Tenders Are Invited For Construction Of A Culvert On The Mardock Watercourse In Beka Hossere

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Tenders Are Invited For Construction Of A Culvert On The Mardock Watercourse In Beka Hossere

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Tenders Are Invited For Work Of Construction Of A Culvert On The Mardock Watercourse In Beka Hossere. 1. Object As Part Of The Execution Of The Public Investment Budget Of The Ministry Of Public Works Fiscal Year 2020, The Mayor Of The District Municipality Of Ngaoundéré 1Er, Contracting Authority, Launches A National Open Call For Tenders For Construction Works Of A Culvert On The Mardock Stream At Beka Hosséré In The Ngaoundéré 1Er Arrondissement. 2. Consistency Of The Services The Works Include: Site Installation ; Site Preparation ; General Earthworks; Foundations, Abutments, Beams, Deck; Painting Equipment ; Circulation. 3. Estimated Cost The Estimated Cost Of The Operation At The End Of The Preliminary Studies Is Twenty Three Million (23,000,000) Fcfa. 4. Delivery Time The Maximum Execution Time Provided By The Contracting Authority For Carrying Out The Work Is Four (04) Months. 5. Allotment All The Work Is Made Up In A Single Single Batch. 6. Participation And Origin Participation In This Call For Tenders Is Open On Equal Terms To All Approved Companies Or Building And Public Works Companies, Under Cameroonian Law Justifying Technical And Financial Capacities For Carrying Out The Works Covered By This Installed Call For Tenders. In Cameroon. 7. Financing The Works That Are The Subject Of This Call For Tenders Are Financed By The Minader Public Investment Budget, Fiscal Year 2020 On The Budget Allocation Line: 54-30-641027-2251. 8. Consultation Of The File The File Can Be Consulted During Working Hours In The Services Of The Town Hall Of Ngaoundéré Upon Publication Of This Notice Tel: 677 80 74 76. 9. Acquisition Of The File The File Can Be Obtained During Working Hours At The Technical Sen / Ice Of The Borough Municipality Of Ngaoundéré 1Er Upon Publication Of This Notice Of Invitation To Tender Upon Presentation Of A Receipt For Payment To The Municipal Revenue Of Ngaoundéré 1Er A Non-Refundable Sum Of Thirty Five Thousand (30,000) Cfa Francs For The Cost Of Purchasing The File. 10. Submission Of Tenders Each Offer Written In French Or In English In Seven (07) Copies Including One (01) Original And Six (06) Copies Marked As Such, Must Reach The Secretariat Of The Internal Commission For The Award Of Contracts Placed With The Municipality Of Arrondissement De Ngaoundéré 1Er Against Receipt, No Later Than Jan 31, 2020 At 3 P.M. And Must Bear The Mention: "Open National Tender Notice N ° 07 / Aono / Can 1Er / Cipm / 2020 Of 10 Jan 2020 For The Works Of Construction Of A Culvert On The Mardock Watercourse In Beka Hossere In The Municipality Of Borough Of Ngaoundere (In Emergency Procedure). To Be Open Only During A Departure Session " 11. Provisional Security The Offers Must Be Accompanied By A Provisional Guarantee (Bank Guarantee Of Submission) Established, According To The Model Indicated In The Tender Documents, By A First Class Banking Establishment Approved By The Ministry In Charge Of Finances And An Amount Equal To Four Hundred And Sixty Thousand (460,000) Cfa Francs Valid For Thirty (30) Days Beyond The Original Date Of Validity Of The Offers. The Provisional Security Will Be Automatically Released No Later Than Thirty (30) Days After The Expiry Of The Validity Of The Offers For The Unsuccessful Tenderers. In The Event That The Tenderer Is Awarded The Contract, The Provisional Security Will Be Released After Constitution Of The Final Security. 12. Admissibility Of Tenders Under Penalty Of Rejection, The Required Administrative Documents Must Be Produced In Original Or In Certified Copies By An Issuing Service Or An Administrative Authority (Prefect, Sub-Prefect, ...), In Accordance With The Provisions Of The Supplementary Regulations Of The Call Offers. They Must Date From Less Than Three (03) Months Preceding The Original Date Of Submission Of Tenders Or Have Been Established After The Date Of Signature Of The Invitation To Tender. Any Incomplete Offer And / Or Not In Conformity With The Prescriptions Of The Tender File Will Be Declared Inadmissible. In Particular The Absence Of The Bid Bond Issued By A First Class Bank Approved By The Ministry Responsible Finances. Failure To Comply With The Models Of The Documents In The Tender Documents Will Result In The Rejection Of The Offer. 13. Opening Of Bids The Opening Of The Folds Will Be Done In One Time. The Opening Of Administrative Documents And Technical And Financial Offers Will Take Place On Jan 31, 2020 At 3 P.M. By The Internal Procurement Commission Of Can1er In The Presence Of The Client Or His Representative In The Deliberations Room Of The Municipality Of Arrondissement De Ngaoundéré 1 St . For This Invitation To Tender, The Response Time Is Fixed At 21 (Twenty One) Calendar Days For Companies Wishing To Participate From The Date Of Publication Of The Notices Of Invitation To Tender. Only Tenderers May Attend This Opening Session Or Be Represented By A Person Of Their Choice Duly Authorized. For This Call For Tenders, The Response Time Is Fixed At 21 (Twenty One) Calendar Days For Companies Wishing To Participate From The Date Of Publication Of The Notices Of Invitation To Tender. 14. Evaluation Criteria Elimination Criteria No. Criteria Yes No At Absence Or Non-Compliance Persistence An Administrative Document After Exhaustion Regulatory Deadline, False Declaration Or Falsified Or Scanned Part. B Absence Of A Bid Bond; Vs Having Abandoned A Site During Last Three Years The Fact Of The Business; D Absence Of A Quantified Unit Price. E Absence Of A Sub-Detail Of The Unit Prices; F Technical Score Below 70%. Essential Criteria The Criteria Relating To The Qualification Of Candidates Will Relate To: - A Declaration On Honor Signed And Dated Certifying The Visit Of The Site And According To The Model Attached In Annex - A Declaration On The Honor Of The Tenderers By Which They Certify That Not Only Have They Not Abandoned A Market During The Last 03 (Three) Years, But Also That They Are Not Included In The List Of Defaulting Companies Annually Established By The Minister Of Public Markets; - Sales For The Last Two Years - Certificate Of Bank Solvency: - Company References In Similar Projects; - Experience Of Supervisory Staff On Site; - The Essential Materials (Dump Truck, Vibrating Needle, Small Tools For The Site, Supervision Vehicle, And Other Materials); - Technical Proposition ; Existence Of A Methodology (Organization Chart Of The Company, Organization Of Work Methodology , Work Execution Schedule, Project Plan, Provision For Environmental Protection , Hygiene And Sanitation Of The Site) - Evidence Of Acceptance Of Market Conditions. Failure To Comply With 2 Criteria Eliminates The Offer. 15. Attribution The Contracting Authority Will Award The Contract To The Tenderer, Whose Offer Will Be Recognized As Substantially Complying With The Bidding Document, Which Has The Technical And Financial Capacity Required To Perform The Contract Satisfactorily And Whose The Offer Was Rated The Lowest. 16. Period Of Validity Of Tenders Bidders Remain Bound By Their Offer For Ninety (90) Days, From The Deadline Set For The Submission Of Offers. 17. Additional Information 18. Additional Information Additional Information Can Be Obtained During Working Hours In The Services Of The Ngaoundéré 1Er Borough Municipality Upon Publication Of This Notice Or Call The Following Numbers: 677 80 74 76. "For Any Attempted Corruption Or Acts Of Bad Practice, Please Call Minmap Or Send An Sms To The Following Numbers: 673 20 57 25/699 37 07 48" Ngaoundere Type: Open National Invitations To Tender Closing Date: 2020-01-31 [Disclaimer: The Above Text Is Machine Translated. For Accurate Information Kindly Refer The Original Document.]

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