Tenders are invited for K1906 Repair of Auxiliary Equipment for Boilers

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Tenders are invited for K1906 Repair of Auxiliary Equipment for Boilers

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Modification of a contract/concession during its term: K1906 Repair of Auxiliary Equipment for Boilers Repair and maintenance services of boilers Short Description: Net 190 000 000 Fixed Framework and II.2.11. Until 50 000 000 HUF option, the mechanical improvement and maintenance of a non-profit livelizing non-profit-related non-profit-building auxiliary equipment of waste recovery, taking into account the spare parts / materials required to carry out the works by taking into account the following information: - 140 m2 Hardox plate 5 mm - 100 m2 Hardox plate 10 mm - 40 m2 Hardox plate 15 mm - 15 m2 Hardox plate 25 mm - 60 fm 40 mm sled - 60 FM 50 ologa - 36 FM 60 ologacs - 6 FM 80 iga - 60 FM 80's U beam - 72 FM 100 U Gerenda - 90 FM 40x40x3 hollow session - 24 FM 60x40x3 hollow session - 55 m24 mm steel plate - 60 m25th steel plate - 300 m2Steel plate Contracting authority from items in the item table specified in the dossier (Annex 1.A) to order repair, maintenance tasks and parts / materials required to carry out the jobs on the basis of casual orders. The information data was also determined for the data of previous years to present the frequency of occurrence. Contracting authority reserves the right showing that up to provide under contract to be concluded next to the limit down ad hoc written orders net 190 000 000, - EUR VAT allocation, the allocation depletion tracker up to a net 50 million HUF VAT optional part.to do Frame sum value: net 240 000 000, - Ft (Frame sum of individual orders) The price table that is based on the basis of the framework contract (Annex 1.A) is transferred as part of the contracting request documentation, its quantitative definitions (frequency multiplier) are of information. The contracting authority concludes participation in the procedure for the provision of 1 680 000 HUF. The Kbt. Under Article 54, it can be met by the tenderer - led to the contracting Zrt, Budapest Bank HUF: you deposit in the account number, the expiration of the tender period the amount of securities to be credited to the account 10102093-05086900-05000005 Contracting (BUDAHUHB IBAN: SWIFT HU11-10102093-05086900-05000005). In the Communication section, the number and description of the present procedure (mechanical repair, maintenance of auxiliary equipment for K1906 boilers) and the transfer of the transfer (bidding guarantee) shall be indicated. The bidder for the payment / transfer of the security shall be annexed to the bidder, its original or authentic copy statement or the original, credible or simple copy certificate signed by the Bank, signed by the Bank representative / representatives. The declaration / certificate must include at least the following information: paid / transferred amount, the name of the payment / transferor and the number of the bill number from which the transfer has occurred and the date of transfer / payment - by providing a guarantee of a guarantee / guard assurance undertaken by a financial institution / insurer or with an insurance contract - with a handling guarantee. In the event that the bidder provides the bidding guarantee with a guarantee or committee undertaken by a bank or insurer, the original warranty or bond shall be attached to the offer. The guarantee of a guarantee or a surety guarantee of a bank or insurer must include a contracting authority as a beneficiary - the name, address of the name, address of the contractor (joint bidding for all tenderers), and the designation of the number of public procurement procedures and the bank or insurance provider signature of a person (s) eligible for a commitment. The contracting authority in the documentation detailed the provision and verification of the bidding guarantee. Type of Buyer: Body governed by public law Type of Contract: Services Type of Procedure: Open procedure Regulation: European Union Type of Bid: Not applicable Award Criteria: Not applicable [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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