Request For Quotation Purchase Of Goods For The Exam In Accordance With The Technical Specification

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Request For Quotation Purchase Of Goods For The Exam In Accordance With The Technical Specification
Central Asia
Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS

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Egg Egg White Contains On Average: 85.7% Water, 12.7% Proteins, 0.3% Fats, 0.7% Carbohydrates, 0.6% Minerals, Glucose, Enzymes, Vitamins Of Group B. Specific Weight Of Protein 1.045 G, It Coagulates At A Temperature Of 60-65 °C, And Freezes At -0.45 °C. Agree With The Customer., Sugar The Composition Of Sugar (C12h22o11) Is Pure Sucrose, Which Breaks Down Into Glucose And Fructose When It Enters The Body. Granulated Sugar Is A High-Quality And Ecologically Clean Product Without Foreign Impurities And Odor. Standards: Gost 33222-2015 White Sugar. Agree With The Customer, Wheat Flour Of The Highest Grade Consists Of Finely Ground (0.1-0.2 Mm) Endosperm Particles, Mainly Inner Layers. This Type Of Flour Is Most Common In The Production Of Higher Grades Of Flour Products, Where Whiteness, Elegance And Tenderness Of Baking Are Required. High Grade Flour Is Considered The Most Purified Product Obtained From The Central Grain Part. It Is The Most Starchy, Contains A Small Amount Of Protein And, At A Minimum, Fats And Fiber. Standards: St Rk 1482-2005 Wheat Flour. Agree With The Customer., Butter 82.5% The Quality Of Butter Is Regulated By Gost 32261-2013, Which Came Into Effect At The Beginning Of July 2015. (Prior Agreement With The Customer), Vegetable Oil Composition: 100% Sunflower Refined Deodorized Oil. Nutritional And Energy Value Per 100 G: 899 Kcal, Proteins - 0.0 G, Fats - 99.9 G, Carbohydrates - 0.0 G. Standards: St Rk Gost R 52465-2010 Edible Sunflower Oil (To Be Agreed With The Customer In Advance ), Milk 3.2% Natural Cows Milk, Skimmed Milk And Cream. Standards: St Rk 1760-2019 Cows Milk - Raw Material. (Prior Agreement With The Customer), Curd Cheese Soft Cream Cheese Mass Fraction Of Fat In Dry Matter 69%. Professional Natural Curd Cheese, Mass Fat Content In Dry Matter Is Not Less Than 65% Fat Content - Not Less Than 65%. Ingredients: Cottage Cheese (Normalized Pasteurized Milk, Bacterial Sourdough, Milk Coagulation Enzyme Of Microbial Origin), Soft Cheeses, Corn Starch, Salt, Dry Skimmed Milk, Carob Gum And Guar Gum Stabilizers, Acidity Regulator Citric Acid, Drinking Water. Without The Addition Of Vegetable Fats And Gmos. Nutritional Value Per 100 G Of The Product (Average Value) Is Not Less Than Fat -28.5 G, Protein Not Less Than -6.4 G, Carbohydrates Not Less Than 3.5 G. Energy Value Caloric Value (Average) Is Not Less Than 1223 Kj/296. The Dough Is Smooth, Moderately Elastic, Homogeneous Throughout The Mass, From White To Milky Color. The Factory Packaging Is A Bucket Made Of Polymer Material, Weighing Not Less Than 2.5 Kg And Not More Than 3 Kg, Hermetically Packed. On Each Bucket Must To Be Specified Cheese Brand, Production Date, Shelf Life, Company Manufacturer, Host, Variety, Fat Content. Gost 33480-2015, Top Grade. Agree With The Customer

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22,325 - KZT


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