Tenders are invited for Orfi - Construction and Design of a New Hospital Building

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Tenders are invited for Orfi - Construction and Design of a New Hospital Building

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Additional information: Orfi - Construction and Design of a New Hospital Building Building construction work Short Description: Enterprise contract, Orfi-National Reumatology Institute 1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-29. below 56-62. New Hospital Building, Time I Tasks - Design and Execution Modernization of ORFI's existing buildings, according to specifications, is causing a bed count in addition to the use of existing buildings. To counteract this and to receive the lack of functions from the Orfi, the construction of a new hospital building at 62 / A Plot where the ambulance buildings are currently available. The new hospital building is capable of receiving the CCA out of existing buildings. In addition to 100 beds, the day-to-day hospital function (24 beds), raising the extensive locomotor screening tests, outpatient care, creating a locomotive knowledge center, creating clinical pharmaceutical examinations, creating a research institute certifying the efficiency of our thermal waters and the creation of new institute departments, centralization of institutional diagnostics To promote the new hospital building, the currently transferred densitometric, institute imaging and MRI lab. Parking at the first pace at the first pace of 53 car parking (parking is not solved at other sites of Orfi). The Full Orfi Project The order of construction should be the following in relation to the three separate plot investments. The first is renovating a monumental facade of Lukács building. At the same time, or after this, the construction of the new building must be achieved. In the streetfront part of the building, it is necessary to develop the mechanical space, surrounded by walls to report the least load to its environment. The building is a climatic design. The streetfront pavement must be restored with asphalt casing in its current state after construction. In the area of ​​the building's lobby, a high-quality pressed spatial casing is made. On the roof of the pool and other terraces in the building, outdoor antifreeze grues will be placed. The cca. In the green surface area of ​​1800 m2, a large part of the green surface is formed. The viable surfaces or pressed concrete is made in a murvage design (forested part). The plot is currently covered by a green surface in 90-95 þ. After plot shares, in the sorting plan design, an intense green surface should be formed in the south-east corner of the area during which a building can not be placed. The area will report about 1,800 m2 of active green space, a significant part of which is currently developed forestry-wood. We want to establish a park serving regeneration of patients in this area. We want to create the least possible paved interface in the area. The green surface is organically connected to the 3rd floor roof terrace, which is covered with covered roof terrace over the swimming pool with paved surfaces. We also plan a green roof design on other flat roof parts of the building. Main quantities: New building pace I Demolition M2 250.00 Earthwork, work space boundary m325 000.00 New building construction m211 570.00 Road, pavement, parking m2408.00 Utilities FM 330.00 Environmental Structure, Recultivation m22 110.00 Medical infrastructure FM 4 000.00 Infrastructure for renewable energy sources KlT 1.00 Luke Building Facade, reconstruction m23 525.00 Reflection, reconstruction m22 575.00 The successful tenderer is responsible for preparing or acquiring plans and other documents required for the implementation of the plans, specifications, technical directives and contracts provided for in the contract as part of public procurement documents and the acquisition of all necessary contributions and permits and implementation of implementation . In view of this, we note that the following quantities are merely informational. Deadline for Submission: 20210805 11:00 Type of Buyer: Other Type of Contract: Works Type of Procedure: Open procedure Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries Type of Bid: Submission for all lots Award Criteria: The most economic tender [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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