Tenders are invited for Entrepreneurial Contract for the Completion of 2x2 Bandwidth and Related Structures of the M2 Expressway in Budapest - Vác (17 535-37 150 Km)

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Tenders are invited for Entrepreneurial Contract for the Completion of 2x2 Bandwidth and Related Structures of the M2 Expressway in Budapest - Vác (17 535-37 150 Km)

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Modification of a contract/concession during its term: Entrepreneurial Contract for the Completion of 2x2 Bandwidth and Related Structures of the M2 Expressway in Budapest - Vác (17 535-37 150 Km) Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads Short Description: The M2 motorway Budapest. - carrying out the tasks of design and construction of the section between Vac (., 17 535-37 150 km W) 2x2-lane expansion and related buildings of which follows, the tender documents specified in Main quantities: M2 expressway 17 535 - 37 150 km no. Equipped with an existing right track to build a left track, the full intervention length of a uniform cross-section as follows: Total intervention length: 19 615 m. Road category: K.ii.a. Design speed: 110 km / h. Crown width: 2x2 lane (2 × 3.5 m) Covered operating band separating bar (4.0 m) Safety bands stabilized pads: 25.00 m. In case of two-sided accelerating and slowing bar: 29.00 m. Traffic lane Width: 3.50 m. Traffic lane number: 2x2 Traffic lane with paved operating band. Renovation / reinforcement of existing main rink coverings, under the bridges by providing the space sections in the plan. On the existing right-hand bench, construction of a full pitch structure (widening the right track) except for the length of the existing node accelerator slower bands on the entire design section. The accelerator - deceleration lanes are set up and rebuilt to the length of the acceleration - deceleration lanes. Emergency bays in the planned locations and design. The renewal / expansion / deployment / rebuilding of the level of special level nodes and their node branches as set out in the tender dossier. Construction of new artworks for the new track, including 2 new design-colored traffic nodes and related road sections, including 3 20 meters of railway bridge. Conversion and renovation of existing bridges, and for 3 bridges for reinforcement of its support walls according to the branch plans. The first is approx. 10 km long construction of concrete baffle centered physical separation, then construct steel ribbon to provide physical separation. Approximately 6 km for the protection of water-tightly paved ditches and other construction of artworks recorded in the plan. The successful tenderer is also the task of the purchase of additional licenses and contributions required for implementation on the basis of the submission of additional licenses and contributions provided for by the bid plans, licenses, specializes, managers and operator declarations, the preparation and approval by the export plans of the section, placing the new track on the market, the completed 2 × 2 lane expressway and related facilities to be placed on the market and to prepare the documentation required for the use of water, public utility and other operating, and to obtain statements as defined in the documentation. A detailed description of the tasks of the successful tenderer is included in the documentation. Please note that tenderers' attention is included in the planship documentation for the plans of the Dunakeszi, Kankarár út and Sződligeti roads. The construction of the accessories is not the subject of this public procurement, it is only necessary to carry out the construction of the branches of the roundabout nodes to the access road until the cross section reaches the cross-sectional design of the flowway to continue (approximately 20 meters). The budget issued is aligned with this. Type of Buyer: Body governed by public law Type of Contract: Works Type of Procedure: Open procedure Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries Type of Bid: Not applicable Award Criteria: Not applicable [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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