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TDR: 11507977
Location: Jharkhand - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Procurement, Supply, Delivery, Installation And Commission Of Machine, Tools, Equipment And Raw Material:-Mrac:-55 Schrader Valve ( Treated As Consumable ) 56 Cylinder 134 A 57 Capacitor Start Induction Motor 58 Star Delta Starter 59 Portable Air - Lpc Brazing Kit 60 Refrigerator 61 Frost Free Refrigerator 62 Three / Our Door Refrigerator 63 Evacuating And Refrigerant Charging Station, Consist Of Rotary Two Stage Vacuum Pump And Motor ( With Gas Ballast And Anti Such Back ) Manifold With Gauges And Valves And Capable Of Pulling Vacuum Up To 50 Microns Of Hg And With Provision Of Connecting To A Microns Level Vacuum Gauge Graduated Charging Cylinder With Provision For Temperature Correction And All Necessary Isolating Valves Evacuating And Charging Station As Above But Fitted With Weighing Scale 64 Two Stage Rotary Vacuum 65 Reciprocating Compressor 66 Dry N2 In Cylinder 67 Window Air Conditioner 68 Ductable Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton 69 Recovery Unit With Cylinders 70 Heat Pump 71 Cassette Air Conditioner 72 Descaling Pump Set 73 Small Capacity Shell And Tube Condenser 74 Fan Coil Unit 75 Shell And Tube, Dx Chillers ( Small ) 76 Circulating Water Pump ( Small ) 77 Shell And Tube Type Condenser 78 Rotary Hermetic Compressor 79 Screw Compressor 80 Scroll Compressor 81 Bottle Cooler Visible 82 Deep Freezer 83 Water Cooler Storage Type 84 Ice Candy Plant 85 Walk In Cooler 86 Air-Conditioning, Direct And Indirect System. 87 Package A / C 88 Car Air Conditioner Components ( Full Kit ) A ) Wobble Plate Compressor With Mounting Brackets. B ) Serpentine Evaporator C ) Parallel Flow Condenser D ) Hoses, Tubes, Receiver, Ex. Valve. 89 Electrical Components & Wiring Harness 90 Car Air Conditioner Tutorail Model 91 Round Punch 92 Laptop Latest Version New

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Closing Date

TDR: 11503263
Location: Jammu And Kashmir - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Drinking Water Coolers Cum Purifier. New

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