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Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship
Procurement Of Tool And Equipments For Solar Technician And Iot ( Smart Agriculture ) Under Crafts Training Scheme:-10. SMD Technology Kit SMD component identification board with SMD components Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Transistors & IC’s packages. Proto boards with readymade solder pads for various SMD Components. SMD Soldering Jig. 11. Microcontroller kits (8051) along with programming software (Assembly level Programming) With six important different application modules 1. Input Interface Switch, Matrix Keypad, ASCII Keypad 2. Display LCD, Seven Segment, LED Matrix 3. ADC & DAC 4. PC Interface module 5. Motor DC, Stepper, Servo 6. DAQ Core 8051 MCU clocked at 11.0592 MHz. 12. Sensor Trainer Kit Containing 13. Different types of electronic and electrical cables, connectors, sockets, terminations. 14. Different Microcontroller/Processor Training and Development Platform for AVR, PIC, ARM and Arduino. MCU PIC16F877A , 4MHz, Onboard programmer will program PIC Devices, USB Port MCU ATMEGA8515 ,8MHz, onboard programmer will program ATMEGA series microcontroller, USB Port MCU LPC2148 , 12MHz,LED 8Nos, ADC 10 bit 10Nos, DAC 10bit ,USB and RS232, RTOS support, JTAG Connector, USB2.0,Onboard Zigbee, I2C,SPI,RTC,DC motor, PWM, Sensor LM35 , Display 16X2 LCD Display , Motor Drive: L293D 600mA (5-12V),Programmer USB Interface. Microcontroller ATmega328p (Arduino Based), 16MHz, Digital I/O Pins : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output) , Flash Memory : 16KB (of which 2KB used by boot loader) Each platform should have Bread DC Power Supplies +12V, - 12V, +5V & - 5V, Breadboard to make circuits. 15. Internet of Things Explorer Processor 16. Field Interface and Protocol Simulation Kit A console including: Any Branded Desktop Computer with Windows Operating System /

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INR 1 Crore /-

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Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship
National Skill Training Institute Bhubaneswar, Mancheswar Campus, 5th and 6th Floor NSIC Building, IDCO Plot No.06, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751010

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