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TDR: 11239402
Location: Assam - India
Tender Value: 4.99 Lakhs

Supply Of Quater Quard Items - Quarter Guard Folding Bell Stand Brass Pole With Brass Top Dume. Huck 1. . And Cham 2. V \ -Shokapillar Brasstrisided For Top Of Bell ( 6 Inch ) 3. Regimental Crest For Fitting On Top Of Bell Stand 4. Brass Bell 25 Ems Dia Churche Type 5. Brass Gong 30 Ems Dia Disc Type 6 Quarter Guard Mirror 120X45 Ems Brass Covered With Frame Mounted · On Brass Pipe Stand 3.5 Ems Dia & Collapsible ( W / O Mirror ) 7 Saluting Base Piquet Pole 60 Ems Long & 5 Ems Dia Brass Pipe With · Brass Round Dome & Hook For Chain 8. Brass Chain For Piquet Pole 10 Guage 9 Quarter Guard Flag Base Plate 11Ox110 Cms Brass Sheet 18 Guage · Mounted On Angle Iron Frame With Unit Name & Crest 10.Flag Pole Ms Steel Pipe With Hook & Pully ( 20'' ) Long 11Key Box Wooden Covered With Brass Sheet, Cloth Lining & Fitted With Hooks For Keys 12.Prder Board Covered With Brass Sheet ( For 8 Orders In 2 Row ) 13 T Type Flag Stand Brass Heavy Round Base 25 Ems Dia With Top Dome ''Pf Ashoka, Heizht-L Su Ems 141R Flag For Above T Stand Zari Embroideri On Both Side V Shape Bottom ~Ith Ihalar ( 40X60 Ems ) 15 Llancer All Brass Pipe With Brass Top Bhala & Pointed 16.Lancer Base Triangular Covered With Brass Sheet For Three Of Lancers 17 Lancer Flag Velvet Cloth With Zari Crest Embroidery On Both Side ''30X45 Ems 18 Orderly Stick Complete With Pouch Cross Belt Fitted With Whistle Of Black Leather Lecture Stand Made Of 1Yz " Dia Brass Pipe Top Made Of Acylic Sheet 19 ~4X 18" With Brass Pipe Border.Acylic Sheet On Front Side Fitted With ''!Unit Name & Crest Made Of Brass And With Light & Mike Stand, Height !Adjustable Flag Stand For Two Flags Cross Type Rectangular Shape Wooden Base 20.50X 100 Ems Covered With Brass Sheets On All Sides Two Brass Pipe 7'' Long & I Yz'' Dia Crossing Each Other With Brass Ashoka Fitted On Top 21 Unit Flag ( 6X4 Feet ) Made Of Val Vet With Zari Embroidery Unit Crest ''On Both Side Of Flag 22 National Flag 6''X4'' Made Of Val Vet For Above Flag Stand 23.Brass Planter Bucket Shape, 25-30 Em 24 Phawra With Handle 25.Genti With Handle 26!Belcha With Handle 27.Lralwar With Handle Close

Closing Date
Closing Date

TDR: 10758632
Location: Madhya Pradesh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Item - High Tensile Brass Round 45 Mm Dia Close

Closing Date

TDR: 10688297
Location: Punjab - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Notice Inviting Quotations For Supply Of Brass Pipe Close

Closing Date

TDR: 9777761
Location: Rajasthan - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Purchase Of Training Related Items -33. I Automatic Grenade Launcher ( Agl ) Chart ( Size 75Xloocms ) Laminated On Both Side With Superior White Plastic Rollers 34. Grenade Use & Mechanism Chart ( 5Ize 75Xl00cms ) Laminated On Both Side With Superior White Plastic Rollers 35. Case Collector 7.62 Mm Slr ( Made With Canvas Cloth Iron Handled ) 36. Case Collector 5.56 Mm Insas ( Made With Canvas Cloth Iron Handled ) 37. Case Collector 9Mm Carbine ( Made With Canvas Cloth Iron Handled ) 38. Case Collector Iron Ring 12" Dia With Wooden Handle And Canvas Cloth Bag For Collection 39. 9 Mm Brass ( Dummy Drill Cartridge ) 40. Ak 47 Brass ( Dummy Drill Cartridge ) 41. 7.62 Mm Slr Brass ( Dummy Drill Cartridge ) 42. 5.56 Mm Insas Brass ( Dummy Drill Cartridge ) 43. 7.62 Mm Slrsteel ( Dummy Drill Cartridge ) 44. Aiming Rest Standing-Folding Iron Pipe Legs With Thick Pvc Bound Arm Complete ) 45. Aiming Rest For Lying Position ( Complete ) 46. Aim Corrector Complete With Lense 47. Aiming Disc / Eye Disc 48. Pointer Staff ( Radio Aerial Type Nicely Nickel Polished & With Pvc Handle 3 Long Folding Type ) 49. Rattler For Lmg 50. Ear Muff Lielkon" ( To Reduce Noise & Increase Efficiency ) 51. Bayonet Training Stick 52. Rifle Securing Chain Weldless Hock And Adjustment At Both Ends, For Individuals 5 Long ( Weight.220Gms, Thickness 12Gage ) 53. Wire Grouping Rings 4", 8", 12" Each 54. Pace Measuring Stick ( Pace Setter ) With Metal Fitting 55. Metronome Indicating Speed Loud Tick And Adjustable Bell. Long Running Time High _Accuracy & Reliability.Jhe Speed Can Be Properly Regulated Tor. March .- 56. Electric Stop Watch 1 / 100 Second. C@, @Merial, "E, G ( ;;, I<~ ) ";Im.Eath@R ( Reg & Leal~Er Kret-F 58 Looking Mirror Size 120X45 Ems, Thickness =4Mm 59. Qg. Mirror 120X45cms. Brass Covered Wooden Frame Mounted On Brass Pipe Stand 3.5Cms Dia & Collapsible ( W / O Mirror ) 60. T Type Flag Stand Brass ( Height=120Cms, Heavy Round Base 25Cms. With Top Dome Or Ashoka ) 61. T Flags Tor T Stand ( Zari Embroidery On Both Sides, V Shape Bottom With Jhallar ) ( 5Ize=45 X60cms ) 62. Chalk Multi Coloured ( 50 Chalks In 1 Box ) 63. Chalk Multi Coloured ( 12 Chalks In 1 Box ) 64. Obstacle Training Rope 45Mm Dia 12Cm Circumference Made Of Jute 65. Dummy ( Byonet Marne Ke Iiye ) 66. Dummy Stand Made Of Angle Iron To Hold The Sack Folding & Portable 67. Dummy Grenade Wooden 68. Grenade Throw Karane Kai Iiya High Bar Pol Aur Netsahit 69. Back Stic ( Wooden ) 70. Laser Pointer With Dual Function Continues & Blinking Red Light 71. Map Storage Stand For Keeping 24 Maps All Ms Steel. Painted 72. Map Display Stand Tor Use In Outdoor Classes All Ms Steel. Height Adjustable 73. Key Box Wooden Covered With Brass Sheet, Cloth Lining & Titted With Hooks For Key ( W / O Glass ) Capacity Of 24 Keys ) 74. Order Board Covered With Brass Sheet For ( For 8 Order In 02 Row ) 75. Soft Board A Versatile System At Displaying Typed Of Handwritten Notices With The Help Of Drawing Pins With Blazer Or Velvet Cloth And Tramed With Aluminum Angle Notice Board ( Soft Pin Ups ) 36"X24" 76. Soft Board A Versatile System Of Displaying Typed Of Handwritten Notices With The Help Of Drawing Pins With Blazer Or Velvet Cloth And Framed With Aluminum Angle Notice Board ( Soft Pin Ups ) 48"X36" 77. Parallel Bar Made Of Ms Steel Channel Heavy Base & Pipe Bar 212 Ems Long. Adjustable Height & Portable 78. Horizontal Bars All Ms Steel 240 Ems. High Made Of 5 Ems Dia Pipe. Adjustable Height & With Steel Bars And Stays 79. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 1Skg Each 80. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 12.Skg Each 81. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 10 Kg Each 82. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 7.5 Kg Each 83. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 5 Kg Each 84. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 4 Kg Each 85. Dumbbells Iron - Chrome 3 Kg Each 86. Push -Up Bar Economy 87. Dumbbell Stand- Foldable 88. Powerful Led Search Light ( Best Quality ) Range 500 To 800 Mtr Rechargeable Close

Closing Date
Closing Date

TDR: 8969734
Location: Multi State - India
Tender Value: 4.65 Lakhs

Supply Of Cat B Stores - Brass Pipe, Mild Steel Plate, Steel Floor Plate, Ms Round Bar Close

Closing Date

TDR: 8891357
Location: Chandigarh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Auction Of Old Unserviceable Material / Items: 1. Lot Consisting Of Civil Maintenance Item :- Wooden Shutters, Ply, Board, Laminate Board, Flush Doors, Scrap Wood From Various Items, , Chowkhat Sections, Plastic Items Such As Seat Covers, Jets, Ms Pipe Angle, Trolley Wheels, Bottle Taps, Drawer Channels, Gi Pipes, Fittings, Curtain Rods, Rodding Sets, Wrench, Old Locks, Tower Racks, Towel Rings, Mirror, Aluminium Sections, Brass Railing, Brass Pipes, Tub Mixture, Wall Mixture, Washbasin Mirror, Angle Cocks, Shower, Old Damaged Bath Tubs. 2. Lot Consisting Of Electrical Maintenance Item:- Compressor, Ms Pipe, Cable, Tube Fitting, Rr Pipe, Hydrant Valve, Ac Grill, Switch, Fan Motors, Fire Hydrant Valve And Box, Battery Fly Valve, Gate Valve, Stabilizer, Dvd Make Sony, Telephone Sets, Emergency Lights, Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton, Hvmv Lamp, Ceiling Fan, Submersible Pump, Compressor Oil, Multi Oil Diesel Generator Set, Ice Cube Machine, Switch Socket, Impeller, Tee, Line Tester, Oil Diesel Tank, Fire Extinguisher, Scrap Items Such As Pvc Wire, Telephone, Pvc Wend, Hrc Fuge, Lamp Cap Etc. 3. Lot Consisting Of Kitchen Items :- Wet Masala Grinder, Bhatti, Glass Rack Table With Drain Board, Deep Fat Frier, Coffee Machine, Rice Stainers, Tin Cutter, Frying Pan, Two Burner Range, Karchi, Khoncha, Sauce Pan, Bamboo Stainer, Soup Container, Two Door Refrigerator, Single Sink Table 4. Lot Consisting Of Housekeeping Items :- Wooden Planter, Swing, Rocking Chair, Manual Sweeper, Mattresses Single & Double, Wrought Iron Table, Wrought Iron Single Seater, Wrought Iron Planter, Looking Mirror, Tv Trolley With Wheel And Table, Painting, Mattress Protector, Pillow, Bed Head Rest Single And Double, Banquet Curtain Single, White / Golden Net Curtain, Grey Curtain, Bed Cover Single And Double, Blanket, Heater, Blower, Hair Dryer, Pedestal Lamp, Table Lamp, Bathroom Telephone, Irons, Tea Kettles, Vacuum Cleaner And Linen Items Already Condemned For The Period April 2014 To March 2015. Close

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