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TDR: 13364156
Location: Uttar Pradesh - India
Tender Value: 1.60 Lakhs

Supply Of Rubber Goods For The Season 2017-18 : - 1.31 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 3/4"X1-1/4"X1-1/4" 1.32 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 1/2"X1"X1" 1.33 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 5/8"X1 1/2" X 1 1/2" 1.34 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 25X50x50mm 1.35 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 3/4"X1-1/2"X1-1/2" 1.36 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 2"X1-1/4"X3/4" 1.37 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 19X38x45mm 1.38 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 20X55x38mm 1.39 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 2"X1-1/4"X3/4" 1.40 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 1"X2"X2" 1.41 Rubber Bush Brass Lined 1-1/2"X1-1/2"X5/8" 1.42 Rubber Bush For Cutter 30X65x15mm 1.43 Rubber Bush For Centrifugal Machine 1.44 Rubber Bush For 2Nd And 3Rd Mill Turbine 1.45 Rubber Bush For Boiler Feed Pump 1.46 Channel For Sight Glass 7" 1.47 Channel For Sight Glass 8" 1.48 Channel Rubber 188X36x15mm 1.49 Channel Rubber 180X70x12mm 1.50 Coupling Rubber For Sugar Grader 1.51 Cylinder Basket For Moniter Casing 1.52 Brass Lined Eleptrical Rubber Bush As Per Drg. 1.53 Cylinder Basket For Pug Mill 1.54 Dumping Pad For Nk-1300 1.55 Double Beet Valve Drg.No.R/17/87 (236X28x25mm.) 1.56 Double Beet Valve Drg.No.R/17/87 (180X22x20mm.) 1.57 Neoprime Rubber Squire Strip 1/2"X1/2" For Juice Heater 1.58 Expansion Joint For Vaccume Filter 1.59 Hydraulic Basket/ Turbine Coupling Bush 1.60 Rubber Tyre Px-60 1.61 Rubber Tyre Px-70 1.62 Rubber Tyre Px-80 1.63 Rubber Tyre Px-90 1.64 Mud Seal For Rubber As Per Drg. P/94/04 1.65 Moniter Casing Pad For Dc-10 Nickle Coated 1.66 Rubber Tyre Px-100 1.67 Rubber Tyre Px-110 1.68 Rubber Buffer For Centrifugal Machine 1.69 Rubber Pad 1/2"X6"X2-1/2" 1.70 Rubber Tyre Px-120 1.71 Rubber Tyre Px-140 1.72 Rubber Strip 10X15mm 1.73 Rubber Cylinder Bucket For Brake 1.74 Rubber Bucket For Air Lifting Valve 1.75 Rubber Cylinder Bucket For Chute Washing 1.76 Star Coupling Rubber As Per Drg. 1.77 Rubber Seat For Clarifier Main Hole 1.78 Rubber Seat For Evaporator Main Hole 1.79 Rubber Seat For Pan Discharge Valve 40-T 1.80 Rubber Seat For Pan Discharge Valve 60-T 1.81 Rubber Seat For Juice Water And Molasses Weighing Scale 1.82 Rubber Bush For Cane Carrier Drive 1.83 Rubber ''O'' Ring Id 268 Thick 8Mm. Od 284Mm 1.84 Rubber ''O'' Ring Id 268 Thick 7Mm. Od 282Mm 1.85 Hydraulic Flat Ring Width 5Mm.Th 3Mm. 1.86 Rubber Bush For Cutter 36X65x15mm 1.87 Rubber Disc Pad For Nk 1300 N/C As Per Drg. 1.88 Suspension Rubber Buffer Neoprime For Niec/M/C.As Per Drg. 1.89 Moniter Casing Rubber Dumping Pad As Per Drg. 1.90 Rubber Seat For Telescopic Valve Of Door As Per Drg. Live

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