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TDR: 15228585
Location: West Bengal - India
Tender Value: 3 Lakhs

Retender ( Misc ) => Limited Tender 20 Ltr capacity HDPE Jerrican in white co’our with cover lid and conforming to lS-6312 1994 Make: IiniQvlI InIt4tJua. 1.02 Uruon of size 75mm. make : KITEC or equivalent 1.03 Union of size 50mm. make : KiTEC or equivalent 1.04 Union of size 40mm. make : K11EC or equivalent 1.OE Union of size 25mm. make : KiTEC or equivalent I 1.06 Union of size 20mm. make : KITEC or equivalent I 1.07 Cl NRV and foot valve 80mm dia md joint Make: lSl marked! kirloskarlBir 1.08 Cl NRV and foot valve 50mm dia md joint Make: ISI marked! kirloskar / Bir 1.09 uPVC Bib Taps 20mm dia. Make : Aqua GoktlSupreinelPrincelAstral 1.1 uPVC Stop cock 20mm dia Make : Aqua GddlSupremelPnncelAstral I 1.11 PC Stop cock 75mm dia. Make: AquaGoldl SupremelPnncelAstral I 1.12 PVC Stop cock 50mm dia. Make: AquaGoldl SupremelPflnce / Astral I 1.13 P’;C Stop cock 40mm dia. Make: Aqua Gold’ Supreme, tPnnce / Astral 1.16 10 HP high head portable diesel water pump se suitable for high altitude areas including all necessa accessones and all as per specified in TS, SingI cylinder, four stroked, air cooled pump set having spee 1500 rpm, suction and delivery pipe dia 80mm x 65mm Make: Kirtoskar / Crompton GreaveslHonda 1.17 2 HP high head portable water pump set suitable fo high altitude area including all necessary accessorie and all as per specified in TS. Single cylinder. fou stroked, air cooled pump set having ma output 6000 ltr / hr of water. Pump set starting with petrol S runnin with keroseneldies el. Make : KirloskarlCrompto GreavestHonda 118 XLPE insulated. armoured heavy duty eletnc cable with standered aluminium conductor. 1100 volt grade size l6sqmm 2 core Live

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