Tenders are invited for Sopron Fertő Region Featured Tourist Development Area 1862/2016 (Vii.27.) Government Decision Development of the Water Link Development Ii's Planning Works

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Tenders are invited for Sopron Fertő Region Featured Tourist Development Area 1862/2016 (Vii.27.) Government Decision Development of the Water Link Development Ii's Planning Works

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Modification of a contract/concession during its term: Sopron Fertő Region Featured Tourist Development Area 1862/2016 (Vii.27.) Government Decision Development of the Water Link Development Ii's Planning Works Architectural, engineering and planning services Short Description: Development of the coast of Fertő - II. Technical Content Summary The second pace includes the northern sailing wheel and its 4 * hotels on the northern peak of the island. This is a prerequisite for almost complete settlement of the upper northern area, so the western canal and the formation of the final shores. At this rate, the western, boating channel is built up, which extends up to the connection path, which is connected to the cancer stream and I. pace in the channel system system. The most important development element of this pace is ecocentrum and hiking trail, the basic and primary purpose of which is to improve the presentability of natural values. The development of ecotourism is primarily intended to fulfill long-term goals. In addition to the exploitation of natural treasures, the conditions should also be provided to respect for their sustainable development. The 2nd race from the east is bordered from the north from the north of the connector channel and followed by the rest of the sides the newly-developed channel shoreline. In the south, the planning limit is defined by the spatial walls of the reception area built at I. 100 room 4 * hotels In the northern instruction site, accommodation facilities (next to the campsite and motels) is a 100-room 4-star hotel features a 100-room 4-star hotel with additional features (wellness, restaurant, conference rooms, etc.). Planned gross area of ​​installation: 4000 m2 Northern Sailing Club Buildings Planned gross area of ​​installation: 1400 m2 Northern Sailing Port The northern sailing portion was placed in connection with the planned hotel during the second rate. Ecopark At this pace, the eco-park also takes place south of the exploratory road and from the northern port along with the eco-testing. Ecocentrumo is also associated with a private harbor. Ecocentrum The betting building of the ecocentrum. The nature trail in the northern area starts from the building - it can be converted to the outdoor showroom - and arrives at the other end of the building. The arched building border an interior protected courtyard, an external presentation area, an animal, playground can be formed here. Planned gross area of ​​installation: 600 m2 New buildings of water promenade The concrete / wood-structured pier leading to holiday homes built in the 90's needs to be renovated. The II. In connection with the new features of new features installed in the area, the pier is recommended to widen the pier in order to increase the number of new features installed in the area. On the widened promenade in two places, two cafés with the same designed café in the current breakpoints are built according to the plan. The low-cost internal consumer ceremony is complemented by a spacious outdoor and sun-covered terrace. The facades of small buildings appear on the first pace, structures (lamellar shielding, board, mounted facade covering). Planned gross area of ​​installation: 270 m2 Development of green surfaces In the northern, second-stroke development area, the backbone of the green surface system is given the sample association in the second pace, but it is already going to settle temporary zones. As further development, we can consider the wooding of parking lots with species designated for this purpose at the first pace. In this part, it is possible to maintain the possibility of presenting and emphasizing local natural and cultural values ​​to promote the local natural and cultural values. The current vegetation of the area is not purified, but in order to use the usability and interoperability, it is necessary to compromise the presentable vegetation. The goal is to keep the natural nature, so in addition to minimal installation, spontaneous settlement should be given to spontaneous settlement and succesiveness processes. In addition, the key to the presentability of the area is a continuous prudent reservation, care. Number of designers set out by the contracting authority: 80 calendar days from which a contracting authority may differ from 30 þ Type of Buyer: Other Type of Contract: Services Type of Procedure: Negotiated without a prior call for competition Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries Type of Bid: Not applicable Award Criteria: Not applicable [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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