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Closing Date

TDR: 12072342
Location: Andhra Pradesh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Laboratory Equipments , Air Blower Aluminium Turnings Apparatus To Study Charging And Discharging Of A Capacitor Audio Oscillator Amplifier Demo Kit Audio Pre Amplifier Aquarium Air Pump Battery Charger Battery Eliminator - Regulated Balance -Single Dial Type Bar Magnet Boiling Water Bath Benzene Bimetallic Strip Capacitor Demonstration Kit Convex Mirror Concave Mirror Convex Lens Convex Lens Convex Lens, Concave Lens Copper Calorimeter Conversion Of Galvanometer Into Ammeter With Digital Meter Conversion Of Galvanometer Into Voltmeter With Digital Meter Diode As Half And Full Wave Rectifier Digital Air Conditioner Ammeter 10 Amps Digital Air Conditioner Ammeter 2 Amps Digital Air Conditioner Voltmeter 10V Digital Air Conditioner Voltmeter 5 V Digital Dc Ammeter Digital Dc Voltmeter Digital Multimeter Digital Thermometer Digital Viscosity Measurement Apparatus Digital Ic Trainer Double Inclined Plane Geometry Box Demonstration Type Earth Globe Electric Kettle Electro Magnet For Sonometer Experiments Electronic Rain Gauge Electronic Balance Fixed Frequency 400 Hz With Power Supply Faraday''s Experiemnt Function Generator Friction Rod Ground Glass Screen, Glycerine Glass Slab General Purpose Bread Board Trainer Heat Conduction In Solids, Half Wave Full Wave Rectifer Kit High Resistance Box Hot Plate Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Horizontal Boyle''s Law Appratus Iron Stand With Boss Clamp Induction Stove Induction Coil Inclined Plane Lamp House For Lenses Laser Ray Kit Laser Display Light Law Of Resistance Board Lcr Meter Lechlanche Cell Porous Pot Loud Speaker Magnetic Compass Magnetic Compass Metre Bridge Metre Scale Metre Scale Mercury Vapour Lamp, Measuring Tape Metal Balls Metal Cubes Metalcylinders Moving Coil Galvanometer Demonstration Type Newton''s Rings Apparatus Newon''s Law Of Cooling Apparatus Neodymium Permanet Disc Type Magnet Neodymium Permanet Disc Type Magnet Ohm''s Law Apparatus Oleic Acid Paralleogram Law Of Forces Apparatus Plasma Globe Plumb Line Photo Diode Charateristics Board With Digital Meters And Power Supply Photo Transistor Charateristics Board With Digital Meters And Power Supply Plaster Of Paries Plug Key Junction Diode Characteristics Apparatus Poteniometer Protractor Prism Hollow Prism Glass Prism Right Angled Prism -Spectrometer Projectile Launcher. Close

Closing Date

TDR: 11753094
Location: Madhya Pradesh - India
Tender Value: 6.12 Crore

Rate Contract For Air Pump And Its Repairable Spares For P And H 1900 Al Shovels Close

Closing Date

TDR: 11611286
Location: Tamil Nadu - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Hc / Voc Analyser With Micro Air Pump Close

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