Construction Of 01 Km Length Bituminous Road From Jholungay To Upper Manedara In Teesta Vi He Project Under Csr And Sd Scheme .

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Construction Of 01 Km Length Bituminous Road From Jholungay To Upper Manedara In Teesta Vi He Project Under Csr And Sd Scheme .

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Construction Of 01 Km Length Bituminous Road From Jholungay To Upper Manedara In Teesta Vi He Project Under Csr And Sd Scheme .

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Description Submission Date
1 03-03-2020 Corrigendum-II 11-03-2020
2 13-03-2020 Corrigendum-III 20-03-2020
3 23-03-2020 Corrigendum-IV 07-04-2020
4 26-03-2020 Corrigendum-V 07-05-2020

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INR 560 /-
INR 25000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 12.57 Lakhs /-


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BOQ Items

Name of Work : Construction of 01 Km length bituminous road from Jholungay to Upper Manedara in Teesta VI HE Project under CSR &SD Scheme.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Preparation and Surface Treatment of formation. (Preparation and surface treatment of formation by removing mud and slurry, watering to the extent needed to maintain the desired moisture content, rolling with 8-10 tonne smooth wheeled roller, complete as per clause 310.) Make 1 2515 Sqm
2 2 Stone Soling for road works (Providing & laying hand packed stone soling of specified thickness with clean hard selected stones including hammer dressing of stone for laying as per required level and camber including packing with broken stones obtained from hammer dressing to fill the voids to give uniform surface as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge all complete but excluding carriage and consolidation using) :\n(A) Manual means Make 2 18.863 Cum
3 3 Water Bound Macadam (Providing, laying, spreading and compacting stone aggregates of specific sizes to water bound macadam specification including spreading in uniform thickness, hand packing, rolling with vibratory roller 8-10 tonnes in stages to proper grade and camber, applying and brooming requisite type of screening/ binding Materials to fill up the interstices of coarse aggregate, watering and compacting to the required density.) \n(A) By Manual Means: \n(ii) Grading-II\n(c) Using Screening Type-B (11.2mm Agg.) Make 3 251.5 Cum
4 4 Prime Coat (Providing and applying primer coat with bitumen emulsion on prepared surface of granular Base including clearing of road surface and spraying primer at the rate shown in 500-1 using mechanical means.)\ni) Low Porosity Make 4 2515 Sqm
5 5 Bituminous Macadam (Providing and laying bituminous macadam with 100-120 TPH hot mixplant producing an average output of 75 tonnes per hour using crushed aggregates of specified grading premixed with bituminous binder transported to site, laid over a previously prepared surface with paver finisher to the required grade, level and alignment and rolled as per clauses 501.6 and 501.7 to achieve the desired compaction) (ii) for Grading-II (19 mm nominal size) Make 5 62.88 Cum
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