rbc pipette, container 50 ml capacity disposable with screw cap plastic, multi stix 16 parameter, urine pregnancy test strip, cover slip, paper roll, bended reagent, modified rothras nitropruside, acetic acid, fouchetes reagents, sulphur powder, benzidine powder, keto diastic, semen diluting fluid, hemo spot test, glass jar, trop t rapid, coombs reagent, bovine albumin, anti human globulin, blood sugar reagent enzymatic, urea berhlot, urea kinetic, sgot, creatinine, alkaline phosphate kinetic, total protein, albumin, uric acid, calcium, ck-mb kinetic, amalyse kinetic, cholesterol, hdl, csf protein fluid, accucheck go, code free, abbot optium, hepatitis card, strip, vdrl carbon reagent, vdrl rpr kit, hiv rapid card triline, hiv rapid tridot, hiv rapid combaids, hiv elisa generation, anti hcv anti body rapid card, hcv elisa, malaria rapid card, aslo kit, zn stain rapid kit, sprit lamp, crp, dengue rapid antibody, dengue elisa antibody, dengue elisa antigen, scrub typhus elisa, vtm with swab, ppe kit, blood collection bag, transfer blood bag, blood collecting bag, test tube rack plastic wells, antisera anti a lactin, anti sera ab, anti a polycolonol, abd vial, anti sera a monocolonal, glass test tube, disposable mask, mask, mask triple layer, dropper plastic, micropore transparent tape, zipper polythen, printer ribbon dot matrix, clot activator vial, bio medical waste red bucket with pedal top, oil immersion lense, liquid paraffin, ractified spirit, paper rim, micro pipette, paper gloves, glvoves latex disposable, test tube rack aluminium, test tube rack plastic, slide tray aluminium, disposable needles, disposable syringes with needle, yellow tips, blue tips, di water, glass marking pencil, permanent marker pen, cotton, cpda penta bag, dw, glucometer, glucometer cell, carbon bush, grams stain, diamond pencil, syringe with needle, torch elisa, hepatitis a elisa, ana, anti hav elisa igm, anti hbeag elisa, hvc, hiv, micro elisa, hiv, tpha rapid kit, dengue ns1 elisa, ra kit, typhi dot, pan malaria, rota virus igm elisa, scrub typhus elisa igm, aso, crp, widal test kit, mesles igm mu capture elisa, torch profile igm elisa, copper sulphate powder, lizol, puncture proof box, bp instrument, postal scale, micropore tape, band aid, petridish glass small, tips stand, antisera stand, beaker, measuring cylinder, sleeper rubber, stapler big, stapler pin, register, carbon paper, box file, file lase, gum stick, ink pad, koh powder, flaken tube.

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INR 80 Lakhs /-
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