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Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Supply Of Lab Equipment - Carbon Resisters (Value-1 Kilo Ohm) L.C.810 Zenior Diode Charecteristic App.4 Meter Jed Pn Junction Diode Charecteristic App4 Meter Jed Transistor Charecteristic App Four In One 4 Meter Jed Semiconductor Diode Characteristic App 4 Meter Jed . Digital Logic Gate 5 Gates Helical Spning I Slinky . Pan With Hanger S S Iron Stand 8”X5”X24”X10mm Heavy Blue ‘Royal Boss Head White ‘Victor" Retort Ring Sup Quality 3” ‘Victor” Universal Clamp “Victor Sci” Lead Shots Pkt Manganine Wire Coil Eureka Wire Coil Nichrome Wire Coil Watch Glass ‘1St Quality 3” Asbestos Pad Framed Beaker Glass 100 Ml Borosilicate Beaker Glass 250 Ml Borosilicate Beaker Glass 500 Ml Borosilicate Beaker Glass 1000 Ml Borosilicate Burette 50 Ml Glass Borosilicate St Bore Buretteclamp”Victor Sc” Cork Pressure China Dish (Basin) 3” . Conical Funnel 3” Borosilicate Glass Conical Flask 150 Ml Borosilicate Conical Flask 250 Ml Borosilicate Conical Flask 500 Rmd Borosilicate Cork Borer (Brass C. P) Standard Set Of 6 Crucible_Tongs.Black Steel 6”_- Dropper 6” — Filter_Paper Test Lab Sup Quality Gas Jar 6” X 2” Glass Glass Rod / Tube 4-8 Mm (2.5 Kg Bundle) Ignition.Libe Gross - Kipp''''''''s Apparatus P P 500 Ml Leibig Condensor Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cylinder 50 Ml Borosilicate Measuring Cylinder 500 Ml Borosilicate Measuring I Volumetric Flask 250 Ml Glass Mortar & Pestle (Porcelain) 4” Platinum Loop Eki Pipette Volumetric 10Ml Borosilicate Pipette Volumetric 20M1 Borosilicate Pipette Volumetric 25M1 Borosilicate Ph Paper Reagent Bottle Glass 250 Ml N I M Reagent Bottle Glass 250 Ml W / M Iron Stand 8”X5”X24”X1 0Mm Heavy Blue “Royal” Spatula 6" S-St Sprit Lamp Brass Test Tube 5X5/8 Borosilicate Test Tube 6 X I Borosilicate Test Tube Holder Brass Test Tube Stand 6 Holes & 6 Pegs P P Thermometer 110 C, 220 F, 80 R Thermometer Precision Thermometer Digital 3000 C Imported
Due Date Not Mentioned, Contact Concern Authority.

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Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

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