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TDR: 11491983
Location: Maharashtra - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Tender Document For Purchase Of: Air Conditioner Centrifugal Fan R2s 133-Ae 17-43 Live

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TDR: 11487286
Location: Tamil Nadu - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of 1000 Cmh Centrifugal Blower Live

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TDR: 11484734
Location: Madhya Pradesh - India
Tender Value: 6.50 Lakhs

Providing And Fitting Of Air Blower For Gaughat Filter Plant At Ujjain Live

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TDR: 11445834
Location: Karnataka - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Digital Multimeter, Variable Temperature Hot Air Blower Gun, Spanners, Pliers, Screw Driver Etc., Live

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Closing Date

TDR: 11411022
Location: Jammu And Kashmir - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Machinery And Equipments ( 1 Mechanical Engineering And Plumber / Welder Trade 1.01 Electric Muffle Furnance:- Furnace Size: Approx. 6” X 6” X12” Temperature Range 0 Deg To 1000 Deg Celsius. Chamber Volume 4-5 Lit, Ceramic Fibre Insulation, Kanthral A-I Embedded Heater. 220Vs 1.02 "Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope:- 1.Eyepiece Tube: Inverted Tri-Ocular Eyepiece Tube 2. Plan Field Eyepiece: 10X Plan Achromatic Objecttiives:10、25、40、100X Total Magnification:1000X 3. Illumination Unit: 60V / 20W Halogen Lamp, Adjustable Brightness. Power: 220V / 50Hz. " 1.03 Abrasive Cut Off Machine:- 2Hp, 3 Phase With Cutting Capacity Of 1 ½” Dia For Round Bar And 1’’ For Square Bar With Coolant Pump. 1.04 "Polishing Machines:- 1. Rotating Speed Of Working Disk: 150 / 300 Rpm ( Two-Level ) 2. Diameter Of Working Disk: 200Mm / 250Mm 3. Power Supply: 380V Three Phases 4. Net Weight: 50 Kg ( Approx. ) " 1.05 "Centrifugal Pump ( Single Stage ) Test Rig:- System Type:- System Type: Closed Circuit General Contents Of The Unit. A ) Cf Pump With Motor. B ) Digital Rpm Indicator, Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Energy Meter & Other Necessary Accessories C ) Proper Pipe Fittings – Isi Make. D ) Water Tanks With Overflow Provision. E ) Control Panel. Cf Pump / Motor A ) Motor 1.5 Hp, About 3000 Rpm Ac Single Phase B ) Suitable Starter. C ) 3 Variable Speeds D ) A Model Of The Rotor Of The Pump To Be Supplied. Flow Measurement Hook Gauges, Pressure & Vacuum Gauges. Measuring Tank; About 500 X 400 X 400Mm ( About 80 Liters ) Stainless Steel Tank About 1.5Mm Thick. Water Level: Piezometer-Glass Tube Scale For Water Level Measurement. Sump Tank: About 140 Litters Capacity Made Up Of Around 1.5Mm Stainless Steel Sheet.Fittings / Valves: C Class Isi Quality. Foot Valve, Drain Valve & Other Control Valve. Electrical Power Measurement: Energy Meter. Gi Pipeline: C Class Isi Quality. Painting: Powder Coating / Spray Paintings. Time Measurement: Digital Stop Watch. Demonstration Capabilities. A ) To Study The Performance Characteristics Of The Pump At Different Speeds. To Draw The Characteristic Curves At Different Speeds " 1.06 "Cnc Trainer Lathe With Tool Pack:- The Machine Is Required To Be Supplied With The Essential Component And Accessories Cnc Lathe Trainer Cnc Slant Bed Bench Turning Center With Programs Using Tool Path Graphics And The Software Incorporating All Major Functions And Facilities Used On Industrial Controller With Further Option Of Linking To Cad / Cam & Cim. Distance Bet Centre-280-325 Mm Swing Over Bed - About 275Mm Chuck Size - About 100Mm Z Axis Travel - About 210 Mm X Axis Travel - About 90 Mm No. Of Stations-8 Spindle Motor - About 3.5Kws. Industrial Controller-Original Fanuc / Siemens " 1.07 "Cnc Trainer Milling Machine With Tool Pack;- The Cnc Machine Centre Equipment Is Required To Be Supplied With The Essential Component And Accessories. Cnc Milling Trainer 3-Axis Cnc Bench Milling Machine Suitable For Teaching & Training In Cnc Programming & Operation. M / C Is To Be Programmed Using Iso Format With Facility For Providing The Programme Using Tool Path Graphics & Further Option Of Linking To Cad / Cam & Cim. Controller - Original Fanuc. / Siemens Brief Machine Specifications: - Mechanical: Table Size- About 480 X 180 Mm Longitudinal Travel X Axis About 250 Mm Cross Travel Y Axis About 150 Mm Head Travel Z Axis About 200 Mm Automatic Tool Changer 6Nos " 1.08 Portable Surface Roughness Tester:- Colour Lcd Display With High Speed Printer Measuring Speed In Measurement:0.25 Mm / S ( 0.01Inch / S ) , 0.5 Mm / S ( .02 Inch / S ) , 0.75 Mm / S ( 0.03 Inch / S ) . In Return 1Mm / S ( 0.04 Inch / S ) Measuring Force / Stylus Tip 0.75 Mn Type : 0.75 Mn / 2Μm R60 Deg, 4 Mn Type: 4Mn / 5Μm R60.Graph Analysis-Bac & Adc Curves 1.09 "Tool Maker Microscope:- Magnification 30 X ( Standard ) Eye Piece Protactor : Graduation 1 ° Rotation 360° With Adjustable Vernier Of 2 Minutes Observation Tube :Monocular Inclined At 45° With Reticle Of Cross Line Micro Work Stage: Highly Accurate Linear Cross Rollers Guided Micro Work Stage Size About 150 X 150 Mm With Least Count 0.001 Mm. Travel Of Stage: 50 X 50 Mm On X And Y Axis By Micrometer 0 To 25 Mm L.C. 0.001 Mm Illumination: 6 V - 20 W Halogen Light With Highly Precise Condensing System Built In Green Filter. Standard Accessories :Ply Wood Box, Projection Lamp 2 Nos., Calibration Certificate, Operating Manual. Optional Accessory :V-Block / Center Holding Device / Digital Read Out With Different Options / Rotary Table / Projection Lamps " 1.1 "Gear Rolling Tester:- Gear Diameter - 15 Mm-150Mm Gear Weight - Max 50N ( Approx 5 Kg ) Measuring Force - 0-40 N Dimension Base Unit- About 450 ( L ) X200 ( W ) X200 ( H ) Material Of Base Plate- Granite " 1.11 "Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig:- Experimental Setup : Compressor : Hermetically Sealed Compressor. Condenser : Air Cooled Condenser Made Out Of Copper Pipe & Aluminum Fins Of Matching Capacity With Fan Cooling Evaporator : Copper Coil Immersed In Water. The Evaporator Is Insulated From Outside To Prevent Heat Loss Expansion Device : Capillary Tube & Thermostatic Expansion Valve. Energy Meter : One Each For Power Measurement Of Compressor & Evaporator Heater. Pressure Gauge : 2 Nos. For H.P., L.P. Measurement Suitable Filter / Drier. 8. Hand Shut Off Type Service Valve. Dimmerstat To Control Power Supply To Heater. Rotameter For Refrigerant Flow Measurement. Immersion Type Electric Heater.Solenoid Valve. Set Of Thermocouples. Control Panel : Digital Temperature Indicator, Hp-Lp Cutout, Thermostat Switches : For Compressor, Condenser Fan, Solenoid Valve & Evaporator Heater. Voltmeter : 0 - 250 V., Ammeter : 0 - 15 A. " 1.12 "Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig:- Experimental Setup : Compressor: Hermetically Sealed Compressor. Condenser : Air Cooled Condenser Made Out Of Copper Pipe & Aluminum Fins Of Matching Capacity With Fan Cooling Evaporator : Expansion Device : Thermostatic Expansion Valve. Energy Meter : For Power Measurement Of Compressor. Pressure Gauge : 2 Nos. For H.P., L.P. Measurement Hand Shut Off Type Service Valve. Electric Heater : Finned Type Heater For Air Heating. Rotameter For Refrigerant Flow Measurement. Baby Boiler : Electrically Fired Small Baby Boiler For Maintaining Humidity Of Air With Electrical Heater Blower : 1 Hp Capacity Centrifugal Blower With Air Control Arrangement. Control Panel : Digital Temperature Indicator Hp-Lp Cutout, Voltmeter : 0 - 250 V, Ammeter :0 - 15 A Switches : For Compressor, Condenser Fan, Dehumidifier Heater, Blower & Boiler Heater. " 1.13 "Refrigeration Gas Charging Kit:- Rotary Vacuum Pump : High Vacuum Rotary Pump. Refrigerant Gas Charging Cylinder : 2 Kg Gas Storage Capacity. Manifold : Flare Connection Header Provided With Compound Coupling Required For Gas Charging In System & Filling Of Refrigerant In Cylinder Flaring Hand Shut Off Valves : 3 Nos, Filter Cum Drier : ¼ Flare Connection, Compound Gauge : 30” - 0 – 150 Psi Pressure Range., Anti Moisture Tube, Charging Hose Pipe : 2 Nos. Electric Control Panel Consists Of Voltmeter, Ammeter, Extra Service Plug, Switches For Vacuum Pump & Service Plug. All Above Components Should Be Mounted On Movable Trolley. " 1.14 "Single Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Test Rig ( 2 H.P. ) :- 1. Single Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Suitable For Pressure Of Nearly 4Kg / Cm2 And Having A Displacement Of About 4 Cfm Driven By 2 H.P Motor. 2. An Orifice Type Air Intake Measuring Device With Orifice Plate And U-Tube Manometer, M.S. Air Intake Reservoir Of Size Approx 0.3Mx0.3Mx0.6M Mounted On Sturdy Iron Stand. 3. A Good Thickness M.S Constructed Air Storage Tank Of Nearly 80 Lit Capacity. 4. Compressor Accessories: I ) Pressure Gauge, Ii ) Pressure Safety Valve, Iii ) Non-Return Valve, Iv ) Drain Plug, V ) Ball Valve, Vi ) Dgital Stop Watch, Vii ) Set Of Thermocouples. " 1.15 "Equipment For Heat Transfer Through Composite Walls:- Single Phase , About 2 Amp Current . Experimental Requirements: 01. To Determine Total Thermal Resistance And Thermal Conductivity Of Composite Wall. 02. To Plot Temperature Gradient Along Composite Wall Structure. " 1.16 "Heat Transfer In Forced Convection.:- Single Phase , About 10 Amp Current . Experimental Requirements: 01. To Determine Average Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient For A Pipe Using Heat By Forced Convection. 02. Comparison Of Heat Transfer Coefficient For Different Air Flow Rates And Heat Flow Rates. 03. To Plot Surface Temperature Distribution Along The Length Of Pipe. " 1.17 "Emissivity Measurement Apparatus:- Single Phase, About 4 Amp Current. Experimental Requirements: 01. To Determine The Variation Of Emissivity Of A Test Plate With Respect To Absolute Temperature. " 1.18 "Stefan’S Boltzmann Apparatus:- Single Phase , About 4 Amp Current Experimental Requirements: 01.To Determine The Stefan Boltzmann Constant. " 1.19 Si Engine Four Stroke Multi- Cylinder, Engine ( Used ) :- Min 3 Cylinder, Min 40 Bhp, Used 1.2 Ignition System Of An Automobile :- Ignition System Of An Automobile With Mpfi System, Distributor, And Terminals For Battery Connections With Battery. Actual Working Model Of Ignition System Of M.P.F.I Fuel Pump Fitted In Transparent Case, Battery, Fuel Tank, Distributor Motorized, Ignition Coil Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs Fitted On Panel All Parts To Be Brand New 1.21 "Single Cylinder Diesel Engine ( Used ) :- Bhp: About 5; Speed: About 1500 Rpm, Cylinders:- Bore: Nearly 80Mm, Stroke:110Mm, Orifice Dia.20Mm Approx " 1.22 "Petrol Engine 2-Stroke ( Used ) :- Rated Output : About 6. Hp At 5200 Rpm, Bore And Stroke: About 57Mm X 57 Mm; " 1.23 "Model Of Two Stroke Petrol Engine:- All Parts In Aluminum Alloy And Metal. Ignition Should Be Shown By Means Of Miniature Bulb. Carburetor And Fuel Supply Are Sectioned . With A Crank Handle For Manual Operation Mounted On Base, With Printed Diagram. " 1.24 Lubrication System Of An Automobile:- In This Model The Working Of Lubrication System Of A Car Should Be Shown With The Help Of Actual Parts Assembled On A Wooden Board. 1.25 "Cooling System Of An Automobile:- In This Model The Working Of A Cooling System Of A Car Should Be Shown With The Help Of Actual Parts Assembled On A Wooden Board. All The Necessary Parts Of A Cooling System Of A Car Should Be Shown In Actual Working Form. This Model Helps The Student To Understand The Working Of The Cooling System Of A Car Very Easily. It Should Be Specially Made Dissectible For Demonstration Purposes. " 1.26 "Steam Turbine Model And Steam Condenser Model:- Metallic Cut Section." 1.27 "Mpfi-Multi Cylinder-Four-Stroke- Petrol-Engine-Test-Rig ( Morse Test ) :- Description Two Main Components From Main Parts Of The Test Rig. Welded Steel Base Plate, Complete With Dynamometer, Drive Shaft With Safety Guard, Engine Starting Battery Of 12V Capacity And Cooling Water Arrangement. Panel Board Positioned Over The Base Plate Consisting Of Fuel System With Flow Measurement By Burette, Air Flow Measurement System, Temperature And Speed Indicator. Dynamometer ( As Applicable ) 1 ) . The Dynamometer Used Is A Hydraulic Dynamometer Capable Of Absorbing A Maximum Load Of 8 Bhp At A Speed Of 1500 Rpm. 2 ) . The Loading Device Used Is An Ac Alternator Of Matching Capacity To Load The Engine Upto 8Hp At 1500 Rpm Along With Resistance Loading Arrangement With Selector Switches. 3 ) . The Loading Device Used Is An Eddy Current Of Matching Capacity To Load The Engine Upto 8 Hp At 1500 Rpm Instrumentation ( As Applicable ) 1 ) . The Following Instrumentation Is Provided. 2 ) . Engine Oil Pressure Gauge 3 ) . Engine Charging Circuit Ammeter 4 ) . ''U'' Tube Manometer For Air Flow Rate 5 ) . Burette For Fuel Flow Rate 6 ) . Speed Indicator-Digital 7 ) . Digital Temperature Indicator-Multi Point Indicator With Thermocouples. 8 ) . Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter Engine Starting The Test Rig Incorporates A 12V Dc Electrical System Designed For Use With Typical Engine Self Starter System. The Battery Is Included In The Scope Of Supply. Controls The Test Rig Is Arranged For Manual Control With Ignition Switch For Engine Starting, Manual Throttle Control, Manual Control For Hydraulic Dynamometer Loading And A Manual Operated Cultch Actuator Arrangement To Drive The Engine With Load Or Without Load ( For No Load Testing ) . Fuel Measuring Arrangement Fuel Measuring Arrangement Consists Of Fuel Tank, Burette And Suitable Cock All Mounted On A Suitable Framework And Panel Board And Supplied With Fuel Piping From Fuel Tank To Engine. Air Intake Measurement & Heat Carried Away By Exhaust Gas Air Intake Measurement & Heat Carried Away By Exhaust Gas Consisting Of An Air Tank Mounted On An Iron Stand Fitted With A Suitable Orifice Plate, Manometer, Thermocouple For Measuring The Exhaust Gas Temperature With Pocket Connection With Instruments Suitably Mounted On A Panel Board. Heat Carried Away By Cooling Water Consists Of Suitable Inlet And Outlet Piping With Flow Control Valve. Rota Meter To Measure The Rate Of Flow Of Cooling Water And Thermocouple With Pocket Connections For Measuring Inlet And Outlet Water Temperature. Engine ( As Applicable ) Four Cylinder Four Stroke Water Cooled Petrol Engine To Develop Around 8 Hp @ 1500 Rpm. Services Electrical Supply Of 230V, Single Phase, 50Hz Ac & External Cooling Water Supply. ( All The Parts Should Be New. No Second Hand Part To Be Used ) " 1.28 "Universal Testing Machine:- Computerized Capacity - 600 Kn. >Least Count 0.05Kn, >Load Accuracy + 0.5% >Accessories For Tensile, Compressive, Bending, Transverse Shear Load Testing. >Max Clearance For Tensile Test – 50 To 800 Mm >Max Clearance For Compression Test -0 To 800 Mm >Max Clearance Between Columns - 600 Mm > Ram Stroke – Approx 250 Mm >Crosshead Geared Motor – Min 0.5 Hp > Power Pack Motor – Min 0.5 Hp > Piston Speed At No Load – 0 To 100 Mm > Clamping Jaws For Round And Flat Specimen > Pair Of Compression Plates > Table With Adjustable Rollers For Transverse Test >Suitable For Operation On 440V, 50Hz, Three Phase Ac Supply > Complete With Manual. >The Installation, Commissioning And Training Should Be Included In The Offer. " 1.29 "Brinell’S Hardness Tester With Indentors :- Suitable For Production Testing To Measure Hardness Of Castings, Forgings, Other Metals And Alloys Of All Kinds, Hard & Soft Whether Flat, Round Or Irregular Shape. Load Range: In Stage Of 250 Kgf Upto 3000 Kgf Optical Microscope With 25 Fold Magnification Machine Height Max: 1150 Mm, Net Weight Max: 450Kg Drive Motor Hp: Minimum 0.33, Mains Supply: 415 / 50 / 3Phase Direct Reading With Optimal 25Fold Magnification With Stand Accessories Such As Testing Table, Ball Holders 5Mm, 10Mm.Test Blocks: 2Nos, Brinell Microscope: 1No Allen Spanners Set, Telescopic Cover For Elevating Screw Protection – 1No With Instruction Manual – 2Sets " 1.3 "Impact Testing Machine ( Izod & Charpy Test ) :- Confirm To Bs:131:Part4-1972 Bsen:10045-2:1993 The Pendulum Is To Be Mounted On Antifriction Bearings With Two Starting Positions The Upper One For Charpy The Lower One For Izod Testing. It Should Have Provision For Changing One Striker To Another Achieved By Fixing New Striker In To Its Position. Weight Of Pendulum: Approx=20 Kg Length Of Pendulum: Approx 0.8 M Max. Impact Energy: Neary170 J ( Izod ) 300 J ( Charpy ) Max Scale Graduation: 2J With Accessories 1. Caliper Gauge Checking V Notch For Izod & Charpy 2. Templates 3. Depth Notch Gauge Including V & U Notch Gauges Checking Depth Below V / U Notch Angle & Radius 4. Self Centering Long 5. V Notch Milling Cutter 6. U Notch Milling Cutter " 1.31 "Torsion Testing Machine:- The Accuracy Of Torque Indication Is ±2 % Of True Torque. Max Torque Capacity: 100Kg-M; Torque Range: 100, 50, 20 Grips For Round Bar: 10-35 Mm Grips For Flat Bars: 5-50Mm Difference Between Grips: Around 600Mm Motor: 2 Hp , 415Volts, 3Phase, 50Hz, " 1.32 "Spring Testing Machine:- Maximum Capacity 50Kgm With Manual Load Application. Digital Load Indicator ( Load Cell ) , Digital Length Indicator ( Dial Gage ) " 1.33 "All Geared Lathe Machine With Accessories :- •Height Of Centre: About 200-230 Mm. •Swing Over Bed: About 415-425Mm. •Distance Between Centres: About 1000-1200 Mm •Bed Type: Standard Straight Type. •Bed Width: About 270-275Mm. •Spindle Speeds : 8 •Swing Over Cross Slide: 200-300Mm. •Spindle Bore: 40 Mm. •Feed Range Longitudinal: 40 From 0.64 To 1.98 / Revolution. •Feed Range Cross: 0.16 To 1.98Mm / Revolution. •Metric Thread: Minimum 20 From 0.5 To 15Mm. •Motor Details: Minimum 3Hp / 400V, 3Phase Four Position Tool Post, Tool Post Spanner, Centre Adaptor, Mt-4 Dead Centre, Thread Dial Indicator, Chip Tray, Tool Kit And Manual And Standard Cutting Tools. •Rear Tool Post, Machine Lamp, Quick Change Tool Post, Coolant Arrangement, Chuck Guard, 3 Jaw True Chuck ( 8” ) With C.I. Flange, Rear Splash Guard. •Taper Turning Attachment, Face Plate ( 350 Mm Dia ) " 1.34 "Universal Milling Machine:- Geared Head Universal Milling Machine Having Longitudinal Auto-Feed. 1.Surface Of Table-1120X280mm ( Approx. ) 2.No.Of T-Slots-3X15 3.Longitudinal Power & By Hand-558Mm ( Approx. ) 4.Cross By Hand :200-250 Mm ( Approx. ) 5.Vertical Hand :375-415Mm ( Approx. ) 6 Length Of Arbor-635Mm Approx. 7 No. Of Spindle Speed-6 8.Spindle Motor-2H.P 9.Feed Motor -2H.P 10.Coolant Motor-1 / 10H.P Approx. 11.Dividing Head And Slotting Attachment " 1.35 "Radial Drilling Machine:- All Geared Radial Drilling Machine Drilling Capacity In M.S- 38Mm Main Drive Motor-2H.P Elevating Motor-1H.P With Accessories " 1.36 "Gear Shaper:- All Geared Shaper Machine With Table Vice. Length Of Ram Stroke- 400-450Mm. ( Approx. ) Working Surface Of Table- 450X320mm Approx Max. Horizontal Travel Of Table- 480-520 Mm. ( Approx. ) Max. Vertical Travel Of Table - 320Mm Approx. No. Of Ram Speeds - 6 Range Of Ram Speed ( Stroke / Min. ) - 20-90 Main Drive Motor - 3H.P " 1.37 "Surface Grinder:- Working Surface Of Table-300 To 450 Mm Long. Max Job Height Admitted= 250-275 Mm Wheel Head Motor- Approx 2H.P, Rapid Transverse-0.5H.P. To Be Supplied With Electro Mag. Chuck, Coolant Pump , Wheel Dressing Attachment " 1.38 "Radial Drilling Machine With All Accessories And Spares :- •Power Rating: 1.5Hp •Drilling Capacity In Ms: 25Mm •Drilling Capacity In C.I: 32Mm •Tapping In Ms: 15Mm •Spindle Travel: 160Mm •Dia Of Ram: 72Mm •Max. Distance From Spindle Nose To Base: 950Mm •Distance From Spindle Nose To Table: 560Mm •Distance From Spindle To Centre Of Column:200 •Table Size: 325X325mm •Fitted With Suitable Standard Electrical, Holding Devices, Necessary Accessories And Attachments " 1.39 "Black Smiths Hearth With All Accessories:- •Size: 18""×18"", 8""Deep And Inside Lined With Fire Bricks. •Eclectically Operated Single Phase Blower For Forced Draft Air Circulation And Water Cooled. •The Hearth Shall Be Equipped With Smoke Hood Of 250 Mm Dia With Chimney , Water Tank, Ash Tray, Coal Tray And Air Controlled Valve. " 1.4 "Tool And Cutter Grinder:- The Machine Should Be Robust And Designed For Rapid Sharpening Of Hss Milling Cutters, Spiral Mills, Slitting Sewa, Face Cutters, Reamers, Taps, Lathe Tools Etc. Swing Over Table-250-350Mm Longitudinal Traverse-350-550Mm Cross Traverse-175-200 Mm Admit Bet Centre-350-500Mm Motor-1H.P Table Swivel -90Deg. To Be Supplied With Indexing Head, Universal Vise-Three Way, Tilting Table Convex Movement, Magnetic Chuck Radius Wheel Dresser. " 1.41 Power Hacksaw:- Hydraulic Power Hacksaw Capacity Of Round-200Mm Capacity Of Square-150Mm. Size Of Blade-350-450Mm Motor -1H.P. 1.42 Pedestal Grinder:- Double Ended Pedestal Grinder With Rough And Smooth Grinding Wheels At Each End. Both The Wheels Are Guarded. Wheel Size 200Mm25mm.Motor-1H.P. 1.43 "Universal Wood Working Machine With All Accessories ( Six In One ) :- •Motor: Min 2Hp . •Size: 12"", Top Table: Minm 1500×300Mm •Thickness Capacity: Minm 215×310Mm •Fitted With Suitable Standard Electricals, Necessary Accessories And Attachments •Installation, Commissioning , Testing And Training To The Operator " 1.44 "Wood Cutting Band Saw ( Vertical Type ) :- •Motor: Min 3Hp •Top Table Size: Approx 550×550 Mm •Wheel Size : Approx. 508Mm ( 20"" ) •Maximum Cutting Dimensions: 430×490 Mm •Approx. Blade Length : 4050 Mm •The Equipment To Be Supplied With 4 Extra Blades •Installation, Commissioning , Testing And Training To The Operator " 1.45 "Circular Saw:- Rated Voltage: 220 / 230 V, 50Hz Blade / Cutting Wheel Dia. : Approx. 185Mm Cutting Capacity : Approx.. 60 Mm The Equipment To Be Supplied With 2 Extra Blades " 1.46 "Impact Drill:- •Chuck Capacity : 1.5 - 13 Mm •Drilling Capacity : Wood-25Mm •Drilling Capacity : Steel -12Mm •Chuck Capacity : 1.5 - 13 Mm " 1.47 Portable Disc Sander:- Hitachi 7 “ Wheel Dia, 11 Amperes 1.48 "Bench Type Drilling Machine With All Accessories And Important Spares:- •3 Phase, Min. 1 Hp •Drilling Capacity In Ms: About 20Mm •Tapping In Ms: About 15Mm •Spindle Travel: About 80Mm •Distance From Spindle Nose To Table: 560Mm •Distance Froms Spindle To Centre Of Column: About 152 Mm •Table Size: About 215X215 Mm, Base Plate: About 235X360 Mm •Fitted With Suitable Standard Electrical, Necessary Accessories And Attachments " 1.49 "Double Wheel Pedestal Grinder:- •Rated Input: 1 Hp •Grinding Wheel Dia: 200 Mm •Grinding Wheel Width: 25 Mm ( Approx ) •Rough And Smooth Grinding Wheels Of Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide. " 1.5 "Power Hacksaw With All Accessories:- •Motor Input: 1 Hp, 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz •Blade Size: 12""-14"" •Max Capacity Dia. Of Round Bar:200Mm •Max. Capacity Of Square Bar: 175 •Fitted With Suitable Standard Electrical, Necessary Accessories And Attachments " 1.51 "Manual Metal Arc Machine ( Thyristorised / Rectifier Type ) With All Essential Accessories And Electrical:- •Rated Input: 18Kva, 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz •Output Welding Current Range: 10-400A Dc •Open Circuit Voltage: 90V ( Max ) •Welding Current Max. : 400Amperes •Cooling Type: Forced Air •Current Control: Steeples •Insulation Class: H •Essential Compatible Accessories To Be Supplied With The Machine: Electrode Holder, Earth Clamp, Earth Lead ( 10 M Min ) , Welding Lead ( 10 M Min ) . " 1.52 "Oxy-Acetylene Welding And Cutting Set With All Accessories:- •1 Oxygen Filled Cylinder With Oxygen Regulator, 0-30 Psi, Including Test Certificate From Authorisedagency •1 Acetylene Filled Cylinder With Acetylene Regulator, 0-30 Psi, Including Test Certificate From Authorised Agency . •Welding Torch, Cutting Torch And Nozzle Set, Gas Lighter. •Min 5M Flexible Hose Pipe For Each Cylinder •Trolley For Gas Cylinders. " 1.53 "Pedal Operated Resistance Spot Welding Machine With All Accessories:- •Rating: 20 Kva, 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz. •Nominal Throat Clearance: 200-250 Mm •Throat Depth: 500Mm •Max. Electrode Force @6Kg / Cm2 : 450Kg. •Fitted With Suitable Standard Electrical, Necessary Accessories And Attachments " 1.54 Metal Cutoff Grinder:- 2Hp, 3 Phase With Cutting Capacity Of 1 ½” Dia For Round Bar And 1’’ For Square Bar With Coolant Pump. 1.55 "Angle Grinder:- •Rated Input: 1000 Watt •Disc Dia: 125Mm •05 Extra Grinding Wheels To Be Supplied With The Equipment " 1.56 "Tig Welding Apparatus:- •Power Supply : 3Phase Ac 380 V ( ±15% ) •Rated Input Current : Approx. 27.6 / 20 Amp •Current Range: 5-400 Amps •Rated Output Voltage: 36 / 26 •No Load Voltage : 68 V Approx. •Dimensions : Approx. 495X328x355 Mm •It Should Be Supplied With An Argon Gas Cylinder. " 1.57 "Mig Welding Apparatus:- •Power Supply : 3 Phase Ac 380 V ( ±15% ) •Rated Input Current : Approx. 27.6 / 20 Amp •Current Range: 50-350 Amps •Rated Output Voltage: 36 / 26 •No Load Voltage : 68 V Approx. •Dimensions : Approx. 495X328x355 Mm •It Should Be Supplied With An Co2 Gas Cylinder, Preheater, And Feeder Pipe " 2 Plumber / Welder Trade 2.01 Air Plasma Cutting Equipment:- Clear Cut Ranging 15 - 25 Mm Capacity, Three Phase, Duty Cycles 100 , 6- 12 Bar Pressure , Output Current Ranging From 60-80 Amps. And Having Two Cylinder 5Hp Air Compressors , 8-12 Bar Pressure For Cutting Different Metals. 2.02 "Bench Grinder:- Wheel Dia 150 Mm Silicon Carbide Wheels. " 2.03 Portable Drilling Machine ( Cap.6Mm ) :- Max. Drilling Capacity Of 6Mm , 0.5 Hp Bench Type. 2.04 Portable Abrasive Cut Off Machine.:- 2Hp, 3 Phase With Cutting Capacity Of 1 ½” Dia For Round Bar And 1’’ For Square Bar With Coolant Pump. 2.05 Electric Ppr Pipe Welding Machine:- 20-32 Mm Size , 800-1000 Watt , 260 V, 260O C 2.06 Electrode Drying Oven:- 750-1000 Watt, 220 V Electrode Length = 450 Mm. 2.07 Inverter Based Welding Machine:- Single Phase, 10Kva, 20-300 Amp. Current, 60 % Duty . 2.08 Hydraulic Pressure Machine:- Apparatus For Testing Leakage In Domestic Gi Pipe Fittings. 2.09 Lever Operated Hand Shearing Machine:- Shearing Capacity; Up To 6Mm Thick Sheet / Flats 2.1 Hammering Drilling Machine:- 5-15 Mm Hammer Drill, 2-3 Kgs. 2.11 "Welding Process Simulators:- For Smaw / Gtaw / Gmaw Having Following Features:- -Position, Speed, Stick Out And Angle Measurement. -Weld Analysis On Gaps, Beads, Porosity. -Safety Awareness. - Multilevel Graded Learning Approach " 2.12 "Fire Extinguisher:- 6Kg, Abc And Electric Start Fire Type, Powder Type " ) Live

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TDR: 11394753
Location: Orissa - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Procurement Of Spares For Fluidised Air Blower => Limited Tender Live

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