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Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare
Purchase Of Plastic Wares/Glass Wares- 78 Plastic dropper disposable sterilized i. 1ml (Individually packed) ii. 3ml(Individually packed) 79 Eppendorf 1.8ml 80 Sterile Cryo vials tissue culture grade (1.5ml) individually packed 81.(i) Bottles with screw cap 250ml (ii) 500ml 82 Vacutainer tubes Plain 83 Sterile cotton swab with wooden stick 84 Micro pipette stand 85(i) Stands for Eppendorf tube 1.5ml ii. 0.5ml 86 Screw capped borosilicate glass tissue culture tubes 15 ml, round bottom, Size: 100mm X 13 mm 87(i) Disposable sterilized syringe filter 0.22um (ii) 0.45 um 88 Syringe filter 89 Plastic vertical coupling jar 90 Glass coupling jar Horizontal 91(i) Discarding bags (big size) (0.05mm thick, polypropylene) Red ii Blue iii Black iv Yellow 92(i) Discarding bags (small size) Red ii Blue iii Black iv Yellow 93(i) Discarding bags (Medium)Red (ii) Blue (iii) Green 94 Parafilm roll 95 Microfuge (0.5ml) cryoboxes capacity 96 96 Thermometers(0◦-100 deg C) 97 Thermometers(0◦-110 C) 98 Disposable syringe with needle (1ml) 99(i) Funnel Glass 3" (ii) 4" (iii) 100 ml 100 (i) sample bottle screw capped 10 ml (ii) 20 ml 101(i) Poly Propene Botles (AutoClavable) 1 Ltr (ii) Poly Propene Botles (AutoClavable) 250ml 102 Microscopic Glass slide 75 mmx25mmx1.25mm 103(i) Microscopic slide size76x26mm (ii) 25.4mmx76.2x1.0-1.2mm) 104 Conical flask 3 Ltr 105 (i) Surgical Gloves (7.5 no) (ii) 7" (iii) 6" 106 Micros. Glass slide(Blue Star)(Sz1''x3''&1mm-2mmthick) 107 Micro pipette 50ul 108(i) Test Tubes 15x150cm (ii) Test Tubes 12x150cm (iii) Test Tubes 12x125cm (iv) Test Tubes 12x100cm (v) Test tube 20 ml 109 Eppendrof tubes (1.5ml) (Polypropylene, conical,autoclavable with internal graduation. Can withstand 20000 RCF,RNAs/DNAse/endotoxin free, with frosted side panel for making) 110 sterile 96-wells microplates(U-well format) 111(i) Discarding Glass jar with lead (5 ltr) (ii) Discarding Glass jar with lead (2 ltr)

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INR 10000.00 /-
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Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare

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