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TDR: 12394970
Location: Maharashtra - India
Tender Value: 1.99 Lakhs

Tender For Under The Regional Transport Office Visramabagavada About Build Panel ( B ) New

Closing Date

TDR: 12394172
Location: Jharkhand - India
Tender Value: 7.92 Lakhs

Tender For Contract For ( Civil Maint ) For Three Months Inside Mill Area. -Earth Work In Excavation In Foundation, Trenches, Road Etc , Laying Plain Cement Concrete 1:2:4 , 1St Class Brick Work With Bricks In Foundation And Plinth In Cement Mortar 1:6 ( 1 Cement : 6 Sand ) To Correct, Line, Level, And Plumb Including Raking Out The Joints, Curing, De-Watering, Loading, Unloading, Transporting Materials From Stock Yard To Work Site Etc. , 1St Class Brick Work With Bricks In Superstructure At All Heights In Cement Mortar 1:6 ( 1Cement : 6 Sand ) To Correct, Line, Level, And Plumb Including Raking Out The Joints, Curing, Scaffolding, Loading, Unloading, Transporting Materials From Stock Yard To Work Site. Etc. , Laying Plain Cement Concrete 1:11 / 2 :3 ( 1 Cement : 1 ½ Sand , Fixing Steel Reinforcement For Reinforced Cement Concrete Work / Brick Work Including Transporting, Decoiling, Straightening, Cutting, Derusting, Bending, Placing In Position , 15 Mm Thick Cement Plaster To All Brick / Concrete Works Etc , Neat Cement Punning , Laying Rcc 1:2:4 ( 1 Cement : 2 Sand :4 Aggregate ) In All Foundation Plinth Level Using 20 Mm Nominal Size In Foundation, Column, Footings Bases Pump Foundation , Wall Etc , Laying Rcc 1:2:4 In Super Structure At Any Level , Demolishing ( At Any Level ) Various Grade Plain Cement Concrete In Foundation, Floor Etc , Demolishing Various Grade Reinforced Cement Concrete In All Foundation And Super Structure Including Stacking Of Steel Bars, Scaffolding Etc , Demolishing Brick Work In Various Proportion Of Various Thickness Including Stacking Of Serviceable Material And Disposal Of Unserviceable Material Within 3 Km Lead , Removing Debris From Various Sites Inside Mill Mixed , Surface Dressing Of Ground Including Removing Vegetation And Or Un-Equalities Not Exceeding 15 Cm Deep And Disposal Of Rubbish Lead Upto 4 Km Lead. By Departmental Vehicle , Repairing With Hot Bitumen And Felt Or Replacement Of Any Sizes Corrugated Trafford Sheets Including Sizing And Fixing On Roof , White Washing With Lime On Old Work Two Coats To Give And Even Shade For Walls, Ceiling Etc , Laying Of Armored Telephone Cable One Or More , Filling Available Excavated Earth ( Excluding Rock ) In Plinth, Trenches, Sides Of Foundation Etc , Dismantling Old Plaster Or Skirting Raking Out Joints And Cleaning Of Surface For Plaster, Scaffolding Etc , Laying Hoisting And Fixing Of Any Size And Thickness Precast Reinforcement Cement Concrete 1:2:4 , Daily Or As And When Required Maintenance Of Plumbing, Sanitation, Sweeping, Cleaning And Miscellaneous Civil Works Such As Dry Sweeping Followed By Washing Throughly With Water / Wet Cleaning With Solutions Of Disinfections Etc. , Hire And Labour Charges For Providing And Fixing Straight Shuttering , Supplying And Fixing A.C. Everest Make 6Mm Thick Corrugated Sheets Roofing And Fixing With Polymer Coated / G.I.’J’ Or ‘L’ Hooks, Bolts & Nuts 8Mm Dia , Providing And Fixing On Wall Face Unplastisied Ridge Pvc Rain Water Pipe Conforming To Is : 13592 Type – A Including Clampling , Bolting , Welding , Scaffolding Etc , Supplying And Applying Two Coats Of General Purpose Synthetic Enamel First Quality Paint Of Approved Brand And Quality Of Required Shade , Including Wire Brushing And Sand Papering , De-Scaling, Removing Rust, Dust Loose Scale, Spillage Etc , Supplying And Applying One Coat Of Red Oxide Primer Of Approved Brand And Quality Including Wire Brushing , Sand Papering, De-Scaling, Removing Rust, Dust, Spillage, Loose Scale, Etc .Providing And Applying One Coat Of Cement Primer Of Approved Brand , Providing And Applying Two Coats Of Approved First Quantity Of Acrylic Washable Distemper To Give And Even Shade , Snowcem Painting With Water Proof Cement Of Required Shade Two Coats To Give An Even Shade On Old Work Including, Scaffolding, Curing Repairing The Plaster Surface With Cement Mortar 1:4 Et , Supplying And Laying Protective / Mastic Lining Over Floors And Walls Two Coats Of Appropriate Primer Salikote Type-32 Stp Make Followed By Laying 20Mm Thick ( Av ) Mastic Lining , Supplying And Laying Acid Resistant Tiles In Floor , Wall , Skirting , Dado With 38 Mm / 40 Mm Thick , Providing And Laying Vitrified Floor Tiles , Providing And Laying Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles Of Size 300X300 Mm , Providing And Fixing Isi Marked Flush Door Shutter Conforming To Is : 2202 ( Part I ) Non-Decorative Type , , Providing And Fixing Factory Made Isi Marked Steel Glazed Doors & Window , Ventilators , Side / Top / Centre Hung , With Breading And All Members Such , Providing And Fixing Glass Panes With Putty And Glazing Clips In Steel Doors , Windows , Clerestory Windows All Complete With 4.0 Mm Thick Glass Panes New

Closing Date

TDR: 12392585
Location: Delhi - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Numeration Work Of Transport Service. New

Closing Date

TDR: 12391951
Location: Tamil Nadu - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Transporting & Setting Of 1 No. Kc ( O ) Stub & Cleat And Dismantling And Transport Of 1 No. Kc ( O ) Tower New

Closing Date

TDR: 12389892
Location: Kerala - India
Tender Value: 23.34 Lakhs

Hiring A Road Transport Vehicle ( Lorry ) For Ullal Ohe Depot For A Period Of Three Years. New

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