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Closing Date
TDR: 16540379
Location: Jammu And Kashmir - India
Tender Value: 64.02 Lakhs

Supply Of Mt Stores - (am) LV7/TMB 2632-4370-0152 Hand Brake Valve (VOSS) (an) LV7/TMB 2632-4391-0168 Repair Kit Dual Brake Valve (ao) LV7/TMB 2632-4730-0109 Dual Brake Valve (ap) LV7/TMB 2632-4291-0189 Repair Kit Quick Release Valve (aq) LV7/TMB 2076-5020-5808 Hose Engine To Radiator (ar) LV7/TMB 2076-5010-5847 Hose (Radiator to Water Pump) (as) LV7/TMB 2076-5010-5846 Rubber Hose (at) LV7/TMB 1315-4680-0073 Assy Pipe (Sig Pump to Power Tank) (au) LV7/TATA 2069-5010-5834 Rubber Hose (av) LV7/TMB 2505-2620-7803 Oil Seal (aw) LV7/TMB 06000-50875-80265 Laminated Passenger Door Glass (ax) LV7/TMB 2651-7230-0105 Handle Outer LH (ay) LV7/TMB 2631-4020-6701 Wheel Mounting Bolts (az) LV7/TMB 2076-5010-0205 Assy Aux Water Tank (aaa) LV7/TMB 2525-5010-0140 Vacum And Pressure Cap (aab) LV7/TMB 2068-4310-0101 Dual Brake Valve (aac) LV7/TMB 2050-3210-7118 Second Leaf (aad) LV7/TMB 2050-3210-7139 Third Leaf (aae) LV7/TMB 06000-50761-80750 Sliding Glass (aaf) LV7/TMB 06615-70965-01275 Front Wing Shild LH (aag) LV7/TMB 2573-4440-0128 Filter Assy (aah) LV7/TMB 06616-70965-01275 Front Wind Shild RH (aaj) LV7/TMB 2076-5010-5805 Rubber Hose Engine To Radiator Inlet (aak) LV7/TMB 2786-5010-5838 Rubber Hose (6 IDX80 Long) (aal) LV7/TMB 2576-3340-7801 Selaing Ring (aam) LV7/TMB 8854-4121-1612 Assy Cross Kit (aan) LV7/TMB 6212-0510-105 Lamp 24V-10W-D-24/1 (aao) LV7/TMB 0330-001-015 Solenoid (aap) LV7/TMB 2786-0999-9910 Clamp Hose (aaq) LV7/TMB 3110-108997 Tappered Roller Brearing Inner (aar) LV7/TMB 2654-2910-0194 Assy Clutch Master Cylinder (aas) LV7/TMB 2651-1540-9916 Regulator (aat) LV7/TMB 2078-2910-0111 Clutch Master Cylinder With Bottle (aau) LV7/TMB 2050-3210-0110 Assy First Leaf With Bush (aav) LV7/TMB 2786-0799-9908 Screw Banjo Connector M 12X1.5X24 (aaw) LV7/TMB 2751-3010-0122 Assy Accl Stopper (aax) LV7/TMB 2786-0913-0152 Assy Air Filter (aay) LV7/TMB 2663-3510-7207 Magnetic Drain Plug (aaz) LV7/TMB 2618-5424-9911 Horn (Low Tone) 24V New

Closing Date
TDR: 16510800
Location: Uttar Pradesh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document


Closing Date
TDR: 16502191
Location: Chandigarh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Auction Sale of Lot No: 55 Lot Name: Air Filter (Big & Small) Live

Closing Date
TDR: 16493641
Location: Karnataka - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Tender For Rate Contract For Supplying ‘B’ Check Spares To 15 No’S Of Diesel Engines, Supply Of Materials On Rate Contract Basis For Maintenance To These Diesel Engines As & When They Fail- B Check Spares- 1 B Check Kit For Vt 1710-G- 437.5 Kva -2 Nos Of Convention Centre A)Element Lub Oil Filter B) Kit Fuel Filter C) Kit Super By Pass Filter D) Inhibitor Corrosion E) Air Filter Inner-Outer F) Seal Oring G) Engine Oil 2 B Check Kit For Kt 1150-G 320 Kva, Opd 1 No.-A)Element Lub Oil Filter B) Kit Fuel Filter C) Kit Super By Pass Filter D) Inhibitor Corrosion F) Air Filter Inner-Outer G) Seal Oring 1 H) Engine Oil, 3. B Check Kit For Kta 38 G Ix 750 Kva-Diesel Generator Set-Ino Of Admn Block & Ino Hospital Side (2 Nos), 4. B Check Kit For S3.8G7 Dg Set Data Centre-1, Behind Library-1(2Nos) A) Diesel Filters B) Oil Filters C) Air Filters D) Coolant E) Engine Oil, 5. Maintenance Spares For All Diesel Generator Sets A)Water Safety Control B) Oil Safety Control C) Shut Down Walve D) Tappet Cover Gasket E) Starting Switch F) Flexible Coupling Water G) Exhaust Bellow H) Adaptor Exhaust Turbo A) Elbow Exhaust Turbo J) Magnetic Switch K) Self Starter For 250/320/437.5 L) Hour Meter M) Cable Hour Meter, 6. Maintenance Spares For All Diesel Generator Sets- A) Electronic Fuel Control B) Oil Safety Control C) Hose Fuel Filter To Tank D) Hose Fuel Filter To Tank E) Hose Water Seprator F) Hose Turbo Supply G) Hose Return H) Hose By Pass I) Hose Oil Sucetion Etc. Live

Closing Date
TDR: 16492644
Location: Karnataka - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply of compressed air filter with oil & water removal at bnpm plant, mysuru Live

Closing Date
TDR: 16485174
Location: Assam - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Corrigendum - Procurement Of Air Filter Element For Indmax Mab, Live

Closing Date
TDR: 16477362
Location: Rajasthan - India
Tender Value: 9 Lakhs

Rsrtc Invites The Tender For Allied Items Used In Tyre Retreading Plant - 1 Air Filter 1 / 2" 2 Air Regulator Assy. 1 / 2" 3 Air Regulator Repair Kit 1 / 2"Jantic 4 Buffer Cutter Assy. 2 Hole Assy. 5 Buffer Cutter Assy. 5 Hole Assy. 6 Buffing Blade 2Hole ( Fully Tempered ) 7 Buffing Blade 3Hole ( Fully Tempered ) 8 Buffing Blade 5Hole ( Fully Tempered ) 9 Buffing Shaft Indag 12X200 10 Buffing Shaft Dunlop Type 6''Long 11 Buffing Hand Piece 12 Buffing Tag ( Nail ) 13 Bush Sticher Roller Left 14 Bush Sticher Roller Right 15 Bush C.F.T.T. Shaft 16 Cutting Knife 17 Curtain Spring 18 Drain Cock 1 / 2" 19 Dust Hose 4" Dia Steel Wire 20 Dust Hose 5" Dia Steel Wire 21 Envelop Mouth Adopter Bend Type 22 Exhaust Hose Pipe 30" Steel Wire Breaded 23 Folder Cutter 4X5 24 Gemini Chamber Main Door Hydraulic Repair Kit Complete 25 Gland Packing 26 Hand Gloves Leather16" Heavy Duty Temp. Resistance 125 Degree Centigrade 27 Hand Lever Valve For Monorail 1 / 4" 28 Hand Lever Valve 1 / 2" 3Way 29 Hand Lever Valve Kit 1 / 2" 3Way 30 Hand Lever Valve Kit For Monorail 1 / 4" 31 Hylam Adopter ( Ele. ) 32 Inflation Hose Pipe 48" Steel Wire Breaded 33 Isolator 125 Amp. 4Pole 34 Mini Regulator1 / 4"R 07Withgauge 35 Mini Regulator1 / 4"R 07 Repair Kit 36 Motor Pinion Shaft With Gear 37 O'' Ring 3Mm For Piston Cum Wedge 38 O'' Ring 6Mm For Piston Cum Wedge 39 O'' Ring Flat Expandable Hub 40 Parashute Cloth 41 Piston Seal 100Dia ( Builder ) 42 Relay Bch ( 8.00Amp. To 13.5 Amp. ) 43 Quick Coupler 1 / 4" 44 Quick Coupler Washer 45 Steam With Lock 46 Steam Without Lock 47 Stappler Pin 23 / 12 Heavy Duty 48 Stappler Gun Heavy Duty 49 Solution Brush Round 100Mm 50 Flat Sticher Roller 51 Tyre Drive Coupling Assy. Complete 52 Tyre Drive Coupling Rubber 53 Taflon Hose 48" Steel Wire Breaded 54 Tube Mouth Adopter 55 Tyre Hanger Assy. With Chain 56 Turn Table Brg. Ring A 57 Turn Table Brg. Ring B 58 Vented Cup Rasp 75X40 59 Yellow Chalk Live

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