Consultancy Services And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report Dpr For Creation Of Integrated Material Handling Facility Imhf At Naval Dockyard Mumbai

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Consultancy Services And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report Dpr For Creation Of Integrated Material Handling Facility Imhf At Naval Dockyard Mumbai

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Consultancy Services And Preparation Of Detailed Project Report Dpr For Creation Of Integrated Material Handling Facility Imhf At Naval Dockyard Mumbai , Schedule 'A' ( List Of Items And Works ) , Providing Consultancy Services For Preparation Of Dpr For The Proposed 'Creation Of Integrated Material Handling Facility ( Imhf ) At Nd ( Mb ) ' To Be Set Up In New Building Of G+7 , With Basement Floor Including Internal Service And Demolition Of Existing Temporary Strutures , Preparing The Detailed Project Report ( Dpr ) Based On The Site Assessment , Technical And Financial And Environment Aspects Consisting Of Preparation Of Preliminary And Final Architectural Drawings , Structural Design With Detail Drawings , Proof Checked , Vetted & Approved By Iit / Nit Authorities , Schedule Of Finishes , Draft Costed Schedule , Typical Drawings , Foundation Details , Design Calculations , Complete Bill Of Quantities With Rate Analysis , Quotations For Each Item And Stage Wise Yardstick . , Following Shall Be Considered During Preparation Of Dpr :- ( I ) Lighting : All Light Fittings Should Be Led With Latest Specification To Optimise The Power Consumption Drastically . ( Ii ) Griha/Leed Specification : The Building Shall Be Designed In Accordance With Griha/Leed Specifications And Certification Obtained Accordingly To Ensure Least Environmental Impact And Optimum Utilisation Of Electricity As Well As To Stay In Consonance With Green Building Concept . ( Iii ) Bim , Walk Through Model And Physical Model : To Submit Integrated Project Execution Schedule For The Work , Cpm Chart Showing Various Activities In The Work , Project Execution Schedule To Be On Pert And Creation Of 4D Sequence Planning And Integration Of Bim & Fm For Efficient Project Management & Monitoring Shall Be Part Of The Consultancy Report . I . Internal Services To The Building Shall Include For Following : ( A ) Submission Of Details Of Internal Services Such As Internal Electrification With Fittings And Fixtures Duly Marked On Architectural Drawings , Circuit Diagrams , Schematic Diagrams And Drawings For Plumbing , Internal Water Supply For The Building In Rcc Framed Structure Duly Adopted With Relevant Is / Bldg Code As Per Detailed Scope Along With Schedule Based On Ssr Rates/ Market Rates Duly Scrutinized By Planning And Works Section All As Specified . , ( B ) Feasibility Of Providing Rainwater Harvesting System And Necessary Arrangements For Rainwater Harvesting Shall Be Considered While Planning And Designing The Structure Of Building , Requirement Of Rain Water Trap/Drains , Leading Line To Soak Pits/ Well To Be Incorporated In The Infrastructure Which Is Proposed For Construction And The Complete Layout Plan And Drawing Showing Location Which Shall Be Prepared As Per Norms . Notes : ( I ) The Consultant Shall Submit The Draft Costed Schedule For External Services ( Which Includes Electric Supply , Water Supply , Sewage Disposal , Fire Hydrant System , Etc ) Based On Ssr Rates/ Market Rates Along With Supporting Quotations / Manufacturer Pricelist For Issue Of Ts Duly Scrutinized By Planning And Works Section And The Detailed Specifications Of Individual Items Shall Be Provided By The Consultant All As Desired By Planning And Works Section For Preparing The Dcs . ( Ii ) Boq And Stage Wise Yardstick On The Format Given By Contract Section To Be Submitted To The Contract Section For Approval . ( Iii ) To Submit Integrated Project Execution Schedule For The Work , Cpm Chart Showing Various Activities In The Work , Project Execution Schedule To Be On Pert And Creation Of 4 D Sequence Planning . ( Iv ) Consultant Shall Submit Approximate Estimate ( Ae Part I & Ii ) As Per Proforma Given In Dwp For Complete Work Proposed In Dpr ( Which Include Building , External Services , Any Other Specialized Work ) Duly Priced On Ssr/Ed Rates And Shall Be Approved By Planning And Works Section . , ( V ) Consultant Shall Submit Draft Costed Schedule For The Above Work Based On Actual Market Rates/ Ssr Rate In Consultation With Ge Alongwith Rate Analysis Duly Supported With Quotation/ Price List For The Items Which Are Not Available On Ssr Rates For Issue Of Ts & Submit Alongwith Dpr After Getting It Approved By Planning And Works Section And Shall Also Give Specification Of Items In Detail As Per Standard Norms All As Directed By Planning And Works Section . ( Vi ) Any Clarification Related To Methodology/ Works Suggested , If Required During Execution Stage Shall Be Given By The Consultant As And When Required . Any Changes In Design Due To Site Requirement During Execution Of Work That Which Was Not Foreseen/ Suggested By The Consultant Or Wrongly Provided In The Drawing Shall Be Carried Out At No Extra Cost . Ii . Brief Scope Of The Work Are As Follows :- ( A ) Preparation Of Site Plan Incorporating Changes As Per Client Feedback . ( B ) Conducting Detailed Engineering Survey For Collecting All The Data Required For Design And Implementation Of Other Allied Works Including Conducting Soil Investigation As Per Is Norms And Technical Investigation For Ground Water For Planning/ Design Of The Basement Floor 6 . 00 M Below The Gl . ( C ) Conducting Gpr Survey To A Depth Of 7 . 5 Mtrs In Basement Area And 3 Mtrs For Other Areas Planned For External Services To Identify And Mapping Existing Under Ground Services . ( D ) Preparation Of Preliminary Architectural Drawings And Structural Drawings For The Proposed Building . , Iii . Brief Details Of Proposed Building Shall Be As Follows:- ( A ) The Size Of The Building Proposed Is 52M X 36M X 56 . 3M . A Mandatory Requirement Of 5M Space Along The Rear And Sides Of The Building Shall Be Catered As Per Nbc Norms Along The Existing Boundary Wall And The Building Proposed Shall Be Considering That The Ground Floor Has The Provision Of Cranes And Storage Of Other Material Based On Their Types Would Be Undertaken On The 1St , 2Nd And 3Rd Floors And The Mhe's Repair Workshop At The Basement Floor . ( B ) The Rest Three Floors Would Have Storage Of Light Material , Records/Files/ Documents , Offices , Server Rooms And Other Facilities/ Services . ( C ) The Proposed Floor Heights Are As Given Below:- ( I ) A Height Of 6 M In Basement For Ensuring Movement Of Heavy Vehicles . ( Ii ) Ground Floor/ Ceiling At A Height Of About 15M To Ensure A Clear Crane Hook Height Of 11M . The Mezzanine Floor In The Front Part Of The Building/ Ground Floor Within A Part Of This Area Is Proposed To Be Of 7M Height . , ( Iii ) Height Of 6 . 5M Each For The 1St , 2Nd And 3Rd Floors To Cater For Heavy Duty Racking System , Storage Systems/ Racks And Shelves , Store For Acid , Ber Items And Aerosol , Central Ac Plant And Facilitate Movement Of The Lifting Arms Of Mhes ( Iv ) The 4Th Floor Ceiling Is Proposed To Be Of 5M Height To Cater For Heavy Duty Racking System . ( V ) Height For 5Th , 6Th & 7Th Floors Is Proposed At 3 . 6M Each . , ( Vi ) The Entire Building Shall Be Planned And Designed On The Basis Of Green Building Concept And The Facility Is Proposed To Have Silver Certification From Igbc For Industrial Building And Gold Certification Of Leed With Regards To Air Conditioning And Lighting . ( Vii ) As The Site Is Very Close To The Sea And Reclaimed Area , And Also Considering Heavy Loads On Floor I . E . Of About 8 Mt/ Sqm On The Ground Floor And 5Mt/Sqm On The First Four Floors And Handling Heavy Loaded Materials In Each Floor , Foundation Shall Be Designed To Withstand The Load And Also To Prevent Uneven Settlement Due To Prevailing Poor Soil Condition . A Basement Floor Of 6 Mtrs Height With Suitable Ramp For Stilt Parking And Storage Space Shall Be Planned . To Meet This Requirement Pile Founda

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BOQ Items

Nature of Work: Consultancy Services and preparation of DPR for Creation of Integrated Material Handling Facility (IMHF) at ND(MB)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
2 1.1 Providing consultancy services for preparation of DPR for the proposed 'Creation of Integrated Material Handling Facility (IMHF) at ND(MB)' to be set up in new building of G+7, with basement floor including internal service and demolition of existing temporary strutures, preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) based on the site assessment, technical and financial and environment aspects consisting of preparation of Preliminary and final architectural drawings, structural design with detail drawings, proof checked, vetted & approved by IIT / NIT authorities, schedule of finishes, draft costed schedule, typical drawings, foundation details, design calculations, complete bill of quantities with rate analysis, quotations for each item and stage wise Yardstick.\n IMHF1$C$14 1 Job
3 1.11 Following shall be considered during preparation of DPR :-\n(i) Lighting : All light fittings should be LED with latest specification to optimise the power consumption drastically.\n(ii) GRIHA/LEED Specification : The building shall be designed in accordance with GRIHA/LEED specifications and certification obtained accordingly to ensure least environmental impact and optimum utilisation of Electricity as well as to stay in consonance with Green Building Concept.\n(iii) BIM, walk through Model and Physical model : To submit integrated project execution schedule for the work, CPM chart showing various activities in the work, project execution schedule to be on PERT and creation of 4D sequence planning and integration of BIM & FM for efficient project management & monitoring shall be part of the Consultancy Report.\n\nI. Internal Services to the building shall include for following :\n(a) Submission of details of Internal services such as internal electrification with fittings and fixtures duly marked on architectural drawings, circuit diagrams, schematic diagrams and drawings for plumbing, internal water supply for the building in RCC framed structure duly adopted with relevant IS / Bldg code as per detailed scope along with Schedule based on SSR rates/ Market Rates duly scrutinized by Planning and Works Section all as specified.\n IMHF1$C$15
4 1.12 (b) Feasibility of providing Rainwater Harvesting System and necessary arrangements for rainwater harvesting shall be considered while planning and designing the structure of building, requirement of rain water trap/drains, leading line to soak pits/ well to be incorporated in the infrastructure which is proposed for construction and the complete layout plan and drawing showing location which shall be prepared as per norms. \n\nNotes : \n(i) The consultant shall submit the draft costed schedule for external services (which includes electric supply, water supply, sewage disposal, fire hydrant system, etc) based on SSR rates/ Market Rates along with supporting quotations / manufacturer pricelist for issue of TS duly scrutinized by Planning and Works Section and the detailed specifications of individual items shall be provided by the Consultant all as desired by Planning and Works Section for preparing the DCS. \n(ii) BOQ and Stage wise Yardstick on the format given by Contract Section to be submitted to the Contract Section for approval. \n(iii) To submit integrated project execution schedule for the work, CPM chart showing various activities in the work, project execution schedule to be on PERT and creation of 4 D sequence planning.\n(iv) Consultant shall submit approximate estimate (AE Part I & II) as per proforma given in DWP for complete work proposed in DPR (which include building, external services, any other specialized work) duly priced on SSR/ED rates and shall be approved by Planning and Works Section.\n IMHF1$C$16
5 1.121 (v) Consultant shall submit draft costed schedule for the above work based on actual market rates/ SSR rate in consultation with GE alongwith rate analysis duly supported with quotation/ price list for the items which are not available on SSR rates for issue of TS & submit alongwith DPR after getting it approved by Planning and Works Section and shall also give specification of items in detail as per standard norms all as directed by Planning and Works Section.\n(vi) Any clarification related to methodology/ works suggested, if required during execution stage shall be given by the consultant as and when required. Any changes in design due to site requirement during execution of work that which was not foreseen/ suggested by the consultant or wrongly provided in the drawing shall be carried out at no extra cost. \n\nII. Brief Scope of the work are as follows :-\n(a) Preparation of site plan incorporating changes as per client feedback.\n(b) Conducting detailed engineering survey for collecting all the data required for design and implementation of other allied works including conducting soil investigation as per IS norms and technical investigation for ground water for planning/ design of the basement floor 6.00 m below the GL.\n(c) Conducting GPR survey to a depth of 7.5 mtrs in basement area and 3 mtrs for other areas planned for external services to identify and mapping existing under ground services.\n(d) Preparation of preliminary architectural drawings and structural drawings for the proposed building.\n\n IMHF1$C$17
6 1.122 III. Brief details of proposed building shall be as follows:-\n(a) The size of the building proposed is 52m x 36m x 56.3m . A mandatory requirement of 5m space along the rear and sides of the building shall be catered as per NBC norms along the existing boundary wall and the building proposed shall be considering that the ground floor has the provision of cranes and storage of other material based on their types would be undertaken on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors and the MHE's Repair Workshop at the basement floor.\n(b) The rest three floors would have storage of light material, records/files/ documents, offices, server rooms and other facilities/ services. \n(c) The proposed floor heights are as given below:-\n (i) A height of 6 m in basement for ensuring movement of heavy vehicles.\n (ii) Ground floor/ ceiling at a height of about 15m to ensure a clear crane hook height of 11m. The mezzanine floor in the front part of the building/ ground floor within a part of this area is proposed to be of 7m height. IMHF1$C$18
7 1.123 (iii) Height of 6.5m each for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors to cater for heavy duty racking system, storage systems/ racks and shelves, store for acid, BER items and aerosol, central AC plant and facilitate movement of the lifting arms of MHEs \n (iv) The 4th floor ceiling is proposed to be of 5m height to cater for heavy duty racking system. \n (v) Height for 5th, 6th & 7th floors is proposed at 3.6m each. IMHF1$C$19
8 1.124 (vi) The entire building shall be planned and designed on the basis of green building concept and the facility is proposed to have silver certification from IGBC for industrial building and gold certification of LEED with regards to air conditioning and lighting.\n (vii) As the site is very close to the sea and reclaimed area, and also considering heavy loads on floor i.e. of about 8 MT/ Sqm on the ground floor and 5MT/Sqm on the first four floors and handling heavy loaded materials in each floor, foundation shall be designed to withstand the load and also to prevent uneven settlement due to prevailing poor soil condition. A basement floor of 6 mtrs height with suitable ramp for stilt parking and storage space shall be planned. To meet this requirement pile foundation is proposed with RCC pillars under each column with suitable pile caps. IMHF1$C$20
9 1.125 (viii) The ground floor shall be provided with suspended floor slab (10 MT capacity) to avoid settlement cracks due to heavy load and restricted movement of trucks and EOT cranes. The flooring of ground to fourth except mezzanine (5 floors) to be hardonite/ granolithic flooring to withstand wear and tear and smooth movement of stackers/MHEs. Hardonite flooring is maintanence intensive hence to be provided with epoxy resin coating. Groung floor to third floor are to be provided with adequate natural ventilation with blowers and exhaust system. Fourth to Seventh floor will be provided with air conditioning through central AC plant.\n\n IMHF1$C$21
10 1.126 IV. Purpose of each floors : Tentative line plan floor wise attached as Appx 'A'\nBasement floor: For collection/ distribution of materials with vehicle entry. Utility area and MHE charging and maintanence workshop and parking of two/ four wheelers shall be catered. The floor shall be provided with forced ventilation with blowers and exhaust system.\nGround Floor : Ground floor would cater for storage of Nitrogen and dissolved acetylene cylinders both filled / empty. It will also cater for 650 KVA autostart DG Set. The ceiling height is proposed to be 15 mtrs till first floor including mezzanine floor. It will be non air conditioned space with sufficient natural ventilators with blowers and exhaust system. The floor is primarily for motorised mobile racking system and storage facilities of large sized stores which require crane services for their movement. The floor will have EOT Crane 10T/ 2T capacity. IMHF1$C$22
11 1.127 Mezzanine Floor: The floor is for industrial gases and store offices. Sufficient natural ventilation with blowers and exhaust system to be provided.\nFirst Floor: The floor will cater for inflammable items, stores, paints and other combustible materials and shall be planned with adequate natural ventilation. Hardonite flooring of capacity 10 tonnes/ sqm to be planned. \nSecond Floor : The second floor will be provided with tool equipment, welding equipment, motorised racking system, strong room, etc. \nThird Floor : The third floor will cater for AC Plant machinery, heavy duty racking machine, utility room, stores for survey items, workers rest room, etc. \n\n\n IMHF1$C$23
12 1.128 Fourth Floor: The fourth floor will cater for electronic components store, heavy duty racking system, LP store, IT store, workers rest room etc. \nFifth Floor: The fifth floor will cater for the offices of MMS department along with racking system for stores and compactors for records.\nSixth Floor: The sixth floor will cater for the offices of MAC and MAT departments. \nSeventh Floor: The seventh floor will cater for office at the AGM(MAT), DGM(MAT) and conference hall/meeting room.\nRoof Top: Roof top will be designed to cater for two overhead tanks and cooling tower for AC plant.\n\nNote: \n1. From fourth to seventh floor, false ceiling needs to be provided. False ceiling is also to be provided in various control/ monitoring rooms and store offices on other non air conditioned floors. The false ceiling frames are to cater for provision of smoke and fire detectors between the panels and the ceiling as well as for insulation of dual sensors on the false ceiling itself.\n2. Ground, First, Second and Third floor are to be provided with adequate natural and forced air ventilation and need not be air conditioned. However, Specific rooms/ spaces can be air conditioned through split AC's\n3. Floorwise load of the equipment and stores shall be obtained from client, user during the site meeting. IMHF1$C$24
13 1.129 4. The data obtained from user shall be kept on record & part of DPR duly signed\n5. Doors and windows to be provided with Aluminum powder coated frame with glazing and aluminium grills. All windows should be provided with solar control double glazed argon filled glass to meet the requirements of ECBC. \n6. Flooring :\na. Vitrified tiles shall be provided for documentation, record, PLL rooms, workers change/ recreation/ rest rooms, all office spaces, conference hall and other specified rooms on top three floors\n IMHF1$C$25
14 1.13 b. Granite/ Marble shall be provided for main entrance lobby, reception and all other lobbies on the fifth to sevent floors. All stair cases are to be provided with Kota Stone slabs\nc. 38 mm thick vitreous ceramic unglazed acid proof tiles/ bricks, set and jointed in chemical resistant furan based cement/ mortar for acid battery stores. Front Elevation/ Facade : The proposed building is surrounded with heritage structures, acccordingly it is essential that uniformity is maintained in facade/ front elevation. Hence it is proposed that the external walls (front and one side of the building adjacent to road) be provided with stone cladding. The building shall be treated with anti termite treatment and provided with anti bird repellent system to avoid damage of stores.\n\nV. Internal Fire alarm system and fire fighting system shall be as follows :-\nInternal Fire alarm system and fire fighting system, layout of the fixed fire/ smoke detect system, fire hydrant pipes, sprinkler arrangement, escape route etc as per CFEES/NBC. This shall be taken into consideration for design of proposed building. IMHF1$C$26
15 1.131 VI. Lift \nDesign for installation of lifts and crane shall be taken into consideration of the building design for thefollowing specification of the lift:\n * Goods lift - 8 ton\n Internal Dimension 4m x 5m x 5m (1 no.)\n Internal Dimension 4m x 7m x 5m (1 no.)\n * Passenger lift - 10 persons (2 no.s) \n\nVII. EOT Crane\nDesigning and installation details of EOT crane shall be provided for the following specification of crane:\n * Capacity - Main Hook - 10T\n - Auxilliary Hook - 2T\n * Double Girder\n * Long Travel - 43 m\n * Cross travel/ span - 24m\n * Lift Height - 11m\nDesign of the building shall be considered accordingly.\n\nVIII. Site clearance/ demolition :\na) Preparation of detailed estimate for demolition/ dismantling including assesment of value for each retrievable items. \n IMHF1$C$27
16 1.132 b) Existing temporary buildings incl DAS auditorium, Rigging shop and paint shop required to be demolished.\nc) To identify number of trees to be cut down from proposed site of construction. Option for relocating the trees shall be explored by the consultant.\n\nIX. Area drainage / sewage system :\nPreparation of layout plan/ working drawings for area drainage:\nBrief details of proposed area drainage:\n(i). Drainage system around the facility does not exist and needs to be created alongwith RCC slabs and rain water traps. Basement and ground floor slopes and external road/ plinth protection/ adjecent area external to the main building are to be sloped and provided with suitable drains to avoid any ingress of rain water into stores. The roads/ hard standing around it are to be sloped to direct the water to the rain water harvesting pit and the main drain. The approximate length of drains required is about 1500 RM. \n(ii) Complete sanitary and sewage disposal system as applicable to new building with associated piping/ fittings etc. need to be planned for the facility and prepare package type sewage treatment plant can be considered to use recycled water for gardening.\n(iii). Detailed working drawings for area drainage and design calculation in accordance with the rain fall data are required to be included in DPR. IMHF1$C$28
17 1.133 X Road work : \nPreparation of layout plan/ working drawings for the proposed road:\nBrief details of proposed road:\nThe present approach to the area/ land is through a limited 15m wide road from Lion Gate. However, this is inadequate to cater for movement of stores through 40 ft trailers and large sized trucks delivering heavy store/ spares from MO (MB). It is essential that road be provided in front of the building and is connected to the existing road from Lion Gate and a feeder road from the Dockyard dispensary is created to ensure smooth flow of material, vehicles and men.Part of existing road to be widened with provision of sufficient turning radius to enable movement of heavy vehicles such as trailers with provision of suitable culverts/ hume pipes etc. and street lighting. Details of roads (total area : 2200 sqm (approx)) that need to be created is shown in the layout of the Appx 'A'. In addition of the construction of new roads, approximate 800 m2 of hard standing is required to ensure suitable transit movement of MHEs/ unloading of material/ distribution of stores.\n IMHF1$C$29
18 1.134 XI. Arboriculture \nPreparation of layout plan/ working drawings for arboriculture:\nBrief details of arboriculture:\nIt is proposed to develop the area around the IMHF by planting trees and development of lawns so as to improve the greenery of the area the surroundings. The proposed arboriculture area is to be provided with sufficient number of sprinklres and fixed watering arrangement to ensure maintenance. The area is to be completed with grasses for lawns along with suitable decorative plants as per client requirement. One bore well of sufficient depth to be planned for maintenance of arboriculture after conducting feasibility study. IMHF1$C$30
19 1.135 XII. Solar Panel Plant System\nSolar panel plant system shall be provided/ planned as per requirement/ IS norms for making building compling with GRIHA-3 star rates. \n \nXIII. External Electrification\nTo meet the additional load, a dedicated open side transformer of 500 KVA of 11/415 V is essential in addition to an existing power supply arrangement through the substation.\n\nXIV. Existing Technical Services:\nTechnical services existing at proposed project sites need to be re-routed prior to undertaking civil construction works. The exact scope of work and route of power cable underneath need to be determined by the consultant. IMHF1$C$31
20 1.136 \nXV. Consultant shall prepare layout paln/ working drawings for rainwater harvesting, hard standing, sewage disposal, electric and water supply services (including provisioning of SCADA system etc connecting with the existing services) after discussion with users, GE, alongwith different alternatives and submit final documents / reports for the approval of competent higher authority.\n \n IMHF1$C$32
21 1.137 XVI. SCADA SYSTEM\nProvision of Consultancy Services with detailed Report, Bid Document and Project management in respect of provision of SCADA system.\n(a) The consultant shall plan and design a SCADA system in consulation with User on ground for its installation and implementation in a successful & efficient manner on ground including testing and commissioning. The Consultant shall ensure his regular advice during execution of SCADA project as and when it is required at site. To facilitate smooth execution of this project, any support required by the consultant during execution shall be rendered by DGNP/ ND (MB) to the extent possible. However, the final responsibility of the same shall rest with Consultant only. \n(b) Study and preparation of Detailed Report: This will constitute Technical specifications, Technical Drawings, Cost Benefit Analysis, implementation strategy, space requirement for Server room, Communication/ UPS room, Design of normal and standby power supply requirements, Design of requisite infrastructural facilities and requirements like Electrification, fire fighting system, Earthing for servers, RTUs control system and project management Timelines etc. The consultant shall study the Existing Distribution Network on ground with the increased future projected load in consultation with users. IMHF1$C$33
22 1.138 (c) Assisting to DGNP (MB) in project management of SCADA System : Consultant shall review, supervise & report the implementation plan/ process carried out by the Main Contractor in line with the RFP including training requirements for core users, end-users & administrators of the system. Consultant shall assist utility in design, engineering, Finalization / approval of design documents/ drawing, system Architecture/ configuration, BOQ Test procedures etc. submitted by Main Contractor. Installation testing Included preparation of test specifications, finalizing Quality Assurance Plan, check points during implementation phase, monitoring and bringing out non compliances in testing & suggest remedies & commissioning of the proposed SCADA System till completion & validation/ verification of successful implementation of the SCADA Project on ground. \n(d) SCADA Control Center (SCC) should have full fledged SCADA provision. \n(e) Consultancy Services for Provn of SCADA including all electrical equipments for existing and proposed to be checked at ground and with DGNP/ND(MB).\n(f) Consultancy Services for Provn of SCADA/ Automation system including all Caisson Sump Draining Pumping System for existing and proposed system details to be checked at ground and with DGNP/ND(MB) of Sump/ Drainage equipment. IMHF1$C$34
23 1.139 Notes for SCADA and Building with Services:\n(i) Consultant has to attend fortnightly meeting for discussion of progress of consultancy alongwith presentation of MS Power point. Consultant has also to visit the site on fortnightly basis and review the progress of work and methodology being adopted during currency of Contract. To render necessary advise during the currency of the project till its completion and submit proposal to overcome the unforseen technicla challenges faced by the department during execution of work.\n(ii) Consultant has to submit the cost of the SCADA implementation including fixed cost for setup of control room and other system application. \n(iii) Cost Benefit Analysis:-\nCost Benefits acheve with the outcome of the implementation of the SCADA/DMS project in respect of the reduction of AT&C losses, reduction in peak demand, reduction in outages, benefits due to reduction in Distribution transformer failure etc. \n(iv) To prepare preliminary detailed project report comprising all the above mentioned requirements.\n(v) To prepare final detailed project report based on the feedback of the client. \n(vi) Providing consultancy and project monitoring services during the execution of the project. \n IMHF1$C$35
24 1.14 (vii) Preparation and submission of complete set of working drawings in hard and soft copies as specified to facilitate commencement of work at site and to ensure proper execution during construction. \n(viii) To develop layout plans comprising of all the components as stated above.3D ariel view of layout plan with 3D animation of walk through along (5 minutes), 3D animation walk-in (5 minutes) of the proposed building, 3D model of the proposed building.\n(ix) To furnish BOQ duly supported with competitive quotations, market analysis and detailed estimate of the project in stagewise for building alongwith yard stick percentage, and all external services. \n(x) Consultant should prepare draft tender documents including schedule 'A' & particular specifications in consultation with contract section and submit it along with detailed report. \n(xi) During preparation of detailed report, Consultant should remain in touch with GE/ Users so that all minor aspects of work should be got included in detailed report. IMHF1$C$36
25 1.141 chcj MGPS1$C$37
26 14 ABC
27 Total in Figures
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