Tenders are invited for Renault Heavy Duty Carrier. Karb. 2018

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Tenders are invited for Renault Heavy Duty Carrier. Karb. 2018

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Modification of a contract/concession during its term: Renault Heavy Duty Carrier. Karb. 2018 Repair and maintenance services of cars Short Description: (above 3,5t, N2, N3, N3G vehicle category) -továbbiakban to perform basic road maintenance tasks Contracting, Renault brand heavy-duty vehicles "Vehicles" - maintenance, repair and servicing related to maintenance work part beyond the warranty and warranty period supply and towing cars and examining of technical, net 75,000,000 HUF allocation of run-time of the contract, but no later than 24 months after its entry into force until the expiry of the fixed term, on the basis of ad hoc contracting orders. Name of the total services to be carried out under the objective contract Hereinafter referred to as "Service". The service includes the completion and supply of all tasks specified in public procurement documents (public procurement documentation, contractual conditions) during the warranty period of vehicles and over the period. The amount of contracting authority in the region in the region: Lorry: 32 pcs, towing 58 pcs. (Amounts given below are intended only and are not considered in the contract the exact quantification of the Bidders For reference. The Vehicle number is constantly changing the Bidder must undertake the improvement / maintenance of the future will be purchased new vehicles under the contract terms and conditions specified in the contract, provided that they make, type identical. In view of the above, the contracting authority reserves the right to use the service for a number of vehicles other than those provided. Conditions for contracting: - In the event of a tenderer's winner, the contractual type (RENAULT) heavy goods vehicles shall be provided for the technical conditions compatible with the contractual type (RENAULT) heavy goods vehicles (technical specifications, contractual conditions). In order to assume the technical conditions set out in the dossier, you must declare in your bidder! - In the event of a tenderer's winner, provision should be made for the technical equipment (technical specifications, contractual conditions) in the tendency of the contract. In order to provide the technical equipment (s) of the technical equipment specified in the documentation, it must declare in its bidder! The detailed task definition includes the public procurement documentation (guide, business framework contract, other public procurement documents). Type of Buyer: Body governed by public law Type of Contract: Services Type of Procedure: Open procedure Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries Type of Bid: Not applicable Award Criteria: Not applicable [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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